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  • Schloss Hohenlohe
    Schloss Hohenlohe
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey
  • Carmen
    by Nemorino
  • 3. Ecce homo, by Guido Messer (1997)
    3. Ecce homo, by Guido Messer (1997)
    by Nemorino

Weikersheim Things to Do

  • Beautifulfahkwerk house

    We advise to take a walk around old streets and to take pleasure in fine traditional architecture of medieval city. You will see a lot of traditional fahkwerk houses.You can watch my 4 min 40 sec Video Weikersheim Hohenlohe Schloss out of my Youtube channel or here on VT.

  • Hohenlohe Castle and Park

    The historical city of Weikersheim is officially recognized vacation spot and is located directly on the Romantic road in "the Fine valley of the river Tauber". Weikersheim Castle is the family castle of dukes Hohenloe whose name vicinities of city name. Here there was one of the finest residences of Renaissance, surrounded by magnificent gardens...

  • Marktplaz

    Weikersheim is situated on the river Tauber close to of Bad Mergentheim, Weikersheim is the location of the famous castle Schloss Weikersheim. On the picturesque market square we saw the parade of old cars.You can watch my 2 min 18 sec Video Romantische Strasse on the way to Weikersheim out of my Youtube channel or here on VT.

  • Guido Messer sculptures 2009

    Photos:1. The Foreigner, by Guido Messer (1989)2. Full view of The Foreigner, with his suitcase3. Ecce homo, by Guido Messer (1997)4. Einigkeit -- Persil bleibt Persil (1992/93)All you loyal readers of my Pforzheim page (thanks again to both of you!) may recall that I wrote a tip about a sculpture called The Claque by Guido Messer (born 1941 in...

  • Opera in the inner courtyard

    This is where Jeunesses Musicales presents its open-air opera performances in odd-numbered years. Since I took the first photo in an even-numbered year, 2004, it doesn't show how they set it up.On the smaller side next to the fountain they set up a small stage -- in 2003 it was a round construction filled with dirt and wood shavings, so they could...

  • Castle garden

    Photos:1. Weikersheim Castle Garden 20092. In the Castle Garden before the performance3. During the intermission of the opera4. Musicians playing a fanfare to signal the end of the intermissionBefore the opera or during the intermission you can get a glass of champagne or Sekt here and go for a stroll in the garden.This is a formal baroque garden,...

  • Wine making in the Tauber Valley

    Photos:1. Exhibition on wine making2. Wine making equipment3. Wagon and barrelsWine making has a long tradition in the Tauber Valley. It was first mentioned in a written document in the year 803.Today the Tauber Valley is mainly a white wine region, dominated by Müller-Thurgau, but they also make Silvaner, Kerner and Bachus wines. The Tauberländer...

  • Harmonium, loom and washing utensils

    Photos:1. Harmonium2. Loom3. Washing utensilsThe Tauberländer Dorfmuseum (Village Museum) also has an old harmonium that was rescued from destruction more or less by accident.The loom (second photo) is one that was used for many years in a typical pre-industrial cottage-industry setting here in the Tauber Valley.The washing utensils in the third...

  • Tauberländer Dorfmuseum (Village Museum)

    Photos:1. Museum on Marktplatz in Weikersheim2. Bedroom of an 18th century farm couple3. Collection of pre-electric irons4. Historical kitchen equipmentThis museum is devoted to showing furnishings, tools and equipment that rural people in this area used to use in pre-industrial times.I must admit that I have never ironed anything with a...

  • Gänsturm

    This "Goose Tower" used to be the city gate.It now houses a small museum about the history of Weikersheim which I have always been meaning to have a look at, since I like that sort of thing. Remind me in 2011, please.

  • Marktplatz = Market Square

    Photos:1. Marktplatz and Weikersheim castle2. Marktplatz with tourist busesThe Market Square is a long oval-shaped area with the castle at the west end, facing the Protestant Church at the east end. On the longer north and south sides there are cafés, restaurants, hotels, a museum and the town hall with tourist information.So it's definitely the...

  • Prinz-Constantin-Weg

    You can also see the castle and the garden from the outside because there is a paved walkway called Prince Constantine's Walk, on which you can walk all the way around the outside of the castle and grounds in about twenty minutes. This walkway includes two footbridges over the Tauber River.The walkway was named after Prinz Constantin zu...

