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  • Kaiserdom from my balcony, Frankfurt
    Kaiserdom from my balcony, Frankfurt
    by antistar
  • Frankfurt on the Main
    Frankfurt on the Main
    by antistar
  • Alte Opera, Frankfurt
    Alte Opera, Frankfurt
    by antistar

Frankfurt am Main Highlights

  • Pro
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    Phillylawyer_19107 says…

     Cultural offers, restaurants, some historic parts, great surrounding area 

  • Con
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    MichaelFalk1969 says…

     cost of living, some dull or run-down suburbs 

  • In a nutshell
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     Americans will feel at home in 'Mainhattan' 

Frankfurt am Main Things to Do

  • Churches

    The Cathedral of Emperors is not as impressive as its title suggests, and has also been shrouded in scaffolding for some time now. Despite this, the cathedral has an arguably even more impressive a history than the Paulskirche, being the place of coronation for ten of the Holy Roman Emperors between the 16th and 18th century.

  • Römer

    The Römberberg (Roman mountain) is the central square of Frankfurt. It derives its name from the Römer (Roman) house which is the town hall today. How that house got its name is still not clear. The square is known for its half-timbered buildings and comes close to the stereotype of an old German market square. In the west, there is the Römer...

  • Museums

    Two facts about humour: First, humour is a matter of taste and second, Germans are not renown for it (taste and humour). Therefore, I can not say if you will enjoy Caricatura in Frankfurt. My opinion about it is rather mixed. Furthermore, the museum lives more from temporary exhibitions than from their collection so that fun in here may also differ...


Frankfurt am Main Hotels

Frankfurt am Main Restaurants

  • Chicago Meatpackers

    This is an American bar and restaurant with an unbeatable location, just across from the stage entrance and offices of the Frankfurt Opera -- the NEW Frankfurt Opera, of course, not the old one. In the photo you can also see the big box that holds the stage machinery at the top of the opera house. So don't be surprised if I suggest meeting here...

  • Adolf Wagner

    Great place to eat typical German food and very good prices.. BUT smoking is allowed in this restaurant and unfortunately the chain smoking group at next table did spoil our meal a little. Wiener schnitzel..was awesome!

  • Römer Bembel

    This place is in the center of tourist Frankfurt at the Römerberg with a fantastic view of the whole square and the lovely facades of the houses and the townhall. I had expected it to be very touristy, unfriendly, expensive and with mediocre quality, but no, I was very pleasantly surprised! When we entered we were welcomed by VT members Gammy1968...


Frankfurt am Main Nightlife

  • Irish Pub in Alt-Sachsenhausen (II)

    One of two Irish Pubs in the Alt-Sachsenhausen district, this sells only drinks. On top of that, it's a smoker's pub, so no under 18s and no intolerant non-smokers. Though a typical German Irish pub, it comes close to the original idea. No fancy stuff, just expats and Germans having the “craic”. Indeed, many consider this one to be Frankfurt's best...

  • Irish Pub in Alt-Sachsenhausen (I)

    One of two decent Irish pubs in Alt-Sachsenhausen. While the Anglo Irish is more a cozy bar, O'Dwyers has all the activities you can expect from an Irish pub in Germany: Live music, pub quizzes and the odd karaoke night. Good atmosphere on weekends, in the week it can be sometimes rather quiet if you arrive early. Table football and footie on the...

  • Central Irish Pub

    Main Irish Pub in Frankfurt's city centre – the most centrally located and the largest one. Some say that it is Germany's largest Irish Pub, but with the Thomas Read in Hamburg, there is a more serious contender for this title. Several rooms, including a separate one for smokers. Atmosphere characteristic for an Irish Pub in Germany.Its location in...


Frankfurt am Main Transportation

  • Bus from Franfurt/Hahn to Frankfurt and...

    This bus runs to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof and Frankfurt Airport: bus runs to Heidelberg and Mannheim Hauptbahnhof: has also buses from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof and Frankfurt Airport to Frankfurt Hahn and...

  • Public Transport in Frankfurt

    The Rhein-Main Verkehrsverbund, or RMV, is the local transport organization responsible for rapid transit in the Frankfurt area. Verbund tickets are valid on S-Bahns, U-Bahns, trams, buses, and some local trains. Purchase your tickets from the RMV ticket machines in the stations and on the platforms.The fare system is rather complex. To buy a...

