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Maulbronn Things to Do

  • Go for a walk, enjoy the view and find a...

    Most people come to Maulbronn for the cloister, but there is more to do and see. Maulbronn has a few very nice walking trails around the town. We walked up through the vineyards and enjoyed the view across the cloister, then through meadows and found a very quiet lake, the Rossweiher. This lake had been artificially made by the monks to have a good...

  • Maulbronn Monastery

    Maulbronn Monastery is probably the only reason why you want to visit this isolated townn in Baden-Württemberg. But at least, it's a good reason! This UNESCO-inscribed monastery is regarded as the best-preserved Medieval Cistercian Monastery in the world. In my opinion, this place is really exciting if you are interested in medeival buidings.  The...

  • Monks' refectory and Fountain House

    The Monk's refectory is one of the biggest room of the monastery. It was erected during the Romanesque period: there you can see tall walls, narrow and rounded arch windows. In 1220 the Master of Paradise give the nowday shape: he used early Gothic vault and divided the room in two aisled hall. The red chalk paintings in the vault were made in 1517...

  • Locutory and Chapterhouse

    The locutory was built in among 1493 and 1495 by Conrad of Schmie and it has got interesting paintings of animals and plants. The Chapterhouse is a two aisle and three columned hall built in the mid of 14th century and it is a interesting example of Gothic architecture.

  • Ambulatory

    The wonderful ambulatory has got a square shape. The south wing was built in 1210 and it is called the Reading Arcade and it was made by the Master of Paradise. Here you can see fantastic examples of Romanesque capitals. The remaining wings of the ambulatory were finished aroun 1280/1310 and you can see many parts in Gothic style.

  • St.Mary Church: choir stalls

    In the monks' church you can see the wonderful choir stalls with 92 seats made in 1450 under the influence of the Ulm woodcarving artisans. In the choir you can also see a fantastic sedilia for the abbot and two deacons made in 1480. On the walls you can see two interesting frescoes showing Bishop Gunther of Speyer and Ritter Walther of Lomersheim....

  • St.Mary Church: interior

    The interior of the church of St.Mary is very nice and it shows the Cistercian simplicity. It is in Romanesque style with ten bays in lenght and arcaded. The space is divided by the 3.20 meters choir screen: it separates the monks' area from the lay brothers. The crucifix was made in1473. In the Lay Brothers'church you can see two Gothic...

  • The Arcade

    Before to enter in the cloister you must pass the arcade. On the right you can see teh Cellarium (nowday the Lapidarium) vaulted with strip-shaped cross ribs made in 1201. On the left you can see the lay refectory, built in 1201, vaulted by the Master Of Paradise as you can see in the capitals, it was restored in the 19th century.

  • St.Mary Church: The Paradise

    The Paradise is a three aisled single-bay narthex built among 1210 and 1220 in Gothic style. To the architect was given the title of Master of Paradise. In 1457 the roof was replaced with the flat hippen roof. The narthex vault were painted durign the Late Gothic period; nowday you can see only few remants pf plants and allegoric figures.The doors...

  • St.Mary Church

    The heart of the monastery is the St.Mary Church which was built in 1147 and consecrated in 1178. The facade of the church is very modest and nice with roof spire. On the corner of the church you can see the granary which was built in the 13th century. Has you can see from the photos it has got Gothic lancet windows.

  • Monastery Courtyard

    The monastery courtyard is very big and here you can see residential, domestic and administrative buildings. Here you can seen the former stables (today town hall) with a Gothic core, convertited around 1600. Close to it you can see the former oat barn (Haberkasten) built in the 15th century and the baker's residence (Pfistermeister) built in 1520,...

  • Monastery Gate

    As you can seen from the car park, the whole complex is a fortress with wall 850 meters in lenght with towers and wards. The access is throught the middle gate tower (Klostertor): it is a rounded-arch entrance built in the 15th century. Behind the gate you can see some fantastic timbered buildings: the pharmacy built in 1777, the chimney house with...


