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    Tomb of St. Sebald
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    Inside St. Sebald
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Nürnberg Highlights

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     Lots of history, beautiful Old Town, great Christmas Market 

  • Con
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     Post-war architecture that doesn't match the old town buildings 

  • In a nutshell
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     A charming Bavarian city with history 

Nürnberg Things to Do

  • Lorenzkirche - St Lorenz Church

    The Lorenz Church or St. Lawrence, is a Gothic Church that stands in the place of where the Lawrence Chapel once stood. Once again, it is a very old Church with beginnings from 1243. By the time I reached this Church it was closed. It was Sunday, and it closes at 4pm, so be aware of this if you wish to see the inside. I was disappointed, but...

  • Schöner Brunnen - Beautiful Fountain

    An outstanding feature of the marketplace is the accurately named Schöner Brunnen (Beautiful Fountain). Originally built around 1385 it was replaced with a replica earlier last century. The stone tower is 62 feet high and contains the statues of the Electors, along with heroes of Christian and Jewish heritage. Set into the railings around the...

  • Castle

    Kaiserburg Castle is situated on a small hill overlooking Nuremberg's old town. Much of the castle and gardens can be wandered around free of charge. You only pay entry to go up a tower or into a museum. We only looked at the free parts. The castle consists of several towers, several buildings and stretches of wall. There is a viewing point which...


Nürnberg Hotels

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Nürnberg Restaurants

  • Cute Little Italian Place

    Nice little place out in the suburbs of Nurnberg (on Furtherstrasse a couple of blocks near the Ubahn station Maximillianstrasse U2). It is also located near the Kaufland department store on the same road. There pizza was definitely woodfired and their pasta dishes are really good. The owner and his wife speak Italian, German and English. It's cozy...

  • Eiscafe Pinguin

    My friend Joey surprised me with a call on my mobile to tell me he was in town with his girlfriend. I met them at the Eiscafe Pinguin, which turned out to be a good choice as it was both good and right next to my hotel. Located in the crowded shopping square of Lugwigsplatz, crammed in among Nuremberg's other obsession: Coffee Bars, the cafe was...


    I came across an excellent Ice-cream shop in the "old city" It was the Eis Café located on Ludwigstrasse near the Spittaltor.The shop was busy, no wonder why, just have a look at the selection of ice-creams - well, I should say Gelato! I like both so there wasn't any problem..............The big problem was choosing flavours and whether to have a...


Nürnberg Nightlife

  • Bar and Cafe

    Zeit & Raum | Die Rote BarThis is a restaurant close to the city centre with a nice atmosphere. I have not eaten there, yet. In the restaurant part I once had to wait that long just for a drink that I left before it was served. But it is crowded all the time - so people love it in general. I was in the "Rote Bar" (Red Bar") that is just connected...

  • Ruhestorung

    This is a bar and dinner place, maybe more like a bar, maybe more like a dinner. But for sure is nice to have at least a beer there. It is full with young people who are chatting and chilling out. Casual

  • Der Hirsch (the deer)

    "Der Hirsch" is a nightlife club and bar where they have parties and also concerts . The name means "deer" and is also part of the design concept when the club was remodeled in 2004. For bringing back the deer into the forest mainly wooden materials were used, walls are in green and and brown color, and forest motives are used in design. > I was...


Nürnberg Transportation

  • Nuremberg Central Railway Station,...

    "The Nuremberg Central Station" is not only one of Germany's biggest railway stations but also the largest in northern Bavaria. One counts him among the 20 stations that belong to the highest category according to DB Station Service Station. The main station is a through station and has a total of 21 platform tracks. It is located directly in the...

  • How to get to the e-credit stadium

    The most convenient way to get to the e-credit stadium and the Former Nazi Party Rally grounds is by train from the Central Station (Bahnhof Nürnberg) to Dutzendteich. I took this chance when went from Dutzendteich to Altstadt of Nurnberg for an excursion and came back in several hours. The way took me 10 minutes and 2 euro for one way ticket.You...

  • Nuremberg Airport

    Nuremberg Airport is the international airport of the Franconian metropolitan area of Nuremberg and the second-busiest airport in Bavaria. The airport is ranked 10th among German airports and 67th in Europe. It surprised me on how many corners of the Airport smoking is still welcomed. The other time when I made it out of Nuremberg, snow on Easter...


Nürnberg Shopping


    I have come across Kathe's shops in quite a few cities in Germany. I think her shop has the best selection of Christmas decorations and anything to do with Christmas, I have ever seen. No need to wait for Christmas, as the store is open all year round.I love what she has, but I do find the gifts rather expensive, but then the quality looks good and...