  • Renovation of Frankfurt Central Station

    Train service continued uninterrupted despite a huge renovation project to re-build the high glass-and-metal roof of the station. The roof had developed serious leaks and was evidently not entirely safe, though of course no one would admit to that. Renovation of the roof started in 2002 and was completed in 2006.The second photo shows what the...


Frankfurt am Main Shopping

  • Gummy Bears to Chew On

    Where can you find about 100 varieties of gummy bears? Why Bären-Treff of course!If you like gummy bears this store is definitely for you and if you think you don't like gummy bears this store will make a believer out of you. Don't miss it! Gummy Bears, Gummy candy, licorice, Gelatin free Bears, Sugar Free Bears, Gift boxes and bags Average...

  • Gourmet Coffee Since 1914

    A little establishment with big flavours! Wacker`s is both a coffee bar and a retail shop. Freshly ground coffee, chocolate powder, cake.Coffee beans, available in 500 grams bags, include beans from Mexico, Java, India, Nicaragua, Galapagos, Cuba, Brazil, Jamaica, Guatemala and Costa Rica among others. About average - 4 to 15 EUR

  • The Little Market That Could!

    Notable vendors:Schreiber Sausage - Always a line upSausage DeyBakery HuckPersian specialtiesHouse Persie Food Market Fair: Flowers,meat,bread,vegetables,fruit,olive oils,wine...etc. You can also have lunch upstairs. Average


Frankfurt am Main Local Customs

  • Street art by herakut

    Up to now Frankfurt has not been known as a hotbed of street art, but that may be changing with this large mural called "Better than Perfection" by herakut, two German artists (Hera and Akut) who have been working together since 2004 painting wall murals all over the world.You can find this wall painting near the Eschenheimer Tor, behind the...

  • Frankfurt-Offenbach Rivalry

    Offenbach is a large city that practically forms a part of Frankfurt, but stubbornly refuses to join it. There is a history of antagonism between the two cities, and it lingers to this day. They don't like each other at all, and although you can live in Offenbach and see Frankfurt on the other side of the river, they see themselves as two distinct...

  • Occupy Frankfurt

    In September 2011 the Occupy Wall Street movement began in New York, protesting inequality, the power of banks and “the greed and corruption of the 1%” – meaning the richest one percent of the population. The movement quickly spread to other cities throughout the world, including Frankfurt as Germany’s principal financial center.After a false start...


Frankfurt am Main Warnings and Dangers

  • Don’t pick the wrong Frankfurt from the...

    In the VirtualTourist database there are four places in Germany called Frankfurt.The page you are looking at now is about the largest one, Frankfurt am Main in Land Hessen, the one with the world’s best opera company.The second-largest place called Frankfurt is a city in Land Brandenburg on the Oder River, on the border between Germany and Poland....

  • Travel with a Baby

    Generally Frankfurt is excellent for travelling with a pushchair. Most of the main underground stations have an elevator (they are marked on the map with a disabled sign). While they can sometimes be hard to find, they almost always work, although the one in Willy-Brandt Platz seems to always be on the blink. The Germans suffer from the same...

  • No escalators at the airport?

    Better to check your luggges in and have a light carry on because if you transfer at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, there are no escalators and you will end up carrying your heavy luggage through stairways! Maybe, I was wrong but where we were, we were escorted by security to a stairway.Also, the security for luggages are very strict on the...


Frankfurt am Main Tourist Traps

  • Frankfurt Airport

    Transfers from airport to city: Don't bother catching a cab into the city, unless of course, you are laden with a lot of luggage. Taxis to the city cost around 25 Euro. Instead, catch the train from the airport to the city. It's easy, quick and there is a station directly at the airport terminal. You will save at least 20 Euros (depending how many...

  • Open-air opera at the Konstabler Wache

    At first glance, the Konstabler Wache in downtown Frankfurt might seem like an unpromising venue for an open-air opera performance. This is one of the least distinguished public squares in Europe, if not the world, and is bounded on one side by a busy street with bus, tram and automobile traffic. At second, third and fourth glance it doesn't get...

