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  • Why Not's Monthly
    Why Not's Monthly "First Friday" Jam...
    by ericaj.
  • Cafe Why Not at U-Bahn 3 Feldstrasse
    Cafe Why Not at U-Bahn 3 Feldstrasse
    by ericaj.
  • St. Pauli and Reeperbahn
    by deeper_blue

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  • Nightlife Tabledance Hamburg: Don't get trapped

    by nosevale1969 Written Sep 8, 2013

    Tourists beware of any Tabledance on and around Reeperbahn! Worst of all is Nightlife next to Dollhouse and the infamous Beach Club! It's an Albanian dirty little Joint with most ugly bulgarian Gangster Girls inside... like almost all this places... If You get in there by mistake one tip .... go straight to the bar, sit there and never ever sit !down at one table. If You talk to a girl there be sure to have your lawyer with You! And don't order anything else then beer! Recently they closed some of these ***holes, I dont know why not the Nightlife, I suppose they pay the Police, because ... Yes they are corrupt here... Anyway, Gentlemen, You're looking for company in Hamburg, don't go there, look outside St. PAULI!!!

    Dress Code: A dresscode in this Rattrap? Be real!

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  • johngayton's Profile Photo

    Marina'a Chaplin's: Definitely Louche

    by johngayton Written Jan 27, 2012

    It was the guy sitting at the bar with his hands cuffed behind his back whilst the barmaid stingingly flicked his cheeks with a small leather whip that suggested that perhaps the term "louche" would apply to this bar. Louche is a word I love and describes perfectly that sort of balance between seedy, disreputable but with little hints of class. I'm not sure exactly what the classy bits here were but I was there - that's classy enough for me LOL ;-)

    This is a little basement bar which I found just round the corner from my hotel. The sign outside caught my eye - "Don't Drive - DRINK!" and the pleasantly smokey fug emanating through the slitted gap of the heavily curtained doorway caught my beer nose.

    Inside the bar proved to be exactly what I wanted. A cheery welcome from the barmaid, a relaxed local buzz, relatively cheap beer and, of course, ASHTRAYS.

    I only had two nights in the city but by the end of night one, where I got involved in the rounds of schnapps buying, I was on first name terms with all and sundry. On my second night there was a different barmaid, equally welcoming, and I was duly introduced by one the regulars - "This our friend John."

    Yep definitely my sorta bar and needless to say not one for taking photos inside!

    Dress Code: It's a pub! But subtle bondage gear doesn't go amiss ;-)

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  • johngayton's Profile Photo

    Viking Bar: Maybe This Should Be A "Warning or Danger" Tip!

    by johngayton Updated Jan 25, 2012

    This is a bar that I came across whilst randomly sampling the pubs around my hotel and made for a very interesting hour or so.

    It must have been well after 1 am when I wandered in and upon asking for a beer the rather pleasantly buxom blond barmaid politely informed me that if I wanted a beer I'd have to buy her and her friend a "little piccolo". It would be 36 euros in total and she even wrote down the amount for me, then asked if I still wanted the beer.

    Ach I was feeling pretty mellow and so went with it just to see how things panned out.

    It was now obvious that this was a hostess bar as I glanced around to note that all the other customers seemed to have female companions. Mine turned out to be a very shy little Ukranian girl whose English was very hesitant. The barmaid, or perhaps I should now refer to her as the hostess, or maybe even the madame, however was bright and chatty and had perfect, though heavily accented, English. The drinks were duly poured, I paid my 36 euros, and we clinked glasses.

    I was actually on quite good form and got chatting to the madame who I discovered was from Gdansk (in Poland) and so I told her I loved her in Polish. This kinda shocked her, but amusingly so as I made it plain that I was joking as I exaggeratedly put my glasses on to closely inspect her rather exuberant cleavage.

    Then did the same to my little Ukrainian (who I recall wasn't quite so exuberantly stacked but pleasantly filled out nevertheless) HA!

    I continued with my slightly risque repertoire of Polish endearment, commenting on her nice ass and asking for a kiss. By now I had her in stitches and she wanted to know how I'd learned to speak her language. So we sort of swapped life stories.

    Having finished my beer she asked if I wanted another but I explained that at 36 euros a round I was going to have to decline and head for another bar, much as I'd enjoyed her company. She then insisted I stay and have another beer, but this time on the house.

    So as my second beer was duly poured - no piccolos this time - and the conversation continued with the little Ukrainian girl listening in perplexedly.

    After an hour or so we were pretty much talked out and so it was time to bid her "Dobranos Kohanya", which brought a last smile to her face. A very enjoyable hour it was having two attractive women for company and so on balance the 36 euros it cost me was money well spent ;-)

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  • ericaj.'s Profile Photo

    The Stage Club: Sophisticated Jazz Bar

    by ericaj. Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Stage Club, housed in the Neue Flora Theatre complex, is one of the most easily accessible jazz bars in Hamburg. Directly across the street from the Holstenstrasse subway station, It is a national and internationally recognized venue that presents jazz ranging from German composer Nils Gessinger (a favorite in the American smooth jazz arena) to vocalist Micheal Bublé and New York piano crooner Peter Cincotti. Even the German talent that make up the in-house band are seasoned recording musicians, who play internationally at such notable events as Montreux Jazz Festival, or with jazz masters such as Michael Brecker or Barry Finerty (of Miles Davis fame).

