Cuxhaven Travel Guide

  • Things to Do
    by Kathrin_E
  • Things to Do
    by Kathrin_E
  • The sandbank of the seals
    The sandbank of the seals
    by Kathrin_E

Cuxhaven Things to Do

  • Sea Rescue Service

    The Seenotrettungskreuzer (sea rescue service boat) "Hermann Helms" is stationed in the ferry port at Grimmershörn Bay, always ready to set out to sea in case of emergency: a ship in distress, missing people... The inscription "SAR" means "Search And Rescue". This is a special ship which copes with any kind of weather, even with force 12 gales...

  • Ritzebüttel Castle: Interior

    The former castle has been turned into a cultural centre with exhibitions of fine arts, chamber concerts etc., and civil weddings take place in its festive rooms. The interior and parts of the furniture, mostly from the era around 1800, is preserved, so you get an idea of the lifestyle of Cuxhaven’s “upper 10.000”, or rather upper 10, in those...

  • Ritzebüttel Castle

    Built as the seat of a local noble family who administered the place on behalf of the Dukes of Sachsen-Lauenburg, Ritzebüttel was conquered by the city of Hamburg in the late 14th century. It became the seat of the bailiff who ruled over the district of Ritzebüttel, which included most of the present city of Cuxhaven and the islands of Neuwerk and...

  • Day Trips to Helgoland

    The most popular and most attracive day trip destination from Cuxhaven is the island of Helgoland, some 60-70 kms out in the North Sea. Helgoland is famous for its red sandstone cliffs and its high sea climate, the sea birds nesting on the rocks, World War II history, and duty-free shopping. Please consult my Helgoland page for more.There are two...

  • Semaphor: Weather Forecast Anno 1904

    The Semaphor is a technical monument in the port next to Alte Liebe. Like an optical telegraph it delivers data about the wind situation, which can be read with a looking-glass from passing ships. Knowing what weather conditions to expect out in the North Sea was important to outgoing ships. A first semaphor was erected already in the 1880s but...

  • Photography: Dramatic Skies

    Wind and sunlight and clouds put on a show for free over the tidelands. The sky looks always different, often dramatic. The photos here are just random examples. Carry your camera whenever you are walking to the seashore...

  • Tours of the Port

    Three or four different companies do boat tours in the port and out on the Elbe. All of them depart from the quays next to Alte Liebe. The tours and the fares are all more or less alike, so it does not matter which boat you pick. Check the schedules and take the one that departs next, or at the time most convenient for you.The tours take you...

  • The Salt Meadows Nature Reserve

    The stretch of sea shore between Duhnen and Sahlenburg has no beach but salt meadows. At high tide they are partly flooded, at low tide they fall dry. The plants that grow here are specialists for salty water and ground. They are a favourite nesting area for many sea birds and a protected nature reserve. In spring and summer, during nesting season,...

  • Pirate Playground

    The playground by the beach promenade next to Strandhaus Döse has this huge pirate ship. Two wooden figures represent the town maskots Jan Cux and Cuxi dressed up as pirates. The ship must be fun to play on for kids, and it makes a nice subject for photos.

  • Strandhaus Döse

    The Strandhaus is a popular spot on the beach in Döse. The upper floor hosts an upscale restaurant with large panorama windows. The ground floor has a souvenir shop and snack bar, and on the meadow in front they have a large self-service beer garden. Part of the outdoor seating is inside a tent with heaters. From Wednesday to Sunday they have live...

  • The Seal Sandbanks

    Some harbour cruises visit, in addition to touring the port, a sandbank where seals are resting. This can only be done at low tide because these sandbanks fall dry for two or three hours, hence it is not included in all cruises. Check the tide calendar for the hours of low tide, and watch out for signs that mention something about “Sehundsbänke”....

  • Schlick Surfing

    A low-tide beach entertainment that looks like big fun for kids of any height and age... You need a flat board that looks like a small surfboard; these are on sale in all the souvenir shops along the beach. You throw the board into a muddy puddle in front of you, run a few step and jump onto the board. Then you “surf” on the mud – how far, depends...


