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  • Steingaden's parish church
    Steingaden's parish church
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Schongau Things to Do

  • Western entrance gate and water tower

    In my humble opinion the most charming town gate of Schongau is Frauentor (women’s gate) in the east. The reason why I liked it so much was because I walked through it, coming from the car park, and this walk uphill gave me a good impression of how high the old town is located. And I also could imagine myself being centuries back when the majority...

  • Former mint and gate in the north

    Only three of Schongau’s former town gates are still in place. One of them is the so-called Münztor (mint gate), from where the main street Münzstraße leads directly to the main square Marienplatz. Mint, because Schongau received the town rights early and this usually involved the right to mint coins. The beautiful yellow building next to it was...

  • Walking on the town wall :)

    The travel books say that Schongau's town wall is the only completely preserved circular town wall ... south of Danube River. [Well, famous Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber is north of Danube River.] The oldest parts of the wall are from 13th century. I liked it a lot although it is not completely walkable. But it is somehow the perfect oval shaped...

  • Schongau's parish church Maria...

    To be honest I don’t know what I have expected before visiting Schongau’s parish church Maria Himmelfahrt. The days before and this day I had seen already many marvellous gems of churches such as Steingaden’s Welfenmünster, UNESCO listed Wies Church, Rottenbuch’s splendid former monastery church and the charming small churches of Sachsenried and...

  • GAtes of the Town

    Marianplatz is the main street that runs through the center. It is one way into and one way out of town for some streets. The range of the platz is from town wall to town wall.

  • Schongauer Rathaus

    In the old times this was the "meeting" place for the peasants and gentry to heir out the issues. Today, it has retail shops and eateries. Still, it is a nice monument to the reality of old times.

  • Maria Himmelfahrt Church

    Maria Himmelfahrt Church is in the middle of Schongau old town. It is the linch pin to attract people to the town. It was closed during our time in the old town, but the frescoes are said to be a real site.

  • View the Altenstadt St. Michael's Church

    Church St. Michaels and Abbey in the middle of the village is a stand out. It was closed and under renovation while we were there, though. Too bad. Built between 1180-1220, it is large and an icon in the town.

  • Schongau: ideal base for Pfaffenwinkel's...

    Schongau is an ideal base to explore the many Rococo and Baroque churches in this Bavarian region of Pfaffenwinkel. And there is one Romanesque church very close by. The ones in easy reach of Schongau are:Steingaden with famous Wies Church nearby and a marvellous old monastery church (18 km to the south),Rottenbuch, with former monastery (16 km to...

  • On the way to the town wall walk: house...

    On my way from the main square to the entrance oft the town wall walk I passed the so-called Steingadener Richterhaus of 1493 (something like Steingaden justice house). This once belonged to Steingaden’s monastery. It was home to the town chronicler in early 19th century. But I didn’t find any explanation as of why just this house belonged to the...

  • Altenstadt: Michaelskirche

    The interior of the basilica has got three naves and interesting Gothic frescos showing Jesus and saints. To the center of the church there is a great crucifix three meters tall called Gran Jesus of Altenstadt

  • Altenstadt: Michaelskirche

    In the small village of Altenstadt, 3 km north of Schongau you can see Michaelskirche: the most beautiful Romanesque basilica in Bavaria. It was built in 1200 and it is surrounding by boundaries.

  • Marienplatz

    Marienplatz is the main square of the old town. Along its sides you can see fantastic examples of half-timbered houses and palaces.

  • Marie Himmelfahrt

    This church is one of the most beautiful monuments of the town. It was built by dominikus Zimmermann among 1751 and 1753 on the ruins of an ancient Gothic one.

  • City walls

    The town of Schongau is entirely surrounding by preserved walls with watching towers. The boundaries were built in the fourteenth century and strengthen in the 17th century.


Schongau Restaurants

  • Trekki's Profile Photo

    by Trekki Updated Dec 25, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    During my visit to Schongau I passed this beautiful house and given its marvellous location at the main square Marienplatz and the delicious menu with Mediterranean specialities, especially salads, I knew it was my place to stop by for a snack. I was not disappointed. I chose the “Salat Ballenhaus” with tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, olives and bell peppers and with balsamico dressing (7,80 Euro). It was delicious and I could easily have eaten other dishes if I would have been longer in town. They also have sandwiches, pasta, burgers, pizza, Schnitzel and other pork dishes, each less than 10 Euro, which I found very reasonable. And they serve a breakfast in different varieties.

    The house itself is also interesting. Built in 1419 and expanded a century later it was once the storage house for all the goods which were transported through Schongau.

    The restaurant is open Monday to Saturday from 9 in the morning until 1 a.m. in the night and Sundays from 10 in the morning until 1 a.m. in the night. Credit cards accepted. And seating outside provided. Although it was a bit chilly when I stopped here at 4 p.m. in the afternoon (early October). The sun was already gone.

    Location of Ballenhaus on Google Maps.

    © Ingrid D., December 2011.

