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Erbach Things to Do


    The Tourist Information centre is located next to the lovely old Rathaus.I found postcard's here, and picked up a walking map. The staff were helpful and friendly.They also have hiking maps, souvenirs and Odenwald products. It is the information center for the Geo-Odenwald nature park mountain road. OPEN...November to March: 11.00 - 4pm......April...


    The Marktplatz in Erbach is really nice!It is here, the Schloss, the Old Rathaus and the Tourist Info centre is.Located out the front of the Old Rathaus, is the statue in my first photo. At the other end of the Marktplatz, is where the Shop's and Cafe's are located. There are some interesting sign's, another "Bear" Fountain, and some nice decorated...

  • Städtele to Buckenstrasse

    Now, we have just seen the Church and I didn't want to go back the same way, so I headed along two street's, the Städtele and into the Bruckenstrasse.First, around the Städtele are many interesting half timbered homes and some shop's. I found a shop selling some wonderful big Basket's I would have liked, but too big to take home! There was a...


    I thought the Old Rathaus was very nice in the Marktplatz! From where I was standing, there was a tall Tower, and this wasn't attached to the Rathaus, it was behind the Rathaus.There is an archway at the Rathaus, and this is where I wandered through and came out at the Evangelical Church, built in 1370. This was where the Tower was!Another building...


    The Orangerie and Lustgarten are located just by the Schloss. The Orangerie is built in the same red sandstone and colour's of the Schloss.There are now Cafe's here, and people were enjoying the sunshine and the garden. It is secluded by the surrounding high Hedge's, but is a nice spot for enjoying some downtime, whilst viewing the garden and...


    Located close to the Tourist Information Centre in the Marktplatz, it the impressive Schloss.Part's of this Schloss were built in the 12th Century, some, like the Gothic Spire, were added in the 15th century. It was a small Romanesque castle in the 16th Century, then turned into a larger Renaissance castle, but was damaged during the Thirty Years'...


Erbach Shopping

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    by Trekki Updated Dec 1, 2013

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    Koziol is a fantastic company, a good example of how creative the people in Odenwald are. Everything started approximately middle of last century when the father of the actual owner drove through the winter landscape in his old beetle car. He suddenly saw something in the rear window: deer coming out of the snow-capped forest. And then he had the idea to produce snow globes, with deer inside. Since then, the little fawn is the company’s trademark and is still part of the articles they produce. They produce household goods and giftware, all made in plastic (thermoplast) only. The things they make look very funny and absolutely unusual, but that is the trick. Each article has a name, of course also a funny one. For example there is the lemon squeezer “Ahoi”, the lunch box Boskop (Boskop is the name of an apple), tea filter Audrey and of course the cheese grater Kasmir. More things of course are available. Unfortunately they have not yet activated the English website, but have a look at their list of kitchen articles.

    Koziol has been certified as one of the most ecological companies in Odenwald, because they use ecologic electricity, recycling material etc and the plastic raw material they use is thermoplastic and does not use any further softener etc (and is melamine free).

    In 2010 Koziol faced a law suit for “infringing” names. They had produced a funny little egg cup and called it Eipott (“Ei” is the pronounciation of English “i” and “pott” sounds like “pod”). But then Goliath stroke poor little Odenwald David and Koziol had to rename it “Pott”. Their only intention was homage to this famous gadget, but obviously Mr. Job’s level of humour is very low. Have a look at the cute egg cup and read the story.

    They call their company “Glücksfabrik”, happiness company. The store is huge and open on Sundays which is very much unusual in Germany. On a sunny Sunday afternoon I went here with a colleague from Australia and we did some shopping. My main intention was to buy these Kasimirs, and those who know my pages and my favourite town, will see why I have selected these three colours plus red. I’ll bring them as gifts and moreover I love the idea to bring something 100%-made-in-Germany for something so Italian like cheese grating.

    Koziol company is in the middle between Erbach and Michelstadt. I am sure that a bus stops nearby but don’t know exactly (sorry, I came by car). Unfortunately their website does not mention busses.

    Koziol Glücksfabrik on Google Maps

    © Ingrid D., May 2011 (So please do not copy my text or photos without my permission.)

    Kasimir cheese graters for Gubbio people :-)
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Erbach Off The Beaten Path

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    by balhannah Updated Jan 5, 2012

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    The Einhard Basilica is located close to Michelstadt at Steinbach.

    We were lucky that Ingrid [Trekki] new about this extremely old Carolingian church built between 824 and 827, which is one of the very few Carolingian buildings that have survived.
    It was built by Einhard, a Frankish scholar and courtier who housed the stolen Saint Peter’s and Marcellinus’s relic's here, stolen from Rome on his instruction's.

    We walked into the large Basilca, onto a sandy floor. It is quite bare, and open, with some old gravestone's located along the wall's. How priveliged were we to be standing in a building this old!
    I was really surprised at the condition of the Bascilica.

    The Einhard Basilica has been converted, enlarged and dedicated many time's. It has been used as a Hospital and in the 17th century as a barn. Once it was rediscovered in 1873 as being Carolingian, then it was decided to save the building from destruction, and it is now owned by the State of Hesse.

    Einhard Bascilica Inside Einhard Bascilica
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