Cuxhaven Hotels

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  • Villa Caldera

    Döser Seedeich 4, Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony, 27472, Germany

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Mercure Deichgraf Cuxhaven

    Nordfeldstr. 16-20, Cuxhaven 27476

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Best Western Donner's Hotel

    Am Seedeich 2, Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony, 27472, Germany

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

Cuxhaven Restaurants

  • Excellent icecream

    I forgot the name of this nice cafe but it's a big cafe right in the city center in the pedestrian zone. It also has a big outdoor terrace, you can't miss it. hey have lots of different ice-cream sundaes and specialities. It's reallt hard to choose because they're all great.

  • Excellent Fish

    I visited this place for lunch while on project in the area. The restaurant is located in the Hotel Veermaster, near the beach at Duhnen. Apparently, there are several Veermaster restaurants spread all over Cuxhaven. The meal was very convincing, and at a fairly low price. Very well worth a visit if you are in the area. I had "Hamburger...

  • Restaurant with a seaview !

    The first night we dined at the Blue Riband Restaurant onboard and it was a carvery, so you just helped yourself to as much as you wnated, and there was always plenty to choose from ! The drinks were brought to your table, so there was no worries about having to get up and order. Lovely food, set out very well I had as much fish as I could as I am...


Cuxhaven Transportation

  • The Beach Train

    The "beach train" is not a train on rails but a motor vehicle in the shape of a train. It runs along the beach promenad, starting at the Western end of the beach in Duhnen and ending at Alte Liebe in the port, with several stops along the way. It runs right on the beach promenade. If you can't or don't want to walk long distances, this "train" is a...

  • Town Buses

    Buses are the way to move between the various districts of Cuxhaven if you don't have your own transportation, i.e. at least a bicycle. Bus connections are sufficient to get around but not really convenient for getting around in a relaxed way. Each bus line runs only once per hour. To Döse and Duhnen there are three lines from the centre, which...

  • The boat to Helgoland

    From Cuxhaven the boats leave to the Red Rock in the North Sea calles Helgoland (see my Helgoland-page too under Schlesswick-Holstein). This is a must see from Cuxhaven, but falls in another German "Bundesland" (state / province), however I have to mention the place from where you best can reach this unique rock in the sea.


Cuxhaven Shopping

  • Sports and Leisure Clothing

    WIND is a brand of clothing for outdoor and leisure for women, men and children (I had to pick one option from the menu). They started with a fashion line for sailing, I think, but their range has soon extended. Their style has some “maritime” flair. Striped patterns are common. The pieces have fashionable details which you won’t find elsewhere....

  • Bargains In Cux

    This was the start of the Shopping centre in Cuxhaven that we went through. I did'nt know where to start, and soon found myself being pulled into nearly everyone !Oh well we work for money so why not spend it ! Any good bargains, I found afew, and I believe that no matter where you are, there are will always be some to be found Depends on what...

  • Cuxhaven Hotels

    35 Hotels in Cuxhaven

Cuxhaven Local Customs

  • Sand Castles

    Not a "local" but a tourist custom... A favourite pastime of big and small kids on German beaches is building sand castles. Digging holes and canals in the wet ground just off the beach is also popular. Sand and mud invite to dig. Some people build huge ramparts around their Strandkorb and decorate them with shells or whatever they find on the...

  • Stranded Goods

    The ancient law of the sea says: finders keepers. Stranded goods belong to whoever finds them. Modern legislation has a different approach concerning the load of stranded ships. Most likely you won’t find a whole super tanker full of petrol on the beach, though. When small items are concerned, this old law is still common usage and opinion.The...

  • Four-legged Lawn Mowers

    Everywhere on the dikes you'll see sheep grazing. By keeping the grass short they are doing an important work for the protection of the coastline which no other animal could do. Sheep bite the grass off without tearing out the roots. Their little hooves do not cause holes in the turf. A dense and solid turf cover is important. Any hole may become...


