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  • Rinteln
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Rinteln Things to Do

  • Historic walk

    In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the town of Rinteln underwent an economic boom, and the period saw the founding of the Ernestina University. Most of the half timbered buildings standing today date from this period. Rinteln's prosperity was severely affected by its involvement in the in the Thirty Years War, and by the plague which...

  • On foot or by motobike

    On foot or by motobike, either way one can discover Rinteln's beauty and its loveliest hilly landscape just by following the paths or routes along the Weser river, which do remain beside the river from the beginning on.

  • Night Watchman

    The night watchman patrolled through the city and watched out of fires. Today you can still see the night watchman as statue at the market square. But there's also a night watchwoman! She's still alive and you can see her once a month. More info: http://www.rinteln.de/EEObject?ID=2958506&Token=8EE985E098B0F7D42A5823D548AC8547&Version=L1&ContextID=4

  • Old Museum

    This richly decorated half timbered house has been a museum for a long time. it is one of the oldest buildings in Rinteln.

  • "Hinter der Mauer" (Behind the wall)

    Next to one of the towers of the fortifications you find the district of "Hinter der Mauer" Once the poorest part of Rinteln it is now the nicest in my eyes. Please compare the size of the house with the size of the car! Unbelievable, there are still living people in the house!

  • Church of St. Sturmius

    The Church of St. Sturmius was built in New Gothic style between 1884 -1888. It is dedicated to St. Sturmius, a student of Holy Bonifatitius.

  • Mühlenexter

    At this shady park was once located the old fortress It was razed in 1807 and one year later a park was planted there..

  • Church of St. Jacobi

    This church is the only survival edifice of the former convent. In here, in 1621 the Rinteln University was founded. After the university was removed to Marburg in 1820 the building was used as a classical secondary school. In 1875 it was newly built.

  • Archivhäuschen

    The Archivhäuschen was constructed in 1565 by colonel Hilmar von Münchhausen. It is still used as archive.

  • Market Square

    Around the market square you can see a lot of beautiful half timbered houses. The best way to enjoy the atmosphere of this small town is to sit at the market square and watch the people passing by.

  • Church of St. Nicholai

    This church is the landmark of Rinteln. It was first mentioned in 1238 and was remodeled several times. Today it is in 18th century-Baroque style. The tower has a height of about 50 m (165 ft).

  • Bürgerhaus

    The Bürgerhaus was used as post office and later as police office. From 1900 it hosted the town hall. Today it is used as regestry office.


Rinteln Hotels

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Rinteln Restaurants

  • Awesome tasting asparagus

    Two main things we got there which we even did not need to ask for: The certain sauce to asparagus came separated in an extra bowl. Great thing! Salad came with oil and vinegar not with that heavy tasting mayonaise dressing, Great thing! We had different sorts of fish, salad, and asparagus which really tasted wonderful despite that it was pretty...

  • Perfect rare roast beef

    Restaurant Kassel is a very nice, a very lovely, traditional, and typical German place which provids with an hotel as well. It's located on Rinteln's pedestrian zone. Though the restaurant is less lightful it is yet very cosy, and quiet. Very friendly waiters/waitresses, great food. Their rost beef tastes so fantastic that one may call it an event....

  • Italian ice cream

    There visitors can find the typical Italian ice cafe, typically located on a town's pedestrian zone. And if it's a good Italian ice cafe, like this one is, visitors will enjoy the typical, Italian creamy made ice cream. Just that. Nice atmosphere, a bit loudy, and very friendly staff.


Rinteln Transportation

  • Boat trip

    A boat trip on the Weser river is an amazing experience. Whether along the idyllic mountains or in the winding courses of the river: there are many possibilities with scheduled or chartered boats.Tourist-Information RintelnMarktplatz 7Rinteln, 31737ph: 01149- 57 51- 4 03-9 80

  • On Autobahn A2 to Rinteln

    From South of Germany take Autobahn A 2 in direction of Hannover.Leave Autobahn A2 at exit Bad Eilsen / Rinteln Drive onto B238 in direction of Hameln / RintelnThen at Steinbergen turn right (B238) into Rinteln

  • Getting there by car

    Rinteln can easily be reched by car via Autobahn 2 (Hannover-Dortmund). Just take exit "Bad Eilsen/Rinteln".


