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  • Rostock Wall
    Rostock Wall
    by fred98115
  • Bunker Rostock - a students' hangout
    Bunker Rostock - a students' hangout
    by robertbaum
  • Wokrenterstraße
    by Kathrin_E

Rostock Things to Do

  • Steintor ~ Renaissance City Gate Tower

    The first building which came into view as we walked toward the historical center of Rostock was the 'Steintor." The Steintor ("tor" - gate tower) which is an imposing structure once part of Rostock's city wall, is one of only several gate towers still surviving out of the original 22. Among the other gates still remaining is the oldest "Kuhtor."...

  • Rathaus in Rostock

    Rostock's Rathaus or Town Hall is a rather pretty building with a pink, Baroque facade which was added over the original Gothic architecture during its construction between 1270 - 1290. In its original life, not only was it a Town Hall but it also served as a trading center. Another addition during the late 15th century gave it the additional...

  • Rostock Brewery for Beer Lovers

    We didn't get to visit the Rostock Brewery but I wish we had because I thought Rostock Beer was pretty darn good! Rostock master brewers follow a recipe which has been around since Rostock was an important Hanseatic city. How barley, hops and water are transformed into a great beer in 4 weeks or less is amazing. If you're wondering how this...

  • Am Strande.

    On the river Warnow, another good place to "chill" bars and restaurants to choose from or find a bench and enjoy the sunshine and watch the boats - enjoyed an hour here.

  • Neuer Markt & Steintor

    Main square with the Rathaus and a helpful tourist officea as well as market stalls, a good place to while away an hour or so on a warm afternoon.Steintor, an old city gate just around the corner.

  • Powerful gate to enter old town

    Once there were 22 gates to enter the old town of Rostock, and the most powerful of those was the Kropeliner Tor. If you are walking from the train station, you will have the chance to walk through the Kropeliner and enter into the town square. The Tor dates from the 13th century and is an interesting remnant from the early days. The town wall can...


Rostock Hotels

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Rostock Restaurants

  • Ritter Runkel

    Lovely find! in a secluded courtyard near to the city centre, well signed.An early lunch here for us before heading to the port, warm day and good outside seating with fast and friendly service. Turkey steak with memorable curried pineapple for me and a huge salad for herself, both meals excellent.Well worth finding.

  • Plan B

    Good name to start with!Just across the road from our guesthouse and a couple of visits here, secondly for a late evening "nightcap", cocktail for herself! but firstly an evening meal.Interesting menu to choose from here, loved the idea of German tapas and there's plenty to attract the vegetarian Mrs B as well. Very good tasty food, friendly and...

  • Lenk's

    Two visits here for us, walking by the Warnow we spotted the terrace and stopped for a beer, Mrs B, as ever, found a menu and with several vegetarian choices she insisted on a revisit later!Good idea, both enjoyed our meal here a tasty Flammküchen with fresh pfifferlingen (mushrooms) for me with spinach and cheese cakes for herself.Very pleasant...


Rostock Nightlife

  • Students' hangout

    A Bunker is the German word for air-raid shelter and that's what it is, or rather was during WWII.Today it is used as a cultural multi-purpose event place, for exhibitions, readings, movie screenings (on Thursdays), rock and metal-parties.A bar with a rather special charm completes the range. Beer, soft drinks and juices start from 1.50€ for a...

  • Hotel Neptun

    If you like a look into one of the more kinky amusements you have to see this nigth club! I have been told by a reliable source the it was one of the spots where the old DDR regime pampered its members/stasi and others.It has live music and dancing the for people in the 40+ age.

  • Volkstheater

    Well, after a hard day of sightseeing it would probably a nice idea to relax and watch a dramatic performance.There's a huge parking lot in front of the theatre - and it's free!


Rostock Transportation

  • Laage Airport and more

    By plane: Via the Laage Airport (25 km south of Rostock)By boat: Via Warnemünde (small boats) or the Rostock Überseehafen (several ferries).By car: Autobahn 19 and 20.By train: Travel to Rostock Hbf ( the city center: walking.Outside the center: either bus or S-bahn The tourist way: take a sightseeing boat.Alternative way:...

  • Finnlines

    Departed Rostock heading for Gdynia in Poland, an overnight sailing of around 14 hours.An inside cabin for us, not huge but perfectly adequate with an ensuite shower / toilet. Ship itself, the mv Nordlink, pretty modern with surprisingly reasonable prices in the bar / cafe. Restaurant only open for a limited time but snacks available in...

  • Straßenbahn

    Local bus and tram transport is good. A day ticket costs (June 2011) costs just 4.5 Euros, good value. Vaidate the ticket on the 1st journey!


