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  • Dragon boat race in Emden harbour
    Dragon boat race in Emden harbour
    by slothtraveller
  • Deutsche Bucht museum
    Deutsche Bucht museum
    by slothtraveller
  • Chinesentempel
    by slothtraveller

Emden Things to Do

  • Neue Kirche - New Church

    The "New Church" was actually new in 1648, at the end of the 30 year war. While the rest of Germany was devastated and a third to half of the population killed, Emden escaped the war thanks to its vicinity to and political association with the Netherlands. The city grew, and a new suburb east of the old town needed a parish church of its own.City...

  • Johannes à Lasco Library

    The library building is in fact the former Große Kirche, the Great Church, Emden's main parish church and the mother church of the Calvinists in the whole Northwest of Germany. The late gothic church was badly damaged in World War II. Only the outer walls and arcades were left. The ruin remained as it was until the early 1990s. Then, it was...

  • Windmills

    Windmills have been built on the highest elevations of the town - the ramparts. The fortifications have long been turned into a park. Some of the windmills are still there. Most have been 'beheaded' so that only the brick building without the wings is left and now used as a house. One of the windmills is still complete: Vrouw Johanna Mühle, built...

  • Town Hall And Landesmuseum

    The old town hall, built in 1574-1576 by the Antwerpen architect L. Steenwinkel, was destroyed in World War II. After the war it was rebuilt in contemporary style but including the preserved parts of the ground floor and in accordance to the old building's silhouette. For the museum a modern wing was added at the backside.The town hall hosts the ...

  • Schepken Christi - Ship of Christ

    The relief showing God's ship as a symbol of the Church can be found above a portal at the former Great Church, now Johannes à Lasco Library. The inscription says, in Frisian resp. Dutch, "Godts Kerck vervolgt, verdreven, hept Godt hyr Trost gegeven." ("God's church persecuted, expelled, here God has given consolation.")In the 16th century...

  • Museum Ships (3): Herring Lugger

    Three museum ships assemble on the eastern side of the Delft: the sea rescue boat "Georg Breusing", the light ship "Deutsche Bucht" and the herring lugger "Stadt Emden".Fishing for herrings has always been an important facto of economy along the North Sea coast. On one of the last preserved old herring luggers, an exhibition tells about the history...

  • Museum Ships (2): Sea Rescue Boat

    Three museum ships assemble on the eastern side of the Delft: the sea rescue boat "Georg Breusing", the light ship "Deutsche Bucht" and the herring lugger "Stadt Emden".The sea rescue boat was operated in the North Sea by Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger (German Association for the Rescue of Shipwrecked) from 1963 to 1988 and has...

  • Museum Ships (1): Light Vessel

    Three museum ships assemble on the eastern side of the Delft: the sea rescue boat "Georg Breusing", the light ship "Deutsche Bucht" and the herring lugger "Stadt Emden".The light ship, built at the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg during the First World War, was moored far out in the North Sea and served as position signal for incoming and outgoing...

  • Delft

    The oldest harbour basin leads into the heart of the town. It ends in the central market square and next to the town hall. It is surrounded by boardwalks which allow a pleasant promenade walk. This is the most beautifiul part of Emden.Nowadays the Delft hosts a couple of museum ships and is used by small sailing and fishing boats. From the landing...

  • Boat Tour Of The Harbour

    The harbour of Emden is not as big as the one in, say, Hamburg. Anyway, when you are there doing a boat tour is worthwhile. These harbour cruises are advertised as "tours from a duck's perspective". The boats are extremely flat so that they fit under the bridges. From this point of view close to water level, big ships, docks and cranes look even...

  • 150 Kilometres Of Canals

    A system of canals leads through the town and the countryside. The total length of the waterways in the town area of Emden alone sums up to 150 kilometres, in the whole of Ostfriesland to 800 kilometres. In former times the canals were the only transport ways, roads hardly existed due to the wet, moory ground.The canals are suitable for small boats...

  • Kesselschleuse - Canal Crossroad Lock

    The so-called Kesselschleuse connects four canals that all have different water levels. Each of the four has a lock that leads into the central basin, from which the boat then exits through another lock into one of the other canals.The quadruple lock is a masterpiece of late 19th century engineering and unique in Europe. It was built in 1885/86....

  • Model Of Old Emden

    The bronze model of Emden's old town shows what it was like before the war. It can be explored with the eyes as well as with the hands. Explanations are given both in 'normal' and Braille scripture. Location: northern side of Delft harbour basin, close to Hafentor (Harbour Gate).

  • Hafentor - Harbour Gate

    The renaissance gate is dated 1635. Only the arch and gable are left of the gate building. Location: Northern side of Delft harbour basin Culinary hint: The caravan which is usally parked on the quai outside the Hafentor sells the best and freshest Matjes herring rolls I have ever had. If you want a cheap and quick lunch, get one and enjoy it...

