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Bremen Highlights

  • Pro
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     Beautiful, openminded, relaxed, special flair 

  • Con
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     Don't forget your umbrella - there's a good chance you need it 

  • In a nutshell
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     A beautiful small city 

Bremen Things to Do

  • The Rathaus

    The Rathaus is the seat of the President of the Senate of Bremen and of the Mayor of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. Since 2004 it has enjoyed the status of UNESCO World Heritage site.It was built in Brick Gothic style in the early 15th century and was considered to be an extremely significant example of its type. In the late 16th and early 17th...

  • Cozy artistic Boettcherstrasse

    Just enter this charming streets from the City Hall Square. Its full of interesting shops, cafes and restaurants. You can enjoy beautiful brick architecture.

  • Old Schnoor

    It is the oldest quarter of Bremen and a former center of economic activities. There are many cute and beautiful houses and shops. It was just after Christmas when I visited this quarter. You just promenade on various small pavement.


Bremen Hotels

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Bremen Restaurants

  • Great setting

    Schröter's Leib und Seele is a small but stretching konditorei, bistro and restaurant in the ever busy Schnoor cityblock of Bremen's Old Town (Altstadt). Just drop by for a drink and a piece of delicious cake (Torte).Make a reservation if you want to have dinner.

  • Ratskeller

    Many a Rathaus in Germany has what is known as a Ratskeller in its basement. This is where all the wine grown in the region was stored by law. The Ratskeller in Bremen is over 600 years old and today has the dual function of wine bar and restaurant. It is beautifully designed with a host of vaulted ceilings giving it a truly regal appearance....

  • Classico!

    The food is very good. Mainly Italian. It can compete Italian restaurants in Italy (my opinion).Service is good and welcomingClassico is also a well-known good hotel salad, curie dish, pasta, pork dish


Bremen Nightlife

  • Staendige Vertrag

    Opposite the Glockenspiel in Boettcherstrasse you will find this lively open-style bar. The walls are covered in political photos from the time of the Second World War onwards, so you will recognise Adenauer, Willi Brandt, Schmidt, Helmut Kohl, Kinkel. It is a Westphalen `franchise' with all the consequent specialities: the beer is weaker than...

  • Typical Nighttime in Bremen

    Racism in German discotheques; BEING BLACK IS NOT A CRIME!I am an international student who’s lived in Bremen Germany for the past three years. Throughout this period I’ve interacted with several German’s and would personally say most Germans are the nicest people I’ve ever met. This is however when you personally interact with these people after a...

  • Christmas decoration

    This photo was taken during the christmas decoration along the river weser. there were stalls, which sells all items including souveniers, caps, ornaments, food etc. It was really nice to see them at night. Nothing


Bremen Transportation

  • Tram #6

    Visitors to Bremen may find Tram #6 to be of particular use.We made extensive use of Tram #6 during our visit to the city in August 2013.Tram #6 runs from the airport (Flughafen), which is located just south of the city centre, to the university (Universitat), which is located just north of the city centre. Along the way it includes various useful...

  • Local Transportation

    The heart of Bremen's public transport is the Central Station or Hauptbahnhof.From this location you can take the following Local Trains:-R1: Vegesack / Verden-R2: Bremerhaven-Cuxhaven-R3: Rotenburg - Wümme-R5: Diepholz-R6: Wildeshausen-R7: Oldenburg-R8: NordenhamTrams (Strassenbahn):-1: Huchting Roland-Center / Osterholz Züricher Strasse-4: Arsten...

  • By tram from airport

    You can take a tram from Bremen Airport to the city center. Tram stop is just in front of the main door (or 200 meters to the right). You can pay for the ride inside the tram or on the tram stop. There is a machine with a monitor which accepts coins (euros). The machine will instruct you in English. I think a ticket cost 2,40 euros (Spring 2013)...


Bremen Shopping

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  • Waterfront mega shopping center

    You can find everything here. Its a huge shopping mall. anything you like-shoes, clothes, sports equipment, etc As much as you like.

  • Like 75 years ago

    Bremen is a city of coffee. The coffee beans were brought here in huge ships and until today there are coffee roasting companies in Bremen. One of the smaller ones is Münchhausen.This is the only roasting company still owned by the same family who founded it 75 years ago. They run a small shop which also looks like it hasn't changed in the last 75...

  • New amongst the old

    The Mall of Fame is a shopping mall not far from the Market Place. It is an ultra modern metal structure which houses all the usual stores you expect to find in a German city. It is just as interesting to look at as it is to shop.


Bremen Local Customs

  • Fipps der Affe

    This little wooden ape is a well known character, "Fipps the Ape", whose world travel tales were told in German comic book. Help came again from Win, Rhineroll, in explaining:"it is a famous early comic story by Wilhelm Busch and large parts of its plot are set in Bremen so that might be the reason...

  • Grünkohl/ Braunkohl (kale)

    When you go to North Germany in winter, you will see quite a lot of restaurants serving dishes with kale. In German kale is called "Grünkohl" (green cabbage), but Bremen has a different name for it: "Braunkohl" (brown cabbage). I was very confused about this as kale is green and not brown! Anyway you can get all kind of different dishes with kale...

  • Useful phrases

    It is good to know some useful phrases in German before going to Bremen. Here is a list of most useful ones:Guten Tag!=Good Day!Guten Abend! = Good evening! Vielen Dank = Thank you very much. Auf Wiedersehen = Goodbye. Tshüss=Bye. Ich verstehe nicht = I don't understand. Sprechen Sie Englisch?=Do you speak English? Bitte = please....


