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  • Wutach gorge
    Wutach gorge
    by himalia11
  • Löffingen - town hall
    Löffingen - town hall
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  • Market square & town hall
    Market square & town hall
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Löffingen Things to Do

  • Witterschnee Pilgrim Church

    This church is located 1km North West of Loeffingen's city centre, cutting the distance between Loeffingen and Schwarzwaldpark/Waldbad in two one km pieces.The myth behind this church is the following:Around the year 1732 a trader got lost in a heavy snowstorm and praying to God "Give me a sign and when I survive and I will build a cross for you...

  • Lotenbachklamm

    The Lotenbachklamm is another gorge that joins the Wutach gorge at the Schattenmühle. There are car parks at both ends. The gorge is very nice - it's a narrow gorge with rocks and some lovely waterfalls and the path is not difficult to go although it's a bit steep. But it's just 1,5 km and it took us a bit more than 30 minutes to walk from...

  • Schleifenbach waterfalls

    The Schleifenbachfälle are some waterfalls west of Blumberg. If you walk stage 2 of the Schluchtsteig hiking path, you will automatically pass them. Coming from Blumberg, a 8m high ladder goes down to the waterfalls. I had read about this and prefered to not take this ladder, so we came from the other side and walked there from Achdorf. From there...

  • Gauchachschlucht

    The Gauchachschlucht is the gorge of the river Gauchach which joins the Wutach west of the Wutachmühle. It's nice as well - smaller than the Wutach gorge but less wild than the Lotenbach gorge. The path goes over several bridges, always close to the river, sometimes along the rocks. In the gorge also is an inn called Burgmühle that offers some...

  • Enge Schlucht

    The "Enge Schlucht" (narrow gorge) is indeed a narrow gorge. It starts east of Löffingen-Bachheim and ends a bit north of the Burgmühle in the Gauchach gorge. You can take the 3-gorge-loop-trail and walk through the Wutach gorge, Gauchach gorge and Enge Schlucht - it took us 4 hours, with several stops.The Enge Schlucht is really a nice gorge, but...

  • Wutachschlucht and Schluchtensteig

    The Wutachschlucht is the 33 km long gorge of the river Wutach - or rather a series of three gorges. The river Wutach first is named Gutach until it joins the Haslach river near Lenzkirch. Already at these two rivers you find nice valleys. The gorges then end in Stühlingen-Grimmelshofen, but the Wutach continues until it joins the Rhine river. It's...

  • Hexenbrunnen (witches fountain)

    This fountain is a kind of carnival fountain. In Löffingen there are three groups that take part in carnival, one of them is the witches group which was founded in 1934. They consist of only men who wear self-made masks. This witch group did donate this fountain in 1975, and there had been quite some discussions if this fountain should be really...

  • Demetrius fountain

    Saint Demetrius is the patron saint of Löffingen. You can find the reliquies in the church St. Michael. The original fountain was destroyed during WWII by a bomb. The statue fortunately kept intact and a new fountain was built in 1953, with the statue on it.

  • Maienländer Gate

    The Maienländer Tor (or Mailänder Tor) is a nice red-painted gate and is one of the city gates. There originally had been three gates, but only the Maienländer Tor is left. It was built 1580 but did burn down in 1921 and was rebuilt afterwards, with a larger passage.


Löffingen Restaurants

  • Another restaurant in Dittishausen

    The restaurant Hilpert is located in Dittishausen and also is a guesthouse. They have a nice patio in the backyard - and we suddenly had some chickens walking around there. So you see, this is the countryside! I had a pork steak with ham and cheese gratiné. There unfortunately also where some mushrooms that I moved away, but the steak was good –...

  • Another nice Italian restaurant

    The restaurant Hexenschopf is located in the centre of Löffingen in the second oldest house of the town, built in the 17th century. It's an Italian restaurant but you get there all kind of local food as well. They don't have too much different pizzas but quite a lot of other choices, and for lunch they offer various set menus. And if you want to...

  • Very good Italian restaurant

    This restaurant is located in the commercial area of Löffingen next to the Lidl supermarket. It's close to the federal highway B31 so if you sit outside you hear the cars. We first thought this will be disturbing but it wasn't that loud. They have a good choice of pizzas, pasta etc and quite a lot of seafood. I had a salad plate which was very...