    Dress Code: In spite of the steller local or international talent you can find here on any given night, and the chic urban decor, the Stage Club is notoriously casual. Jeans and sneakers are actually allowed with no problem at all, but you wouldn't feel out of place if you wanted to wear suit jacket as a man, or high heels as a lady.

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  • nepalgoods's Profile Photo

    Schumachers Biergarten: Beergarden

    by nepalgoods Written Aug 22, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Schumachers Biergarten is a big place to sit outside, enjoy a beer and a steak and a wonderful sunset. The location is near the swimming-pool in Stadtgarten. The surrounding is nice and peaceful. It is also called a beach club.

    Dress Code: no dress code

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  • ericaj.'s Profile Photo
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    Hamburg Del Mar: Summertime by the Riverbank

    by ericaj. Updated Aug 17, 2009

    Info coming soon!

    Dress Code: Open during summer, dress in casual attire suitable for imbibing tropical cocktails on the man made beach banks next to the River Elbe.
    Relax in one of the many beach chairs or with friends on the circular ottomans with comfortable canvas pillows.

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  • chris.hh's Profile Photo

    Zoé 2: Pub in Granpa's Living Room...

    by chris.hh Updated Apr 11, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Something different is the sofa pub in between Sternschanze/Feldstraße. When I was there with my young cousins they started laughing - hey lets start a pub in Grandpa's living-room... It really is some special, and very popular. It looks cool beause it a big room and full with old sofas - but the whole atmosphere is little grungy - you have to like this, also I would not really recommend the washroom. But this often is pretty mean in many pubs in St. Pauli.

    If you like dark atmosphere you also can take the second zoes which on the other side of the small street. It has little more design and is completely dark and black sofas.

    Address is Neuer Pferdemarkt 17

    If you feel hungry there is a smal falafel restaurant some houses further (on the cobbled street) - Azeitona - they have very fair priced oriental food, but rather a snack point than a restaurant.
    Address: Beckstraße 17-19

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  • hb_capri's Profile Photo

    Atalntic Kempinski Hotel - Bar: Quiet Night with Live music

    by hb_capri Updated Mar 18, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We had heard so much abt the Atlantic Kempinski hotel and its 100 year heritage that we simply had to check it out.The lobby is very grand with a fire place and the big chandelier and the works.We chose the bar because we arrived after 11 PM and the other restaurants were closed.The bar is a great place to spend a quiet evening with live music and piano.They have a separate cigar room and has a very regal feel to it.The music was good but our only disappointment was that we were not able to spot any celebrities of the glamour or business world as promised by the alster cruise guide:(

    We ordered a pina colada and a mojito.The pina colada did not have fresh pineapple.Coming from a tropical country,I used to take pineapples for granted! Now I know that the frozen ones can taste really bad.The mojito was done to perfection and the assorted nuts that they offer with the drinks were yummy:)

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  • chris.hh's Profile Photo

    King Lion, Tarzan, Udo Juergens...: Musicals in Hamburg

    by chris.hh Written Feb 24, 2009

    Hamburg is one of Germany's musical cities.
    These are the actual musicals playing (Feb.2009):

    King Lion (Harbor Theatre, you have to go to U Landungsbrücken and take a ferry)

    Tarzan (Neue Flora Theatre, U Holstenstraße, music by Phil Collins)

    Ich war noch niemals in New York (I've never been in NYC - musical with songs of Udo Jürgens, a popular German singer, he's in his 60s, 70s, and had many Schlager songs, a German thing though, not really my fave but for the elderly generation it might be something. His most famous songs: Aber bitte mit Sahne; Mit 66 Jahren; Ich war noch niemals in New York; Siebzehn Jahr, blondes Haar; Griechischer Wein; Vielen Dank für die Blumen...). Playing in the Operettenhaus at Reeperbahn.

    Heiße Ecke in Schmidts Tivoli Theatre also at Reeperbahn. I wrote something on this in my Reeperbahn tip.

