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    View of Cologne
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Cologne Things to Do

  • Cologne Cathedral/ Kölner Dom

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Update June 2015: After many, many times in the cathedral I've only now found out why the shrine of the three wise kings sometimes can be seen quite close and sometimes only from afar through a fence. I realised that I always used to be there on a Saturdayafternoon, when there is confession time in the cathedral and when the entrance to the shrine...

  • Old Town

    In the center of the Alter Markt Square, the biggest square in Cologne’s old town, stands a fountain with a statue of Jan von Werth that dates to 1884. Jan von Werth was Cavalry General during Thirty Years War and fought for Catholic League. Since Cologne was traditional Catholic city and its Archbishop was one of seven electors of the Emperor of...

  • Imhoff-Stollwerck Chocolate Museum

    The Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum (Imhoff chocolate museum) was opened by Hans Imhoff on 31 October 1993. It is situated in the Cologne quarter of Altstadt-Süd on the Rheinauhafen peninsula. The exhibits show the entire history of chocolate, from its beginnings with the Olmecs, Maya and Aztecs to contemporary products and production methods. This place...


Cologne Hotels

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Cologne Restaurants

  • VT Meeting and Dinner with HORSCHECK

    The Day was 16th of October 2015, and the time was 1800H. We were holding a Virtual Tourist Flag in front of The Dom ( The Cathedral of Cologne) when HORSCHECK came on our starboard side. After a friendly gesture and introduction we walked towards the Rhein and the Hohenzollern Bridge and the adjacent esplanade. And by 1900H we entered a beautiful...

  • Restaurant Pfeffermuhle

    This restaurant is situated and famous Heumarkt Square. This is big quadrangular square with the monument at its southern part and many restaurants at its northern part. We had our lunch in “Pfeffermuhle” and it was delicious. We took traditional German Bratwurste and beer. It was Gaffel Kolsch. Service was fast and professional, waiters spoke...

  • Good vegetarian food

    A nice, large restaurant serving good,vegetarian food. It's a self-service place, not expensive at all. They try to be as organic as possible, with free-range eggs ( that sounds weird, eggs from free-range chicken is better).Free W-Lan is offered and there is a special lunch dish each day.


Cologne Nightlife

  • Live Jazz

    Papa Joe's is my favourite spot in whole of Cologne, it is the place where I've spend my two Colognese nights before going to sleep. The club is situated in Buttermarkt, which is a foot from my hotel. Unfortunately I couldn't take the picture inside the club, but trust the atmosphere is hot hot hot.What you'll find here is tons of beer and very...

  • it's only a rock n' roll

    Unfortunatelly I was here during a day only when strolling around, entering to take a juice. Have noticed mixed age attendants from juniors up to seniors of my age, but all lovers of real rock n' roll. The music was good, mostly oldies since it was early afternoon time. The ambient is nice, a kind which rock fans like alot. It is situated very...

  • Was Päffgen but now its Pfaffen

    As you walk around town this building stands out with its bright orange facade and ornate wooden entrance. Even it were not a pub it would get my attention. But it was once Altstadt Päffgen, the brewery's oldest old town pub and was still the case on my 1999 visit. In 2001 the pub owner who's name if Pfaffen had a fight with the brewery and decided...


Cologne Transportation

  • My second visit was by train

    On the way back to home, from the VT meeting in Aachen, I stopped couple of hours in Cologne, just to renew fond memories and nice time which I had here. From Aachen to Cologne drives regional train every hour, and so much time it needs to passes the distance between each other. I left my bag in "left luggage department" on the train station and it...

  • Tram, S-bahn, U-Bahn, bus and more

    Köln has a very good organised transport system; below ground, at ground level and above.Overview of all linesMap with all linesKölner SeilbahnReal time Public Transportation info on the Cologne mapLost & Found: Otmar Pohlplatz 1, tel: +49-221-26313Transport Museum:Straßenbahn Museum ThielenbruchGemarkestrasse 13951069 Köln-Dellbruck

  • Baggage checking machines

    The Cologne Main Station now has several automatic baggage checking machines like the one in Freiburg im Breisgau.Instead of finding an empty locker, if there is one, and hoping it is big enough for your luggage, you simply insert four Euros (double the old locker price!) into one of these machines, take out the card with the magnetic stripe and...


