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Fulda Highlights

  • Pro
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    Weissdorn says…

     The Bastion of Catholic Faith in Germany 

  • Con
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    DaniBachmann says…

     too small, boring for young people 

  • In a nutshell
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    Logan575 says…

     Spend a few days in it's spell. 

Fulda Things to Do

  • The Fulda Cathedral

    I doubt there is no city more “Catholic” in all of Germany than Fulda. I don’t even think Cologne and Munich even come close, although they have nice cathedrals too. The county of Fulda and the surrounding region still have the largest numbers of seminary colleges, nunneries, and monasteries of anywhere in Germany. If you read that popular novel...

  • St. Blasius church

    My friends and I went to St. Blasius church once because there was "international rosary" (the rosary said in many different languages) happening as part of the pre-World-Youth-Day events. This church was built in the 18th Century and is in the late baroque and late gothic styles.

  • Cathedral of Hesse

    The most important landmark in the city of Fulda is the baroque cathedral in the middle of town. Because it houses the grave of St. Boniface, it is also a popular pilgrimage destination. The interior of the cathedral is very beautiful and one of the things that I loved the most about it, was how the altar and surrounding area glowed in the white...

  • Old City Hall

    Built in 1531 and a very very beautiful building. You can't visit however, but you can buy clothes inside today.

  • Hexenturm

    Apart from the Baroque quarter, you also find a lot of medieval buildings in the city center. Narrow lanes instad of wide avenues, little half-timbered houses instead of palaces, chapels instead of cathedrals. Little shops and workshops of craftsmen. In the picture you see the Witches' Tower, the best kept tower of the former city walls. It was...

  • Off to the Side

    The Marienkapelle is in the Dom in Fulda.It is a side chapel that is bigger than many churches! It keeps with the extreme baroque theme of the rest of the Cathedral. Usually this chapel is used for smaller services by the public such as weddings and funerals.

  • In the basement

    The grave if St. Boniface is in the basement of the Cathedral (Dom) in Fulda. It is not a dreary place and there are statues of saints in the room that are interesting to look at, also. As I explained before, St. Boniface brought Chrisitanity to the area in 744 C.E. so he is very well-known in this area and the greatest of German saints, although...

  • history...

    A stroll through the old core of Fulda is always worthwhile...You should start off at the "Universitaetsplatz" heading towards the old city hall- don't get distracted by the shops, though :o))!Then towards "Unterm heilig Kreuz" a very nice church and from there you can either head towards the castle or stroll through the "Marktstrasse" and watch...

  • German Fire Brigade Museum

    You always dreamed of becoming a fire fighter? Then visit this relatively new museum and have a look at fire fighting equipment dating back to Renaissance times, check the progress made of the centuries, and admire modern day equipment.

  • Vonderau Museum

    A further Baroque building is home to Vonderau Museum . It contains three permanent exhibitions: The cultural history department presents an overview of Fulda's history from early times to the present. For example models of ancient tombs, reconstructions of rooms of different centuries, and the reconstrucition of the pharmacy Krokodil. The natural...

  • Stadtschloss / City Palace

    The beautiful Stadtschloss (city palace) in Fulda! Built on behalf of the prince abbots between 1706 and 1721 as an extension of the previous Renaissance castle. For centuries Fulda`s rulers were prince abbots - spiritual heads of the famous abbey in Fulda and secular leaders of the town and surroundings. The most famous prince abbots were...

  • Cathedral / Dom

    The Dom (Cathedral) in Fulda is probably its most famous building. Built between 1704 and 1712 in the (then) modern Baroque style it was restored a couple of years ago. Prince abbot Adalbert von Schleiffras had it built by the famous Johann Dietzenhofer, who took St Peter`s Church in Rome as a model. It replaced the Ratger Basilica which had been...


Fulda Hotels

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Fulda Restaurants

  • Beer, Fulda and a water wheel

    The Wiesen-Mühle Brauhaus is located in former mill that used to supply ground grain to the residents of Fulda. The mill, that was operating there as early as 1337, was rebuilt in 1803 after it burned to the ground due to incompetence of the local fire brigade (according to their web site and google translate). The former mill was turned into a...

  • Ice cream

    We had free food tickets as part of our World Youth Day package so we didn't go to restaurants to eat. But we did go for ice cream, and there are a lot of ice cream places around the city. Most of these places are outdoor cafes, and have pretty much every ice cream flavour imaginable.

  • Wiesenmühle

    We were stopping overnight at this brewery / restaurant, it's the middle of summer and warm, the beer garden is open where elso do you go to eat?Food is ordered inside and a receipt given, listen for your food, slightly confusing at first but works well when you get the idea!anyway they have a pizza oven in the beergarded "best pizza outside Italy"...

  • Felsenkeller

    Out for a walk around town we were drawn by the smell of malt to the Hochstift brewery just outside town. Happily a Gastätte with a beer garden next door. Food, drink and surroundings very good.

  • Academica

    A new bistro-style restaurant close to the university so there are lots of students coming to this place. Nice food mostly local, also great salads,all sorts of drinks - really good prices, especially compared to Düsseldorf. They have 3 free internet computers, where people actully checked their ebay account and some desperate guys played cards......

