Rothenburg ob der Tauber Travel Guide

  • The roofs of Rothenburg
    The roofs of Rothenburg
    by leics
  • The Plonlein
    The Plonlein
    by LoriPori
  • The cozy center of Rothenburg
    The cozy center of Rothenburg
    by Henk.Irene

Rothenburg ob der Tauber Things to Do

  • Puppenmuseum / museum of puppets

    In Rothenburg ob der Tauber you may also see a nice museum of Puppets. You may find the museum there close to Marktplatz and it has a large display of puppets with porcelain heads and many other kinds of puppets, including accessories like puppet - kinderwagen etc.The museum is open daily :March - December : 09.30a.m. - 06.00p.m.January & February...

  • Christmas market

    Very close to the market square of the city there is a store called Christmas market.This is a store dedicated to Christmas decorations and of course other items.The store is very colorful and beautiful and there is a Christmas museum here also (something like 4 Euro entrance).

  • The market place

    The main square of Rothenburg , the market place of the city is a colorful place with street vendors offering their merchandize , restaurants , cafes and of course the architecture of the clock tower , the Town Hall and St Georges Fountain.

  • St. Jakob's Church

    St. Jakob's Church (Or St. Jakob Church in German) Controls the landscape of the city with it's 2 55m height towers (one is a little bit higher 57m).You can see the church from the walls.The church is a Gothic style church that was built during 170 years (from 1311 to 1485).

  • Enjoy the small streets

    The main touristic area of Rothenburg is not a big place , i suggest that you will enjoy walking around , watch the small houses , the lovely picturesque will enjoy the place , 2-3 hours will be more than enough to my opinion to see the entire place.

  • The Klingentor

    The Klingentor is a tower that was built between 1380 and 1390.The tower used to be a main part in the city and used to be a water tower.At the end of the 15th century a church was build close to the tower - St Wolfgang church.


Rothenburg ob der Tauber Hotels

Rothenburg ob der Tauber Restaurants

  • SchneeballenTraume

    If you want to taste Schneeballen (Snow ball in English) , the local famous pastry dish , you can find a great place that makes many tastes of schneeballen.Just in front of the The St. Jakobs-Church.

  • Local pastry

    The Schneeballen , the snow ball in English , is a local pastry located in Rothenburg and known and the signature dish of the city.This is 8-10 cm diameter shaped ball and i can say that one is more than enough but try a few tastes. the one with the champagne was very tasty.

  • Restaurant Michelangelo Rothenburg

    This restaurant was next door to our accommodation. I recommend it. The food was lovely and the service was exceptional. Here is a review I found on Trip Advisor that seconds what I just said - Restaurant MichelangeloGo To Hotel Tip


Rothenburg ob der Tauber Nightlife

  • der Nachtwachter

    An evening in Rothenburg without spending some time with the "Night Watchman" is an evening wasted. After dark he will take you all over the old city, giving much interesting history and amusing stories delivered with gusto and humor. After your nightwatchman tour, you will be a Rothenburg expert and will love the city much more than before. Early...

  • History in the City

    A great old spot in a cellar to kick back with a schnaaps, delicious Franken-wine or german beer and chat up the proprietor. (I was told it closed temporarily in 2005 and the name was changed. Look for a late-open "cellar" by Marktplatz)He had some great stories, the place had truly historic vibes (a lot of things happened here, and as "Scatman"...

  • Zauberfloete performed by Marionettes

    Daily except on sundays you may attend a performance by Marionettes, playing "Zauberfloete" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. That small theatre inside of a small halftimbered house is next to Burg-Tor, and opposite of the Pulverer-Weinstube.On my picture : The entrance of Burg-Tor. The small face in the middle was the spot, where hot pitch was spilled...


Rothenburg ob der Tauber Transportation

  • Horse and carriage

    Inside the gates it is problematic to use a car so a nice way to travel around is horse and carriage.I don't know the price of this transportation but i am sure it is not very expensive and a nice thing to do.

  • Parking your car

    When arriving to Rothenburg ob der Tauber you will find close parking lots just outside the walls.All the parking lots are well signed and not too crowded.You will see directions to the parking lots while arriving to the city.

  • Walking around

    The medieval area in not a big place so you can walk around in a little time - you can walk from side to side in 20 minutes so with walking and enjoying the place it is not more than 2-3 hours


Rothenburg ob der Tauber Shopping

  • For TeddyBear Lovers

    For any teddybear lover this store will be great , while offers many teddy bears , not only plush bears but also bears made from wood or ceramics .You will find here more accessories like do it yourself accessories. Teddybear stuff

  • Special Pastry from the city

    Schneeballen is a round 8-10 diameter pastry that is very famous in Rothenburg.There are places that sell the pastry all over the city.I bought the one i've ate in front of St Jakob church. Schneeballen of course.

  • Christmass things

    If you want to buy special things for Christmas , the Christmas market is just for you.Located just a few meters from the main market square of the city with many Christmas decorations and of course other items.The store is very colorful and beautiful and there is a Christmas museum here also (something like 4 Euro entrance). Christmas things ,...


Rothenburg ob der Tauber Local Customs

  • Wippgalgen - some sort of cruelty in...

    Take a closer look at this strange construction, that you may see in front of the "Mittelalterliches Kriminalmuseum" (medieval museum of crimes)This construction is named : "Wippgalgen mit Tauchkäfig" and an english translation might be "Strappado with ducking cage" and it was used as a punishment mainly for bakers, who cheated by making their...


