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  • Steep main street in Triberg
    Steep main street in Triberg
    by CatherineReichardt
  • Triberg Falls
    Triberg Falls
    by CatherineReichardt
  • Wooden Christmas tree ornaments, Triberg
    Wooden Christmas tree ornaments, Triberg
    by CatherineReichardt

Triberg Things to Do

  • The unexpected home of Germany's highest...

    Unlikely though it might seem, Germany's biggest waterfall is not somewhere in the Alps, but in the small Black Forest town of Triberg.Now obviously, there are many ways to determine 'biggest' when it comes to waterfalls, and these debates keep purists happily occupied in heated debate, especially when there is mileage to be gained in tourist...

  • Uhren-Park

    The largest kuck-kuck clock can be viewed here. It really was worth the visit, we were lucky and got there just before the bus load of other tourists arrived. It was amazing to see how it all works and fit together. Lovely clocks on sale here too

  • More back streets

    Beautifull scenes awaited us in this little street from where we had a lovely view over the mountains

  • Discovering the back streets

    You never know what you might find. If we did not wander off into the little side streets we would never have found this beautifully painted house

  • Exploring

    This is one of the best things to do where ever you are. Walk around the village/town/city and wander into the little side streets, where sometimes the best gem is hidden.

  • Bruno Roth

    Bruno Roth use to be the main watch maker in the area, but he has now retired and keeps himself busy with other woodwork. Still it is nice to visit and talk to Mr Roth and his wife

  • Walking in the rain

    We did not have much of a choice as the weather was really miserable, but we decided that it was not going to get us down so we walked down Gartenstrasse before exploring the little side streets

  • Water Falls

    The Triberg Waterfalls are a series of short waterfalls. They are among the tallest waterfalls in Germany. Access is easy and the trails are well maintained.

  • Germany’s Highest Waterfalls

    Germany’s highest waterfalls are worth visiting in Triberg. There is a small fee to enter the park. You can buy bags of peanuts to feed the squirrels. In our case, the birds got most of them. These are not thunderously huge falls, but they are a series of seven cascades all in beautiful settings. The well-maintained trails and steps go up alongside...

  • Triberg falls

    this is a nice park and the walk to the falls is nice and easy, the view is great and on the way u can see squirrel and feed them (i think thats why they were selling those peanuts bags :-)

  • World's Biggest Cuckoo Clock

    Perhaps not a "must see," but fairly interesting to see the sheer size of the clock. It takes up a whole house! The weights are nearly twice the height and as doubly thick as a man, and the gears are equally as large. What is most fascinating is the museum inside (as well as a small wine-tasting section, 1.50 euros entry fee). It has a varied...

  • Triberger Wasserfalle

    I visited this waterfall once in August (very hot, very sticky, and very crowded), and again in January (very cold! I lost feeling in my toes). It is a nice waterfall, the largest in Germany, and it is a nice short hike to chat or hold hands and take winter photographs.


Triberg Hotels

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Triberg Restaurants

  • Friedlich Museum Restaurants

    There are many restaurants on the outskirts of the Friedlich museum complex. We decided to just have some tea and pretzels as they looked very good.

  • Tick Tack Stube

    Due to all the cake we had earlier, we opted for a light dinner and had some of the kartoffel kuchen with apple puree, whilst my mother had a schnitzel. the staff were extremely friendly, and made us feel very welcome. potato pancakes was my choice

  • Cafe Adler

    The cakes that they serve at Cafe Adler is of the highest standard and quality. Renate the owner has won various awards. Black Forest Cake and the dark chocolate coated cherries


Triberg Shopping

  • You can't escape Triberg without one...

    Given that Triberg is the Cuckoo Clock Capital of the World, it takes no great stretch of the imagination to realise that wood carving would be a local speciality. And whilst it's now big business, it would have had its roots in the long, cold, dark winter nights before TV, when people pursued folk crafts as much as a means of keeping occupied as a...

  • Haus Shuhe

    House shoes for you to put by your front door for guests to wear when they are visiting.

  • All the cuckoo clocks you'll ever need

    Triberg is the world capital of cuckoo clocks and this shop is one of many in the area that capitalise on this. This company has four shops. This description is about the one right in Triberg near the entrance to the waterfalls. There is a play area at the back for children. Even if you don't buy anything, a visit to one of these stores should be...


Triberg Warnings and Dangers

  • Triberg is a VERY hilly place!

    The Black Forest is renowned for its excellent hiking - what you might not realise is that in a town like Triberg, you'll be called upon to do some of that hiking on the pavements!Triberg is set in a sharply incised valley, and the main road (Hauptstrasse) is very steep which is worth bearing this in mind if you have limited mobility or are...

  • Guidance on photography in churches:...

    Visiting churches is one of the absolute highlights of a trip to Europe, and provides a fascinating insight into the most powerful influencethat has shaped European cultures of the past couple of millenia.Unlike some other religions - where access to places of worship may be restricted to members of that religious group or a specific gender - the...

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Triberg Off The Beaten Path

  • Wasserfalle Allerheiligen

    This is a magnificent waterfall which consist of 6 different waterfalls actually. They do warn you before you start that the journey is just under 1km. However what they do not tell you is that it is very steep with several sets of stairs that needs to be climbed. After the second set (by then you had climbed over 100 stairs), I decided that was...

  • Schwarzwalder Friedlichtmuseum

    This open air museum was really worth the visit. They show you the various building styles accross the black forest area and in some of the houses you will find people doing various local trades. The one lady and her husband were in the process of making house shoes and they were more than happy to answer questions.

  • Todtnau falls

    not 2 far from Triberg ull find a city called Todtnau and there is also a waterfall there - this waterfall is amazing but its not an easy walk since u have to climb all the way up and back (or if u park higher ull have to go down the stairs and back up...but the falls are aamzing


Triberg Favorites

  • Knoto's Profile Photo

    by Knoto Written Sep 7, 2002

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    Favorite thing: Triberg, don't miss these Monument in the near of the Railway station!!! It was built for the man who built the Black Forrest Railway!!

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