Land Baden-Württemberg Off The Beaten Path

  • Courtyard of the Baldreit
    Courtyard of the Baldreit
    by Kathrin_E
  • Tiefburg Castle
    Tiefburg Castle
    by TomInGermany
  • The Old Bridge
    The Old Bridge
    by TomInGermany

Land Baden-Württemberg Off The Beaten Path

  • Around Stuttgart

    Stuttgart Off The Beaten Path

    hallo, i live in Germany for a half year and i've been in most of the places in Baden Wurtemberg by now. And i take all my friends who come here just for a weekend to Esslingen. Esslingen is a small town very close to Stuttgart and has it all- the beatiful old city with a Rathaus, a castle on the hill, from where you can see all the area, small...

  • Cars and Car Museums

    Stuttgart Off The Beaten Path

    You absolutely have to visit the DAIMLER museum. You can watch Mercedes Benz cars from 1875 until now. This museum is located in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, next to the headquarter of DAIMLER. There are also many factories located next to the museum, where motors and other parts are produced. Headphones in different languages are available.

  • Outside Stuttgart

    Stuttgart Off The Beaten Path

    Künzelsau is a town of 14,699 people located 92 km northeast of Stuttgart and 123 km west of Nürnberg. The name means Cunzilio's (Conrad's) meadow -- not his sow, as I used to think before I realized where the syllables should be divided. Actually I wasn't the only one who had this problem. Early versions of German hyphenation and spelling...

  • TV Tower

    Stuttgart Off The Beaten Path

    Visiting the TV tower you can sit comfortably in the cafe drinking coffee and enjoying the view. It is really an event to take the elevator up to the observation platform and then go down to the cafe. I enjoyed the breathtaking views from the tower!

  • Ludwigsburg Palace

    Stuttgart Off The Beaten Path

    Ludwigsburg Palace in Ludwigsburg is one of Europe's largest baroque residences and is found in Ludwigsburg just north of Stuttgart. The Palace was built by Duke Eberhard Ludwig von Württemberg and he originally intended to only restore a hunting lodge that burnt down but by the time he died the buildings had become the most grandiose of all German...

  • Swimming Pools

    Stuttgart Off The Beaten Path

    The Freibad is a large swimming area located to the east of Stuttgart Central. It offers a large park that surrounds the pool for people to enjoy themselves and relax in between swimming. For adults they offer a large pool with diving platforms and enough space to move around. For children, they offer two seperate pools. One for smaller children,...

  • Food and Drink

    Stuttgart Off The Beaten Path

    I was lucky enough to have a wife that loves me, and brought me a Sachertorte from Salzburg on her way into Stuttgart. VT member B1Bob alerted me to this wonderful food when he learned of Sarah's plan to come in from Salzburg. If you are going to be in the southern part of Germany and can make it on a side trip to Salzburg, we highly recommend...

  • Wilhelma

    Stuttgart Off The Beaten Path

    Surely you can´t be looking for elephants in Europe or specifically Stuttgart but tell you what, even the ones in Wilhelma zoo are real. Originally King Wilhelm I of Württenberg intended to build a summer residence surrounded by adornment and buildings in a Mauritanian style, just like in a fairy tale. This formed the foundation of the present day...

  • The hidden parts of the Hegau

    The Hegau is a very beautiful region to the west of Lake Constance and just north of the Swiss border. Most people will visit the area around Singen, in particular Hohentwiel Castle. However, there are some tranquil, untouristy places in the Hegau region, too. One of them is the arboreous area between Emmingen-Liptingen in the north and Eigeltingen...

  • Schloss (Castle) Gottesaue

    Schloss (Castle) Gottesaue in Karlsruhe has a long and complicated history. Located on the south side of the city it was once the site of a Benedictine Abbey founded in 1094. It had a long and happy history until it was looted and burned down in 1525. A local noble then built a new castle here in 1597. During the Palatine war of succession (1689)...

  • Schelmenbaum statue in Emmingen

    Emmingen ab Egg is a small village on the road from Tuttlingen to Engen (B491). There's nothing to see or do there, were it not for the Peter Lenk statue "Schelmenbaum" ("Fools' Tree" in English). Known for his provocative pieces of art, Peter Lenk tries to criticise social deficits or shortcomings by building large satirical objects. In many of...

  • Fridingen - a nice village in the Danube...

    When cycling the Donauradweg from Tuttlingen to Beuron or further, you do well to stop for a while in the village of Fridingen. It doesn't look too appealing seen from the cycle route, but if you enter the old part of it you'll see lots of beautiful half-timbered houses, some dating back more than 500 years, the so-called Ifflinger Schloss even 700...

  • Kloster Maulbronn

    This former Cistercian abbey which is almost 850 years old, is considered to be the best preserved and thus most impressive medival abbey north of the Alps. Twelve monks from Alsace began building the abbey in 1147 and for 390 years the monks at Maulbronn lived, built, prayed and worked there. After the Reformation - and the dissolution of the...

  • Indelhausen

    Indelhausen is situated in picturesque valley of Lauter. Foot and bicycle walks, fine landscapes will satisfy the choosiest traveller.

  • Pforzheim

    Do not come to Pforzheim looking for old buildings or historical monuments. Almost everything here is gone forever. Do come here expecting a pleasant river promenade from where to enjoy the golden light of the sunset.

  • Wutachschlucht

    The "Wutachschlucht" is situated in the South of the Black Forest and is one of the last original wild stream regions in the middle of Europe.It is 200 m deep and 30 km long and is considered to be the youngest "Canyon" in the world. The fauna in the "Wutachschlucht" is estimated to have about 10.000(!) different species. The riches of the flora is...

  • Altrhein

    In the Karlsruhe area you can visit the Rhine river - and you will see a huge stream with big ships and enormous bridges crossing the river..But once you stroll around a little off the beaten path, you will find small lakes and little rivers - the Altrhein (old Rhine). The old Rhine used to meander quite a bit and some 100 years ago, architects...

  • Ettlingen

    Ettlingen is just south of Karlsruhe, easily reached by car or tram. It is a beautiful medieval town with a nice palace, half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets.For more information, please have a look at my Ettlingen page!

  • Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen

    Eggenstein is just north of Karlsruhe. It is a small town - nothing exciting, just very typical: a main street, a church, some shops, some small restaurants and some nice houses along the main street. What makes it special to me, is the fact, that we live here! For more information please have a look at my Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen page!

  • Östringen

    I only happened to get to know about this place, because my wife tini58de had a concert there with her choir, which I wanted to see and hear.So I took the opportunity and the camera and looked around this nice little town. Again, nothing spectacular, but very typical!Östringen is in the north-east of Baden-Württemberg, between Bruchsal and...

  • Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen

    Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen is a small village just north of Karlsruhe - nothing really spectacular, except for the fact, that we live here....It has a nice little main street with an old church and some nice houses and it has a lot of landscape around...If you like to see "my tree" throughout the year, do have a look at my Eggenstein page.


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