Cuxhaven Warnings and Dangers

  • The Flood Coming In

    The effect of the rising flood is rather impressive. The water pulls in at the speed of a walking person. This isn’t dangerous close to shore as the water is still shallow and you can easily walk back to the beach with the flood. However, in the sandy water you do not see Priele or holes any more, and stumbling into these deeper water currents...

  • Walking the mudflats: Observe timetable

    Walking the mudflats is not dangerous during low tide and good weather but you MUST observe the hours. The time of the next high tide (Hochwasser) and low tide (Niedrigwasser) as well as the hours for swimming/bathing (Badezeit) and tideland hiking (Wattlaufzeit) are displayed on blackboards as in photo 2 everywhere at the entrances to the beach....

  • Observe the Weather

    Check the weather before setting out for walks into the tidelands. If there is a thnderstorm approaching, do not go. The tidelands are entirely flat and very wet, the danger of being struck by lightning is extreme as you are the highest point. Equally dangerous is fog. Do not go out when the sight is bad. If you don’t see the shore any more...


Cuxhaven Off The Beaten Path

  • Old School in Döse

    The little half-timbered house with the thatched roof next to the church was, according to the sign on its wall, built in 1814 as the village school of Döse. At the same time it hosted the housing for the church's cantor who also was the school teacher. One teacher taught all children of Döse, 136 in total. The little house soon became too small....

  • Fat Berta

    Die dicke Berta, "fat Berta", is the popular name of a stubby lighthouse on the Elbe dyke near Altenbruch. It si a nice addition to a bike tour along the Elbe.Next to it there is a lock in the dyke to get freshwater out. The wet marshes have the choice to either drown in saltwater, which is prevented by the dyke, or to drown in freshwater from...

  • Church in Lüdingworth

    The church in Lüdingworth, a small village now a suburb of Cuxhaven, is known as the "peasants' cathedral". How to get there? Great cycling tour from the seaside suburbs!The peasants of this region, the Land Hadeln, were more or less politically indipendent - officially they belonged to the duchy of Sachsen-Lauenburg but the dukes were clever...


Cuxhaven Sports & Outdoors

  • Kathrin_E's Profile Photo

    by Kathrin_E Written Aug 20, 2013

    In the dunes on the border between Duhnen and Döse, outside the main dyke, is a large open-air swimming pool with sea water. It is a rather simple pool for sports/lap swimming (50 metres?) and a couple of barracks with facilities, changing cabins, snack bar and such. A large open meadow can be used for sunbathing. Unfortunately it lacks trees or any other options to find shade.

    The pool is open in July and August from 9:00-19:00, in September depending on the weather.
    Reduced entrance fees apply to holders of Kurkarte or a beach ticket and to Cuxhaven citizens.

    Equipment: Swimwear and towel, and whichever gear and supplies you think necessary for a pool visit (sunscreen, food and drink, toys...)

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Cuxhaven Favorites

  • What You Pay Your Kurtaxe For

    Not "favourite" but a necessary point to consider and explain.The town of Cuxhaven charges a tourist tax (Kurtaxe) of currently 2.70 € per night from its guests. Day visitors have to pay an admission fee to the beach, 3 € per day. Local residents with ID are free. If you stay in a hotel, Pension/B&B, private room or rental apartment, you pay the ...

  • DISTRICTS: Town Centre

    Cuxhaven's centre extends between Kaemmererplatz and the end of the port basins, the train station, and Ritzebüttel castle. It is the busiest part of the town. Nordersteinstraße and its side streets are pedestrianized and the main shopping area - don't expect too much in terms of shopping, though, you'll find mostly the usual low-key chain shops....

  • DISTRICTS: Sahlenburg

    Sahlenburg is the third beach suburb on the tideland coast, hence an alternative, especially for budget travellers, to Duhnen and Döse. Soahlenburg is a good option for families, camping, and generally low-key travel. Its disadvantage is the distance from central Cuxhaven and the attractions along the Elbe. There are bus connections into town but...


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