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Sinsheim Things to Do


    There is more than one Concorde in the Museum!One is the Russian Tupolev 144, and the other is the French/British Concorde. You may remember seeing on the news back in June, 2003, the Concorde being transported by road from Karlsruhe Airport to the Sinsheim museum. You may have been in amongst the crowd of tens of thousands of people watching this...


    As with all Museums, at the finish you walk out through the shop, here was no different.The shop is huge, and contains many collector's items and model kits. There was something for anyone looking for a gift, including videos, DVD's, clothing, calendars, keyrings, the list goes on. I have no idea of what the prices were like. I just had a look...


    It was the year 1907, when the first Peking to Paris Car race was held. Five automobile pioneers set out for the first time to race in the Rally that would take then over a distance of 16,000 km from Peking over the Himalayas and across Asia to Paris.Many attempts were made in the following 90 years. Hermann Layher, the director of the museum, and...


    This is something I didn't expect to find in this type of Museum. Located in Hall 1, were glass cases, in which Film Stars and important people were located. Doris Day was one, and in her glass case, was a mannequin in a dress she once wore, hat and other accessories of the era. They also had the style of car she drove on display.There were quite a...


    Have you ever seen these? I have seen quite a few on my travels. I always admire eople that do this, they are so clever!Here, in Hall 1, I came across a sculpture of an Easyrider on a Harley Davidson Motorbike. This idea was taken from the film "Easyrider," which Peter Fonda featured in. I loved it! Do you think it looks like Peter Fonda? Who-ever...


    The Military exhibition is huge! It covers vehicles, models, uniforms, documents and articles of day-to-day life of the Military. There were numerous Tanks, Blitz trucks, Assult guns and a lot more. More information on the website.


    After visiting the Concorde and other Planes, it was back down the stairs and into Hall 2 to complete seeing the rest of the display.Music was playing, but not the type we thought a band would be playing! No, it wasn't a Band, it was one of the old time mechanical Music Machines belting out the music. These are scattered around the Hall. If you...


    The Museum also has an excellent collection of historic tractors and towing vehicles in Hall 1.On show are Lanz-Bulldogs, American tractors, Fordson, John Deere and McCormick from the beginning of the last century. This area had Steam Engines on display, the best one I thought, was the Fowler's engine [first photo]. This steam powered tractor from...


    All you Motorbike fan's, you haven't been forgotten, there is over 200 in the Museum. They are located in both Hall's 1 & 2.Some of them are quite rare, with only one or two left in the world today. Every motorbike is in running order, most are on loan to the museum from private collectors. I saw old fashioned Racing Bikes and even a funny one...


    In this section of the Museum, is where you find the very old Veteran carsPeugeot Vis-a-vis is my first photo, a car from 1892. It was one of the very first French automobiles to be built. The name "Vis-a-vis" [face to face] means the passengers were sitting facing each other. The vehicle was powered by a V2-cylinder-motor supplied by Daimler.The...


    Located in Hall 1, are many glass cabinets with mannequins dressed in clothes from the 1900's.It's a chance to see perhaps what our Grandparent's wore, our Mother's and Father's and to compare with the fashion of now. How times have changed! Not only Dresses, but shoes, handbags, sunglasses, the works for the Ladies. Even the suitcases are very...


    Across the pavement we walked into Hall 1. Straight away, the big American Car's grab my attention! Next to them are mannequins dressed in the clothes of the era, some were sitting in the back of the convertables, this easily could have been a scene from "Happy Days!" Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Ford Fairlane, Chrysler, Ford Thunderbird, Buick and...


    We had nearly finished with Hall 2 when I saw and extraordinary Hair dryer, or should I call it a "Brain sucker!" I have never seen anything like it before and really would have loved to seen it in action on a real live person!Nearby, were old toys and quite a collection of old Prams, certain to bring memories flooding back for some older ladies.We...


    The Concordes are not the only Planes in the Museum and not the only ones with inside entry.The USSR not only has a Concorde, but other planes......Like the Ilyushin Il-14P, made in the1950s as a replacement for the DC-3. This is a walk-in aircraft. The seats are no longer, but you can see the cockpit and toilet from behind glass. This plane was in...


    I wonder if I was born in the wrong era, because for me, vintage and veteran cars are the best! Perhaps I should say to look at!What a display they have here, over 300 vintage cars, from the beginning to the really smart looking Maybachs, Rolls Royce & Mercedes. In the Hall, is the largest private collection of vintage Mercedes with supercharged...


    Look at the photo - Isn't this a mean, lean racing machine!This is another famous vehicle on show at the Museum. Named the "BLUE FLAME," this rocket-powered vehicle driven by Gary Gabelich , achieved a world land speed record on Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah on October 23, 1970. The new record the Blue Flame set, was 622.407 miles per hour...


    I hear you say....Now I am talking!These are the ones you stand and "wish" you had the money to buy!These are the Aston Martin's, Jaguar's, Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Porsche's sitting quietly in one of the lanes!These are the "Sport's Car's, the ones with 500hp, who can reach incredible speeds, the ones that dreaming is all about!