Cologne Shopping

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  • “Ohh de Cologne”

    What is the most famous souvenir you can bring home from Cologne? Of course this is Eau de Cologne! That’s no problem if you have too little time to visit house #4711 where cologne was produced since 1792. You can visit souvenir shop “Ohh de Cologne” situated near the cathedral. You will be able to buy any sort of famous Eau de Cologne in that shop...

  • DM Drogerie Shops

    DM drogerie - market is a chain of retail stores headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany that sells cosmetics, healthcare and household products, and health food. In its branch, dm-drogerie market is Germany's largest retailer measured by revenues. There are several DM shops in the city of Cologne and one of them is situated not far from the Cathedral...

  • Shopping in Cologne

    Well, if you are going to do shopping in Cologne then you should know that a lot of different shops and boutiques are situated at the Hohe Strasse. That street starts from the Wallrafplatz Square near the Cathedral and runs southward. So, go south and enjoy your shopping. In four hundred and fifty meters turn to the right at Schildergasse Street....


Cologne Local Customs

  • Padlocks of love at the Hohenzollern...

    This habit came to Cologne in 2008. Many sweethearts and newlyweds come here just to lock the padlock as the symbol of their eternal and unbreakable union and to throw the key away in to Rhine Rive. There will no available place soon. Although evil tongues say that some divorced came here with the locksmith’s handsaw under the cover of darkness to...

  • Kölsch - Beer and Language

    Cologne's two main traditions are its individual dialect and its brewhouses and strangely enough the same word applies to both - Kölsch. I don't speak standard German (well apart from "Ein Bier Bitte") and so can't appreciate the subtleties of the local lingo but I was sort of impressed by the tradition of Kölsch drinking.The word "Kölsch", as...

  • Bier Museum

    Well, I wasn't surprise because it could be expected to see the Bier Museum in the town of bier. It is situated in the old core of the town and, of course, surrounded by the number of other breweries. I suppose it is a must see for all bier lovers but am not the one.I bet my old mate, Klausbeermanviking (member Cahaseiro) would never leave this...


Cologne Warnings and Dangers

  • Closed tower. (2005)

    This Tower is now closed to the public. Colonius is a comunications tower in citys that I find to go up as they usually have a restraunt and or bar at the top that sometimes can get panaramic photos of the city.Colonius is the telecommunications tower of Cologne which was completed in 1981 . Colonius did possesses a cafeteria , a deck...

  • The equestrian statue of Emperor Wilhelm...

    It is usually said, when one is drunk could see doubly, - this worth only for those guys who are married, NEVER WATCH YOUR MOTHER IN LAW IF DRUNK.Those of you who took a walk across the Hohenzollern Bridge, side to side, might have think that are drunk of Koelsh or Frueh beer. You will see DOUBLY equestrian statue of Emperor Wilhelm II, or what is...

  • Umwelt/Environmental plakette/sticker

    If you want to drive with your car into the center of Koln / Cologne, you need to have an environmental badge (sticker).This sticker you need to get in advance.This applies to more and more cities in Germany.If you do not have the sticker, you risk a penalty of 40 euros.See the link for more information.


Cologne Tourist Traps

  • Biermuseum: not the museum you want to...

    On the outside, it looks nice. "Biermuseum" hangs on the side of the pub, inviting you in with the promise of lots of great beers to sample.As soon as you spend 5 minutes there, however, you start to realise your mistake. Not only does it look bad on the inside, the bartender is as apathetic and rude as they come. The beers they offer are mediocre...

  • Take a photo with one of the three Magi

    In a square outside of the Cathedral, there are some guys in elaborate costumes who are meant to symbolize the three Magi (Wise Men) who visited Jesus upon His birth with gifts. For a donation, you can have your picture with one of them. I think the guy in gold is pretty cool. If you decide to have your photo with one of the three Magi, it is...

  • Mini train

    A mini yellow coloured train disappearing near the Cathedral looked like a tourist trap to me. Its too small a train to be comfortable to sit and it is supposed to take tourists across some important tourist attractions in the city. I certainly don't think its worth the hype.


Cologne What to Pack

  • COMFY shoes.

    Hiking boots are recommended as parts of the town are cobbled and a lot of it is on the slope, up & down all day... didn't do my ill prepared feet any good. Fortunately there are plenty of places to rest, in Cologne they are called 'Bars' just like back home, conveinient eh? Recommended, but keep it to hand, Cologne is famous for pickpockets....

