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  • Esslingen
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  • Esslingen on the Neckar
    Esslingen on the Neckar
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  • Marktplatz, Esslingen
    Marktplatz, Esslingen
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Esslingen Things to Do

  • Spreyer Zehnthof

    Just to the left of the Stadtkirche, as you look at it from the Marktplatz, is a tight road that leads behind it. Here you can find the Spreyer Zehnthof, a seventeenth century tithe barn, that was converted in the following century into the headquarters of the Sektkellerei Kessler, which is apparently the oldest in Germany.

  • Gelbes Haus

    In the Hafenmarkt is the big yellow building of Gelbes Haus, literally Yellow House. This is believed to be Germany's oldest whore house, and certainly it must be the most architecturally impressive. Unfortunately for those expecting to find a little medieval Reeperbahn in Esslingen's ancient Hafenmarkt, you'll be disheartened to learn it hasn't...

  • Dicker Turm

    At the right hand end of the Seilergang to the Hochwacht is the Dicker Turm, or Fat Tower, the large round tower on the hill. This construction was added to the Burg's defences in 1527.

  • Altes Rathaus

    After Esslingen's two main draws of the Stadtkirche and the Burg, this wonderfully pink fifteenth century building is the next big thing in town. Upstaging the Baroque Neues Rathaus that took over from it, this Dutch styled pink town hall stands out wherever you are viewing it from in town. It is also huge, stretching around the back all the way to...

  • The Burg

    Unmissably placed high above the town centre, the Burg and its accompanying buildings of the Dicker Turm and Hochwacht offer a slightly surreal sight. The wood roofed walls ramp up to the Burg at the top at almost exactly 45 degrees, before leveling off between the Hochwacht and Dicker Turm. The Burg itself is a 13th century defensive system, which...

  • Church of St. Dionys

    Nowadays' look is the 3rd reconstruction of this church, original bulding stood here already in the 8th century.The bridge between the towers is there mainly for static purposes. In the 17th century, when the south tower started to lean, they simply connected it to the other.

  • Schelztorturm

    First thing that catches your eye is most probably the mysterious figure walking in the air ... then you discover it actually belongs to the tower - Schelztorturm, which is a part of former walls that were protecting the city of Esslingen.

  • Esslinger Burg - the castle

    Located on a hill above the town, it can be a struggle to climb up there (but there are worse ;) ). And all that is certainly worth it! Already during the way up, that has vineyards along, one can admire the view of Esslingen from above (amazing!).It is not a castle as one would imagine, it is more like a fort, it includes strong walls and a tower,...

  • The New Town Hall

    The noble family von Palm built this palace as their new residential home in the most beautiful location of the town, right opposite the renaissance facade of the old town hall, in the mid-18th century. Since 1840 it has been the town hall of Esslingen, seat of mayor and magistrate.

  • Pfleghöfe

    A Pfleghof - I cannot find an English translation - is an estate in a town that belonged to a clerical institution (monastery, convent, bishopric) and served for their economy, as store for wine and other tithe and for trade of agricultural products. Most monasteries had these in towns near and far. Several are preserved in Esslingen's old town;...

  • Schelztor Tower

    The gate tower in the west of the old town is now standing free. Of course it used to be connected with the town walls. It protected a town gate and the spot where the Neckar branch entered the boundaries of the town - a vulnerable spot in case of a siege.The tower is a 'shell tower', i.e. only the three walls that face the outside are made from...

  • Frauenkirche - Church of Our Lady

    The late Gothic Church of Our Lady is the earliest 'hall church' with three naves of equal height in the Southwest of Germany. However, the appearance of facades and interior tell of thorough refurbishing in the 19th century.Currently (summer 2010) parts of the facades and the steeple are under restoration and behind scaffolding. These works are...

  • Hafenmarkt Square: Oldest Houses in Town

    Hafenmarkt is an interesting location for architecture fans. Among the surrounding buildings you find some of the oldest houses of Esslingen. Gelbes Haus (the "yellow house") hosts the historical museum of the town. Its oldest part is the only preserved medieval tower house in town. A patrician family built it in the 13th century. The adjacent...

  • View from the Town Wall

    The town wall along the "castle" can be climbed. Entry is free and access is on a wooden staircase from within the Burg area. You can walk a part of the parapet. This is the best photo option for a view over Esslingen, the Neckar valley and the surrounding landscape over to the Swabian Alb. The Fat Tower hosts a cafe but it wasn't open when we...

  • Burg - The "Castle"

    Esslingen's so-called Burg is not really a castle. It is a part of the city fortifications on top of the hill above the city. This strategic point is especially fortified as a stronghold - whowver controls this hilltop can do whatever he likes with the city, so the citizens were of course interested in holding and protecting it. The town wall...

  • The Water Wheels

    The Neckar canals have provided the power to drive mill wheels and tools in artisans' workshops for centuries. In the times of early industrialization the canals were walled and more wheels installed to use the water power for machines in the factories. Some water wheels are preserved and still running, a technical monument just a few steps from...