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Schongau Transportation

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    by Trekki Updated Aug 4, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For everyone who likes to stay in small towns rather than in big cities or very small rural hamlets during a visit, Schongau is an ideal base for visiting Pfaffenwinkel, Bavaria’s region with the highest density of fine Baroque and Rococo churches. Schongau also has a train station with frequent connections to and from Munich and quite a few bus lines stop in Schongau. In general I’d say that getting TO Schongau is best by train and getting around to the several smaller towns and villages is best by bus or, in case of Peißenberg and Hohenpeißenberg, by train.

    Schongau’s train station is east of the old town centre. Trains from Munich via Weilheim stop here on the way to Landsberg (at Lech river). Have a look at Pfaffenwinkel’s ”Getting around” page: on the right hand side is the bus and train network for download (trains and busses).

    In case you want to visit places south or west from Schongau, for example Rottenbuch, Steingaden, Altenstadt, Schwabsoien, Sachsenried or Ingenried, the bus is the best alternative. Have a look at the bus network of RVO Weilheim on Deutsche Bahn website (Regionalverkehr Oberbayern = regional service Oberbabyern). The bus lines are linked to individual new sites with pdf download of the respective schedules. The most appropriate busses are:
    9659 circling between Schongau, Schwabniederhofen, Hohenfurch and Altenstadt,
    9657 circling between Schongau, Sachsenried and Schwabsoien,
    9822 circling between Schongau, Rottenbuch and Steingaden (and Wies Church),
    9821 circling between Schongau and Steingaden (western route, nos top in Rottenbuch),
    9656 circling between Schongau and Weilheim with stops in Peiting, Peißenberg and Hohenpeißenberg.

    For the world famous places of Neuschwanstein Castle, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Ettal and Oberammergau there is bus no. 9606, which runs between Füssen and Garmisch Partenkirchen with stops in Ettal, Oberammergau, Steingaden, Wies Church and Eschelsbacher Brücke. The latter stop is the one which has connection to and from Schongau.

    Schongau town bus:
    There is also a convenient town bus in Schongau which travels to the outer parts of town and has two stops in the old town centre as well as one at the train station:
    bus tickets and prices (Erwachsener = adult: 1,30 Euro for a single ticket and 2 Euro for a day ticket, Jugendliche = kids from 6-17 years: 0,90 Euro for a single ticket and 1,20 Euro for a day ticket, Familientageskarte = family day ticket: 4 Euro;
    map and schedule (for download)

    In case you come by car, there is a free parking area west of town. It only takes approximately 10 minutes walking slightly uphill to reach the old town centre.

    Location of the free parking area of Schongau on Google Maps.

    Location of Schongau’s train station on Google Maps.

    © Ingrid D., December 2011 (So please do not copy my text or photos without my permission.), updates June 2013: bus and train links adjusted.

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Schongau Shopping

  • The Tchibo shop can save lives :)

    Haha, yes, life saving figuratively. I have to mention this although it sounds silly. When I visited this part of Bavaria it was a beautiful sunny early October time (2011) and I had packed only summer things. But then it was clear that cold weather would be on its way and to my horror I realised that I simply didn’t have any piece that would warm...

  • Very interesting jewellery store

    The ones who know me might know that the “diamonds are the girls best friends” thing was certainly not invented for me. I simply don’t care and in the rare moments I look for these things I prefer jewellery that is out of the norm. When I was on my way to the Tchibo store, I passed the shop of goldsmith Hans-Otto Schmid. Just by chance I looked...

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Schongau Local Customs

  • Fountain devoted to a Bavarian custom:...

    Opposite of the church St. Sebastian, the one where I took the photos of the town wall with red autumn leaves, is an interesting fountain. Now I don’t intend to blow up my pages with photos and tips about each fountain I find in a town. But this one is special, because it is related to a very much local customs of Bavaria, the so-called...

  • Beautiful guild poles in Maria...

    Inside of Schongau’s church Maria Himmelfahrt I noticed beautifully carved objects left and right of the benches. When I looked more closely I saw little icons below the saint statues and immediately knew that these were relating to guilds. And yes, when I looked into the little book I had bought at the entrance I saw it confirmed: these are guild...

  • The Venetians in Schongau

    The Venetians in Schongau is an annual party which is celebrated on August. This party remembers the glory of the town in the past when it was an important commercial center on the routs that connected Germany with Italy. The party is characterized by people in the typical Bavarian customs, music and beer.


Schongau Favorites

  • Outstanding and helpful tourist...

    Already before I visited Schongau I have read that it is something the centre of Pfaffenwinkel, Bavaria’s region with the highest density of fine Baroque and Rococo churches. So it was logical that I wanted to find the tourist information and see if they have additional information material I could use to better understand what I was seeing and...

  • Marvellous viewpoint & photo...

    When I visited Schongau I approached it from the west and just after I have left B17 (federal street 17) and drove downhill on street ST2014 I saw a beautiful image of the town. Luckily there was a small lay-by in the street bend so I could stop for a photo. I only had to walk up a few stairs to get to the best position for the photos. These are...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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