Rinteln Shopping

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    This Reformhaus Rinteln is another clean, neat, well structered and organic items providing, health shop. Salesladies are very friendly and helpful. I do recommend this health shop as much as Bad Pyrmont's health shop at pedestrian zone: Reformhaus Kreisel-Siebe, Brunnenstrasse 3, Bad Pyrmont, 31812, ph 01149-5281-46 00 since Bad Pyrmont is pretty close to Rinteln (about 20-30mns).

    The organic market in Germany is by far the biggest in Europe, with sales more than five billion euros (6.5 billion dollars) in 2008, according to German Federation for Organic Food. The next biggest market, Britain, is worth two billion euros. And eggs are the most popular of bio products, citing a survey showing that 63 percent of organic shoppers put eggs in their baskets, just ahead of fruits and potatoes.


    Products by neuform international conform to strict neuform quality guidelines. The neuform seal of quality is only put on food, natural medicines, and cosmetics that meet the elaborate and unique regulations of the neuform Cooperative of German Health Food Stores. About 6000 products, which are produced by more than 50 different manufacturers, bear the neuform seal at present. They are exclusively available in neuform health food stores.


    Though this tip means to recommend German locations, I yet like to add here the link to
    the page below (locations stateside): Find natural food stores and health food stores including online health food stores for health food. Visit natural health food stores, food coops and organic health food stores.


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Rinteln Local Customs

  • Rinteln's popped popcorn with caramel...

    As the journal of Lippische Landeszeitung wrote, Rinteln can be happy to have the Dunkelpeter Popcorn company moved into their town. Not only due to the sweet, sugar scent one can smell there on windy days but also Germans don't need to munch imported popcorn. I do consider their very tasty, crispy popcorn, with caramel added, the best.Dunkelpeter...

  • Rinteln's loveliest Christmas Market

    The magic of traditional German Christmas Markets is casting more visitors under its spell every year. Historic Christmas Markets, held in towns like Rinteln, are becoming increasingly more popular, due, no doubt, to the enchanting Festive Season atmosphere they evoke. The Christmas fairs and markets of Germany are unique. If you're tired of...

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Rinteln What to Pack

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    Miscellaneous: Rainy season: There is no special rainy season

    Avg. Temp. in Spring: max.: 8 – 18°C ( 47 - 64°F ); min: 1 - 7°C ( 34 - 44°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 21 – 22°C ( 70 - 72°F ); min: 11 - 12°C ( 50 - 52°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: 7 – 18°C ( 45 - 64°F); min: 2 - 9°C ( 36 – 49°F )
    Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: 3 – 5°C ( 38 - 41°F); min: 0 - 1°C ( 32 - 34°F )

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Rinteln Off The Beaten Path

  • That thing with the ducks is...

    ...so amusing and pleasant to feed them it makes one more than happy. And at the banks of the Weser river are plenty of'em ducks. But, big BUT, feeding ducks there is not allowed as, so says a sign, we only recognized later after we did the feed, rats would be attracted too.Tourist-Information RintelnMarktplatz 7Rinteln, 31737ph: 01149- 57 51- 4...

  • Lovely district Todenmann, sounds like...

    The origin of the strange name of Rinteln's district Todenmann (dead man) is not known. Assumptions are, the name might be related to the shut down of the former local coal mine many years back. Rinteln's suburbs with the village of Todenmann (among others) is the latest founded village (16th century) which earlier, was not more than a cluster of...

  • Memorial of Franz von Dingelstedt

    In the yard of the restaurant's Altes Zollhaus, Hauptstrasse 5, Rinteln, 31737, is located a memorial of the German poet, dramatist and theatre administrator Franz von Dingelstedt (June 30, 1814 – May 15, 1881) as he right there created his famous *ballad of the Weser river. The book by which Franz von Dingelstedt is best remembered is "Lieder...


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