Maulbronn Hotels

Maulbronn Restaurants

  • The importance of a second chance

    This restaurant is a mixture of Swabian, Greek and Italian food and a Cuban bar.We had been invited there on an early Sunday evening, right after opening at 17:00. Our hosts had asked for a table easily accessible for a wheelchair (if possible) and a stroller and also had asked about a highchair for a toddler.We didn't get any.We had asked for a...

  • Excellent food, very good service

    Update August 2015:What can I say, it's just as good as ever.Update March 2015:We had again chosen the Klosterschmiede to have our main family meal. As we were about 30 people we had our own separate room complete with a corner where the children could play.The table was laid out very nicely, at least before the meal, afterwards you could tell...

  • The cheaper alternative in Maulbronn...

    Maulbronn Monastery Beer GardenThere are many restaurants in Maulbronn catering for the need of tourists, there are however only two within the monastery grounds. Klosterschmiede has a good selection of local dishes, but rather caters for an upmarket audience. Fo those who want to try the maultaschen in what claims to be their place of origin, I...


Maulbronn Transportation

  • How to get to Maulbronn

    For German standards, Maulbronn is quite isolated from the rest of the world. The railway station in the town centre (Maulbronn Stadt) is only served on weekends in summertime, the railway station Maulbronn West is only served hourly with services running to such out of the world places like Bretten and Mühlacker, both around ten minutes away. At...

  • Train to Maulbronn

    Coming from Stuttgart don't take a train at the station Muhlacker if you have not a connection to the Maulbronn Stadt. Wait for the bus 700. It brings you directly to the monastery. The bus operate evey two hours and it stops close to the gate. Coming by train is very unconvenient.

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Maulbronn Local Customs

  • Maultaschen (Swabian Ravioli)

    Maulbronn is known for its Maultaschen, a kind of large Swabian ravioli. Legend says that they were invented in this monastery by some monks who wanted to circumvent the lenten fast rules by hiding pieces of meat in dough. Therefore, "Maultaschen" are called in this region "Herrgottsbescheisserle", roughly translated as "God's little ***ters". In...

  • A local story

    The Maultasche is a local dish, something like a pasta square filled with a meat and spinache mixture or any other mixture. It is well known in all of south-western Germany. Maulbronn claims to have been the town where this dish was invented.The story is that a monk in the cloister had hidden some meat, it was lent and it strictly forbidden to eat...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Maulbronn Off The Beaten Path

  • 01000101 in Sternenfels

    Another small town near Maulbronn is Sternenfels. I was on my way to check if an ice-cream place had opened and passed a very strange looking column. It was very tall, with a golden band close to the top and lots of zeroes and ones engraved in it. I was wondering what it was, but my husband as a mathematician immediately recognized the engravings...

  • An (in)famous citizen: Knittlingen

    Knittlingen is a small town close to Maulbronn, so small that it isn't in the VT database. Although it's roughly the same size, it seems to be much smaller, probably because it lacks the tourism Maulbronn has because of the monastery.It's on the bus route from the train station in Bretten to Maulbronn and after passing through it a few times I...

  • Guardian Angels

    Bretten is a nice, small town , less than half an hour by car from Maulbronn. We stopped there to visit the Schutzengelmuseum, a museum for guardian angels. This museum is inside an old, half-timbered house, beautiful in itself to look at, but a listed building and as such not much changed inside. This means there are steep stairs and no lift.On...


Maulbronn Favorites

  • 2013 Special Edition of the 2 Euro Coin

    Check your purse and you may find Maulbronn in it... In the series of commemorative 2 € coins that are dedicated to Germany's federal states, in 2013 it is Baden-Württemberg's turn and they chose Maulbronn abbey as their representative. The reverse side of the coin has two pictures. The smaller one on the left shows the fountain in the cloister,...

  • Reentring the church

    Entering the church you have to introduce your ticket to a ticket machine. If you leave you are not able to reenter the church. Go back to the information centre and ask for a free ticket. The nice lady there will print you another one and you will be very happy that you'll be able to see a thing you've missed.

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