  • "old" Sachsenhausen quarter

    This quarter is just behind the Youth Hostel. It is very often recommended, but for my taste it is just to much of a conglomerate of places where you can wine and dine. Not very good though, nor anything but cheap. Everything cheap you can get in there is cheap for a very good reason. The majority of the people there are consequently tourists. (At...


Frankfurt am Main What to Pack

  • Climate in Frankfurt

    There is no special rainy seasonAvg. Temp. in Spring: max.: 10 – 19°C ( 50 - 66°F ); min: 2 - 9°C ( 36 - 49°F )Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 21 – 24°C ( 70 - 75°F ); min: 11 - 13°C ( 51 - 55°F )Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: 7 – 20°C ( 45 - 68°F); min: 2 - 10°C ( 36 – 50°F )Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: 3 – 6°C ( 38 - 43°F); min: 0 - 1°C ( 32 - 34°F )

  • Packing List

    Make sure you bring plenty of film to capture the beauty of the city. Pictured is the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew. Camera equipment isn't cheap here, some come prepared. Don't plan to buy it all here.

  • Summer Packing!

    No point bringing a small carrier bag! If you're like me that is. ;)Thought I could make it through this trip using a small carry-on luggage (with a folded-up spare duffel tucked inside) hehehe...but obviously, it's a mistake I'd not make again. The hardcase is going with me on the next trip! hehehe... Shoes -- again, very important to wear good...


Frankfurt am Main Off The Beaten Path

  • Zoos and Parks

    If you are into Parks, you can go to the Palmengarten and spent the day walking through beautiful gardens. I went in summer and there were lots of flowers and a nice atmosphere to walk, read and relax. Also you can check in their website if they have any activity, when I went by there was a Jazz concert to enjoy!!!

  • Skyscrapers

    Here's part of the Frankfurt skyline from an unusual vantage point, namely from the Emser Bridge going over and through the grounds of the Frankfurt Trade Fair. Since an airplane has recently flown past, it looks as though the Messeturm is a huge pencil that has just drawn a long white line across the sky. Other tall buildings from left to right:...

  • Main River

    Every Saturday from 8-14 is along the Main Riverside at "Museumsufer" Frankfurt's biggest flea market, where you can everything. It's very international flair from Turkey to Russia you find dealers and customers here! Plan 1-2 hours for a visit here!


Frankfurt am Main Sports & Outdoors

  • Cycling and jogging by the river

    People flying in to Frankfurt from other parts of the world often ask me what I suggest they could do here during a brief visit, and the first thing I always recommend is that after sitting cramped up in a plane for many hours they should get out and have some exercise by cycling, jogging, walking, or in-line skating along the left (south) bank of...

  • Discovering Frankfurt By Bicycle

    Renting a bike in Frankfurt used to be next to impossible. As a visitor to Frankfurt, you had to take your bike with you. For travels overseas, that was usually a hassle, because of the special packing requirements for a bike on a plane. Nowadays, the Deutsche Bahn has set up a series of stations in larger cities where you can rent a bike ? for a...

  • "Lauf fuer mehr Zeit"

    This years race will take place on 14 September 2003 and starts at 5pm Everyone can join the race. I think you can also sign up on the day of the race. After I missed it last year I definitely want to run this time.It is a 5 km run as well as a 5 km walk. Don't forget your running shoes :-)))


Frankfurt am Main Favorites

  • Sachsenhausen

    The standard tour for newly assigned people was Alte Sachsenhausen, which is a pedestrian zone consisting of cobblestone streets and a variety of bars. My favorite was Spritzhaus, which literally translates to Spray house and the motif is that of a house that stores firehoses. Used to enjoy the live music there immensely, as well as a Bitburger...

  • Römer

    Historical building, "Römer" 3 former patrician houses (from the 14th century) -with their gothic, triple-gabled front- form the striking facade of the so called "Römer" -the symbol of the city of Frankfurt. In 1405, the Frankfurt city council acquired these houses along with 8 other patrician houses and converted them into a prestigious city...

  • Skyscrapers

    Completed in 1991 according to the plans of the American architect Helmut Jahn, this office tower with its 63 floors and the instantly recognisable top has become Frankfurt’s modern city symbol. The Messeturm was built according to the design principles of the classic American skyscraper style of the 1920s and 1930s....


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