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  • Woinemer Brauerei
    Woinemer Brauerei
    by TomInGermany
  • Makes it easy to find.
    Makes it easy to find.
    by TomInGermany
  • Should be great in the summer
    Should be great in the summer
    by TomInGermany

Weinheim Things to Do

  • Hiking north of Weinheim

    I love to get out of the house and into the woods especially if it is a new set of trails. After looking over my maps of the Odenwald area I decided to hike along the ridge line between Hemsbach and Weinheim. While the weather wasn't the greatest as least the rain stopped by the time I got to the parking lot and didn't start up until I was already...

  • Go sledding

    This year has been perfect for sledding , much more snow than in the years before - all the children love it. In some regions around Weinheim there was no school, because the buses couldn't manage the steep roads, which was even better for the children.A great place to go sledding is in the castle gardens in Weinheim. No cars, no fences, just a...

  • Hiking up to the Wachenburg

    The newer castle in the hills above Weinheim is called Wachenburg. It was built by the fraternities in the beginning of the 20th century, so it's really not an old castle. Each year, in the week before Pentecost, the fraternities have a meeting in Weinheim up on the castle. During this week you can see many young men walking around in fancy,...

  • In the Tanners' Quarter

    People from Weinheim had emigrated to the USA and settled there. In 1976, some of their descendants came back to Weinheim and put up a memorial to the USA, calling it a salute to 200 years independence. On it they describe the journey to the new world.Just opposite of this memorial there is the smallest house in Weinheim, shaped like a ship.I...

  • Schlosspark - the castle park

    One of the counts living in Weinheim about 300 years ago had enough time and money to pursue his hobby of gardening. He sailed across the world and collected seedlings. Some of them grew in Weinheim, like this 300-year-old Lebanon ceder.Close to the park there is also an older part of the new castle. In these nice-looking rooms a princess banished...

  • The New Castle, now the City Hall

    In the 18th century the new castle was built in Weinheim, no longer a fortress type of castle, but a more comfortable one.It now houses the offices of the mayor of Weinheim and of city hall. Attached to the castle there is a park, with a lake for feeding the ducks, some large bird cages and of course lots of flowers.

  • The Tanners' Quarter

    Most working people in Weinheim were tanners, living at the bottom of the hill where they had their own creek. Running water was essential for their job. This quarter is now a nice area to live in, but it's difficult to drive as streets are really narrow. The houses there were built in the 16th century. You can still see the tanners' sign, two...

  • The Hexenturm - Witches'Tower

    The last guard tower was built to be just this, a guard tower, but from the 15th century on it was used as a prison for women acccused of witchcraft. City and Church authorities didn't dare to put these women in the same prison as the normal prisoners. They were afraid the"witches" would cast a spell and everyone would escape.It is hard to...

  • The Blue Hat

    The second guard tower still standing is called the Blue Hat. Its roof was laid with slate, seemingly blue in the sun. This tower is still attached to a piece of the old city wall. It was used as a prison. The poor prisoners - not always criminals, but also people who couldn't pay their taxes - were thrown into the tower. Straw covered the floor...

  • The Red Hat, an old guard tower

    Between the years 1200 and 1250 Weinheim got a new city wall, complete with guard towers. Three of them are still standing today. One of them is called the Red Hat, because the roof was laid with copper plates which glowed red when the sun was shining on it. The tower is usually closed to the public, but on heritage day - the second Sunday in...

  • Memorial part two

    Looking up from the war memorial you see a group of people struggling, raising their arms against the sky. This is a metal carving of the memorial for all victims of oppression, persecution and violence. While it is certainly well-meant, in my opinion it has two flaws:One, the memorial is in front of the tennis courts. I'm not sure if this is the...

  • Two Memorials in Weinheim

    When you walk up the hill from the train station, you pass a grim memorial of three grey soldiers marching forwards. They' re standing within a wall, covered with names. This is the war memorial of Weinheim, and the names belong to the soldiers who died in the two world wars.Directly opposite of this memorial a street leads further uphill and from...


Weinheim Hotels

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  • NH Weinheim

    Breslauer Strasse 52, Weinheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, 69469 , Germany

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Nh Ottheinrich Weinheim

    Haupstrasse 126, Weinheim, 69469, DE

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Nh Weinheim Ottheinrich

    Hauptstrasse 126, Weinheim, Germany, 69469, de

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

Weinheim Restaurants

  • Weinheim's Microbrewery

    What makes it special? It is the only restaurant in the town that makes its own beer. Enough said.? No? The Woinemer Hausbrauerei has a a really nice atmosphere and even though we were the only English speaking people in the restaurant we didn't feel out of place. They only had two English menus but our waiter spoke enough English that we didn't...

  • Great Flammkuchen

    In the year 1000 Weinheim was given the right to have a weekly market and from this time on the market square has been the center of social life. Today there are about 10 restaurants on both sides of the square, right next to each other and always crowded. My favourite is the Café Florian, about halfway up the square.They serve a variety of...

  • A beach and a frozen lake

    This restaurant calls itself a Caribbean place with a view over the lake in Weinheim. There are fake palmtrees and inside the restaurant a large plastic shark is hanging from the ceiling.As it was a very cold day in January when we went there, all this was really funny. The view over the lake was great, only instead of a sandy beach we could see...

  • Reward yourself after the hike up

    The Burgschenke is the restaurant of the castle Wachenburg. So after a strenuous hike up to the castle or the difficult drive up or the hardship of parking, or simply without any reason, you can sit in the castle yard and enjoy good food. For me it was easy, I hadn't done the driving, nor the parking, though I had got out of the car and signaled to...

