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  • Göttingen
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  • Parking lot for bicycles
    Parking lot for bicycles
    by MD2nd
  • Cafe at train station
    Cafe at train station
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Göttingen Things to Do

  • Flower covered building

    I came across this very attractive building on my way into the city from the Hauptbahnhof. I took photos because it really was quite eyecatching. I am disappointed that I have been unable to identify it. Can someone help me out here please?

  • Stunning castle landscape.

    Plesse Castle, or Plesse Burg, as it is known in german, dates back to the 11th century, when the castle belonged to the Bishop of Paderborn. In the 12th century, some local nobility acquired the castle, and their family name became known as “von Plesse”. Since 1660 the castle fell into ruin, but came back into popularity in the 19th century as a...

  • Gaenseliesel-Brunnen

    we were told that the figure on a fountain is the most kissed girl in the world because there is a custom to kiss the girl if you have just graduaded the universityanyway I haven't seen anyone to kiss it; to me it is a nice meeting place; and it seems this is the case not only to me.. there was so crowdy there and almost impossible to take a nice...


Göttingen Hotels

  • Eden Hotel

    As having lived for approx 20 yrs in Goettingen and practically in a calling distance to the spot, I...

  • Best Western Hotel am Papenberg

    Herrmann-Rein-Strasse 2, Gottingen, Lower Saxony, 37075, Germany

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

  • Comfort Hotel Goettingen

    Kasseler Landstrasse 45 d, Goettingen, Lower Saxony, 37081, Germany

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

Göttingen Restaurants

  • Nice place despite the trains

    This coffeeshop is a nice place though it sticks right to the train station. In fact there's even a sort of cosy, silent atmosphere. Their offer of coffee and cakes is tasty and various. Seems they try to look a little like Starbucks'? Anyway, mom and me had coffee and hazelnut cake which was very delicious. The cafe's self-service makes a visit...

  • Extremely over-rated

    Disappointment. - This is what one can say after visiting the "Zum Schwarzen Baeren" Restaurant. Oh, yes, it is a historical place from 1600. More than 400 years old. But obviously the restaurant does not need any new customers. Or does not care.After having had lunch with my wife there, I asked the waiter - who was quite nice, I must admit - if...

  • Great cakes and chocolates

    Read the comment by SSlater - very nice summary. Everything is made on the premises, no compromise on quality. Try the icecream tarts during the summer months (Bailey's is delicious), and don't forget to stock up on truffels, chocolates, hand made Easter eggs in season, even preserves/jams. The coffee selection has all the international favorites...


Göttingen Nightlife

  • Best pub in town

    Thanners formed an integral part of almost every great night out I had in Goettingen when I studied there seven years ago, and it has continued to come up trumps on the various occasions I have been back there since. Its central location and vibrant atmosphere make it an ideal pub for meeting up with friends. It attracts a large student crowd. It...

  • Theatre for Young Audiences

    The Junges Theater is Göttingen's second theatre venue behind the more traditional Deutsches Theater. The shows are generally more experimental, sometimes the experiment goes quite wrong, but hey, it's a young city and the young theatre is reflecting its eagerness to try out new things, to step aside from the trodden paths. But if in a performance...

  • Classic Pub

    One of my favourite Places in Goettingen is the Z.A.K. -- there's a genuine British/Irish feel to it, and the crowds are mixed -- mixed in Goettingen meaning students from all kinds of faculties. Pretty good food, and in summer you can sit outside. everything goes


Göttingen Transportation

  • I drove a car..but the train...

    I drove a car..but the train station is very close to the walking town and very accessibleYou can walk everywhere

  • You can reach Goettingen using...

    You can reach Goettingen using the Autobahn A7 or the ICE-Train, which both have a stop here. Its in the center of Germany, so it's easy to get here.There is one kind of vehicle you should not use in Goettingen: A Car. Everyone rides bicycle here. Or walks by feet. You can easily get around from one end of the inner town to the other in 15 minutes...

  • Göttingen Hotels

    22 Hotels in Göttingen

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Göttingen Shopping

  • RhineRoll's Profile Photo

    Pedestrian Zone: Excellent Shopping

    by RhineRoll Written Oct 16, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Most of the historic town is pedestrianised. There are many excellent shops tucked away in the medieval streets. Standards are high -- many knowledgeable students working as salespeople, so quite often you'll get excellent advice. The main Shopping street is Weender Straße, the old town's axis leading from the main Uni campus to the market place.

    Weender Strasse, Goettingen's main shopping axis
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Göttingen Local Customs

  • Parking lot for bicycles

    Since Goettingen's main train station has a guarded parking lot for bicycles, it looks like a local custom to park one's bicycle there, and then go from there.Ulrich Voss Fahrradparkhaus Bahnhofsplatz 3Goettingen, 37073ph: 0049-551-59994

  • Springtime in Niedersachsen

    When spring comes into bloom in Niedersachsen, so do the Raps (or rapeseed). The countryside blooms with bright yellow fields of Raps and it's breathtaking.

  • First mentioned by Emperor...

