Steinau an der Straße Travel Guide

  • Map of the park
    Map of the park
    by Nemorino
  • 1. Holzköppe Marionette Theater
    1. Holzköppe Marionette Theater
    by Nemorino
  • 4. Fairy tale fountain
    4. Fairy tale fountain
    by Nemorino

Steinau an der Straße Things to Do

  • Private Museum II

    Lots of households used to have pianos or other keyboard instruments, and the Zimmer household was no exception. Since there was no electricity when this piano was made, it had two candle holders for lighting.Second photo: Manfred Zimmer acquired this instrument when a neighbor called him to say that it had been put out for collection as junk. So...

  • Adventure Park I

    In the 1970s this place was called the Thalhof and was simply a restaurant with a farmyard and a small private zoo.Gradually it developed into a large adventure park called Erlebnispark Steinau. They still have farm animals on display (including eggs hatching) and a petting zoo where the smaller children can go in and pet some of the animals. But...

  • Playground in the castle moat

    In the dry moat of Steinau Castle there is now a children’s playground. Local families like to come here and have picnics while the children play. On hot summer afternoons there is always enough shade from the steep walls of the moat.The entrance is through an archway near the marionette theater.

  • Castle Museum

    In the castle there is a museum about some of the prominent people who have lived in Steinau, including of course the Brothers Grimm. Also there is a kitchen on display, as it might have been in the 16th century, and other exhibits about the history of the castle.Combination ticket (Museum Steinau, Grimm House and Steinau Castle)Adults: 6.00...

  • Cinderella at the Holzköppe

    In 2012 we took two of our grandchildren, aged 7 and 5, to a performance of the fairy tale Cinderella (in German Aschenputtel) at the Holzköppe Marionette Theater.It was done of course in the German version, in which Cinderella is flown to the king’s ball by two white doves, instead of going in a horse-drawn coach that turns back into a pumpkin at...

  • Museum Steinau

    This museum is in the barn that once belonged to the Grimm family's house -- actually an official residence since the Grimm brothers' father was the Amtmann, something like a local magistrate appointed by the ruling Count.The Museum Steinau is not about the Grimm brothers particularly -- there is a separate museum for them just opposite -- but...

  • The Grimms' House and Museum

    When people speak about the Brothers Grimm they are usually referring to just two of them, Jacob (1785-1863) and Wilhelm (1786-1859), who are best known as the collectors and editors of Grimms' Fairy Tales. But there was also a third, younger brother, Ludwig Emil Grimm (1790-1863), who was quite a well-known artist in his day. Though the Grimms'...

  • Private Museum I

    After visiting the Museum Steinau, the Grimm House and the Castle Museum (in 2008), I was on my way out of Steinau on the bicycle route R3 when I came across this "Private Museum" at Brüder-Grimm-Straße 31.The woman standing in the doorway in the first photo is Hildegard Zimmer, who runs the museum with her husband Manfred.This is the house where...

  • Adventure Park II

    What I like about this park is that it has lots of opportunities for active play for the children, not just passive rides. Also it is clean and well-tended.You can bring your own picnic lunch or reserve a site for grilling. They also have a self-service restaurant and various refreshment stands.A big disadvantage of the park is its limited...

  • Steinau Castle

    This castle, in the middle of Steinau near the town hall and the marionette theater, was built in the years 1528 to 1560 as the country home of the Counts of Hanau, who were the rulers of this area. The castle is surrounded by a dry moat. There are two bridges across the moat, leading to entrances at opposite sides of the castle. During the Thirty...

  • Part of the medieval road

    The full name of Steinau is "Steinau an der Straße" meaning "Steinau on the street" or better on the road or route.The road in question is the medieval trade route between Frankfurt and Leipzig. This section of the original road was uncovered in 2002 between Steinau and Bad Soden-Salmünster. In 2006 it was installed here in front of the museums in...

  • Kinzig Valley Dam and Reservoir

    The regional bicycle route R3 now leads across the Kinzig Valley Dam and then turns right to follow along the reservoir, which is just downstream from Steinau.The dam was built between 1976 and 1982 (we used to drive past every week in that period) for three purposes: protection from flooding, serving as a source of water during droughts and...

  • Rathaus (Town Hall)

    The Town Hall was built in 1561. The façade includes eight statues (four of which are visible in the photo). They represent eight occupations that used to be common in Steinau in bygone centuries. These are the blacksmith, the bricklayer, the harvester, the carpenter, the mother, the potter, the scholar and the innkeeper.These statues are modern...

  • Holzköppe Marionette Theater

    Across from the town hall is the "Holzköppe" Marionette Theater. The name “Holzköppe” is a word in the local dialect meaning wooden heads, which is what the marionettes all have.The sign on the front says that the troupe has been in existence for 88 years (they change the number every year, of course). Their website says the first performance was...

  • Grimm Brothers' House

    This is the Grimm Brothers’ House (formerly the old courthouse) built from 1791-1796 This house was restored in 1998 under direction of the City of Steinau an der Strasse and the International Grimm Brother Society (internationalen Brüder Grimm-Gesellschaft e.V). The Steinau Administration House, which is known as the “Grimm Brother House” today,...

  • Renaissance Castle (1528-1555)

    The Steinau Castle is the former home of the Duke of Hanau, and was built between 1528 and 1560, although there are some documents which claim that they started building it as early as 1508. The castle was designed and built by the Stone Master Mason, Asmus. The castle is built like an irregular pentagon, and has four wings (originally it had...