  • Alchemy Exhibit in Schloss Weikersheim

    Count Wolfgang II of Hohenlohe was an alchemist who lived and worked in Weikersheim Castle around the year 1600.The goal of all alchemists was turn transform ordinary metals into more valuable ones, and ultimately into gold. They never accomplished this, but while trying they developed techniques and insights that helped prepare the way for the...

  • Rittersaal

    This "Knight's Hall" is one of the largest and oldest rooms in Weikersheim Castle. The furniture is gone, but the room is still impressive because of the many paintings on the walls and especially the ceiling.Again, the only way to see this is by taking a tour of the castle.

  • Castle tour

    Inside Weikersheim castle there are numerous rooms that still have their original furniture and tapestries. This supposedly has to do with the fact that the Hohenlohe family died out after a couple of generations. The distant relatives who inherited the castle were preoccupied with other things and just left everything the way it was.The only way...


Weikersheim Hotels

Weikersheim Restaurants

  • On the left

    Directly across from the Grüner Hof is another traditional restaurant, the Deutschherren Stuben. They do in fact get somewhat less sun on this side of the Market Square, but it's still a very pleasant place to sit and have a meal. I forget what I ate here (it was a while ago), but I do remember I was very satisfied.By the way there are about two...

  • Since 1804

    This venerable restaurant is located on the market square (on the sunny side of the market square, as they point out on their website), right beside the entrance to Weikersheim Castle. If the weather is nice, you can eat outside on the square, otherwise the inside is very pleasant, too. I've eaten here twice so far, and was very satisfied, also met...

  • Weikersheim Hotels

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Weikersheim Transportation

  • Trains to Weikersheim

    The Tauber Valley is served by a single-track non-electrified railway line. Aside from local trains there are Regional Express trains from Aschaffenburg several times a day, and also a couple from Würzburg.The end of the line for passenger trains is now Crailsheim, 17 kilometers upstream from Weikersheim, though they used to go a lot further.In the...

  • Cycling routes in the Tauber Valley

    The Tauber Valley is a popular cycling area with two routes that are more or less parallel.Down here in the valley is the "classic" route which is mostly flat, except for a few places down near Wertheim where the valley gets narrow so you have to go up and down a bit through the woods, but nothing excessive.Up in the hills there is also a...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Weikersheim Off The Beaten Path

  • Mainspitze in Wertheim

    Maybe I'm just being silly or naive about this, but it seems to me that the confluence of two rivers is a point of geographical significance and should not be defaced by having a big slanting concrete highway bridge built right across it. After cycling sixty kilometers down the Tauber River, I would have preferred to have a nice place to look at...

  • Palux

    The Tauber Valley isn't entirely dependent on tourism for its income. In several towns along the way the bicycle route passes through modern industrial areas, with clean, quiet factories that make things like solar paneling to put on your roof.This company, Palux, makes kitchen equipment for restaurants. They have been in business for over fifty...

  • Bad Mergentheim

    Bad Mergentheim is a spa which has a full program of concerts and other events to keep its guests entertained while they are "taking the waters."One nice side effect of these concerts is that they provide work and income for struggling young opera singers, and keep them from drifting off permanently into the German country music scene.What’s so bad...


Weikersheim Favorites

  • Carmen in Weikersheim 2003

    In the summer of 2003 they did a production of Carmen, by Georges Bizet (1838-1875), which I saw on two consecutive evenings with different casts. The second evening went really well, but the first was a bit chaotic because it rained shortly before the opera was due to start, so they had to place the orchestra inside the palace (not a good...

  • La Traviata in Weikersheim 2005

    Jeunesses Musicales presented the opera La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) in a new open-air production in the courtyard of Weikersheim Castle on nine evenings in July 2005.The conductors were again Yakov Kreizberg (1959-2011) and Amy Andersson. The stage director was Manfred Weiß of the Young Opera Stuttgart. The orchestra this time was the...

  • La Cenerentola in Weikersheim 2007

    Their opera for 2007 was La Cenerentola (a.k.a. Cinderella) by Gioachino Rossini (1792 - 1868). The conductor was Alessandro de Marchi, and the stage director was Dominik Wilgenbus. The orchestra, as in 2003, was the German Federal Youth Orchestra (Bundesjugendorchester). Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to Weikersheim in 2007, so I didn't see...


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