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  • The flag is your goal
    The flag is your goal
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    Castle Entrance.
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Wertheim Things to Do

  • Climbing to the top of Wertheim's Castle...

    Wertheim is a nice tourist town that as one of the better castle ruins I’ve seen in Germany, especially for the price (free on the day we went). The ruins are fairly extensive with signs scattered around the castle including an English explanation. The climb up to the castle (all castle are on hills, sorry) isn’t too strenuous but it will still get...


    The leaning Tower of Wertheim!Spitzer Tower is quite impressive with its octagonal top.This 13th century Spitzer Tower has a lean because of 800 years of floodwater's! Located on its side, are marker's showing the flood levels over the centuries.It was used as a Guard and Watch Tower and Prison for "Drunkard's" and for "Bad tempered feuding...


    I found out an interesting bit of information when in Wertheim, so I will share.I always look up in these old town's as I love the signage. At this House/Backeri, I took a photo of the sign, and then I saw the extremely small window in the side of the building.Evidently, in medieval times, the people in Town's were curious to know what was...


    Wertheim is situated at the confluence of the Tauber & Main River's.The Main, was a big, wide mighty River, busy with water traffic. What a surprise was the Tauber, it was a canal through Wertheim and into the Main. There is the Tauber promenade alongside the Tauber, and this is where I walked until I came across the Tauber Bridge, the oldest one...


    A walk along the Rathausgasse took us to the Rathaus!This Rathaus looked like a Palace to me, very different to what I had previously seen. As there was a Festival about to start, there looked to be an event being held.Walking past the Rathaus, took me to a Bridge across the Tauber River to the other side of Town


    This Little Tourist Train depart's from the Mainplatz which is just around the corner from the Tourist Information Centre.It takes you pass the main Tourist sight's, but best of all, it takes you to the Burg!It runs every half hour FROM 10am to 5.30pmCOST ..... is 3 euro's.A bargain to save your tired leg's!


    Sitting high above the Town, surrounded by Cliff's and overlooking the junction of the River's Main & Tauber, is Burg Wertheim.This Burg, built in the 12th century, was once the seat of the Counts of Wertheim. Unfortunately, in 1619 it was partially destroyed by a gunpowder explosion and then heavily bombarded during the Thirty Years War. Nowday's,...


    The Angel Fountain was something "different' to see! This Fountain was built in 1574 as a Municipal Well. There are many sculpture's including two Angel's holding the coat of arms of the Shire.The fountain has secular figures of [mayor, alderman, city architect and artist,] related to the known planets and their zodiac (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus...


    This Church had a very high Tower which could be easily seen, so to find it, I just looked for the Tower and headed in that direction!The Late-Gothic Church, is believed to be built on ROMAN foundation's around 1264. In 1388, the Choir began and in 1448, a donation was made of Library book's.It is here, where the replica "Wertheimer Madonna" is...


    Once again, it was my first stop in Town!We wanted to find accommodation here, but to our horror, the whole Town was booked out because of a festival on the weekend!Where to go then?The helpful info centre asked in which direction we were heading, and, hey presto! they found a Hotel for us!Good service, English spoken and good information on the...


    St. Kilian's Chapel, built in 1472, is on two levels. Originally built as a chapel of the canons, it was used as a Grammar School in 1604, and then reconstructed between 1903-04 as a chapel again. The first floor is a 'bone house' (where the bones of the deceased are left to dry). At St. Kilian's is where you find the "Wertheimer monkey," a small...


    As I continued walking along the street from the MainTor, I came across the lovely Market Square.There were heap's of different half-timbered building's in many different styles, colours and shape's, it really was an interesting Square! These historic building's date to the 16th century.If you happen to find House No. 6 [Zobel House] in the...


Wertheim Restaurants

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    by hexelein Written Sep 27, 2009

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    The restaurant is in the middle of the old city in Wertheim, directly opposite the church. It has a lovely Biergarten in summer. I frankly cannot remember the decoration too clearly, except for some rather random US number plates. The meal was a very enjoyable one, the service was fast and friendly. Despite large portions, we were offered seconds when we somehow managed to finish our meals.

    Favorite Dish: It's been a couple of years, but my travel partner still talks of the Meerrettichsoße (horseraddish sauce).

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Wertheim Local Customs


    When I was at Wertheim, I needed somewhere to do my Laundry. I asked at the Tourist Information Centre, and they said to go to one of the nearby Caravan Park's located on the edge of the River Main.As it happened, there were plenty, so we found one, asked, and were allowed to do our Laundry.So remember, try a CARAVAN PARK!


    Toilet's, Always a problem when in an unknown town. I know there were Toilet's in the parking station, and I did see a sign in the Town Square, but what if you are no where near these two place's.Well, the Tourist info centre told me where to find them, and I thought it was a great idea!Local businesses will let you use their Toilet's for FREE. You...

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Wertheim Off The Beaten Path

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    At Mondfeld, we went to the River Main, and saw that a Ferry crosses the River to the Town of Stadtprozelten.
    This makes it very easy to visit the ruin's of Henneburg Castle, which sit atop the Hill "Kühlberg," and overlook Stadtprozelten.
    The Castle dates back to the 12th century and is quite a big, red ruin. You can climb two towers through narrow stairways to have a view over the ruins, over the Main and some villages in the distance.

    Henneburg Castle ruin Henneburg Castle ruin Stadtprozelten Stadtprozelten & Ferry
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