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  • Bad Homburg vor der Höhe
    by MM212
  • Frankfurt in the distance
    Frankfurt in the distance
    by TomInGermany
  • 5. Sala-Thai pavilion in the spring
    5. Sala-Thai pavilion in the spring
    by Nemorino

Bad Homburg vor der Höhe Things to Do

  • Kurpark Bad Homburg

    Another thing every self-respecting spa has to have is a Kurpark. The one in Bad Homburg begins right behind the Kurhaus, and includes among other attractions a rather dumpy monument to the poet Friedrich Hölderlin (second photo) from the dumpy decade of the 1880s.The Sala-Thai pavilion (third and fifth photos) was a gift of the King of Siam in...

  • Half-timbered houses in the Old Town

    Photos:1. Half-timbered houses2. Plaque on one of the houses: "One of the oldest houses of the Old Town, built 1583, exposed and renovated 1978."3. Oldest half-timbered house.4. Plaque on this house: "Oldest dated house in the Old Town, built 1505-1508, renovated and restored 1989-1991."In the 19th century, owners of half-timbered houses tended to...

  • Landgrave's palace in Bad Homburg

    Photos:1. Entrance to the palace grounds.2. In the palace courtyard.3. Romanische Halle, built 1901.4. Museum entrance and shop in the palace.The Bad Homburg Palace (Schloss) was built towards the end of the 17th century on the site of a former castle.For many generations it was the residence of the Landgraves of Hessen-Homburg, and was later used...

  • Kurhaus Bad Homburg

    Photos:1. Kurhaus Bad Homburg.2. Tourist information office in the Kurhaus.Since Bad Homburg is a spa town it of course has to have a Kurhaus or "spa house" to provide activities for the visitors, some of whom have prolonged stays here for rehabilitation purposes.The Kurhaus here is a modern building which includes a theater, a shopping center, two...

  • Palace Park (Schlosspark)

    Photos:1. The palace and the White Tower, from the palace park.2. Ducks in winter in the palace park.Below the palace is the Palace Park, which today occupies 13 hectares mainly on the west and north sides of the palace. In earlier centuries, under the rule of the landgraves, the park was much larger.The first known mention of a park on this site...

  • Hölderlin Path in Bad Homburg

    Photos:1. Dorotheenstraße in Bad Homburg.2. Hölderlin Path sign at a traffic light.3. City library, Dorotheenstraße 22.4. Old house at Dorotheenstraße 12.5. Inscription on the old house: first the initials L.J. and H.J., then the text, meaning roughly: "If you are sitting comfortably, then sit still. An old-age residence is the best." (Makes more...

  • Hölderlin Path at the Nidda River

    Photos:1. New bridge over the Nidda leading to the Old Airfield.2. Bicycle route signs and a Hölderlin path sign by the bridge over the Nidda.3. Former control tower at the Old Airfield.4. A rare sight nowadays: a helicopter at the Old Airfield.5. Part of the old runway still exists as a remembrance, but the rest has been broken up and returned to...

  • Hölderlin Path at the railroad tracks

    Photos:1. Hölderlin Path sign at the railroad station "Frankfurter Berg" on the suburban train line S6 (which goes to Friedberg, not Bad Homburg).2. The official Hölderlin Path crosses the railroad tracks through this ugly underpass, but as a cyclist I take the nearby road bridge which is only a slight detour.When Friedrich Hölderlin took his...

  • The Little Opera of Bad Homburg

    Since 1990 Bad Homburg has been the home base of a small but energetic opera company, the Kleine Oper Bad Homburg, which specializes in opera performances for children.They only perform occasionally in Bad Homburg, however, because they are usually on tour throughout Germany. In 2009, for instance, they only have seven performances planned for Bad...

  • Kaiser Wilhelms Bad

    This luxurious bath-house was named after the German emperor Wilhelm II, who used Bad Homburg as his summer residence starting in 1888.Today this bath-house is still (or again) thriving under the name of "Kur-Royal®" -- that last character in the quotation marks is the trademark symbol (R in a circle). I don't know if it will show up properly in...

