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  • 5mns from restaurant to castle w/Georg fountain
    5mns from restaurant to castle w/Georg...
    by MD2nd
  • Restaurant Paparazzo
    Restaurant Paparazzo
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Friedberg Things to Do

  • City Church

    The City Church is built in gothic style. Here in this rather huge church you can admire the architecture of a gothic hall church aswell as the beautiful colored windows. It was built between 1260 and 1410.

  • Mikve

    The Mikve is a Jewish Bath for religious purposes. In one house in the old town of Friedberg a mikve was discovered. It is 25 meters deep and is dated back to 1260. We were looking for it, but unfortunately when finding it, it was closed.Opening times:Tuesday to Friday 9-12 AM and 2-5 PMSaturday, Sunday 10-12 AM and 2-5 PMEntrance fee: 1 Euro,...

  • Commemoration Plate

    Commemoration Plate. On the main square towards the Adolfstower you will pass three information plates set up side by side. They commemorate the american and german army people of the Second World War. Close to the plate the German army had set up a defense for Friedberg. As the war was about to be lost the orders for them was to defend the town...

  • Fortress Garden

    The Fortress Garden was originally constructed for the purpose of defense for the fortress, but in the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century it was rebuilt into a baroque garden. Since 1918 the town of Friedberg leases the garden for recreation.

  • Georgsfountain

    On the main square in the fortification you can admire the Georgsfountain. It was built in 1783 by the master builder Wörrishöfer from Bad Nauheim (neighbor town). The water used in the fountain was lifted from far down outside the fortification. Saint Georg is the parton of the kinights and the fortress and its figure was made by Burkhard Zamels...

  • Burgkirche

    The Burgkirche (Fortress Church) is one of the very few neo-classical churches in Germany. It was built between 1782 and 1808 to replace the medieval Fortress Church.

  • Climb the Adolfstower

    The Adolfstower is named after the count Adolf of Nassau, who was captivated in Friedberg. From the ransom this tower was built. Nowadays you can visit the tower which has become the oldest part of the fortress for a small fee of 1 Euro. Inside you can climb down some stairs to see the prison. If you take the effort you can also climb up the tower...

  • Jewish ritual bath from the year 1260

    Friedberg is one of the few places in Germany where there is a well-preserved Mikwe or Jewish ritual bath from the Middle Ages.It is like a large square well, five and a half meters wide and twenty-five meters deep, with a stone staircase leading down to the level of the natural ground water. The water is usually about five meters deep, though the...

  • Adolf's Tower

    The the north end of the Friedberg Castle complex is a tower known as the Adolfsturm or Adolf's Tower. The tower is 54 meters tall and is said to be the highest "historic" tower in Germany.The story of this is that in 1347 Count Adolf of Nassau was captured (not "captivated" as it says on several websites!) in one of the constant feuds that went on...

  • Friedberg Castle

    The Castle in Friedberg was begun in the years 1171 to 1180, presumably at the behest of the emperor Friedrich Barbarossa. Over the centuries it developed into an unusually large castle complex (the largest in Germany, they claim), so large that it now includes a high school, a tax office, a church and various other public and private...

  • Wetterau Museum

    The area around Friedberg is known as the Wetterau, not because of the German word Wetter meaning weather, but because there is a small river named the Wetter (a tributary of the Nidda) which flows through this region not far from Friedberg.The Wetterau Museum documents the archeology and history of the region through well-organized exhibits (in...

  • Walled City and Friedberg Tower

    Just outside the downtown area of friedberg is it's historical Walled City. The town orgionally was built on the top of a hill, and was protected by thick motor walls. The city out grew it's walls, however, and now Friedberg sprawls out around the base of the hill. The "walled city" has now been transformed into a school, but the grounds remain...


Friedberg Restaurants

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    Paparazzo: Another nice pizza place

    by MD2nd Updated Apr 23, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We made it to restaurant Paparazzo by coincidence. It is just another pizza place yet worth to mention nevertheless. It's right in Friedberg's center. Once one found a parking spot, it's all easy to get to on foot. The Castle is just around the corner from the restaurant. Food is ok. Service is ok. Location is ok. We've had pizza with salami and a salad with slices of pork and tuna sauce, pretty interesting, never had such a combination before. Fresh & filling.

