Land Baden-Württemberg Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by balhannah
  • Concorde entrance
    Concorde entrance
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  • Planes you can view inside
    Planes you can view inside
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Land Baden-Württemberg Warnings and Dangers

  • Public Transport

    Stuttgart Warnings and Dangers

    This seemed kind of odd and confusing to us. Trains just don't go North or South, East and West. You can get off a train going West and get on the next on the same numbered track and it will go East. So, be careful. If you miss a stop and think you can just get the next train on the other side going back to that stop, don't count on it.

  • Traffic

    Stuttgart Warnings and Dangers

    When driving here you need to be very careful and concientious. The yellow diamond shaped sign means that you are on a priotity road and you have the right of way. If you are not on the priority road you have to yield to the right. Even if is a smaller side road or alley you still yield to the right. Do not cross over a solid white line. If...

  • Food and Drink

    Stuttgart Warnings and Dangers

    O.k, I know that Red Bull isn't exclusive to Stuttgart, but here is where I learned to mix this liquid version of Gummi Bears on Viagra with Absolut. WARNING: Don't do this, they go down far too easily, and unfortunately come back up at twice the speed, and because of being jam-packed with the wholesome goodness of vitamins, minerals, sugar and...

  • Beware of your GPS

    There are many small roads which might by your GPS seem like the quickest and shortest way but late at night driving on a L road will be a crawl involving tons of roundabouts and small towns and possibly traveling through wood that are straight out of little red riding hood. The A roads are the only thing close to American style highway.

  • Some Survival Tips For Newbies

    The Alemannic Fasnet is no theater performance, the spectators are part of the event and will not necessarily be treated gently, no matter if they are locals or tourists! From being dusted or brushed to hits with pig's bladders, confetti attacks, having your faces painted or being caught in a net, there is a wide variety of mischief unsuspecting...

  • Getting to the Castle

    Getting to the castle by walking can be very strenuous .there are 315 steps or a incline ramp.Both the steps and ramp are steep(see photos),the incline ramp has a few benches to sit and rest,there are no benches for rest if you take the steps.I went up the steps and came back down the ramp.There is also a a funicular railway thats you can use to...


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Land Baden-Württemberg Warnings and Dangers

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