    This section I enjoy viewing in any Car Museum. Why? Don't you think they're cute, so small, some with only three wheels!These cars were built in the post war period, and were travelling along the open roads, some were good, and some were extremely bad! In Australia, there was an advert talking about the Goggomobil, here there is a permanent...


    This area of the Museum isn't huge, I have seen much better elsewhere in the world, especially at PORT ADELAIDE in Australia, that just deals in Trains only.Here, it is part of a large Museum. On display is a mountain locomotive from Switzerland known as the "Crocodile" and a few others. It does give you a close up view, and gives you a chance to...


    This is where we decided to go first. Make sure you have your ticket as you need it to get in!Upon entry, one of my first sights was of MICHAEL SCHUMACHER'S clothing which he wore in 1994, a very controversial year for Schumacher. For Formula 1 addicts, this is something to see and take a photo of. There is more though!The largest Formula 1...


    One of the first things you see when when entering the 'VINTAGE CARS HALL' are the Robot's. Now, if they are not working, then you may miss them, as we looked at them and then walked past. Later we saw them working. We just happened to hear a lot of loud banging and clanging, so we headed towards the noise and found the contraption in my first 3...


    I had read about this museum and knew my husband would enjoy it, so it was included in our German itinerary!What we didn't realize, was you really need a whole day to see everything. In saying this, we arrived before lunch and stayed till nearly closing time. We saw heaps although not everything. It was enough for us, as by then we were very tired....

  • Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim

    Situated on an area of over 30.000m² indoors, and in open-air grounds comprising in excess of 50.000m², the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim, offers you more than 3.000 exhibits. Among them the original Concorde of the AirFrance plus a russian supersonic-jet Tupolev TU-144 and 300 vintage cars, 200 motorbikes, 40 race- and sports cars, 27...

  • Military exibits at Auto & Technik...

    At all times technological innovations have not only been used in the civilian sector but for military purposes as well. Often the Military department was the driving force to make many inventions possible in the first place.


Sinsheim Hotels

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  • Hotel Sinsheim

    I was in Sinsheim for work and this hotel were booked by my boss for me. great hotel and very close...

  • Cross-Country-Hotel Hirsch

    Kraichgaustr. 32, Sinsheim, 74889, de

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Wincent Hotel

    Augrund 2, Sinsheim, 74889, de

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

Sinsheim Restaurants

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    by balhannah Written Jun 26, 2013

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    As the Museum takes a long time to look through, there is a good chance you may have a meal here.
    We were here for lunch, so walked around at the different Cafe's and Restaurant's in the complex. Hot & cold meals, beverages, coffee and cake, German cuisine @ Concorde Restaurant, and the pasta restaurant "Airport" are what we could choose from.

    We chose the Concorde Restaurant which happened to be quite busy. The tables were pushed together so probably about 8 people could sit on each side. We still managed to find a place. Both of us decided on pork schnitzel and chips with a bit of lettuce, this meal was enough for us and was very nice.
    For the both of us, and including a drink each, it only cost 21.2 euros in 2013, I was very happy with that, as often these places are terribly expensive!

    Concorde Restaurant Concorde Restaurant meal
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Sinsheim Transportation


    As it happened, we came by our own car to the Museum. We knew it was very popular, so were wondering where we would find a park. Now let me put you at ease............FREE CARPARKS are located from the entrance, and along that street, and then along another street, in other words, there is heaps of parking. People are coming and going all the...

  • Directions to Auto & Technik Museum

    The Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim is situated directly along the Autobahn A6 (exit 33 Sinsheim or exit 34 Sinsheim-Steinsfurt) between the cities of Mannheim and Heilbronn. Signs and directives will lead you straight from the Autobahn to the extensive, free car- and bus parking facilities.

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Sinsheim Warnings and Dangers


    Entry to the Concorde and the other "walk in" Planes was from one direction. To enter, you had pass through a turnstile. Now, to do this, you need to stand on the two feet marked on the platform. For me, it didn't work, I think the reason was there were too many people waiting to enter the Plane, as when I returned 10mins later, did the same thing,...


    Just a warning if your coming to the Sinsheim Auto & Technik Museum, YOU WILL NOT FIND BOATS / SHIPS / SUBMARINES etc here. These are located at the other TECHNIK MUSEUM & SPEYER.All I can remember seeing at Sinsheim, was this 2 man exploration Submersible.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Sinsheim Favorites


    Now, children may become just a little bored when spending all day looking at Museum exhibits. No worries here, there is an excellent playground for them to unwind.An aeroplane which they can climb up and into, then come out the other side on a slippery-dip must be exciting! A couple of flying- foxes, now they are fun! All sorts of play equipment...

  • General Info about SINSHEIM

    Sinsheim was first mentioned in old manuskripts in the early 13th century. It is a town in southwestern Germany with a population of approx. 25,000. It is located along the Autobahn A6 between Heidelberg and Heilbronn. There is Sinsheim city centre and also 11 suburbs/districts, which are:> Adersbach > Duehren > Ehrstaedt > Eschelbach...

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