  • A small,private brewery

    There is a small brewery in Weinheim,which is still privately owned and not by any of the big breweries. It's called Woinemer Brauhaus, Woinem for Weinheim, as it is pronounced in the local dialect.There are two restaurants attached to the brewery, one is a beerhall / pub type of place, the other a fancier restaurant. They offer plain, German food,...

  • Good German Food and Bier at Reasonable...

    On our first night out, we went to this local favorite of our hosts. "Woimemer Hausbrauerci". It had something for everybody, including a very picky eater...me! Once I got comfortable with reading the menu I discovered a whole new world of food out there and I am willing to try some of it.We were seated on the patio, thanks to the higher powers...


Weinheim Nightlife

  • christine.j's Profile Photo

    All over the town: It's Kerwe time

    by christine.j Written May 15, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Each year on the second weekend in August Weinheim goes crazy. Starting from the Kerwehouse in the tanners' quarter, the kerwe begins.There is live music all over the town, lots of food stalls, some rides for the kids, in a word: People partying throughout the weekend. If you happen to be near Weinheim that time of the year, come and join the fun.

    Dress Code: Anything goes, but bring a jacket if you decide to stay until morning.

    The Kerwehaus

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Weinheim Shopping

  • Excellent local wine

    Update September 2011:In the meantime I have eaten there several times and must say, the food they serve is just as good as the wine they sell!Is this a restaurant where you can also buy wine? Or a winestore where you can also eat? I wasn't sure, but as I've bought many bottles of wine there and have never eaten there, I decided to make it shopping...

  • Sample the Local BookStore Flavors

    Located in a little mini mall, the Beltz Book Handlers have very reasonable prices on their books. They also carry a lot of history books on the town of Weinheim. Sally had shown me her copy of "Die Stadt Weinheim" which traced the history of Weinheim during the war years--WWII.I wanted a copy to bring home for Paul, so we came to the store and I...

  • A Very Special Shop!

    On a blustery, rainy day in Weinheim we were making our way from the Wienheim Marketplatz. I suddenly saw something twinkle in the store window of this lovely shop.It was a cloissienne necklace and earring sets which would match Kris' dress she was wearing to the wedding perfectly.We entered the store and a man came forward to help us as we began...


Weinheim Local Customs

  • So Long Farwell Aufweidsein Good Bye!

    I don't know if this is custom to all folks who live in Germany but in Weimheim and the surrounding areas whever we departed from friends or even a friendly shop clerk we were regaled by the word, " Tschuess" I am not sure how to spell it really, but I loved hearing it said when people parted company.Tschuess!

  • Apfelwein, a local favorite

    Before I left for Germany I did a bit of reading about things that were different from US culture. One thing I came across was "Apfelwein" or "Apple wine" Apfelwein is mostly found in the Frankfurt Am Main region with Weinheim being a part of it.Everyone warned me how bitter it is. Nonetheless, I still wanted to try it. It is usually kept in a...

  • Wedding Wishes Fall From The Sky

    We were given a postcard that had the bride & groom's address on it. We were to fill out what kind of favor or small token we would bestow upon them. Then we tied these postcard to luft balloons and the bride and groom cut the strings at they floated away into the sky.Hopefully someone will find the message and mail it as the card indicates. If the...


Weinheim Warnings and Dangers

  • christine.j's Profile Photo

    Beware of the Toads

    by christine.j Written May 9, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    People usually start laughing when they see this traffic sign for the first time, asking if the toads are poisonous or jumping up into peoples' faces to bite.
    But it's not such a laughing matter, certainly not for the toads.
    Each spring, the toads want to go home to the lake where they hatched and they go, no matter if there's a street or a footpath in between. Many get run over by cars, which - apart from killing the toads - covers the street with lots of slime and makes it difficult to brake. Each year there are local volunteers trying to collect the toads in buckets and bringing them to their "home lake".
    This year I happened to be in Weinheim with a tour group when the toads started wandering and mating.We were walking down the hill and had to watch our step very closely, as there were toads all over the place.

    Beware of the toads

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Weinheim What to Pack

  • keida84's Profile Photo

    Ever Changing Weather

    by keida84 Written Jul 6, 2005

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: Make sure you have a small collapsible bag that you can off load dirty clothes into to make room for all the souveniers you are going to buy.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Layers, Layers, Layers. Make sure you have some kind of rain gear--e.g. Disposable poncho, small folding umbrella, wind breaker. I brought a Coleman's disposible rain poncho and used it one evening as a particularly sudden thunderstorm brewed up. The weather changes quickly in Weinheim.

    Photo Equipment: Bring an extra battery for your camera. I realised I should have purchased an extra re-chargable battery for my camera, it went kaput at the wedding!

    Ever changing weather, don't trust it!
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    • Romantic Travel and Honeymoons
    • Road Trip

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Weinheim Off The Beaten Path

  • Memories of Past Splendour

    or the Perfect Setting for a Ghost StoryBoth titles would be suitable for a description of the mausoleum in Weinheim. It is hidden in a far away corner of the castle gardens. The family of the counts of Berckheim had it built as their personal cemetery in 1910. It is large enough to hold 39 coffins, but only nine people are buried there.Visitors...

  • A beautiful school building

    When Holly (VT name ringleader) told me her first concert in Germany would be in the Friedrich elementary school in Weinheim, I had to check where this school was, as I had never heard about it. It's in the northern part of Weinheim. When I went there, I discovered that this is a truly beautiful old building. It was planned in 1911 and built...

  • The Old Schoolhouse

    Near the Rodenstein Fountain there is the old schoolhouse of Weinheim. Just an average looking house, nothing special, but the a small devil is looking above the wall of the old schoolyard. Now I'm wondering:Wre the kids back then ( 18th century) like devils when they went to school? Surely not. Or were the kids supposed to think their teachers...


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