  • December

    Nuremberg’s Christmas Market with about two million visitors a year is one of the largest Christmas markets in Germany and one of the most famous in the world. The market dates back to the middle of the 16th century having the first mention in writing in 1628. Annually, usually from the last Friday in November to Christmas Eve.Monday to Thursday:...

  • Tea and candy in Nurnberg

    Wide and lovely selection of candy, tea, cosmetics, decorative items. I wish we had bought more. Really wonderful proprietors who made phone calls to the US to return my wallet to me. Specialty candiesTeaTeapots Varies- very good quality


Nürnberg Local Customs

  • Christkindlmarket, Nuernberg, Germany...

    A Christmas market, also known as Christkindlmarkt, Christkindlesmarkt, Christkindlmarket, and Weihnachtsmarkt, is a street market associated with the celebration of Christmas during the four weeks of Advent. These markets originated in Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and Alsace but are now being held in many other countries.And its fantastic to...

  • Nürnberger Bratwürste

    The Nuremberg Sausage is a small, thin bratwurst and was first documented in 1313 and is probably the most popular sausage in Germany, the Nürnberger Bratwürste can only be produced in the city of Nürnberg, where an "Association for the Protection of Nürnberger Bratwürste" was established in 1997. The sausage is Pork-based, seasoned with marjoram...

  • SMS Nürnberg

    Königsberg class light cruiser The SMS Nürnberg, was a German light cruiser of the Leipzig class ordered in 1928 and commissioned in 1935. After Germany surrendered 1945 the ship was assigned as a war prize to the Soviet Navy and renamed the Admiral Makarov. The ship spent most of its war time activities serving around Norway and Germany. It was...


Nürnberg Warnings and Dangers

  • It's Bavaria - it's safe.

    For a city of its size Nuremberg is incredibly relaxed. The people are friendly, the pace is slow, and it has one of the lowest crime rates of any major city in the world. In 2004 it was rated the 6th safest city in the world by a Mercer survey. There is a red light district down by the train station which has a slightly colourful reputation, but I...

  • Beware of Big Willy in the Ladies'...

    Much to the exasperation of other nationalities, we Brits are renowned for our scatological - toilet - humour (see my Tolpuddle page for proof positive of this) and I have always enjoyed antistar's Crazy Product Atlas of inappropriate product names on his home page. Usually you can excuse unfortunate brand names on the basis that the company wasn't...

  • Guidance on photography in churches:...

    Visiting churches is one of the absolute highlights of a trip to Europe, and provides a fascinating insight into the most powerful influence that has shaped European cultures over the past couple of millenia.Unlike some other religions - where access to places of worship may be restricted to members of that religious group or a specific gender -...


Nürnberg Tourist Traps

  • Da Claudio

    This is a restaurant, VERY (!) expensive, and you definetly get out hungry...and pass at McDonalds around the corner! NO! Stay out, there are many good and expensive restaurants, but this one is a cheater. Every other restaurant..?!

  • Handwerkerhof

    By the Königstor tower, near the Central station, there is this so called medieval village which does indeed have tasteful German souvenirs, and a few restaurants, but which nevertheless feels like a tourist trap. Have a wonderful Bavarian beer, and buy your aunt the thing you just cannot find at home.

  • Nazi Rally Platform at Zeppelinfeld

    These Nazi remnants are not really tourist traps, but I don't feel that they are "must see" activities either. It is important to remember the past, but not to glorify the horrors of the past.In this case, the reviewing stand where Hitler once held mass rallies and reviewed the troops is a gloomy and eerie place. It is much smaller than the films...


Nürnberg What to Pack

  • Windy

    If you go in autumn and you’re from a warm country be prepared for cold weather. Germans say that the winter starts in October. Take an umbrella and warm clothes cause the weather is very windy.

  • Climate in Nürnberg

    There is no special rainy seasonAvg. Temp. in Spring: max.: 8 – 14°C ( 47 - 57°F ); min: 0 - 7°C ( 32 - 45°F )Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 21 – 23°C ( 70 - 73°F ); min: 10 - 12°C ( 50 - 53°F )Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: 6 – 19°C ( 63 - 66°F); min: 0 - 8°C ( 32 – 47°F )Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: 2 – 4°C ( 36 - 39°F); min: -3 - -1°C ( 27 - 30°F )

  • Packing List

    It was overcasted in the morning causing it to be really cold! Good thing Allen bought me a wool sweater in Rottenburg - otherwise I would had froze! However, that passed fairly quickly - then it was warm again :-)


Nürnberg Off The Beaten Path

  • Sebaldus Tomb in Moscow

    In the east choir is the famous Tomb of St Sebaldus (1508-19), a masterpiece of the bronze-founder's art by Peter Vischer and his sons (silver sarcophagus of 1397 containing the saint's remains; on the east end Peter Vischer with his leather apron and chisel).You can see a replica of this tomb in the Moscow State Art Museum (Pushkin Museum). Every...

