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  • idyllic port in Loddin (backwater)
    idyllic port in Loddin (backwater)
    by german_eagle
  • Beach in Ückeritz
    Beach in Ückeritz
    by german_eagle
  • Promenade in Ahlbeck
    Promenade in Ahlbeck
    by german_eagle

Seebad Heringsdorf Things to Do

  • Cycling trips

    In case you're tired of doing nothing else but relaxing on the beach, or the weather doesn't co-operate, or you're curious about what else there is on Usedom island than the wannabe upscale seaside resorts, then a cycling trip is a good option.Naturally you'll explore the seaside resorts first; cycle along the promenade (pics 1, 5) between Bansin...

  • Mellenthin

    This tiny village, pop. about 200, is in the backcountry of Heringsdorf (off the street between Bansin and Usedom town). The main attraction is probably the moated castle (pic 4). It was built 1578 - 80 with brickstones, but the facades were plastered, so you don't see the brickstones. In 2001 it is undergoing restoration, which is almost...

  • Usedom (town)

    Yep, there's a town with the name Usedom. Now don't get any excited about a visit: Frankly, it's nothing really special. An hour or two is enough IMO. The (very) small town has a nice main square with the only remaining (of originally five) medieval churches, a former city gate with tower and some leftovers of the city walls. The townhouses are...

  • Seebrücken (Piers)

    Each sea resort has a pier, named "Seebrücke" in German. Originally built as landing place for the boats, they became attractions themselves over the years.In the three sea resorts Bansin, Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck you have the opportunity to see three different piers: Bansin's (pic 3) is the most simple one, like in the old times just a pier where...

  • Sea Promenade

    A *must do* in one of the seaside resorts is a walk along the sea promenade. From Bansin in the west, where the cliffs are, over Heringsdorf to Ahlbeck, where the pine forest at the Polish border is, the promenade stretches over about 8 km. Walking trail and cycling trail run mostly separate and parallel (but beware of the parts where not - really...

  • Beach

    The main attraction of Usedom island is the beach. It is along the entire northern coast, fine-grained white sand, about 50 - 100 (rarely) m wide. The beach is public ground, but unfortunately the authorities consider it subject to charge - see my tourist trap tip. There are few stretches between the seaside resorts where the beach is really free,...


Seebad Heringsdorf Hotels

Seebad Heringsdorf Restaurants

  • Wasserschloss Mellenthin

    In the centre of the back country on Island Usedom, about 20 km from Heringsdorf, is this nice old moated castle. It is not (yet) totally restored, but most of the castle is finished. The restaurant is in the main building. Parking is just outside the moat. To get to the castle you must walk across the (pedestrian) "toll" bridge, where they charge...

  • Feiner Happen

    There are dozens of places in the seaside resorts that sell snacks made of fish/seafood. This one is right in the centre of Hernigsdorf, next to the Tourist Office and next to a small grocery (another advantage). The place is always busy, open daily until 6 pm (also on Sundays/holidays). I bought fish rolls (Bismarck herring and Matjes fillet)...

  • Idyll am Wolgastsee

    After a hard fight against the strong, cold wind toward the end of a cycling trip I needed a break in a restaurant. This (hotel) restaurant was recommended in my guide book, so I dropped in. It is right on a main road from Ahlbeck to the back country, thus lots of traffic in front of the hotel - the backside is calmer, but I did wonder why it is...

  • Hofladen Sellin

    I happened to stumble upon this place on one of my cycling trips in the back country of Heringsdorf. Sellin is a tiny village on the eastern shore of the lake Schmollensee. A farmer decided to open a shop where he is selling his own products, and also some other food typical for the region. Frankly, the meatballs, sausages and his other stuff did...

  • Cafe Knatter

    The village Ückeritz is at the narrowest part of the island. While the tourist crowds mostly are at the coast of the Baltic sea, with the large camping grounds and some restaurants etc., the proper village Ückeritz stretches from the train station down to the backwater. There is a picturesque, small port at the backwater, and this is where B&B -...

  • Fischeck Ückeritz

    When on the coast, fish is always a good option. A cycling trip took me to the village Ückeritz, where close to the beach, right behind the dunes is this snack place. They do smoke the fish themselves, everything is freshly prepared. Down to earth food. Self-service. I had a bowl of the fish soup, "made after grandmother's recipe" - based upon...

  • Hotel Kastell

    One afternoon during a cycling trip along the promenade toward Poland I felt like I need a coffee and some dessert. One of the last houses along the promenade in Ahlbeck, direction to Poland, is Hotel Kastell, a fancy looking four-star place. They advertised for coffee and cake, so I went in. The ambience is indeed very nice, comfy leather...