  • Jantje Vis The Fisherman's Daughter

    The bronze sculpture of Jantje Vis the fisherman's daughter recalls all the families in town who made their living from fishing. The skinny girl in her thin dress holds a basket with some fish she is selling, probably her father's morning catch. Life was not easy for these families... Location: Delft, at the end of the harbour basin where the...

  • Salvador Dali's Giant Horses???

    That's what the cranes in the container port look like when you see them from a flat cruise boat. Don't they have a somehow surrealist appearance?

  • Chinese Temple

    The small chinese style temple exhibits artworks by local artists and is worth a look. I didn't expect to find it in Emden!

  • Deutsche Bucht museum

    This large red ship has been found in Emden harbour since 1984 and was built around the time of WW1 in Papenburg. It is a shipping museum today and is open 10-5 weekdays except for lunchtimes. It is open between March and October.


Emden Restaurants

  • The best restaurant ever

    This definately is the best restaurant ever. That is, if you like lots of meat and the balkan kitchen. The interior is cosy and clean and just by entering the restaurant this specific "Balkan food" smell makes you already double hungry. The salads are delicious (try the potato salad!) and as for the main dishes, take a look at the picture (Dalmacia...

  • The old lighthouseboat

    The old lighthouseboat in the harbour or the Groninger boat opposite of it.Eating on-board Knurhan (Fish with a lot of bones but excellent). Pancakes at the Groninger boat.

  • The 'Goldene Adler' next to...

    The 'Goldene Adler' next to the town-hall is a very good restaurant. Good food (fish at its best), good wine, and good waiters.And when you book a table at the front-side you will have a nice view of the Ratsdelft with the Lighthouse-Ship 'Amrumbank' and many other ships.Prices range from about 20,00 DM to 35,00 DM. The food is worth every single...


Emden Local Customs

  • Friesennerz - "Frisian Mink Coats"

    The so-called Friesennerz ("Frisian Mink") is by no means an expensive fur coat. This is the nickname of a certain type of rain coats that were first worn by fishermen and sailors and became popular in the 1970s and 1980s. I remember that we bought the first ones in a shop specialized on sailor gear in the harbour of Kiel, my mother's hometown....

  • Ostfriesentee - East Frisian Tea...

    A friend in Emden (thanks Silvia!) once gave me a lesson about the 'ceremonial' afternoon tea in Ostfriesland. There are a few things one should know when participating. So here are her 'instructions of use': Ostfriesentee (East Frisian Tea) is a strong blend of black teas. It is always served with fresh cream (liquid, not whipped) and Kandis ...

  • Emden Hotels

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Emden Warnings and Dangers

  • slothtraveller's Profile Photo


    by slothtraveller Written May 29, 2008

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This part of Germany is known for many things including the fact that the dialect may be difficult to understand, even for Germans! Low German resembles Dutch as well as German so it may appear confusing but persevere nonetheless. Most people I met were friendly and although you are less likely to meet someone who speaks English here than in a big city, I think you could cope ok. A grasp of German is very helpful when visiting this region though!

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Emden Tourist Traps

  • The so-called 'Otto Hus' is...

    by maksim_caine Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The so-called 'Otto Hus' is meant to be half museum, half shop of its owner Otto Waalkes, a German comedian who was famous in the 70'ies but is not funny anymore today! I have never entered this house which is obviously specialised in selling Otto's kitschy 'Ottifanten' (Otto's elephants) dolls to tourists at really sad prices.

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Emden Off The Beaten Path

  • Church of Larrelt

    Larrelt is a village West of Emden which is now part of the city. The old church is a typical example of East Frisian village churches.The massive gothic church is surrounded by the cemetery. The steeple is, compared to the nave, rather short. The interior has been renewed in the 18th century according to the needs of the calvinist confession.

  • Pisa? See Suurhusen if you want a...

    The most leaning (can you say this?) tower in the world is the steeple of the church in the village of Suurhusen northeast of Emden, inclined by 5.19° to the vertical (Pisa: 3.97°) - in 2007 it has been recognized as such by the Guinness book. The foundations of the steeple in the moory ground were made from vertical oak trunks. Originally these...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Emden Favorites

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  • Ostfriesland

    The region of Ostfriesland (East Frisia) belongs to the off the beaten path areas in Germany which are hardly visited by foreign travellers and is rarely looked at by many Germans either - although it offers a lot more than one might think. To me, it was a region full of surprises. The seven East Frisian Islands are well-known seaside resorts and...

  • Leftovers Of Old Emden

    In World War II, 78% of all houses in Emden were destroyed. The beautiful old town with its many renaissance houses from Emden's wealthiest period, the second half of the 16th century, is gone forever. Hardly a dozen of these old houses have survived the war at all. The best preserved examples are:- Pelzerhaus (Pelzerstraße), 2nd half of the 16th...

  • Brick Architecture

    Bricks are the predominant building material in this coastal region that has neither large forests nor stone quarries. Both historical and modern buildings were and are built from bricks: private houses and public buildings, churches and factories. Bricks are also used to pave streets and sidewalks. This material gives North Germany's cities and...


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