  • A Castle Bistro

    This cafe is located at the Orangerie in Fulda, they have outdoor seating, may be only seasonal. If you go to Fulda outside the April-October months, may want to call to see if they are open. They do catering, also.They have typical cafe fare, coffee, tea, pastries, sandwiches. Nice location, great setting, great for people-watching. Is a bit...

  • Noodles for Yoodles!

    Koehler Nudeln is a noodle factory owned by my cousin, Julius Koehler and run by his son, Humbertus. I'm not advertising for them, but if you happen to visit Fulda, you may want to stop in and check it out. They supply noodles of all types to the local markets and restaurants. So, if you get a noodle dish at one of the restaurants in Fulda, it may...

  • Traditional

    Beergarden, brewery, restaurant.. all in one and one of Fulda`s greatest places to go for a beer! In summer you have to be early to find a seat outside, not only at weekends. It`s popular with students as well as aaalll other age groups! By the way, everybody who lives around here has one of the really nice Wiesenmühlen beer glasses at home......

  • HOT

    The name doesn`t sound Indian, it doesn`t look Indian - but the food is the best you will evvvvver get!!! Everything is delicious...last time I had Murgh Madras, chicken with a sauce as hot as... I don`t know, you`re close to tears in the end! Just have lots of rice and bread with it, and finish up with a Lassi Mango - and don`t listen to your...


Fulda Nightlife

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  • the obvious choice these days

    Fulda is full of old Baroque-time buildings, that today are used as museums, administration, theatre and of course bars and restaurants. In a huge building we have the Vonderau Museum and close by the Museums Cafe (great during the day) and the Museums Keller (great early evening for a snack and quiet drink). As soon as midnight approaches, tables...

  • Long Time Favorite

    They call themselves a bistro, and the interior is like an English pub with exotic touches - like the crocodiles. Busy place but more for a chat with the girls, not really party atmosphere. The former pharmacy Krokodil used to be in this building. It kept the name but the whole interior was brought to the Vonderau Museum and is definitely worth a...

  • The Pub

    Drinks and food and music and a cosy interior - just what you expect of an Irish pub outside Ireland. Always busy, always a great night out.


Fulda Transportation

  • directions

    when walking around and following the local tourist guide maps make sure you know which direction you are facing when it says turn "left or right"!

  • By train

    Fulda, for us, was around 90 minutes by train from Frankfurt hauptbahnhof, served by ICE or RE trains, the latter cost less but take a little longer.

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Fulda Local Customs

  • Strong Catholic heritage

    St. Boniface, the patron saint of Germany, is buried in Fulda so the Fulda area is one of the most devout Catholic regions in Germany. During the Days in the Diocese portion of World Youth Day 2005 (which was held in Germany that year), apparently the Diocese of Fulda hosted more pilgrims than any other diocese in Germany. You'll find a rich...

  • Christmas Market

    The Christmas market in Fulda is one of the nicest I have ever seen. It's a wonderful atmosphere with the old buildings, the churches, lots of food and drinks, often there is snwo, people selling presents and you always meet a lot of friends. They have 70 booths this year and they are open November 26 to December 22, 2004.

  • History Timeline Part VIII

    1968 The Autobahn A7 from Bad Hersfeld through Fulda to Wurzburg was completed.In the same year, the old Rathaus was refurbished, according to medieval plans. 1970 The begin of period of office for the still-current mayor, Dr. Wolfgang Hamberger. 1972 Due to muncipal re-organisation, 24 communities join the City of Fulda. 1974 The city loses it's...


Fulda Off The Beaten Path

  • Point Alpha - Bringing the Cold War to...

    I grew up during the Cold War and watched as the “The Wall” was torn down but I never really understood how it affected the German people. Visiting Point Alpha, a former US Army observation point along the old East German Border and wondering around the two museums, gave me a little more insight to life in Europe during this timeframe. Point Alpha...

  • Visit the villages

    If you're looking for a nice side-trip to a quiet place away from the city, there are many little villages close to Fulda, such as Steinhaus and Margretenhaun. These are charming little storybook villages with white houses, winding roads, a stone church, and surrounded with farmland and open spaces. Driving is the best way to get there, and you can...

  • Fürsteneck

    The category "off the beaten path" was invented for a place like Fürsteneck. Just a couple of houses, a pub and nothing else. Nowadays. Years and years ago there were some French guys passing by. Napolenon's soldiers on their way back from Leipzig after the battle of nations (see my Leipzig page for more info). Some of the soldiers froze to death...


Fulda Favorites

  • Weissdorn's Profile Photo
    Side View of the Fulda Cathedral

    by Weissdorn Written Feb 25, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: For people that are looking for a very "German" city, Fulda is a good tip, because for a relatively large German City, it is surprisingly uncosmopolitan, because it’s not a city that has a lot of people who speak English fluently, and seems to have remained standing, while the world around it marches on. Not that the Fuldaners are not worldly, but you will notice are remarkable absence of internationalism in this city, compared to other cities of this size, such as in Leipzig, Heilbronn, Offenbach or even Mainz. Some say that the people in Fulda are remarkably running about ten years behind the times. Hence, if this is true, you can have a window of how Germany was ten years ago, when you visit this place, which is surrounded, by the way, by miles and miles of countryside.

    Fondest memory: Fulda is a remarkably clean city. After thinking about what my fondest memory of Fulda was, I have to say that it remarkably clean, with the absence of liter and grafitti, and on Sundays this city is remarkably quiet, even though the pedestrian zones are full of people.

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