  • Phantasialand

    Bring a small backpack with enough space for snacks and drinks. Comfortable tennis shoes. I wore flip flops to the park and my feet were sore at the end of the day.If you dont want to get wet on the water rides, bring a light raincoat. I saw a lot of people at the park on water rides with raincoats to protects themselves and their bags because you...

  • Candle lighting D

    You'll need the widest of angles to get those great panoramas or get even some of the Dom interior. D as always made a great travel mate in Cologne. She cut her cathedral visit short to help me hunt the Kölsch she just knew I had to have. A wife, well one like D, comes in handy like that. ;)


Cologne Off The Beaten Path

  • Remains of Roman Culture

    If you pay enough of attention then you will notice a lot of traces of Roman ancient culture in the central part of Cologne. For instance you will find the section of Roman Sewage System near the Roman Praetorium Museum at the intersection of Kleine Budengasse and Unter Goldschmid Streets. That section belonged to the northern sewer of Roman city...

  • LVR Turm

    LVR Turm or Cologne triangle tower is situated on the eastern bank of the River Rhine. Since 2006 this tower produces probably on the best view at the historical center of Cologne and bridges over Rhine from its platform situated at 29th floor. From the height of one hundred meters you will be able to enjoy the best views at Cologne. But please...

  • Roman Fountain

    In the square between City Museum in the Old Zeughaus and Bestek Museum, Komodienstrasse and Burgmauer Streets you will find the wonderful fountain reminds us about the Romas founded that city two thousand years ago. You can take a sit and rest there after your visit to excellent City Museum. Komodienstrasse, Cologne


Cologne Sports & Outdoors

  • Cologne Centurions

    2005 is their second season in NFL Europe. Saw the seasons first game against the Hamburg Sea Devils, a 24-23 win for the home team, could have been very different if Hamburg remembered to call time out before attempting a field goal 10 seconds from the end - live and learn.Disappointing small crowd of around 10,000, ticket prices are very...

  • BayArena

    The home of Bayer 04 Leverkusen.The ground is situated in a little town called Leverkusen only 25 minutes away by train from Cologne.It was originally built in 1932, now fully rebuilt with a capacity of 22,500.Even though it has a small capacity is a great looking stadium from both inside and out.

  • Müngersdorfer Stadion

    The old home of 1. FC Köln.They were quite literally knocking down this old stadium at the time of our visit. we should have been wearing hard hats at least as we sneaked in an open door.It was built in 1923 with a recent capacity of 42,000.Now rebuilt and renamed the RheinEnergie Stadion in time for the FIFA World Cup 2006.


Cologne Favorites

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  • Old Town/Altstadt

    The old core of the town, called Altstadt, is undoubtelly the most charming part of the town. It is situated along the bank of the river Rhein and in the close vicinity of the Dom. The Altstadt is characteristic for its network of short and narrow streets, but most of all, for the traditional houses congested one to another and each coloured in...

  • Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral)

    In 1964, when I left my children with my mother and went to meet my husband's ship in Europe, I sent periodic postcards to my daughter. This one had two 20 DM stamps The Cathedral is the outstanding thing to see in Cologne. I've been twice. Once in 1950 when I was 12, and in 1964. .. Dear Daughter We are going to see this church this morning....

  • Food and Drink

    If you are a fan of Spanish and Mexican cuisines then you can find a plenty of sapanish and Mexican restaurants at Salzgasse Street. Thatstreet stretched from Heumarkt Square to River Rhine. You will find also some Italian restaurants and traditional German Beer Houses there. Address: Salzgasse, Cologne


Top 10 European Christmas Markets: Cologne

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Cologne, like many towns in Germany, has multiple Christmas markets. The primary market is held at the Cathedral, but another market with slightly more-expensive goods, the Neumarkt, is also a great place to find presents. Cologne's food offerings are slightly more traditional: bratwurst, yeast dumplings with jam and vanilla sauce, crepes, and chocolate. A special rarity: one of the city's markets, the Floating Christmas Market, can be found aboard a boat docked at the Rhine River.

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    Koelnmesse (Cologne Exhibition Centre) in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany is the location of Gamescom (Europe's largest gaming event,) this year. Thursday 14 August through 17 August 2014.

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