  • Three Towers in the Old Town

    Photos:1. Rathausturm Bad Homburg (City Hall Tower).2. Plaque on the City Hall Tower. 3. Hexenturm (Witches' Tower).4. Plaque on the Witches' Tower.5. Der Stumpfe Turm (The Blunt Tower).The plaque on the City Hall Tower reads: "City Hall Tower, part of the city fortifications of the 14th century. Between 1603 and 1656 the victims of the witch hunts...

  • Hölderlin Path in Frankfurt:...

    Photos:1. Adlerflychtstraße street sign.2. The Berta Jourdan School (currently something of a construction site) is where the Adlerflychthof once stood.3. Walking and cycling paths in Holzhausen Park.4. Rotunda of the Hessian public radio and television service hr.5. Hölderlin Path further north, in the Frankfurt district of Eckenheim.After leaving...

  • Hölderlin Path at the Hölderlin House

    Photos:1. Hölderlin House, Dorotheenstraße 34.2. Another view of the Hölderlin House.3. Plaque reading: "Hölderlin House built again in 1986. Here the poet Friedrich Hölderlin lived from 1804-1805."This "Hölderlin House" is a block and a half from the end of the Hölderlin Path. During his second stay in Bad Homburg, Hölderlin rented a room in this...

  • Bad Homburg City Hall

    The Bad Homburg City Hall (Rathaus) is a modern building near the railroad station, with city offices, a shopping center, cafés and restaurants.There is also an information office which is primarily intended for residents, not tourists, but in fact they gave me a better city map than the one I got later at the tourist information in the Kurhaus.

  • Thai Sala

    A century ago the King of Siam came regularly to Bad Homburg to make use of the legendary healing properties of the spa water. As a gift to the people of the city he had a temple built in Bangkok, dismantled and shipped to Germany. It was built at his favourite spa.It's quite an unusual symbol of the city, and has become a gathering point for Thai...

  • Kurpark

    Built for the casino, this is one of Germany's largest and best looked after parks. It's a century and a half old, and designed by the great Prussian landscape gardener, Peter Joseph Lenné, the man responsible for the world famous Park Sanssouci in Potsdam. With Bad Homburg's money, and the success of the casino, it's been well looked after over...

  • Altstadt

    What wars don't destroy, human folly surely will. Insane as it may sound, Bad Homburg's beautiful Altstadt was slated for demolition in the 1970s. Only a campaign of citizen power kept it safe from the concrete loving town planners of the day. The Altstadt was then restored, including the rebuilding of the two towers of Rathausturm and Stumpfer...

  • Marktplatz

    Bad Homburg doesn't really have a centre, but if it had one the marktplatz would be it. Built on the corner of the castle, and a short walk from the Altstadt, it gives the feeling of old world charm, but it's just a sham. The timbered buildings are only about a century old, and just a copy of the medieval buildings of the Altstadt. Still it's a...


Bad Homburg vor der Höhe Hotels

Bad Homburg vor der Höhe Restaurants

  • Beer, Bad Homburg and Zeppelins

    If you are visiting the Frankfurt area I suggest plan to spend a couple of hours in Bad Homburg to walk the parks, visit the palace and take in the impressive churches. If you would like to try some locally brewed beer, give the Hofgut Kronenhof a try. My wife and I stopped at the brewery restaurant early on a Sunday afternoon so we could grab some...

  • Cafe/Restaurant Am Roemerbrunnen

    There as well we have not eaten yet I found that restaurant's outward, its garden and surroundings already very inviting and idyllic. Guess, if meals there are as tasty as the restaurant looks lovely, the food must be most delicious. Parking spots are not too difficult to find yet the Kisseleff street is pretty small.

