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  • Colourful Half-Timbered Houses
    Colourful Half-Timbered Houses
    by Weissdorn
  • Market Square in Grueneberg
    Market Square in Grueneberg
    by Weissdorn
  • Lion's Fountain
    Lion's Fountain
    by Weissdorn

Grünberg Things to Do

  • Watch Tower

    On a hill in front of the old city walls you'll see a watch tower. Along time ago, ditches and wall used to protect this outside watchtower. The tower is 12.5 meters tall, as you can still see pretty far in the surrounding countryside even today.

  • Old Hospital

    The medieval town of Neustadt had it's own little church: St. Paul's. In the middle of the 15th century, the Augustine Monks built a monastery next to it. Only this long half-timbered building is all that is left of the monastery, which was the hospital for the town of Grünberg since the sixteenth century. This building was built sometime just...

  • Fountain Valley

    Near the path that leads into the well valley, there used be a town watchtower, which guarded the path to the drinking water source. Today it belongs to the Brunnental (fountain valley) recreational area. The well has been divided into two ponds since around 1824; before this there were three of them. The large water wheel is the last pumping...

  • Winterplatz

    The Winterplatz reigns over the former brewery, a half-timbered house from the 18th century. The lion on the fountain is a replica from the old one on the marketplace fountain. Directly above the cliff is a small stone house which dates back to 1582. This is where the pressurized water line ends, which pumped drinking water from a 60 meter depth,...

  • Castle

    If you walk from the church plaza over the tiny bridge, you can see the birth house of Friedrich Gottlieb Welcker (1784-1868), a half-timbered house from the 17th century. Welcker was a predominent archaeologist, a professor in Bonn and friend of Alexander von Humboldt.On the most strategic place in town, on the cliff above the valley for the well,...

  • Church and the Smitty

    In the Judengasse (Jewish ally) you can see the old iron smith’s shop; an old and completely refurbished iron smith shop, which now belongs to the City of Grünberg. The town church was built in neo-gothic style from 1846-1852. Where it now stands was once the gothic church of St. Mary’s, which was the model for the Marburg St. Elizabeth Church in...

  • The Barefoot Monastery

    Directly next to the Thieves' Tower you can still see the Gothic stone building of the Franciscan Monastery (also known as the bare-foot monastery). It was founded in the middle of the 13th century; the oldest document which attests it's existence dates back to 1272. In 1528 it was secularized (turned into a public building), and the last of the...

  • St. Anthony's Monastery

    The St. Anthony’s Monastery was very important for Grünberg’s history. It was sponsored by the Thurgian Landgrave in 1200. He also sponsored a monastery in Mecklenburg in 1222. Until the monastery was closed in 1526, it was a very influential monastery in middle Germany. The the buildings that make up the remains of the monastery consist of a...

  • Old Lion's Fountain

    The old Lion Fountain delivered the people of Grünberg their drinking water until the end of the 19th century, directly from the Brunnental. Today the lion along with other parts of the fountain can be found in the former storage house on Winterplatz.

  • Old Post Office

    An especially beautiful Baroque House from 1668 is the former Postal Station. The high hall walls still remind us of the purpose for which it was built. On the rear side of the building you can see the living and business quarters, and the stalls and barns, which have long since been remodeled into apartments.You can't help but will notice the gap...

  • The Well

    In front of the Rathaus (city hall) you can see a round stone well. The well is 36 m deep. Up until 1500 drinking water was extracted from this well. The well was finally filled in 1820. After that it was almost completely forgotten, until in 1980 when it was re-discovered and restored in time for the annual Hesse State Fair. The state fair takes...

  • Rathaus

    The Rathaus (city hall) is a beautiful old Renaissance building dating back to 1586/87. The city acquired this house in 1593 from it’s builder, City Elder Hermann Rüdiger from Hersfeld and it’s been used as a city hall ever since then. The hall on the ground floor used to be a market and tradesmen room; the iron scale next to the doorway reminds us...

  • Marketplace

    The marketplace was always the center of community life in the town. It's located directly on the old trade routes through "short Hesse" from Frankfurt through the middle of Germany. Today the marketplace and the streets ajoining it are almost an open-air museum for Hessian Half-Timbered Architecture for the past 500 years. The oldest standing...

  • Monastery Courtyard

    When you enter the courtyard of the monastery, you can see the monks’ house on the north side of the building. The most notable thing you will see in the grave stone set into the wall and the old working stones for the monastery. In the east you can see an old half-timbered building, from around 1500. This is the old university house. This is were...

  • Thieve's Tower

    The symbol of the town in the Thieves' Tower (Diebsturm) with it unusual teardrop cross-cut form. Built in 1300, it stands on the most vulnerable place in Grünberg. For centuries it served as a prison, and that's how it got it's name. In 1895/96 it was re-modeled into a watershed. Because it was used as an ammunition depot in the Second World War,...


Grünberg Restaurants

  • Eating in the Barn

    The house this restaurant is located in was built in 1530. That makes it over 470 years old! The most charming part about it is that it's one of those rustic old half-timbered houses - old on the outside, quaint, but modern on the inside. Occasionally they stage parties here - especially when they have folk dancing groups in August. The food is...

  • German Kaffee at 3 p.m.

    If you ever wanted to indulge into a German Café/Bakery - this is the place to go. One of the last few remaining "culinary pits of sin" as the dieticians would condemn it. This is one of those elegant cafés with German (copied from the Austrians) tradition. Don't hesitate, even if you don't speak the langauge. Walk into the bakery, point at the...

  • Grünberg Hotels

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Grünberg Sports & Outdoors

  • Weissdorn's Profile Photo

    Trail Riding in the Vogelsberg Mountains

    by Weissdorn Written Jun 4, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Anybody can take a bus tour down the Romantic Road to see Ludwig's castle, but how many people do you know have been horseback riding on a trail through the Vogelsberg hills? You can start your adventure here at Achim Rodinger's ranch, called: Wanderreitbetrieb Fuchsbau in Grünberg-Lardenbach.
    They hire out (rent) horses for day rides or a week-long excursion where you can ride on a trail out in the Vogelsberg woods to see a castle and an extinct volcano. The views are from atop the hills are fantastic! Along the way, your guide will explain the sights.
    At the moment, he isn't listing his prices on his website, but you can write him an email and he will give a schedule and the current prices:

    Equipment: If you book a 4 day or week tour, you will need to bring the following things with you:

    Rain pancho, as large as possible
    Sturdy, ankle-high shoes or boots
    Hat or riding helmut
    2 pairs of riding pants
    Sweatshirt or pullover
    Blouses, shirts, T-shirts
    Comfortable shoes for the evenings
    Comfortable pants for the evenings
    Riding gloves
    Toiletry kit
    Your own medicine

    Climbing atop an Extinct Volcano
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    • Eco-Tourism
    • Horse Riding
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