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Dortmund Highlights

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     The Westfalenstadium 

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     TO BUSY 

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     a modern industrial city 

Dortmund Things to Do

  • Florian Tower

    The highest point of Dortmund, more than 200 meter high, the TV tower is a good sightseeing point, and a good place to have a drink in its rotating restaurant at the top. The speed of the elevator its a strong sensation, easy to feel when it starts.

  • Westfallen Park

    This beautiful, large and calm park, around Florian TV tower, is a relaxing place, including a botanical garden and a zoo. Cultural events take place sometimes in a stage by the lake.

  • The Dortmund Opera

    Like many other German cities, Dortmund built its first opera house at the beginning of the twentieth century. The original Dortmund Opera opened in 1904 and was destroyed by aerial bombing during the Second World War.An architects’ competition to design a new opera house was held in 1955. The new building was constructed from 1956 to 1959 but it...

  • Propsteikirche: Interior and Artworks

    The interior of the catholic Propsteikirche holds some medieval artworks which have been preserved during the war. First of all, there is the retable on the main altar, painted by Derick Baegert from Wesel around 1460/70. The large paintings of the inner, the holiday side show the Crucification of Christ in the large central painting, the Holy...

  • Propsteikirche

    The main catholic church of the city is not just a parish church but the central church of a Propstei (church district). From its foundation around 1300 until 1816 it was the abbey church of the Dominicans (Black Brethren, hence the street name "Schwarze-Brüder-Straße"). In the 19th century it then became the catholic parish church for the city....

  • Petrikirche - Church of St Peter

    Petrikirche is the first church you'll encounter if you arrive by public transport because it is located very close to the central station. The gothic church was built in the 14th century.Unfortunately I could not enter because like the other churches it is closed for a lunch break. If your timing is better than mine, walk in: This church contains...


Dortmund Hotels

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Dortmund Restaurants

  • Alex!

    Thank god we asked the girl in the hostel where to eat. It was a Sunday so everywherre was closed and we had hours to kill, it was wet and damn cold and she recommended Alex.It was packed and no wonder, they had an all you can eat buffet for 11.90 euros.We stayed in there for 3 hours and after 7 platefuls were stuffed and satisfied to head to the...

  • Linus Café Restaurant

    One Saturday in April 2013 we had a late lunch in this restaurant which we discovered by chance as it is tucked away in a courtyard at the back of the Propstei church.The café, restaurant, lounge is quite big and the tables are well distributed. Service was friendly. The restaurant is known for its food and a fair few tables were already reserved...

  • Panoramic drink

    Obviously this is not the best restaurant in Dortmund, nor the cheaper, but it's different. You may sit and have your drink or meal, while the city is passing before you, in a constant and gentle rotation.

  • Cotton's Café

    We came here in November 2008 to take a break from shopping. Even at that time of the year there was still outdoor seating with heating elements, but we prefered to sit inside. I revisited this café in October 2012. The large outdoor seating on a no traffic square had some blankets.I had an Earl Grey tea and an apple strudel with ice cream and...

  • Excellent Traditional German Fare

    We wanted traditional German fare and were not disappointed. We had the Schweineledchen "Markipfanne", which was the house special pork loin with sausage and potatoes, and the Mrs had the rather tasty Spargel, local fresh white asparagus. All this was washed don with a tasty Pilsner and came to around €35.

  • Excellent Beer & Schnitzel

    This is another fine establishment that you will find in Am Markt. The Pfefferkorn restaurant is part of the bar and so as we were getting hungry, we decided to eat as well.We hadn't had a Schnitzel on our visit yet and so it was time that was addressed.Friendly staff, excellent beer and tasty Schnitzel. We obviously started with two Brinkhoff'x...


Dortmund Nightlife

  • For a summer night

    Beer, football, beer.What else in Dortmund, besides work?Well I had the luck of a pleasant night in the park, with a musical show in the beautiful stage by the lake. It's very interesting, watching the performance and feeling the touch of nature all around you. I don't know where to find the scheduling of the performances, and, if it is available...

  • Watch a movie

    Behind the railway station in Dortmund you will find the Cine Star film palace which houses several cinema halls. The draw back is that all the film are dubbed into German. Still I watched the last two James Bonds there.

