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  • Juleum Novum, the university
    Juleum Novum, the university
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  • Half-timbered houses in Kybitzstraße
    Half-timbered houses in Kybitzstraße
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Helmstedt Things to Do

  • Türkentor – Gate of the Turks

    The gate belonged to the abbey complex of St Ludgeri. The original was destroyed in 1944. A reconstruction has been put up in the 1980s. The gate is a triumphal arch. It praises Austria’s victory against the Turks in 1716.

  • Hausmannsturm Gate and Chapel of St...

    Only one of the once four town gates is preserved, the Neumärker Tor in the west. The gate tower is also known as Hausmannsturm. Neumärker Straße, the street that leads through it, is Helmstedt’s main shopping street (but don’t expect too much, this is a small town).The chapel next to the gate tower belonged to the hospital of St Georg , a...

  • Monastery of St Ludgeri: The Double...

    The small separate building in the courtyard contains two chapels. The lower chapel is dedicated to St Peter and Paul, the upper chapel to St John Baptist. Legends tell that the lower chapel is of Carolingian origin and served as missionary chapel in the 9th century Christianizatiof the region. However, the present building was only begun in the...

  • Monastery of St Ludgeri: Crypt of St...

    The 11th century crypt underneath the church is accessible from the courtyard of the convent underneath the northern transept. St Felicitas was the original patron saint of the abbey. The main church was later dedicated to St Ludgeri but the chapel in the crypt remained with St Felicitas. If the door is locked, ring the bell at the parsonage office...

  • Monastery of St Ludgeri

    The monastery complex is one of Helmstedt’s greatest architectural treasures after the Juleum. It was founded in the 9th century and always connected with the abbey of Werden in Essen, both were ruled by the same abbot. The abbey of St Ludgeri was an imperial abbey, thus not subject to the Duke of Braunschweig and not affected by the introduction...

  • Former Beguine House

    The most beautiful half-timbered house in the surroundings of St Stephani Church now serves as parsonage. It was built in 1580 for the Beguines, a Christian community of women which existed in Helmstedt already in the 14th century.

  • Church of St Stephani

    St Stephani is the main parish church of old Helmstedt. It is located on the highest hilltop within the old town. The hill was turned into a platform and stabilized by a wall on the steep eastern side. The surrounding churchyard used to be the cemetery. One baroque burial chapel, dated 1683, is still standing on the edge. The origins of the church...

  • Holzberg Square

    When walking into the old town from the train station, the large trinagular square (huh?) named Holzberg is probably the first you reach. It is used as a parking lot and full of cars. Watch your steps, as it is paved with cobblestone, only the sidewalks are a bit smoother. Anyway, don't miss looking at the houses around the square. There are some...

  • Professors’ Houses

    After the opening of the university Helmstedt experienced a boom. Professors and students and other staff involved with the university moved into town. They needed housing. A lot of pretty houses, some half-timbered and some in stone, were built in the streets around the university. You will find signs on many facades that tell who used to live...

  • Market Square and Town Hall

    The town’s market square is rather unspectacular. Like Holzberg it is triangular, not square. The most interesting institution for visitors here is probably the tourist information. The southwestern corner is occupied by the town hall. A much older, probably medieval building was substituted by a new one in 1904-1906. The imposing historistic...

  • Zonengrenzmuseum – Museum of the Border

    Helmstedt is located in closest vicinity to the Iron Curtain, the infamous border that divided the two Germanies in Cold War times. The border is gone, the museum recalls this important aspect of German history. Highly recommended to those who have not experienced those times.I mention the museum here although I have not visited it. I decided not...

  • Promenade on the Ramparts

    Already in the middle ages Helmstedt had a strong fortification with ramparts, moat and wall, eight towers and four gates. Parts of the wall are preserved in the southwest and northeast of the old town. On the northern and eastern side the moat is still filled with water. The line of the ramparts surrounds the entire old town, it has been turned...

  • Hoflager – the “Court Camp”

    The most beautiful half-timbered house around market square has historical significance. Duke Julius used it as his “court camp”, i.e. temporary residence during his visits to the town. The so-called “Rohrsche Haus” was built in 1567 and decorated with elaborate woodcarvings. The figures depict the seven free arts and religious topics; note, for...

  • Kreisheimatmuseum - Historical Museum

    The little museum in the basement of the main university building, aka Juleum Novum, presents a permanent exhibition about the history of town and university and the coal mines in the vicinity. Quite interesting to learn a bit about the place and its significance – if you have sufficient German language skills, as there are no translations. The...

  • Juleum Novum - Renaissance University...

    The beautiful palace-like building in the middle of the old town reminds us of Helmstedt's glorious past as a centre of science, theology and philosphy. Helmstedt was one of the early universities in Northern Germany. In 1568 Duke Julius of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel introduced the reformation in his territory. In order to train preachers in...


Helmstedt Hotels

  • Holiday Inn Garden Court Helmstedt

    Chardstrasse 2, 38350 Helmstedt

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Der Quellenhof

    Brunnenweg 19, Helmstedt, 38350, de

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Parkhotel Helmstedt

    Albrechtstrasse 1, Helmstedt, Lower Saxony, 38350, Germany

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Helmstedt Off The Beaten Path

  • Pädagogium

    Future teachers studied at the Pädagogium in Kybitzstraße. The stone ground floor has a sculpted renaissance portal. The upper floors consist of timberwork with carved ornaments.The most famous student of the Pädagogium was Hoffmann von Fallersleben, the poet who wrote the text of Germany’s national anthem. He studied here in 1812-1814....

  • Nazi versus Democratic Justice:...

    I would like to draw your attention to an interesting sculpture that deals with Nazi justice and the new beginning after the war. It can be found in closest vicinity to the Juleum Novum but is easily overlooked. This sculpture is standing in the yard of the law court west of the university. According to the sign it was created by S. Neuenhausen in...

  • Church of St Walpurgis

    Actually the whole town of Helmstedt is "off the beaten path" so it is hard to divide the tips, but some places are even more hidden than others, so let's give it a start...The green spire of St Walpurgis is visible from many placesin the old twon but it is located rather on its edge in a less interesting area. The parish church of the northern...


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