Bremen Warnings and Dangers

  • Pedestrian in danger, bicycles have no...

    In Bremen as in many german cities a lot was done to make easy to move on bicycles.The problem is that their drivers now feel allowed to do everything on the roads or pavement, and really behave like if there was no other option to move around :They drive fast on the pedestrian area, they don't respect anything, they are a real danger for the...

  • Just for Moms and Dads

    This is a tip for those Moms and Dads only who wsh to go to Bremen with a child and the buggy. I had the experience and thought I should share. The streets of Bremen are perfectly fine for buggies, but please be prepared for a dissapointing experience at the schnoor. The alleyways in schnoor are so unimaginably uneven that carrying a baby in a...

  • T R A M S

    The trams in the main shopping street - the Obernstrasse - at along the market run at the walkways and you have to become aware of them.Luckely they ride with slow speed (but sometimes that means a silent killer).So, keep track of the trams.The station square is the other tram hurdle you need to take.Also here the walkways are combined with tram...


Bremen Tourist Traps

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    by Rupanworld Written Nov 15, 2007

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    Hey, I saw this just in front of the Buergerschaft, Bremen's Parliament and I saw tourists busy throwing coins in through the holes so that some DOG barks from inside, that is supposedly a good sign. But unfortunately it does not bark if you through a lightweight coin into it. You need 1 Euro coins atleast. I saw people throwing away their fortune just to hear the dog bark. Just see the fist of a little boy expressing the success of throwing the coin as the Dog barked to his coin. Seemed to me like a tourist trap and good way of collecting money. I took the photo in order to be sure as to what is written therein. Any insight will be appreciated.

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Bremen What to Pack

  • Climate in Bremen

    There is no special rainy seasonAvg. Temp. in Spring: max.: 8 – 18°C ( 47 - 64°F ); min: 1 - 7°C ( 34 - 47°F )Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 20 – 22°C ( 68 - 71°F ); min: 10 - 12°C ( 50 - 53°F )Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: 8 – 18°C ( 47 - 64°F); min: 2 - 9°C ( 36 – 49°F )Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: 3 – 5°C ( 38 - 41°F); min: -1 - 1°C ( 30 - 34°F )

  • Packing List

    No Specials Don't miss an umbrella!!!!!!!!!Take a look at the following photo!I take this photo after an two hours work around Bremen. No Specials Your Camera----oh Yes!!

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Bremen Off The Beaten Path

  • Weser

    The Weserstadium is located just at the bank of the Weser.The Weser is a river in north-western Germany. Formed at Hannoversch Münden by the confluence of the rivers Fulda and Werra, it flows through Lower Saxony, then reaching the Hanseatic-town Bremen (see: Hanseatic League), before emptying 50 km further north at Bremerhaven into the North Sea....

  • The smallest café in Bremen

    I'm not sure if this belongs in the restaurant section or here, but since it's outside the city centre and since you cannot sit down as in a restaurant I decided to write about it here in the off-the-beaten-path section.In a television documentation about Bremen we had heard about this smallest café in the city and wanted to go there and have a...

  • Take the train to Vegesack

    Vegesack is the suburb of Bremen where the harbour is. It's about a 20 minutes ride in a train from the main train station in Bremen to the Vegesack train station. The river Weser is very close to the train station and there is a nice foot- and bikepath next to it. We walked along the river first, then went to the right into the city garden there....


Bremen Sports & Outdoors

  • Weserstadion

    The stadium of Bremen where the well-known team plays football is the best stadium where SV BSZS was held in 1999-2012. During these years we saw stadiums of Karlsruhe, Düsseldorf, Ulm, Oberhausen, Nuremberg. But all of them in my opinion concede to the stadium of Bremen.You can watch my 3 min 29 sec about Video SV BSZS 2000 Bremen Asslan v Haus...

  • Outdoor Swimming Pool

    Miss these in the Uk: outdoor pools. With diving platforms up to 10 metres! No way you would get that past Health and Safety norms and regulations. . In the countryside outside my parents town, they even took the blades from a windmill down on the basis that it constituted a `threat to safety'.Here in Bremen, there is also a pretty vertical...

  • Welcome to Bremen, fans!

    Being German Champion in 2004 (if you want to see some pics from the Championship parties look at my Werder Bremen Travelogue) our city will welcome many supporters from other Champions League cities. Bienvenidos Valencianos, Catalanes, Gallegos y Madrilenos! Benvenuti fans of Roma, Juve or Milan/Milano! Welcome Londoners and Manchester fans, and...


Bremen Favorites

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  • ErlebnisCARD Bremen

    The so-called ErlebnisCARD (discovery card) gives you reduced admission in some museums and also you get free local public transport in Bremen and Bremen-Nord. You even can use the busses and trams the day before this card is valid from 6pm onwards. Here are the different cards and costs:- Day ticket for one adult and two children: 8,90 €-...


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  • Bremen Tourist Information

    There are several branches of the Bremen Tourist Information; they are located at:-Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof).Opposite the train ticket office.Business hours:Mo-Fr: 10AM - 6.30PMSa & Su: 10AM - 4PM-Midtown (Altstadt)Obernstrasse/LiebfrauenkirchhofBusiness hours:Mo-Fr: 9AM - 7PMSa & Su: 9.30AM - 6PM* Service Tel: +49-1805-101030Head...


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