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  • Passageway through the steeple
    Passageway through the steeple
    by Kathrin_E
  • Arrivals at the train station
    Arrivals at the train station
    by Kathrin_E
  • Very busy market square
    Very busy market square
    by Kathrin_E

Haslach im Kinzigtal Things to Do

  • Catholic Church of St Arbogast

    The somehow misshaped proportions of the church indicate a complicated history. The smaller steeple in the west is the oldest part, dated 1481. The former main nave, which now serves as entrance hall to the newer eastern part, substituted its probably medieval precedessor in the 1780s. In the early 20th century the church was extended to the east....

  • Heinrich Hansjakob Monument

    Heinrich Hansjakob (1837 - 1916) is a famous personality in Baden: parson, author and politician. He was born in Haslach on August 17, 1837, as the son of a baker and innkeeper. He studied theology in Freiburg. He first worked as a teacher but was dismissed because of his political activities. Politics and hot temper earned him a couple of weeks in...

  • Capuchin Monastery and Costume Museum

    The former Capuchin monastery was founded outside the town in the middle of the 30 Years War and erected in 1630-32. The buildings have survived in their original shape, including cloister, convent buildings and church, which makes this about the only originally preserved architecture of the Capuchin order in Southern Germany. The former abbey...

  • Pigs and Storks

    Some funny metal animals can be spotted in Haslach...The pig family and their human company are located in the middle of Hauptstraße. Some bronze humans keep permanent watch of them, real people of flesh and blood often join them.The storks' nest (photo 2) is attached to a house at the beginning of Pharrgasse, opposite the choir of the church....

  • St Sebastian Fountain

    The baroque fountain in market square was erected in 1731.The column carries a statue of St Sebastian, the patron saint of the town. According to the legend Sebastian was an ancient Roman soldier and secret follower of the Christian faith. The statue depicts his martyrdom: tied to a tree trunk, he was shot with arrows. Footnote: The witch is not...

  • Rathaus - Town Hall

    The vaulted hall on the ground floor is a remain of the 1572 town hall building which bwas destroyed in the fire of 1704. The rest was rebuilt in 1733 and renovated in 1953. The murals depict local people in traditional dress and figures from local legends. I am inclined to attribute these paintings to the 1950s renovation.The relief of the...

  • Kasten - 16th Century Grain Store

    The so-called "Kasten" is one of the very few buildings in Haslach that survived the fire of 1704, probably thanks to its solid stone walls and its location next to the steeple of the parish church. It was built around 1550 and belonged to the Counts of Fürstenberg who ruled this part of the Kinzig valley. The building served as storage for the...

  • Haslach's Oldest Artwork: Romanesque...

    Haslach's history actually begins in the time of the ancient Romans but there is nothing visible left. The oldest piece that you can visit and see in the streets is the Romanesque tympanon of the medieval church, the pre-pre-precedessor of the present one. This piece is dated to the 12th century. It shows the fall of mankind in paradise, Adam and...

  • The Old Town

    Haslach is one of many small towns in the Black Forest that have preserved a small but pretty old town. Recently people who used to despise the "old stuff" have rediscovered its value. Many old houses have been restored. The timberwork of the facades was uncovered from plaster and coatings and shows its ornamental structures. The old town is not as...


Haslach im Kinzigtal Local Customs

  • Jester Military

    Making fun of government and authorities includes having a jester army. The uniforms mock the military of Napoleon's times, but also the citizen's militia. Haslach's jester military owns a canon which they take along to happily fire salutes during the parade. Hold your ears if they stop and load it in front of you...

  • Cock Rider and Stork, and Big-Headed...

    Four large individual figures march at the beginning of the parade. The Gullerreiter (Cock Rider) is a fake rider: a person walking on his own feet, carrying the birg body with fake rider legs. Cocks have the reputation of being s*xually ... active and this connotation is intended. A cock rider is, for example, also part of the Fastnacht in...

  • Klepperleskinder

    Kleppern means the rhythmic clacking of small wooden boards, a pair per hand. It is popular in the Kinzig valley among kids and teenagers. Performing complicated rhythms as a group requires practice and sleight of hand. The kids are taught this ability and the guild holds annual competitions to find the Klepperles king and queen, prince and...


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