  • Calypso

    Right on the promenade in Ahlbeck, in the centre, is this restaurant which looks sort of like a tourist trap at first. My experience for lunch was not so, fortunately.I had a table outside overlooking the promenade, perfect for people watching :-) Service was quick, attentive and friendly. I opted for the plaice fillet with roast potatoes and a...

  • Kaiserpavillon

    This restaurant is in a nicely restored wooden building from 1911, tucked away in the small alley Brunnenstraße (around the corner from Friedenstraße, unlike the address indicates). The interior has a modern touch, with odd neon light (see pic 2) and some pop-art pictures, that somehow don't fit in with the wooden "pavillion" style. Service was...


Seebad Heringsdorf Transportation

  • Cycling

    Cycling seems to be the favourite mode of transportation for most people on Usedom island, whether locals or tourists. Especially the flat promenade along the sea coast between the resorts Bansin, Heringsdorf, Ahlbeck and (Polish) Świnoujście is very popular for cycling. Mostly the trails for walkers and cyclers are separate, but...

  • Car

    I'll admit it: I drove to Heringsdorf. However, I parked the car and didn't move it during my stay. For me, it was the much more convenient and *way* fastest mode of transportation to the island. Schlepping your own bicycle plus luggage on Deutsche Bahn trains, involving several changes, is not really a pleasure ... However, this is more a warning...

  • Usedomer Bäderbahn

    The backbone of public transportation on Usedom island is the railway route of Usedomer Bäderbahn (UBB) along the northern shore of the island. UBB is a subsidiary company of Deutsche Bahn. The trains run hourly between the Polish border (Ahlbeck Grenze) via Heringsdorf, Zinnowitz e.g. to Züssow, where you have connections to the fast and regional...


Seebad Heringsdorf Tourist Traps

  • Kurtaxe

    Like most tourist places, Heringsdorf and the other resorts on Usedom island charge a "Kurtaxe" (local tax), which in 2013 was 1.30 Euro in low season and 2.50 Euro in high season for guests who stay overnight (paid with the accommodation bill), and 3 Euro for guests who don't stay overnight in the resort (don't remember if there is a discount in...

  • Fireworks

    I happened to be in Heringsdorf over German Unity Day, 3 October. The tourist office advertised big fireworks for that evening to celebrate the holiday. They said it would be a huge event, with fireworks all along the sea coast of Usedom island, starting in the far northwest with Trassenheide, over Zinnowitz, Ückeritz etc. and Bansin, Heringsdorf,...

  • Seebad Heringsdorf Hotels

    30 Hotels in Seebad Heringsdorf

Seebad Heringsdorf Off The Beaten Path

  • Villa Irmgard

    Villa Irmgard was built in Neo-Classicistc style with elements of Art Nouveau (rare in Heringsdorf) in 1906/07 as a B&B. From May through September 1922 the Russian writer Maxim Gorki stayed here with his son and daughter-in-law for a while. He was sick with tuberculosis and on the way to Italy.Gorki was shocked by the contrast of the poor locals,...

  • Loddin

    Even more authentic, more picturesque and less spoiled than Ückeritz is Loddin, a few km in western direction, also at the backwater. More thatched houses (pics 1 - 3), old and new, cobbled streets and a small square in the centre, with a bench from where you can watch life going on ... except that there's not much going on. LOLThe village was...

  • Ückeritz

    This is one of the small villages at the backwater that I liked a lot. It is not totally unspoiled, granted, but has preserved a lot of its original charm. The island is only two km or so wide there, so Ückeritz also has a beach at the Baltic sea - and a super large camping ground, one of the largest in Europe. Thank God the main road separates the...


Seebad Heringsdorf Favorites

  • german_eagle's Profile Photo

    by german_eagle Written Oct 20, 2013

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    Favorite thing: The sea resorts at Germany's Baltic Sea coast all have a similar appearance. They cultivate(d) a certain style of architecture, called "Bäderarchitektur" in German. It means villa-like buildings in Neo-Classicistic, later Neo-Renaissance style, with lots of balconies and loggias, a few Art Nouveau elements, mostly painted white, rarely other colours (see pic 5, an example from Bansin).

    It is basically architecture from the cites, like Berlin, transferred to the sea coast. Wealthy tourists from Berlin and other cities expected this style of architecture, they wanted luxury and splendor.

    Frankly, it is fascinating for a while but gets tiresome later. After two days with facades of "Bäderarchitektur" only I was keen on seeing old, charming fishing villages with small, thatched houses. You find those in the backcountry (see Off the beaten Path tips.)

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