  • Frauentor, Nuernberg, Germany ...

    The Frauentorturm is one of four distinctive round towers of Nuremberg's main city walls, its old name is "Blue Q".The wall area between fountains and Spittlertor is Frauentormauer. Thereafter, the lying within the city walls and the street named Frauentormauer outlying Frauentorgraben main road. In this area in the 19th Century created more goals...

  • Zeppelin Grandstand

    I visited the Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände (Documentation Centre Party Rally Grounds) for the first time in 2010 when I found a short break in the SV BSZS which was held close to this area at the e-credit stadium. So when we came back there in 2011 I went to see what I missed in my previous visit.Designed by Albert Speer, in the...


Nürnberg Sports & Outdoors

  • Franken-Stadion - World Cup 2006 Venue

    In 2006 Germany will host World Cup 2006, the biggest sporting event in the world. Nuremberg has been chosen to host five of the matches, four group stage games and one from the second round. It has a capacity of 45,500 and is home to one of Germany's most famous teams: FC Nürnberg. I came here to see a game from what is considered to be the warm...

  • FC Nürnberg - FCN

    FC Nürnberg (Fußball-Club Nürnberg Verein für Leibesübungen e. V.) was founded in 1900, when a group of eighteen young men gathered at the local pub called the "Burenhütte" to assemble a side committed to playing football rather than rugby, one of the other new "English" games that was becoming popular at the time.FC Nürnberg currently play their...

  • e-credit Stadium

    German Shepherd World Championship SV BSZS (Shaeferhund Verein Bundessiegerzuchtschau) was held in 2010 on Nuremberg “e-credit Stadium”. It was our 10th BSZS (first time in Nuremberg). We spent there three wonderful days and enjoyed the competition very much. I was taking videos and put 42 of them on Youtube. I’m proud that they have tens of...


Nürnberg Favorites


    Our last stop was at Bad Wimpfen. Now, it was time to head along the A6/ E50 to Nuremberg. This highway was quite busy! Lucky I was the passenger and was able to enjoy the views of hillsides covered in vineyards. Further on, there were crops in the paddock's and large Farms with barns.Along this highway, there were stops for travelers to pull off...

  • History of Nürnberg

    The city was first mentioned in 1050 with the recording of a freed serf by the name of Sigena and received a charter in 1219, by the end of the 13th century Nürnberg was made a free imperial city. During the late 15th and early 16th century the city became one of the great trade centres on the route from Italy to Northern Europe. In 1806 Nürnberg...

  • Nuremberg In Your Pocket: highly...

    I have HORSCHECK to thank for introducing me to the 'In Your Pocket' series of tour guides, which we first had the opportunity to 'road test' in Tallinn (when the hotel we stayed in provided a copy of Tallinn In Your Pocket in each room).For my money, it's a much more useful travel guide than the Lonely Planet or Rough Guides that we tend to use...


Top 10 European Christmas Markets: Nuremberg

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Almost every city in Germany has a Christmas Market, but one consistently recommended option is Nuremberg. It is noted for its variety of German delicacies, from gingerbread and sweet roasted nuts to Glühwein, the mulled wine served hot. Enjoy the Glühwein while perusing a variety of wooden crafts and intricate ornaments, including those specific to the city of Nurnberg: figures made out of prunes and stiff metal angels. Once you are finished, you can return your Glühwein mug for a small savings, or keep it as a souvenir!

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    Nov 30, 2012 at 4:57 PM

    Change in pricing scheme for Bayern-Ticket:

    The fare structure has changed significantly for the Bayern-Ticket, the ticket valid on all local trains and most public transport systems in Bavaria. Instead of a two-tiered system for "single" tickets and "regular" tickets for 2-5 people, the fare now varies based on how many people are using the ticket. As of December 2012, the fares are as follows:

    1 person : EUR 22.00
    2 people : EUR 26.00
    3 people : EUR 30.00
    4 people : EUR 34.00
    5 people : EUR 38.00

    Go to Deutsche Bahn's website for details, restrictions, and further information.


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