  • The Marionette Theater “Wooden Heads”

    The theater is located in the former court stalls in the castle. On weekends, Saturdays and Sundays at 3:00 p.m. the have special performances. Otherwise on weekdays, they have regular group performances, and individuals are welcome to attend group performances. On the 100th anniversary of the death of Jacob Grimm, a Grimm Brothers’ Memorial was...

  • Devil's Cave

    In 1584, the cow herder, Jox Mellmann, discovered to his amazement, that one of his cows had fallen into a very deep hole. Fearing that the devil had “swallowed” his cow, he kept clear of this pit, and named it the “Devil’s Cave”. It wasn’t until 1830 that somebody else finally decided to explore this cave. It turned out to be one of the most...


Steinau an der Straße Restaurants

  • Weissdorn's Profile Photo

    Brathänchen Farm: Roasted Chicken Farm

    by Weissdorn Written Jan 9, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Steinau wouldn't be Steinau without a trip to the Brathänchen Farm, where you can order roasted chicken with french fries. Although they have a nice hotel here, entire families show up to eat the grilled chicken, which is rumoured to be the best around for miles.

    Place is rustic without a lot of frills. Groups are welcome, prices are civil. The are open from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. everyday except for Mondays, and if Monday is a holiday, then they're open, too.

    Favorite Dish: Grilled chicken? Yeah, I would say, but they have something even better:
    Grilled Portuguese spare ribs down over the fire with a baked potato and horse radish sauce, and whole wheat bread.

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Steinau an der Straße Transportation

  • Regional bicycle route R3

    The regional bicycle route R3 runs right through Steinau, along the Brüder-Grimm-Straße of course, on its way from Rüdesheim to Tann by way of Wiesbaden, Frankfurt and Hanau. I have already mentioned the R3 on my Steinau Intro page and on my Kassel and Bad Orb pages.The first photo shows a typical (car-free) section of the R3 a short ways upstream...

  • Bicycles in the Regional Express trains

    The Regional Express trains that run once an hour between Frankfurt and Fulda -- stopping in Steinau, among other places -- all have special cars with room for bicycles to be taken along.This special car is at the front end of the train leaving Frankfurt, and at the back end if the train is going towards Frankfurt.They don't take reservations, but...

  • Trains from Frankfurt to Steinau

    These double-decker Regional Express trains leave Frankfurt Main Station at 26 minutes past every hour, and arrive in Steinau 54 minutes later. (Then they continue on to Fulda.)The young lady in the photo has a Norma bag on the back of her bicycle, and I'm sure you have guessed that this does not refer to the opera of that name by Vincenzo Bellini...


Steinau an der Straße Shopping

  • Weissdorn's Profile Photo

    Georg Ruppert & Family: Hessian Pottery

    by Weissdorn Written Dec 17, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There was a time once, when every village in Hesse had it’s own pattern for making ceramic pots. Steinau used to be one of the centers were pots were made and traded for centuries. The potters, which were known by the German names of Eulner, Ullner, Aulner or Häfner in the middle ages were recorded on medieval documents as early as 1391 in the small village near Steinau, call Marjoß or Marjoss. Pottery making was once native to Steinau and a wide-spread trade. In 1864 there were still 40 pottery makers in Steinau, and today there is only one, and two workshops in Marjoß.

    What to buy: If you want a really unique souvenir from Germany, that isn’t kitsch (almost all of the Hessians have at least one piece in their own homes), take one of the beautiful pitchers, bowls, or trays home with you. Besides being able to purchase these unique and useful works of art, you can also visit the workshops. Group tours are possible if you call ahead to:

    Georg Ruppert & Family
    Brückenauer Straße 21
    Tel. (0049-6660) 304

    Bauerntöpferei Ruppert Company
    Manager: Bernhard Breitenberger
    Distelbachstraße 24
    Tel. (0049-6660) 1224

    Hans Krüger’s Kunsttöpferei Company
    Ringstraße 52
    Tel. (0049-6663) 6413 or 5156

    Hessian Pottery Artwork

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Steinau an der Straße Off The Beaten Path

  • Bad-Soden-Salmünster

    This is the next town downstream from Steinau. It seems to be a pleasant enough place, though all I have ever done is ride through it on my bicycle.Aside from Bad Soden and Salmünster, which are both in the Kinzig Valley and are nearly contiguous, meaning they almost border directly on each other with just some small fields in between, the...

  • Breunings

    Breunings, which currently has about 300 inhabitants, is the smallest of twelve villages that were brought together in the 1970s to form the municipality of Sinntal.When I rode by in 2008 they had set up these two statues made of balls of hay, to celebrate the 1100th anniversary of the first known mention of Breunings in any document. Presumably...

  • Steinau an der Straße Hotels

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Steinau an der Straße Favorites

  • Half-timbered Houses in Steinau

    Culturally and historically interesting, Steinau has a number of wonderful half-timbered housed that were built in the past centuries. In the 15th and 16th centuries, Steinau has an important city in the Dukedom of Hanau. The traces that wealth and prosperity left on this town can still be seen today in the richly built houses. The most important...

  • The Kumpen

    Not to be missed is the "Kumpen", the market square in the middle of the city , which is surrounded by half-timbered houses, not the least is the Rathaus (city hall), with it’s unusual timbered columns inside the house, and the Renaissance Castle. When you see the castle, you could almost start hearing your parents tell you bedtime stories. Right...

  • A Grimm Story

    “As I remember, between two mountains lay the wonderland from my childhood dreams, that’s how I saw Steinau...” recalled the poet, author, and father of the modern fairytale, Ludwig Emil Grimm in 1820, who immortalized his Steinau in numerous sketches. And this is how Steinau looks today: between the hills of the Vogelsberg and the Spessart Hills...


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