    Further info you find here:

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  • chris.hh's Profile Photo

    20up: Airy Cocktails

    by chris.hh Updated Jul 13, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I recently was in a very cool spot. It was the lounge and bar on top of the Empire Riverside Hotel next to the harbor in St. Pauli district. The lounge (and the hotel) is designed by the London architect David Chipperfield. A great discussion in Hamburg if it is OK to build high houses or not - for traditionally Hamburg is a flat city with about five, six storeys. So twenty floors would not be that big thing for someone from NYC but here it is v e r y high. The cocktails in that well designed bar up there were great, little more expensive than average but you are also much higher than average;-) So I thought that's fine. Cocktails start at about 8 or 9 euros going up... The view was phantastic. I definately would recommend that place after a long day of walking, or to start the nightlife session...
    Clothing: little better than the normal leisure style was fine...
    Making a reservation in advance (one week) is recommended if you want a place at the large windows, especially if you are in a group.
    The hotel itself was good, too. Great views on the harbor from every room. They start at about 150 euro and up. Well designed, however, not the designer's hotel quality if you ask me (but that's just the archtiect's eye;-)
    phone: 49 (0) 40 / 3111970470 (after 6 p.m.)

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  • chris.hh's Profile Photo

    Reeperbahn-Festival: Music festival at Reeperbahn

    by chris.hh Written Jun 7, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a big musicfestival taking place around the clubs of Reeperbahn. In 2008 it is from 25th to 27th of September. They also have a good homepage in English with many infos on the bands playing.

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  • chris.hh's Profile Photo

    Strand Pauli: In the summertime...

    by chris.hh Written May 28, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It is strange that there are no real must-go-restaurants or bar directly at the harbour. Even if it is that tourist attraction of Hamburg... Except this one: Strand Pauli is a cute little beach club next to the Landungsbrücken. You walk down right hand after leaving the bridge to the harbour after leaving the Underground station and walk all the way down. There is one kiosk "Hans" where you get really good "Currywurst" (sausage with curry ketchup - a popular German fast food, and also they have good "Fischbrötchen" - hamburgers with fish). But the beer or the sundowner you will find at that cozy place (if it is warm...). At the end of the walkway by the water you get up a ramp, turn left, and there are some wooden fences, the area does not look inviting, there is one pink little hut and there you'll find the entrance to the carribean looking place;-) I love the chill-out music there, you also get pizza and some snacks and you enjoy a nice view on the big ships crossing by. If you are lucky you'll get a beach chair.... or just sit down in the sand. ´
    There are also some other beach clubs shortly before Fischmarkt but I just had a glimpse at them and did not like them. Too cool and too hip... I love the first and original one much better;-)
    Here is the link for some impression:

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  • St_Vincent's Profile Photo

    Joker Bar: Having a Joke on the Reeperbahn

    by St_Vincent Written Apr 6, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Joker is primarily a cocktail bar and restaurant although they did have a selection of beers and we got drawn in by the mention of a Sports Bar and the sight of a large screen showing football. Although they advertise themselves as a Sports Bar they did seem fairly intolerant to any singing, cheering or indeed anyone who seemed to be having any fun at all. All of our activity was closely monitored by an Amazon like Frauline behind the bar who at one stage physically frogmarched one of our party outside just for pulling a cigarette out of his pocket. They do have a smoking room on the second floor and if you are drinking cocktails then you can get them for €5.50 during ‘happy hours’ which are 6pm to 9pm and 11pm to 1am daily.

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  • St_Vincent's Profile Photo

    Raucherclub Moller’s: Smoking Club/Bar

    by St_Vincent Written Apr 6, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You can’t see through the windows of Raucherclub Moller’s so we were taking a bit of a chance when 15 of us strode purposefully inside in search of a beer. What we found was something akin to a locals private drinking club. However there were a couple of free tables and the locals accepted our invasion with good nature. Before we were allowed beer we were each given membership cards that we were told to produce if the police came in and anyone was smoking. I assume this was a way of getting around Hamburg’s smoking in public places laws. The name of the bar probably gave it away as I believe Raucherclub Moller’s translates as Moller’s Smoking Club.

    The bar would be considered a ‘proper old drinkers pub’ in my home country of England. It’s very small but a consequence of this is that everyone seems to get along together and minor accidents like a spilled beer or bumping into someone are met with genial acceptance. The bar is decorated with a plethora of model ships strung from the ceiling plus various other bits of naval ephemera and, rather strangely, an old cello. The walls hold a number of photos of what are probably old Hamburg residents and maybe customers. It seemed to be run by a couple whose diverse characters complemented each other perfectly. He was the genial host, sitting out in the bar area with his patrons, welcoming us with smiles and handshakes, she was behind the bar serving us with a suspicious but friendly scowl and making sure we were kept in order.

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  • chris.hh's Profile Photo

    Rosis Bar: Beer, Music, Dancing

    by chris.hh Written Jan 24, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Recently I was in Rosis Bar, a small shabby but cute bar. A hot spot in the nightlife scene in St. Pauli and Reeperbahn area. Locatet at the street Hamburger Berg, number 7. I loved the music there. The DJ mostly played songs from the 60s which was unusual to me but really cool! It's a small location that gets overloaded with people starting at 11 p.m. No reason not to dance - but it is pretty hard to fight for your space;-) No entrance, average age around 25 to 35 and older. And No-smoking for it's finally prohibited since January 2008 --- too great;-)

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