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  • First meeting with family
    First meeting with family
    by rexvaughan
  • Home of my wife's great, great, great grandmother
    Home of my wife's great, great, great...
    by rexvaughan
  • Crucifixion scene just outside the church
    Crucifixion scene just outside the...
    by rexvaughan

Göppingen Things to Do

  • Wonderful old town

    Daytrip to Bad WimpfenWe had a free day while in Goeppingen and considered going to Stuttgart, but had had such a full trip that we just weren’t up to trying to see another city in a short time,so opted instead for a day trip to Bad Wimpfen. Also, I had seen VTer ChristineJ’s page and it looked like a beautiful small city which she seems to visit...

  • Visit a Handball Game

    As you might already know from reading my pages: Handball is the most exciting team sport in the world! It is the second fastest sport after ice-hockey. To get a feeling for the game attend a game of the Göppingen team – named Frisch Auf! - in EWS Arena (formerly: Hohenstaufenhalle) amidst another 5600 spectators (4100 seats). Check out the dates...

  • More Things to See and Do in and around...

    Oberhofenkirche (see intro)Kunsthalle (Art Gallery)Marstallstraße 55Phone (07161) 650 777Open Tue – Sun 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 6pm, Thu afternoon until 8pm, closed on MondayIn the suburb of Jebenhausen (first town from the town centre towards Autobahn A 8)Städtisches Naturkundliches MuseumMuseum about the 200 million long natural history of the...

  • Get in Touch with Dinosaurs at...

    This Museum of the Prehistoric World - Hauff is just the name of the owners/creators - is located in Holzmaden, near the Autobahn (A 8) exit Aichelberg. It sign-posted from the Autobahn.The exhibited fossils are from the Jurassic Period, 180 million years ago, when the world was submerged under a tropical sea. This was home of many kinds of...

  • More Water – Fill up your Bottles

    When we were young we went to Eislingen or Göppingen on most Saturdays and filled up the bottles of several crates with mineral water, called Sauerwasser (sour water) – for free!Thanks to historic rights (from 1747, to be exact), this tradition still exists today. In Göppingen there are three places where you can fill up your bottles for free: at...

  • Barbarossa-Thermen – if you Need a Break

    Formerly a simple indoor swimming pool, this aquatic centre has developped into a wellness oasis with spa, sauna, slides, etc. Also on offer are massage and all kinds of beauty therapy. It is located opposite Hohenstaufenhalle at the corner of Lorcher & Nördliche Ringstraße, so either a not too long walk from the city centre (from Schillerplatz...

  • Historic Museum “Im Storchen”

    If you stand in front of the main entrance of the museum you will quickly understand the name “Storchen” – meaning: stork/s. Some stork sculptures stand in front of the historic half-timbered building near Schillerplatz. The “Storchen” was erected right on the city wall for the Barons of Liebenstein in 1536, as their city residence. It is the...

  • The “real” Walking Tour of the Staufer...

    The three classic Staufer mountains (Stauferberge) are Hohenstaufen, Hohenrechberg and Stuifen. You either take the car or bus to Hohenstaufen and make a return-trip over the three mountains, or you organise a pick-up service in the little village of Wißgoldingen which is next to Stuifen. Although it is historically significant to have climbed all...

  • Travel on the Straße der Staufer...

    This tourist route leads from Bad Boll (near the autobahn A 8) via Göppingen, Schwäbisch Gmünd and Heidenheim to Giengen/Brenz, and covers about 300 kilometres. See detailed info on this website:http://www.stauferland.de/

  • Snack on a Brezel or a Cake

    Germans are obsessed with their trillion of different kinds of bread and rolls, and the Schwaben (Swabians) are rightfully proud of their great Brezeln (pretzels) – read my praise on my Gingen page. As I am a little bit on cold turkey in New Zealand, I got very aware on my last visit that Göppingen seems to have more bakeries (Bäckerei) and pastry...

  • Half-timbered and Colourfully Restored...

    You see beautifully restored half-timbered houses and other fantastic old buildings everywhere in the city centre - although not a real lot of them survived the big fires and city planning actions in more modern times. Many inner city streets are car-free, so you can stroll around perfectly, without getting killed by a car while admiring the...

  • Harald Immig – this Artist Knows...

    Harald Immig is a local multi-talented artist. He is a watercolour painter, poet, singer and song-writer. To me he looks a bit like a medieval knight with his long curly hair and the moustache. I discovered him by coincidence many years ago when walking up to the ruins of Hohenstaufen castle. You can’t help but pass his house as it sits at the foot...