  • Little Venice

    Whereever a river runs through an old town there is for sure a spot that is named "Little Venice". Of course Esslingen has one, too: along the river branch named Rossneckar. The houses you see above the water are actulally those on the western side of the stone bridge. How to get there: The way to "Little Venice" is a bit hidden. Walk down the...

  • Chapel of All Saints, now Town Archive

    The small, almost nondescript building in the corner south of the choir of St Dionysius is the former cemetera xhapel, dedicated to All Saints. It was built on the town wall on the edge of the churchyard and has two storeys. The actual chapel was sitting on top of the wall along the Neckar canal behind.In 1610, post-reformation, the chapel was...

  • Church of St Dionysius: Interior

    The church is open for visitors in the daytime.Inside, note:The high but rather dark nave with its small windows that have the gothic pointed arch but all in all the appearance is very Romanesque. The central nave has no vaults but a flat ceiling.The baroque organ in the west of the church is built around a window so the light falls in.Nave and...

  • Market Square and Prettiest...

    Twice a week the market square hosts the farmers market. The big festivals throughout the year take place here. The wide market square is a rather recent acquisition in the old townscape. Until 200 years ago this was the location of the Hospital of St Catherine which has been demolished in 1811. The square is surrounded by three churches. The huge...

  • Church of St Dionysius

    The Church of St Dionysius next to the market square is the main protestant parish church of the town. Its history begins long before the reformation, though. Excavations proved the existence of a chrch in this place already in the 8th century. The present church was begun in the early 13th century. The building shows the turn in style from...


Esslingen Hotels

Esslingen Restaurants

  • Swabian Cuisine in Old-World Ambience

    Palmscher Bau belonged to the family von Palm, wealthy noblemen in Eslingen. The early 18th century houe, more a palais, at Innere Brücke has been turned into a restaurant. The restaurant has a cosy "old world" atmosphere with lots of wood. The timberwork is authentic and part of the architecture - unlike so many resturants with their fake...

  • The best Zwiebelrostbraten

    Zwiebelrostbraten mit Bratkartoffeln (about 16 Euro) and the Haidle red wines go perfect with that dish!The Zwiebelrostbraten is the best I've ever eaten in a restaurant, and the onions (=Zwiebeln) are not the deep fried frozen ones you often get.

  • Pasta in a Cheese Wheel

    An outstanding restaurant just outside of the Innenstadt (Center Zone), in the Hotel Am Schillerpark. The husband-wife team have one of the truly fantastic restaurants to be found. Not pretentious, but very nice. Service is friendly and efficient - the food excellent. A must not miss. Try the Tagliatelle al Forno (Not served in summer months) -...


Esslingen Transportation

  • S- & R-Bahn

    Esslingen is directly connected to Stuttgart by trains that ride quite frequently. Either a line S1 that rides between Kirchheinm and Herrenberg or Regionalbahn lines R1 and R8 provide fast and comfortable transport.

  • Public Transport

    Esslingen is about 15 minutes away from Stuttgart by train or S-Bahn. Although it is a suburb of Stuttgart, it is outside the central 10 and 20 zones, so be careful that your ticket covers it. If you buy the full three day StuttCart that covers all of the city, you will be able to travel here. Alternatively you can take the train, which is...

  • Esslingen Hotels

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Esslingen Warnings and Dangers

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    by antistar Written Nov 1, 2004

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    Despite the chocolate box appearance of its town center, Esslingen is very much a living town, and suffers from many of the problems of industrialised outer suburbs of many cities. It's a bit scruffy in parts, and looks like it has seen better days, and I saw more homeless people in its small town center than in the whole of Stuttgart. While they didn't cause me any trouble, it was a little disconcerting to take a turn down a quiet, narrow alleyway, to find myself confronted by a large group of loud, drunken men, lying on the floor, staggering around, or arguing with each other.

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Esslingen Off The Beaten Path

  • Pliensau at the end of the...

    Pliensau is part of the center of Esslingen's old town and located at the other side of the Pliensau-Bridge which leads to the market place of this small town. It has a lot of historical frame houses built in the late middle ages, which are worth for a sightseing...There at the Pliensaustr. are also a lot of small restaurants, serving tasty...

  • The Hafenmarkt

    The Hafenmarkt with it's reastaurants and pubs is also a must. Most of them are in really historical frame houses and offer really good local dishes for reasonable prices..

  • The old Market at the Marktplatz...

    There is a once a week a nice Market were all the farmers from around offer there fresh products for reasonable prices. It's nice to stroll around there and whatch the people's bargain... There are also local street vendors where you can enjoy local food to go...


Esslingen Favorites

  • Funny signs

    I know I am purile, but I always get a kick out of the way so many German signs are like this..... this is a visual joke that is spoiled by writing unnecessary text so to get the 200+ character count needed I've added this extra tiny text in yellow.............

  • The Alemannic Men

    Hehe... Ladies, I have your attention now, haven't I?However, this is about architecture not flirting... The "Alemannic Men" are a type of construction in timberframe. For reasons of stability the vertical timbers have diagonal struts at the top and bottom that distantly resemble the outstretched arms and legs of a human figure. This system is...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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