    Restaurant Paparazzo Restaurant Paparazzo 5mns from restaurant to castle w/Georg fountain 5mns from restaurant to castle w/Georg fountain
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Friedberg Nightlife

  • The Keller: Getting Drunk the German Way!

    by tammytoes Written Oct 9, 2005

    The Keller is located downtown (cant remeber the exact address!). It's an old wine cellar that has been transformed into a FANTASTIC german pub! The place is tiny, one bar area with stool, and about 4 booths. However, it's pretty much as "authentic german" as you will ever get.

    Heavy wooden tables and benches. Low ceilings. Smokey. No windows... It's not very well known and so it's pretty m uch devoid of tourists. The drinks are really cheap (2-3E average).

    The best thing about the bar is the entrance way. In order to get into it you have to go down this VERY old stony stair way. I still cannot get over how neat it is! If you are looking for a good place to get some drinks, ask a local how to find it. Anyone will be able to give you directions!

    Dress Code: Street casual. Anything goes.

    me in the stairwell

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Friedberg Transportation

  • Friedberg station

    The first railway station in Friedberg began operation in 1850. The current station was built in 1912-1913.The station has ten tracks for passenger trains, but only two of these are wheelchair accessible. The others can only be reached by going down a flight of stairs to a pedestrian tunnel and then up another flight of stairs to reach the...

  • Trains to Friedberg

    From Frankfurt the suburban train S6 goes to Friedberg, typically twice an hour. These trains stop at all the stations along the way.Also the northbound regional trains from Frankfurt all stop in Friedberg on their way to places like Gießen, Marburg and Kassel. Second photo: Bruchenbrücken, the last stop on the S6 before Friedberg.

  • Cycling in Friedberg

    Like most German cities, Friedberg is gradually getting its cycling infrastructure up to date -- too gradually for us cyclists but too quickly for diehard motorists.Most one way streets in Friedberg are now open to cyclists in the opposite direction. One I particularly like is this block of the Bismarckstraße where they have physically separated...


Friedberg Local Customs

  • Final exams

    In Friedberg castle there is a secondary school of the type known in Germany as a "Gymnasium" -- not the same as the English word! This type of school is supposed to cater to roughly the upper third of German pupils, and at the end they have final exams to determine if they are awarded a certificate called Abitur (or Abi for short), which entitles...

  • Atomic Energy? No Thanks!

    A retired fireman was the speaker at a small anti-atomic-energy demonstration that I happened to see in Friedberg. He said, among other things: "I'm a fireman. I went to New York twice to help out at Ground Zero. In Chernobyl the firemen were the first ones to be sent in to keep the place from blowing up. Those guys are all dead now. And again at...

  • Get me out of here!

    This is a clever political poster that I saw in Bruchenbrücken, a village that now belongs to Friedberg though it is actually six kilometers south of the city.In this poster the guy in the car is stuck in a traffic jam and is holding a sign reading "Get me out of here!" The text below says: "Time for more buses and trains. Time for green."For those...


Friedberg Off The Beaten Path

  • Bike path on the Usa

    The Usa is a small river to the east of Friedberg. It is a tributary of the Wetter River, which in turn is a tributary of the Nidda.After flowing through Bad Vilbel and Frankfurt, the Nidda finally empties into the Main River at the Wörthspitze in Frankfurt-Höchst. The Main (pronounced more or less like the word "mine" in English, not "main")...

  • With respect

    Shane I salute youemotions strong it's hard to hidethe gratitude I feel insidewhen courage calledyou risked your lifeI close my eyesyour face appearsit shows you've wept unmanly tearsfor wounds of war are rarely seenthey're often buried deep withinright prevails when self denieda hope to livea cause to die you fought a war for libertyallegience is...

  • Görbelheimer Mill on the Wetter River

    For over five centuries the water power of the Wetter River was used here, near Bruchenbrücken, to drive a mill that made flour and oil. The first written evidence of a mill at this location is in a document dated December 15, 1425.A large complex of brick buildings (dating perhaps from the eighteenth or nineteenth century) is still standing and...


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