    First mentioned by Emperor Otto I. in a deed dated 953, Göttingen enjoys a rich history spanning more than a millennium. Around the year 1200 Göttingen received town status. It flourished, as a member of the Hanseatic League, in the 14th an 15th centuries. In later years, war torn and prey to political battles, this once blossoming centre of trade...


Göttingen Warnings and Dangers

  • Speed limits, car equipment, and road...

    Stick to the relevant speed limits, however frustrating it may be. It may be hard for tourists to stick to a (sometimes) suburban speed limit of 30 kph, but rest assured, if you get caught, you will get hammered. Also, if you are visiting in a car, make sure that you have headlamp converters fitted (for english vehicles), as well as a fire...

  • Lock your bike!

    In Goettingen, there are probably 10 bikes upon 1 car, so it's a very tempting place for bike thieves.... sometimes your bike may be also "used" by a drunk student heading home from the bar. Many people in Göttingen have 2 bikes: One shabby one for going to university and into town and one good one for bike tours etc.Lock your bike well!!Motorists...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Göttingen Tourist Traps

  • bmiller39's Profile Photo

    Couldn't find any tourist...

    by bmiller39 Written Sep 12, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Couldn't find any tourist traps..This is a picture of the bahn hof where you can get maps of the city, hotel recommendations, and just about anything..it was fascinating to see because of the number of bicyles parked outside

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Göttingen What to Pack

  • bmiller39's Profile Photo

    Packing List

    by bmiller39 Written Sep 12, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: I like to travel light..There is a french luggage company called delsey and I think they make the best bags fro traveling..excellent rollers and built in elasic straps that really pack things in well and helps prevent wrinkles. I only take one bag because I don't like the hassle of luggage. My delsey has performed well

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: I recommend dr maarten walking shoes..not particularly attractive but extremely comfortable....I don't worry about weather because if it is raining, I plan other activities or buy a cheap umbrella or poncho locally...

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Everything is available locally

    Photo Equipment: I usually leave my digital camera at home because it is too big to lug..an old sony fd95,,so I like to travel with my Nikon proena aps format which is smaller and lighter...If I ever hit the lottery, I will buy one of the new fuji's digitals that are really small and pocket size

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: A light weight mountain sleeping bag is always handy...

    Miscellaneous: I lke to travel with binoculars..when I am driving through European cities it is necessary to be in the proper traffic lane and often the directional signs appear just before the turn...which means it is too late to change lanes..so the binoculars really help when you are at a red light and want to read the traffic direction signs well ahead...To me they are a must for driving in large cities...The signs are there but not apparant often until you are right on top of them...

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Göttingen Off The Beaten Path

  • Duderstadt, The Hidden Gem

    When in Göttingen, I strongly recommend to make the 30 km drive to Duderstadt, another one of those wonderful county towns teeming with half-timbered houses. Duderstadt has one of Germany's nicest half-timbered town halls. People here are predominantly Roman Catholic. They are friendly, but slightly conservative -- very different from liberal...

  • Visit Seeburg Lake

    Seeburg lake is an easy 30 min drive from Goettingen -- another 30 minutes would take you right into the famous Harz mountains, another wonderful place to visit

  • Well,,I was in Viet Nam and...

    Well,,I was in Viet Nam and got to Nha Trang once...so I was suprised to find a Vietnamese street restaurant called the 'Nha Trang'...they were very surprised to hear me speak Vietnamese....Hello, how are you ?, Thank you...Can you get me a doctor...and finally stop ! Dung Lai !...It didn't get me a discount on the spring rolls but we all had a...


Göttingen Sports & Outdoors

  • once a year.....

    it was cold and really windy, but we had enough to warm up.... (sorry, Anna, no red bull, not even mixed) ...this was the 4th time for me participating on the "Kohlfahrt" with a group of friends in Göttingen. What´s that? Well, it all starts with a game called "Bosseln"...you have to throw/roll a little ball on a street as far as possible....you do...

  • Attending the Hochschulsport

    Hochschulsport activities are a great way to practice any kind of sports that you eventually like. The range is overwhealming: several dance groups, Japanese sports or Korean matial arts, sailing, cricket, underwater rugby, etc. Everything from Aerobic to Yoga. I have counted 52 sorts of offers.More in text update.The Hochschulsport page

  • Luxurious Swimming Pool

    The Badeparadies ("bathing paradise") Eiswiese is an extremly popular swimming pool and a lot more than that -- it's a complete leisure complex Disabled Access -- There's restrooms and special locker rooms. No hoist into the wather, though.


Göttingen Favorites

  • Historic Skyline

    Goettingen's old town hall and St. Martin's church make for a wonderful skyline against the summer sunlight.

  • Visit the historic...

    Visit the historic Rathaus...there is a great restaurant beneath the Rat Haus which is also worthy of a visit...There is a tourist office in the Rathaus and also occasionally special exhibits etc The narrow walking streets and the open out door market place

  • If you want to shop till you...

    If you want to shop till you drop, go to kassel! in goettingen you will not find anything interesting nor arround the city! just lot of green!


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