  • The further Walk up to the Top of...

    After a walk uphill on a zig-zag track (about 15 minutes from the documentation centre) you reach the summit of Hohenstaufen. As said, there is not much more to see of the former castle than some remains of the foundation walls. The latest addition is an octagonal stele which reminds of the Staufers’ great past.The castle was built in 1070. (More...

  • Get Yourself Up to Hohenstaufen

    As there is public bus service to the village of Hohenstaufen you do not necessarily need a car to get up to the remains of the foundation walls of the former Staufer castle.From the town centre (church) walk up the steep street towards the castle (Burgruine). At the last house on the left side is the gallery of water colour artist Harald Immig...

  • Have a Coffee or Lunch at Schillerplatz

    This once was the bus exchange. Now it is a nice square, named after the poet Friedrich Schiller, where you can relax perfectly, either in one of the many cafés or restaurants, or just sitting at a fountain, either named Künstler- or Theaterbrunnen (I will research; but it has to do with arts anyway...). On Wednesday and Saturday the market where...

  • Relax on Marktplatz (Market Square)...

    The most important part of the project of enhancing the city centre, called Neues Zentrum (New Centre) now, was to ban through-traffic from the centre. Only buses are allowed to pass Hauptstraße, for example. Water features, outdoor seating and cafés now dominate the picture. You do not have to go to a café to have a drink. You can relax on public...

  • Rathaus (Town Hall) – Reminder of...

    The Town Hall was built from 1784 to ’86. It is located at the intersection of Hauptstraße and Marktstraße which leads down to the railway station. Like all other buildings in the area it got a coat of fresh paint during a huge restoration project in the early 2000s, and it is the outstanding building of the new centre.. A sign reminds of the days...

  • Stadtkirche (Church) with a Door for...

    This church, built in 1618, is opposite the castle in the city centre. If you pass on the right side of the church, coming from the castle, you walk past a new but nevertheless very interesting door. It tells modernised versions of stories from the bible, about hunger, war, and the destruction of the environment, but also the biblical love for...


Göppingen Hotels

Göppingen Restaurants

  • Lunch in Bad Wimpfen

    As it was lunch time, we started looking for a place to eat. It was a Monday, there were very few people on the streets, and many places seemed to be closed. However, we did find what I later learned was mainly an ice cream and pizza place, but we went in and had a very pleasant light lunch. My wife had a “goulash soup” which was a spicy beef soup...

  • Good Swabian cuisine

    Our German cousins took us here for dinner because it is their favorite Swabian restaurant. I knew it would be good as soon as we walked in and saw that the family knew the owner very well. Her name was Manuela and she spoke very good English which she was glad to practice with us. Our young cousin works for a company which makes a lot of kitchen...

  • Good Greek cuisine

    This little restaurant was actually just down the street a few blocks from our hotel, but we were picked up by some of our German cousins for a very nice dinner. The name does not give it away, but its cuisine is Greek. Once again, our family knew the owner and we were very warmly greeted. My wife had a gyro and I had suvlaki, both with Greek style...


Göppingen Local Customs

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    by Kakapo2 Written Sep 20, 2007

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    This historic regional and kids fest means four days of party in the whole city, with music, dance, food and drink. Its roots go back many hundred years, being a celebration of thanksgiving and peace after the Thirty-Year War (1618 – 1648), as Göppingen had also been occupied during this nearly endless war – even until 1650!

    The first celebration of the new freedom and the end of hunger, disease and suppression in Göppingen took place on 11 August 1650. This tradition has been kept alive over the centuries, soon called Maientag (May Day). Only the more religious character has changed a little into a more worldly and party atmosphere. But the carnival-like cortege has been transformed back into the presentation of historic events in historic costumes.

    Highlights are the historic cortege on Saturday and the Maientagsball, a big dancing ball.

    In 2008 the date for the Maientag celebrations is 30 May to 2 June.

    Town Hall: Not only on Maientag flags are hissed.
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Göppingen Favorites

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    by Kakapo2 Updated Sep 20, 2007

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    Favorite thing: -

    You cannot miss the tourist information centre. It is in the middle of the city centre, at the intersection of Hauptstraße and Marktstraße, in the Marktplatz wing of Town Hall (Rathaus).

    ipunkt im Rathaus
    Hauptstraße 1
    73033 Göppingen

    Phone (07161 ) 650-292
    Fax (07161) 650-299

    E-Mail: ipunkt@goeppingen.de
    Internet: http://www.goeppingen.de/

    The town hall tower.

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