Löffingen Transportation

  • Using the bus to discover the Wutach...

    If you want to walk parts of the Schluchtsteig you can use the bus (or train) to have you returned to your starting point. There even is a special Wanderbus (hiking bus) that goes from end of April to end of October, but unfortunateyl only on week-ends and holidays. As we were there during the week we had use "regular" busses, but that worked too....

  • Löffingen by train

    There is a train station in Löffingen that connects the town with Rottweil (via Donaueschingen) and Freiburg (via Neustadt). We did a day-trip to Freiburg from Löffingen, and the train trip was very nice. It's a great landscape with its gorges and rocks. The train goes through the Höllental (hell valley) and stops in a village called Himmelreich...

  • Löffingen Station

    Löffingen Station was destroyed in Second World War because the Nazis used it to shop material ...What you can see on the photo is the "thing" people did out of it after the war. Not very nice, but ok for what its needed.Today two train each hour stop weekdays and weekends, one to Neustadt (from there connection to Freiburg im Breisgau) and one...


Löffingen Warnings and Dangers

  • Loeffle's Profile Photo

    Weather ...

    by Loeffle Written Sep 5, 2004

    Be prepared for all kind of weather ;)

    This is snow in late April, after we had already 25 C two weeks earlier ...

    From my house

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Löffingen Off The Beaten Path

  • Loeffle's Profile Photo

    Wutachschlucht - Grand Canon of Europe?

    by Loeffle Updated May 28, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Actually it's a "must see", if you like nature or not. But most "tourists" (esp. from abroad) never hear about this marvellous present of nature.

    The "Schlucht" as locals call it seperates the Baar Region from the Bonndorf region. Actually it's also a tectonic dividing line. But the canon is also a language barrier.

    Bonndorf (south of WS) and Loeffingen (north of WS) have quite different allemanic dialects.

    Plate tectonic processes were also the reason for WS to form around 55000 years ago (originally the Wutach was a Dabube river, but it became a Rhenanian river, due to that the valley or later canon formed).

    Today the canon is at some spots 300 to 400 meters deep, you can if you are very fit take a hike throughout the whole canon. Anyway it's a quite hard tour (around 25 to 30 km).

    Best places to enter WS for hiking are Bachheim, Reiselfingen and Goeschweiler, all less than two km's "above" WS.
    You may also pass the WS by car, but that's not a big adventure, and rather boring. If you are lucky you can park your car at "Schattenmuehle" (also a restaurant) and walk some km's.

    Another option is to use the Wanderbus connection Loeffingen and Bonndorf during summer with stops at Schattenmühle.

    If you decide to go hiking, wear GOOD shoes. That means no sandals, no high heels etc. After rain fall the WS is very slippery and therefore dangerous.
    Don't try to be cool, every year people crash there bec of not using good shoes and not being careful.

    Wutachschlucht is a NATIONAL PARK so please respect nature! Don't leave the paths, take your litter with you. We want to preserve this lovely place for future generations!

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Löffingen Favorites

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    Tourist Information Löffingen - Library...

    by Loeffle Written May 31, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: If you need more detailed information about Löffingen, this is the place you should go to. The "Kultur- und Fremdenverkehrszentrum" was built in the late 80'es and gave several key organisation a new home.

    The main floor hosts the tourist information, which is opened on weekdays (9.00 - 12.00 and 14.00 - 1730). There you can get information on places of interest, where to go hiking, where to stay overnight and on many other things that bother you. They even speak English and French there ;)

    The 1st floor contains the city museum and the library. Opening hours for city museum are the same as those of tourist information. Actually you have to go there to enter the museum. It's not a big museum, and in my opinion it's a bit chaotic, but it gives you insight about the history and development of Löffingen. Most likely you won't spend more than 30 or 45 minutes there.

    The library is very well equiped and you can also use it as a tourist. Keep this option in mind when you come to Löffingen and weather is lousy. You can either lend books or sit in a quiet corner and study some newspapers or magazines. Opening hours change often, so check
    for an update, please.

    2nd floor hosts also the city gallery. It's only opened when there are exhibitions. Ask at tourist information about them. Löffingen has a quite lively art scene.

    Rathausplatz 14
    79843 Löffingen
    + 49 (0) 7654 - 400

    Kultur- und Fremdenverkehrszentrum L��ffingen
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