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  • Lustheim Schloss and Asslan
    Lustheim Schloss and Asslan
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey
  • Obershleissheim - Zum Kurfurst Hotel - Me
    Obershleissheim - Zum Kurfurst Hotel -...
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey
  • Obershleissheim - Zum Kurfurst Hotel - Me
    Obershleissheim - Zum Kurfurst Hotel -...
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey

Oberschleißheim Things to Do

  • Altes Schloss and Neues Schloss area

    Germany's biggest baroque parks is the Schleissheim Schlosspark.The Schleißheim Garden with its surrounding canals and the large bosket area between Lustheim and the New Palace was designed from 1684 by Henrico Zucalli when Lustheim Palace was built.From 1689 an extensive canal system was created, the prerequisite for a baroque pleasure garden in...

  • Schloss-park fountains and canals

    The territory of the park is surrounded by numerous channels. Though the district has rather flat character, water from channels acts in step fountains where it is overthrown downwards by a fine raging stream. The engineering device of this water-complex system causes deep admiration.Kaskade (ca. 1733 bzw. 1865)Mittelkanal (ca. 1781)Seitenkanäle...

  • Lustheim Schloss

    Lustheim Schloss (Tue-Sun 10.00-16.00) represents the small hunting castle surrounded by channels. The fine collection of Meissen porcelain is exhibited in the castle.A "pleasure buildng" that set an example in architectural history with a type of ceiling fresco that was new at that time. An exquisite collection of Meissen porcelain. The hunting...

  • Neues Schloss

    "Elector Max Emanuel's Versailles" - a monument to the imperial dreams of an absolutist baroque prince and a gallery palace of an ardent art collector. The construction of Neues Schloss was finished in 1848. However it was not possible to connect both the palaces in uniform ensemble.Neues Schloss (Tue-Sun 10.00-16.00) is constructed in styles of...

  • Altes Schloss

    Altes Schloss (tue-sun 10.00-16.00) was a residence of Bavarian electors (kurfursts). It is a branch of the Bavarian national museum. The museum of cult subjects of Christian nations of the world, and also a museum of East and Western Prussia are placed there.Unfortunately the modern building represents only a pale shadow of that building which...

  • Schleißheim palace complex

    Oberschleissheim is a place where the electors of Bavaria felt at home centuries ago. The palaces and an extensive park are next to our hotel and convey peace and quality of life to the visitor today.Opening hoursSchleißheim Old and New Palace, Lustheim PalaceApril-September: 9 am-6 pm October-March: 10 am-4 pm Closed Mondays Schöner Stall und...

  • Schlessheim Gardens

    Styled by Henrico Zucalli in 1684, these are some of the finest gardens and greenery around this area of all Germany. They are very well maintained and it feels like you would be in a serene zen environment with all the water and fountains. In 1689 and extensive canal system was created, and the basic style was laid out in 1717-26 by the...

  • Lustheim Palace

    It was built to please and present to Maria Antonio, wife of Maximilian I. It was intended to be called a hunting lodge, but was much more, with a large hall, and parties were held here for the great times of old. Today, this has a large collection of Meissen porcelain and still retains its class inside.

  • Alte-Old Palace

    This was built in 1617-23 and now is still reknowned for being one of the most elegant of in Italian village style and is still said t be one of the best palaces short of Venice for elegance and class. It was originally a hermitage of Duke Wilhelm V, who also had a house built on the "farm". By 1617 it was rebuilt and today shows the style of the...

  • New Palace-Grand ARt GAllery

    This is the paintings of the culture and rulers of the times in Bavaria. The hall is 183 feet long, and holds paintings of famous painters of the time; like Rubens, Antony van Dyke, Reni, and many more. It is the collection of Bavaria State, and dedicated to this palace for display,

  • New Palace Inside

    The inside is like not many to compare. It has a huge staircase that leads to the second level, which is the grand hall and very large paintings. This is of that grand hall that was used for banquets and events. The style of ceilings is mostly Rococo and has much plastered decor.