  • Casa Rosa

    We have not eaten there yet the restaurant's location lies conveniently at Bad Homburg's main street which is well covered by local public system. Also parking spots can be found along that road pretty good. The spa park is right in front of that restaurant for taking a walk after having a nice bite.

  • Beer garden/Gasthaus Schlemmereck

    Since it was another cold-cold spring that place was closed (as for the beer garden/out side part). I yet thought it looked cosy, and maybe "Gasthaus Schlemmereck"s indoor is as nice as its outside. Restaurant/beer garden lies a little away from noisy main road and in some green & calm neighborhood.

  • Subway

    This time we didn't make it there however the name says it all: Subway that means always and everywhere a great place to get some reliable-good & convenient-fresh food.

  • Italian restaurant in Bad...

    Italian restaurant in Bad Homburg: Casa Rosa. Good food, elegant environment, open air hall ...In a good poistion in Bad Homburg, elegant. Booking is essential !!!!! Everything !!!!!!!


Bad Homburg vor der Höhe Transportation

  • S-Bahn

    The quickest and easiest way to get to Bad Homburg by public transport is to take the S-5 suburban train (S-bahn) from Frankfurt. It takes about 30 minutes from the main station. The interesting sights, like the old town, the castle and the park, are quite a walk from the station. But they are easy to find.

  • Cycling in Bad Homburg

    Photos:1. Bicycle route signs near the Bad Homburg City Hall.2. Bicycle route signs at the U2 station in Gonzenheim.3. Cyclist in Bad Homburg, Obergasse.4. Cyclist in Bad Homburg, Dorotheenstraße.There is certainly no lack of bicycle-route signs in Bad Homburg, but putting up signs is the easy part.The bicycle lanes themselves tend to lag behind,...

  • Buses in Bad Homburg

    Photos:1. Buses at the Kurhaus in the center of Bad Homburg.2. In a bus in Bad Homburg.3. Information screen in the number 1 bus, showing the next four stops.Bad Homburg had a tram system from 1899 to 1971, but now public transport within the city is provided exclusively by buses.Inside the buses there are information screens (which work most of...


Bad Homburg vor der Höhe Shopping

  • Maria250's Profile Photo
    Neat, little bookstore

    by Maria250 Updated Aug 24, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Though nowadays real books seem to be out of fashion, it's a true pleasure to have a look around this very little bookstore's offer with yet an amazing selection of books, yes, real books one can hold'em in one's hands and read through the pages before purchasing. Also staff in that store are amazingly customer friendly.

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Bad Homburg vor der Höhe Local Customs

  • mauro_pd's Profile Photo

    by mauro_pd Written Aug 31, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Laternen Fest in Bad Homburg !!!! Dance, Music, Grilled wunderbar stuff !!!! I'll be there the last weekend of August 2002 ... check the site for more infos @ (pic from the site).

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Bad Homburg vor der Höhe Off The Beaten Path

  • Hölderlin alcove in the Gothic House

    Photos:1. Hölderlin alcove in the Gothic House.2. Books by Hölderlin and his friends, with a relief of Susette Gontard in the middle.3. Bust of Susette Gontard.4. Hölderlin's friend and benefactor Isaac von Sinclair.The museum in the Gothic House includes a small but interesting display on the poet Friedrich Hölderlin (1770-1843).The bust of...

  • 18th century printing and publishing in...

    Homburg in the 18th century had not only a large Jewish community with a large and active synagogue, it also had a printing and publishing house that brought out numerous publications in Hebrew between 1710 and 1757.There is a small display on this in the historical museum of the Gothic House. Tannenwaldweg 102, Bad HomburgGPS 50°14'2.47" North;...

  • Gotisches Haus (Gothic House)

    Photos:1. Gotisches Haus (Gothic House).2. Displays on the history of Bad Homburg in the Gothic House.This Gothic House was originally built in the early 19th century as a hunting lodge and vacation retreat for the Landgrave of Hessen-Homburg and his family. It is now used by the city of Bad Homburg as a history museum and a cultural venue for...


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