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  • Eppingen witch at the parade in Freiburg
    Eppingen witch at the parade in Freiburg
    by Kathrin_E
  • Timberframe impressions
    Timberframe impressions
    by Kathrin_E
  • Skyline
    by Kathrin_E

Eppingen Things to Do

  • The Dolphins

    This is a small but cute detail on a half-timbered house: a pair of fish-shaped creatures - it takes *some* imagination to identify them as dolphins. Their open mouths meet (are they kissing?) and form a heart which is painted in red.We can now start inventing some fantasy stories about dolphin love and how come anyone chose this ornament on their...

  • Church: The Old Cemetery

    The plateau behind the church and the chapel of St Catherine served as cemetery for centuries. The current cemetery has long been transferred to a place outside the village chentre but the churchyard still has grave monuments. Most of these are metal crosses in beautiful and elaborate blacksmith's work. In the back there is a steep descent to...

  • Church: Milk Witch and Devil

    This extraordinary medieval fresco inside the church is a bit hidden and easily overlooked. Seeing such 'creatures from the dark side' within a church is at least remarkable. It shows a milk witch and the devil. The witch is milking a fountain (which is supposed to give water, not milk, and collecting the milk in a bucket. The devil brings a pot,...

  • Town Hall and Market Square

    The "old" town hall of Eppingen looks notably younger than all those amazing half-timbered houses, and it is. Those who know the typical neoclassical architecture of Karlsruhe and the Grandduchy of Baden will immediately think of Friedrich Weinbrenner, the state architect in the easly 19th century. It wasn't himself who designed Eppingen's town...

  • Old Synagogue, Mikwe, and Chuppa Stone

    The Old Synagogue in Küfergasse was built in 1731 and was in use until the 1870s when the Jewish community built a new synagogue. The old one was sold and became a private residential house.The ground floor is built from stone, the upper storeys are timberframe. The ground floor still contains the 18th century mikwe, the ritual bath. The wooden...

  • Baumann'sches Haus

    Baumann'sches Haus is probably the moast beautiful among the many beautiful half-timbered houses in Eppingen's old town. For sure it is the one with the most elaborate details in construction and ornamentation. The house dates from 1582, the date can be found above one of the side doors. Its picture even made it onto a German postage stamp.Look for...

  • The Longinus Crucifix

    The colourful crucifix on the southern wall of the nave is an eyecatcher, and will be even more when the scaffolding has been taken down (at the moment taking aphoto in total was impossible because of that). It is named the "Longinus" Cross because the only person depicted under the cross is Longinus, the Roman officer who after Christ's death...

  • Catholic Church of Our Lady

    The catholic parish church of Our Lady is located on the highest point of the hill in the middle of the old town. The church is of medieval origins but has been extended and partly rebuilt in the 1960s or 70s. Right now (May 2011) the outside is being renovated, but they were already painting so these works should be finished soon. There are no...

  • Old University: the Museum

    The Old University hosts the Stadt- und Fachwerkmuseum (town and timberframe museum). It shows the history of the town and its surroundings and the way people lived in former centuries on all five floors of the building. This includes interiors of housing, workshops and shops. There is an exhibition on timberframe architecture on the first floor....

  • Old University: the Building

    Believe it or not - little Eppingen has a history as seat of a university. The glory of "Alma Mater Eppingensis" lasted only for one semester, though. In 1564/65 a plague epidemy haunted Heidelberg and the university of Heidelberg left the town. The faculty of liberal arts sought refuge in Eppingen. They used this building for their lessons. Seems...

  • Pfeifferturm

    The tower in the corner of the new market square and Altstadtstraße is Eppingen's oldest building. In the middle ages the town ended here. The tower was part of the town wall and served as watchtower for the guard, the "piper", who had to blow his horn in case of danger, fire, approaching enemies. Later on the tower was used as prison.The tower can...

  • The Oldest Half-Timbered House in...

    The oldest house of Eppingen is the so-called Bäckerhaus ("baker's house") with its impressive high roof and gable. It is dated 1412. Walk round the corner and enjoy the crooked beams on the sides.It is a residential house; the ground floor hosts a shop with clothing and toys for children.

  • The 3-Style-Corner

    This crossing of two narrow streets is the perfect spot to continue your tutorial on timberframe architecture. It assembles three remarkable half-timbered houses that represent the three main styles.The one with the yellow beams (photo 3) shows the Alemannic timberframe construction.On the opposite corner you can compare it to the Franconian...

  • Danse Macabre on Katharinenkapelle

    The facade of the chapel of St Catherine is painted with a mural which is a bizarre surprise. This art work adopts the medieval traditions of the danse macabre. However, it has only been painted in 2002, as the signature on the left proves (Roman numbers MMII = 2002).The skeletons are out to get their victims: people of all ages from child to old...

  • Fachwerkpfad - Timberframe Path

    The tutorial on timberframe architecture begins already on the way from the station into the old town. The direct way is a small path along the park and gardens. Along this path, models of different historical constructions in original size have been put up. Each of them is about 2 metres high and shows one element, or figure, that can be found on...


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Eppingen Restaurants

  • Kathrin_E's Profile Photo

    by Kathrin_E Updated May 22, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In need of a quick sweet snack to take along? Any bakery will fulfil that wish, but this one deserves a particular recommendation for their yummy pastries. They use organic ingredients, all breads and some of their sweet products are wholemeal, other pastries and cakes are not. The types, patterns and fillings are in theory the usual types - Apfeltaschen, Nussschnecken and so on - but of the most excellent quality and taste.

    Favorite Dish: The bakery offers a wide selection of pastries, unfortunatiely I could not try them all... I had a piece filled with cherry compote which was so tasty that I returned and bought another. I rarely had such a tasty Kirschtasche anywhere else.

    B��ckerei Stier

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Eppingen Transportation

  • Tram Line S 4

    Eppingen is located on the tram respective S-Bahn line S 4 from Karlsruhe station and city centre via Bretten to Heilbronn. Eppingen is the last stop within the KVV network, the rest of the line further north belongs to the VRN network. So check which tickets you need, depending on direction and destination. Trams run at least twice per hour in the...

  • Verkehrsverbund

    Eppingen is a part of three commuter travel areas (Verkehrsverbund)It's part of the Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund (KVV), Rhein Neckar Verkehrsverbund (RNV) and Heilbronner Nahverkehrsverbund (HNV) and it is not far awar from the Stuttgarter Verkehrsverbund.Depending on where you want to go, it is a good idea to buy 24h tickets instead of single...

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Eppingen Local Customs

  • Neidköpfe - Envy Heads

    Some half-timbered houses, especially the most beautiful ones that tell of the owners' wealth, have funny to scary woodcarved faces somewhere on their facade. These are called "envy heads"and are supposed to drive any envious lookers-on away who grudge the owner this pretty house. The ones in my photos are on Baumann'sches Haus, an extraordinarily...

  • Easter Wells

    Decorating the wells for Easter is a custom that is most popular in Franconia but has spread to other areas like Baden. The fountains are decorated with green garlands and painted eggs. In the old town of Eppingen there are three wells which receive colourful crowns for Easter. One is in Altstadtstraße in the small market square next to the Old...

  • The Witch Guild, and the Witch Fountain

    Eppingen is a bit outside the area where the Alemannic carnival is indigenous, but the town has adopted it some 40 years ago. Since 1969 the local witch guild has been active. The witches organize a night parade in town but also take part in parades elsewhere. I have for example seen them in Freiburg on Carnival Monday.Outside carnival season the...


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