  • New Palace

    This is the large palace built between 1701-04. It stayed like this until 1729 when one wing was added. Later the intent was to add four wings, but only one more got constructed because Charles Albert the II who ruled then preferred the Nymphenburg. Maximilian Joseph III had much of the inside decorated in Rococo style. Today it has a great hall...

  • Altes Schloss - overview

    The Altes Schloss (Old Castle) was erected by Duke Wilhelm V of the family Wittelsbach between 1597 and 1616. It is very beautiful outside, but it is even more interesting inside, where you can visit a museum about Preußen (Prussia) as well as an exhibition of cribs from all over the world. I don't know if this exhibition was temporary or if it is...

  • Museum of aeronautics

    The museum of aeronautics is located near to Neues Schloss. The museum is a branch of the German museum. Old planes, restoration workshops are presented in the museum. Sometimes it is possible to observe flights of retro models.

  • Altes Schloss - museum: Königsberg

    I'm almost sure that this painting portrays Königsberg, but it could also represent Danzig (see previous tip).Königsberg was one of the most important, if not the most important Prussian cities, especially from the cultural point of view. Many Germans will be proud to tell you that it is there that philosopher of the Enlightenment Immanuel Kant was...

  • Altes Schloss - museum: Danzig

    Danzig (today Gdañsk in Polska) lied on the "Amber way" and was the most important city of Preußen at the time of the biggest extension of this kingdom, under Friedrich II Hohenzollern.These photos show a bottle of liqueur from Danzig, local banknotes, the city coat of arms and a painting. I'm almost sure that it portrays Danzig, since the water...

  • Neues Schloss - the end

    My visit to Oberschleißheim is coming to its end, but let's have a look at the last Italian paintings before exiting through the many doors you see here.Auf Wiedersehen, good-bye, Oberschleißheim. I will come back one day, because I still have to visit the Schloss Lustheim!

  • Neues Schloss - Staatsgalerie (Italian...

    Here are the most beautiful paintings of the gallery, in my opinion. I don't think that because they are Italian, but because I really liked them.Most (or all?) of the paintings shown in this and in the next tip are by the brothers Carracci, Italian baroque painters who foreran the dramatic baroque of Michelangelo Merisi, called the Caravaggio.

  • Neues Schloss - Staatsgalerie and chapel

    Let's continue visiting the gallery. Look at the ceiling and the little chapel before passing to the next tip.

  • Neues Schloss - the imperial rooms

    While visiting the Staatsgalerie, you pass through the imperial rooms, so take some time to admire them. These pics show the Emperor's bed and studio, a painting by Velázquez (one of the many paintings portraying the Emperors' children; you can see more in the Museo del Prado in Madrid) and the Empress's bed.

  • Neues Schloss - Staatsgalerie: Flemish...

    The Staatsgalerie begins with a significative collection of Flemish paintings. You can easily guess that because the Flemish were famous painters of interiors and their portraits of art collectors with their collections are very known.Still, I don't think this is the most beautiful part of the collection. Go on reading!

  • Neues Schloss - the Großer Saal

    The Großer Saal, the party hall located at the beginning of the Staatsgalerie (State Gallery), is the apotheosis of the German baroque. Paintings of battles by Franz Joachin Beich are hung on the walls and the ceiling is embellished with a big fresco by Jacopo Amigoni, The duel of Turnus and Aeneas (1721).

  • Altes Schloss - museum: the Emperor

    Please, have a break with the exhibition and admire the rooms and the furniture, such as this nice fireplace: on the top it is written in gold "MAXIMILIANVS BAV(IERÆ): DUX S(ACRI):R(OMANI):I(MPERII): ELECTOR", that is approximately "Maximilian Duke of Bayern, Elector of the Sacre Roman Empire". You may know that the elector-princes were those who...