    Rothenburg ob der Tauber is famous for Schneeballen (Snow balls) which are strips of noodle pastry, formed into a ball and deep-fried for four minutes in hot fat, then dusted with powdered sugar.I had never seen these before, but did see them a few times in Rothenburg. They did look quite inviting! "Schneeballträume" was served for the first time...

  • German shepherds fom Irin Hof

    We didn’t leave our German shepherds in the car and brought them for a walk along Rothenburg. Zharden and Zarina fom Irin Hof were very glad and enjoyed this beautiful town with us. I couldn’t take them in the Museum and to the top of the Rathaus Tower. They had to wait for me with Irina and were happy when I came back safely.Like in many other...


Rothenburg ob der Tauber Warnings and Dangers

  • Walking in the streets

    As you can see in my picture the streets are old medieval and there are spaces between the stones.Try avoiding problematic shoes like shoes with high heels.Try to wear sport shoes , comfortable and more safe.

  • Watch your steps !

    Walking on the walls of the city is a very nice thing to do , the view and the landscape can be very beautiful.The problem with the walls is that they are old , dating back to the 14th century so they are not meant for touristic purpose.Watch your step when climbing to or from the walls.

  • Caution walking on the cobble stone...

    Caution when walking in Rothenburg (and other older cities and villages) on the cobble stone and irregular surfaces of the streets, as you may trip and fall. Especially when one is paying attention to the local sights.Should you need it the Krankenhaus/hospital is at Ansbacher Str. 131 free call09861 7 07-0


Rothenburg ob der Tauber Tourist Traps

  • the WHOLE PLACE is a tourist trap

    The whole town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a tourist trap. But, if you go into it with that mentality, you will be safe.I did not meet one mean or rude person there! It was amazing! You cannot! Don't even try!

  • Rothenburg in the day - too many...

    Any/all of the shops in Rothenburg during the day. Filled with tourists (and even Germans) buying Christmas ornaments and other "genuine" curios (barf). I read that lately it is getting ridiculous and almost irritating (especially during "high season") to try to negotiate your way through or enjoy the streets of the old city during the day due to...

  • Schneeball/Snowball?!

    "Schneeball" (Snowball) is a typical snack in Rothenburg and is available in every bakery. There are even some nice shops selling 'pack away' for people to bring home as souvenirs. It's such a famous item and they all looked so tempting (oh! particularly the dark choco ones) and how could I resist? So we bought one for sharing, which cost nearly 2...


Rothenburg ob der Tauber What to Pack

  • Electricity !

    Many questions are posted in the forums regarding the usage of laptop computers and personal appliances such as hairdryers and shavers when travelling abroad. A good general information site on how to safely operate these items in such circumstances is : The site mentions converters, transformers, how to check your...

  • Marling Menu Master- your key to real...

    Raingear Much film for a good 35mm or a HI-res (5Mb+) digital camera. Germany's countryside is beautiful. Bring filters, as it is hazy often. Bring the Marling Menu Master shown. You need to go to local places to get good German food, but wait until you see a real German menu... aaauugghhh!!! (if you don't speak or read German) The Marling will...

  • Climate in Rothenburg

    There is no special rainy seasonAvg. Temp. in Spring: max.: 9 – 18°C ( 49 - 64°F ); min: 1 - 7°C ( 34 - 44°F )Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 20 – 23°C ( 68 - 74°F ); min: 10 - 12°C ( 50 - 52°F )Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: 7 – 19°C ( 45 - 66°F); min: 0 - 9°C ( 32 – 49°F )Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: 2 – 5°C ( 36 - 41°F); min: -1 - 0°C ( 30 - 32°F )


Rothenburg ob der Tauber Off The Beaten Path

  • Green pastures & little villages

    Take your truck and a map, and make a trip through the truly romantic surroundings of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, you might end up in Bad Windsheim's awesome Fraenkisches Freilandmuseum. Please take a look at my tip on the Franconian Outdoor Museum.

  • Double Bridge

    The Double Bridge (early fourteenth century) is a pleasant walk outside of Rothenburg. It is found to the west of the walled town (use Kobolzeller Gate). It was fortified just after the devastating earthquake of 1356 and formed part of Rothenburg's defenses.

  • The 1000 year old Church of St. Peter...

    This charming church located just down the hill from Rothenburg ob der Tauber is nestled in the quaint village of Detwang. This architectual gem was founded in 968 and is home to a beautiful alterpiece made in 1508 by famous Wurzburg Master wood carver Tilman Riemenschneider.


Rothenburg ob der Tauber Favorites


    If you need a Laundry to do that washing that has mounted up whilst on holiday, then you are in luck at Rothenburg.There is one here....Waschsalon ThenJohannitergasse 9Phone 2775 OPEN...Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm WEBSITE...

  • Rothenburg in WWII

    Rothenburg was hailed as "the most German of German towns". It had a special significance for Nazi ideologists. It was the epitome of the German 'Home Town' for them, representing all that was quintessentially German.In March 1945 German soldiers were stationed in Rothenburg to defend it. Some bombs were dropped over Rothenburg destroying about 300...

  • Ratstrinkstube and tourist info

    Rothenburg Tourismus Service proclaim themselves as a reliable partner for all travelers, visitors and travel agencies. In addition to mailing services, room reservations and guided tours, they offer programs matching your individual needs. Rothenburg Tourismus ServiceTourist OfficeMarktplatz91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauberphone:...


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