Rostock Shopping

  • The Galleria: Modern Shopping Centre

    by Mariajoy Updated Jan 6, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The bright, modern shopping centre in the middle of Rostock still had a Christmassy feel when I visited. In comparison to the UK, it seems that there is more choice available to shoppers in just about everything here.. I was astounded by the selection of toiletries, clothing, shoes, books, etc etc etc.. and all for much cheaper prices. My friend went home with a years supply of printer cartridges and shampoo!! We would have bought clothes too but didn't have room for them.

    What to buy: Whatever you need, you can buy in Rostock but printer cartridges seem to be a particular bargain.

    What to pay: Much less than in the UK

    The Galleria
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Rostock Local Customs

  • Museums & Attractions

    There are a lot of museums and other interesting spots. When you walk around the city center you will see most of them. But outside the center there are also interesting places; see the map.

  • New and modernized buildings in Rostock

    For the entire forty years of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) there was a housing shortage in Rostock, as everywhere else in East Germany, despite the feverish construction of low-quality pre-fab buildings known as Plattenbauten.After reunification a building boom set in, pushed by speculators hoping to cash in on government subsidies and tax...

  • New pedestrian zone

    On my short visit in 2009 I was asked a couple of times by people in Rostock how I liked their new pedestrian zone in the city center.Well, I think it does look attractive and even prosperous, especially compared with the way it was twenty years ago.You even see young women with baby carriages, as in my first photo, even though statistically the...


Rostock Warnings and Dangers

  • Funny but helpful signs II

    Watch out! Otters may cross the street. Have you camera at hand!The bottommost sign means that the local otters are 100m tall! (just kidding)

  • Funny but helpful signs

    Driving along the coastal roads you see a lot of these funny signs.I guess this means badgers may be crossing street.

  • Driving the Bundesstrasse

    The only warning I will give is one for driving on Bundesstrassen, the 2-lane roads outside the city. Also bicyclist are using these roads where cars sometimes drive with speeds up to 100 km/hr.From both sides: Be prepared!


Rostock Tourist Traps

  • pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo

    Tourist Offices & ZIMMERVERMITTLUNG

    by pieter_jan_v Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are well organized Tourist Offices, but they only operate locally. So, you won't get any details of attractions on the island of Rugen in Rostock. It's even the same for Rostock's coastal village Warnemünde, which has its own office.

    If you look for a room, beware of ZIMMERVERMITTLUNG. This is not an official independent institution, where you get an overview of all rooms available. These are commercial 'enterprises', controlling a part of the room-market. Better keep your eyes open and look for the sign FREI if you are looking for a room.

    Zimmer frei
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Rostock What to Pack

  • Leipzig's Profile Photo

    Climate in Rostock

    by Leipzig Updated Sep 4, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Miscellaneous: Rainy season: There is no special rainy season

    Avg. Temp. in Spring: max.: 6 – 15°C ( 43 - 59°F ); min: 1 - 8°C ( 34 - 47°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 17 – 20°C ( 63 - 68°F ); min: 12 - 14°C ( 52 - 57°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: 7 – 16°C ( 45 - 60°F); min: 7 - 11°C ( 45 – 51°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: 2 – 4°C ( 36 - 39°F); min: 0 - 1°C ( 32 - 34°F )

    Watertemperature: in winter around 2°C ( 36°F ), in summer around 17°C ( 63°F) in average.

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Rostock Off The Beaten Path

  • Adult Education Center (VHS)

    This is where I did my workshops for the English teachers, both in 1998 and 2009.As in all German cities, the VHS Rostock is supported by the city and offers a full program of courses for adults in the areas of politics, society, the environment, arts, design, health, languages, integration and occupational training, as well as remedial education,...

  • Warnemünde record store

    In the neighbouring Warnemünde there is COAAST opposite to the Light House; you cann't miss this shop.

  • Record shops

    As usual my off the beaten path leads to a record shop. The best one was a combined book & records 'Antik'-shop in the main shopping street Kröpeliner Strasse 16.Another shop is MUSIKLADEN at Leonhardstrasse 21A; it's just West of the City Center.If you go further West into the student area, you will find more modern music at Waldemarstrasse 5.One...


Rostock Favorites

  • A League of Cities

    In the middle of the 13th century merchants trading overseas joined together to form the Hanseatic League in order to pursue their economic interests together.In the course of time 70 major cities and 130 smaller towns joined the League, which covered an area from the Netherlands to Estonia and from Sweden to a line from Cologne to Erfurt and on to...

  • Sea port

    If you have the chance to spend some days in Rostock have a short trip to Warnemuende and take a tour through the sea port. From the boat you can sea the promenade, the cargo port and a military port. A tour takes about 50 min

  • Sunsets

    Sunsets on the Baltic Sea are always great, at least for a guy who lives far away from any sea. As the Baltic Sea region is the sunniest corner of Germany you'll probably have loads of such great sunsets.


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