  • Neues Schloss - going to the Großer Saal

    Just after paying the ticket, you have to cross the restaurant room and then to go upstairs to the Großer Saal. While crossing these areas, you can already realize how beautifully decorated the castle is.


Oberschleißheim Hotels

Oberschleißheim Restaurants

  • Fortify yourself before excursions!

    You can begin the day with a relaxed breakfast in pleasant surroundings and indulge yourself with the wide selection in our breakfast buffet and start the day fortified. Take fresh fruit salad or something savory, such as scrambled eggs with bacon. In the summer, you can enjoy breakfast with the first rays of sun on the breakfast terrace. You can...

  • Beer Garden @ Schleissheim

    Like any city or town in Germany, there is a beer garden in Oberschleissheim. You will find a beer garden at the Neues Schloss Schleissheim. You can have bratwurst and leberkaese and saurkraut, and enjoy some German beer.

  • Oberschleißheim Hotels

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Oberschleißheim Transportation

  • How to get Oberschleissheim by car or...

    The municipality of Oberschleißheim is located in the north of Munich and can be reached via the motorways A 92 (exit "Oberschleißheim") and A 99 (exit "Neuherberg") and also via the roads B 13 and B 471. In front of the New Palace there are about 120 free parking spaces for cars. Coaches may also be parked here. How to get there by public...

  • With the S-Bahn

    It is very easy to get to Oberschleißheim with public transport.The line S1 of the excellent suburban train network (S-Bahn) of München, direction Freising, takes you from the München Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) to Oberschleißheim. There are trains every 20 minutes.When you arrive in Oberschleißheim, you have to walk for around 15 minutes to...

  • S-bahn from Munich

    Oberschleissheim is accessible by the S-bahn from Munich. Take the S1 line from downtown Munich to the "Oberschleissheim" station.


Oberschleißheim Off The Beaten Path

  • Schloss-park ducks

    Numerous waterfowl have rendered habitable palace channels. This duck was very dissatisfied with occurrence of our dog. It expressed the discontent with loud quacking.

  • Palace auxiliary buildings

    Palace auxiliary buildings also look as palaces. The tower with the nice clocks attracts attention. Buildings look even inhabited.

  • Ehem. Pferdestall - Stable

    The stable enters into a complex of palace constructions and itself looks like a palace. Firstly we thought that it was a palace, but later we understood our mistake examining a plan of the park.


Oberschleißheim Favorites

  • Kuznetsov_Sergey's Profile Photo

    by Kuznetsov_Sergey Written Jan 19, 2013

    Favorite thing: We got an opportunity to visit Oberschleissheim in August of 2004. It was a trip to the German Shepherd Bundessiegerzuchtschau in Karlsruhe with our Asslan v Haus Schiran. It was our sixth trip to Germany with Asslan and I planned that trip with two nights near Munchen to see its sights.
    Oberschleissheim attracted my choice because it is close to Munchen.
    That’s why we can tell that thank to Asslan we visited Oberschleissheim.
    Our visits in many European cities have never happened if our dog Asslan v Haus Schiran and his participating in dog-shows in Germany.

    We took Asslan to Munchen for our first excursion and he was with us the whole day. The day before we had a long excursion along Nurnberg and Asslan hurt his legs because he wasn't used for long walks along asfalt pavings. That’s why he was tired at the end of the day and we didn’t take him to Munchen next day leaving him in the hotel in Oberschleissheim.
    But we took him in the Oberschleissheim park where he looked very tired.

    You can watch my 2 min 15 sec Video Asslan v Haus Schiran in Oberschleissheim Park out of my Youtube channel or here on VT.

    and my 23 sec Video Asslan v Haus Schiran in Zum Kurfurst hotel in Oberschleissheim out of my Youtube channel or here on VT.

    Asslan v Haus Schiran in Oberschleissheim Asslan v Haus Schiran in Oberschleissheim Asslan v Haus Schiran in Oberschleissheim Asslan v Haus Schiran in Oberschleissheim Asslan v Haus Schiran in Oberschleissheim
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