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  • The old hunting lodge
    The old hunting lodge
    by christine.j
  • Rhododendrons in full bloom
    Rhododendrons in full bloom
    by christine.j
  • Langen
    by christine.j

Langen Things to Do

  • Security back then

    In front of the lodge there are two old sentry-boxes, where the soldiers on duty had to stand guard and make sure the duke and his family wouldn't come to any harm. You can still see the boxes, but I suppose today the family relies on a good alarm system. There were also a lot of sign saying"Attention, dangerous dog".Around the whole park there is...

  • The Wolves in Wolfsgarten

    A hunting lodge which is called Wolfsgarten needs to have some wolves, of course! When the lodge was built, it was shaped like a square, around a yard in the middle. This is where the hunters used to meet, before they rode off. In the center of this square there is a fountain, probably for the horses to have a last drink of water before they set...

  • The Rosegarden

    One side of the lodge is dedicated to roses. Probably because we had an unusually warm April this year, the roses were in full bloom already. It was so beautiful!!Rosebushes were growing up alongside of the house, mainly white and red ones. This again reminded me of a fairytale, Snow White and Rose Red.

  • The Sculpture Garden

    Close to the lodge there is a garden, full with sculptures, very playful. All along on the wall you can see small sculptures and in the garden itself there are several, put up in a geometrical way. This is a garden in which the sculptures seem to be more important than the flowers.

  • An old sign post

    Langen is about 20 minutes away from Frankfurt and about 15 minutes from Darmstadt. Today, that is! Back in the 18th century this journey took much longer. There is an old signpost standing next to the lodge, saying "Four hours to Darmstadt". Probably that was a day trip they didn't do too often.

  • Prinzessinenhaus part 2

    The Prinzessinnenhaus is locked, but I could see through the windows that there are still some furniture inside. A photo was standing on a table, with a picture of a little girl from about 1900. Stuffed animals can be seen, among them a pug.Outside the house, there is a cemetery for pets. The inscriptions talk about the beloved pug or Labrador....

  • Rhododendrons, so colourful

    The rhododendron bushes have been planted on two sides of the park.Small and tall bushes, white ones, pink and red ones, purple ones, all truly magnificent.Old statues are standing there as well. My favourite was one of a mother cuddlingher child.

  • A pond full of frogs

    There is a pond in the park, covered by lots of water-lilies and again surrounded by old trees and flowers. Very small benches had been put up many years ago. The pond was inhabited by lots of frogs, all croaking happily.I was almost expecting one of the frogs wearing a golden crown, asking me to kiss him. But then again, there were younger and...

  • Stairs for Fairies???

    Walking through the park, we saw old, weather-beaten walls , partially hidden under flowers. Among the rhododendron bushes there were some old , very small stairs all of a sudden, seemingly leading into nowhere.All this added to the fairytale atmosphere.

  • Prinzessinenhaus

    One of the biggest attractions is the so-called Prinzessinenhaus, the house for the princess. The last grand duke and his wife were forced into marriage by their families, even though they didn't particularly like each other. They had a little girl, Elisabeth, born 1895.A few years later , in 1900, a boy was born dead. The marriage didn't survive...

  • Very old trees

    You can see that most of the park has been cared for, but a very large part has been left alone and is like a small forest. The trees are very old, some of them are quite tall.There is an oak tree which is said to be protected due to its age. It's a very large tree, butunfortunately I didn't see any sign saying how old it is. Judging from what I...

  • Schloss Wolfsgarten

    Schloss Wolfsgarten was built in the first half of the 18th century and only used when the count of Hessen went hunting with his guests.Later it was no longer used, so that in 19th century it had to be renovated when the grand duke of Hessen liked to live there with his family.It is still owned by the family of Hessen. They have created a trust to...


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    by christine.j Updated May 20, 2007

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    After we had walked around for quite some time, and had decided not to go to the exhibition in Frankfurt, we wanted to have lunch. There was a stall selling wine from the princely vineyard. I had a glass of wine, very good and for a surprisingly unprincely price, 1,50 Euro only!
    Next to it, the volunteers of the Langen fire brigade were making some money, selling coffee, some cakes, or beer, mineral water and Bratwurst.

    The princely wine was so good, that I bought a bottle to take home.

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