  • Nighttime

    Sweet Jesus, if your thinking of going to Dortmund for a lads w/e think again, apart from watching some prety entertaining football this w/e (2-4 to Wolfsberg), we really struggled to find anything to do. We had a great w/e but there are far better cities in Germany to go than Dortmund, give it a wide berth. Godspeed


Dortmund Transportation

  • Dortmund Main Station

    I arrived in Dortmund on an InterCityExpress (ICE) train from Hannover, which took one hour and thirty-eight minutes. I left two days later, also on an ICE train, this time bound for Frankfurt am Main.Both of these trains were more or less on time, which unfortunately is no longer the norm for German trains.Overseas visitors to Germany are often...

  • Metropolradruhr

    From the start, part of the business plan of the NextBike organization was that they offered to work with local and regional authorities to establish tailor-made bicycle sharing systems designed especially to fit the local situation.The best example of this that I have seen and used is the Metropolradruhr system which began operation in June 2010...

  • Cycling in Dortmund

    Like all German cities, Dortmund has an active chapter of the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC).This is not a racing club, but a club devoted to promoting the bicycle as the ideal means of urban transportation. And unusual feature of the Dortmund ADFC chapter is that their website has a map showing past and present problem points for cyclists,...


Dortmund Shopping

  • Karstadt sports

    This is my favourite shop in Dortmund. A whole building full of sports clothings and other sport items. Often a bargain is to be found here.On the ground floor there is a big screen where they show football games. Well, I only ever visited the shop on Saturdays so I don't know about the other days.

  • Looong shopping street

    Dortmund has a long pedestriansed shopping street, the Westenhellweg. Here you can buy all you want. In December you find a huge Christmas tree and a Christmas market around this area too.

  • Dortmund Hotels

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Dortmund Local Customs

  • Garten

    I don't know if it is common elsewhere, but not in Portugal. Th local municipality owes some terrains outside town, that rents in very small fractions to agricultural... amusement. My sister-in-law had one, and her husband's pleasure showing each growing been or carrot was remarkable. The small properties are prepared ( by the renters) for a day...

  • Protest in Dortmund

    I happened to be in Dortmund on a day when demonstrations were being held in cities all over the world to protest the power of the banks and financial markets over peoples and governments.Despite high levels of poverty and unemployment, Dortmund is not (yet) particularly known as a hotbed of protest, nor is Dortmund much of a banking center....

  • Big Santa Welcomes Visitors

    During Christmas market season, visitors to Dortmund will be greeted by Santa Claus. This tall figure (hard to estimate from my photos but 3 m at least) is standing on top of the stairs opposite the central station, on the way into the city centre. The sign in his hand announces the Christmas market.The steeple in the background, by the way,...


Dortmund Tourist Traps

  • rainerbuse's Profile Photo

    by rainerbuse Written Feb 14, 2003

    The Adlerturm - part of the medieval town wall, rebuilt the way it was centuries ago.
    Except that nobody knows what it did look like originally. The foundations are there in the ground and they ARE genuine, but all the rest was built from two medieval drawings that are both less than an inch big and don't even agree on details, like number of windows etc.
    The whole thing is about as genuine as Cinderella's castle in Disneyworld.

    Unique Suggestions: keep your eyes closed.

    Fun Alternatives: try one of Dortmund's churches. They at least are genuine. My tip is the Marienkirch right in the city centre.

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Dortmund Off The Beaten Path

  • Mohne Lake

    Not far from town, a pleasant place away from the concrete and the busy streets, this dam creates a lake very attractive to water sports or just only a picnic.

  • Mine head tower

    From the U-Tower near the main station I started cycling straight north and soon came to the Fredenbaumpark and the Natural History Museum.Behind the Natural History Museum they have set up an old Mine Head Tower, moved from somewhere else entirely, as the beginning of an outdoor exhibit on the history of mining in this area.This tower was served...

  • Bicycle routes in Dortmund

    For anyone staying more than a day or two in Dortmund, I think it would be very worthwhile to invest in a proper cycling map or at least buy or print out some of the tourist office publications showing bicycle routes to points of interest in various districts of Dortmund.Since I had only one day I just rode around more or less at random through the...


Dortmund Sports & Outdoors

  • Borussia Dortmund - PSV 1-1

    Goal where scored by Jan Koller in the 10th minute and the equalizer by Arnold Bruggink in the 47th minute.

  • Signal Iduna Park - Westfalenstadion

    The home of Bundesliga team Borussia Dortmund.Germany's largest stadium and has a capacity of 81,264.The stadium was originally built in 1965 and called the Westfalenstadion. It changed name, due to a sponsorship deal, to Signal Iduna Park on 1st December 2005.I went to the stadium in April 1997 for the UEFA Champions League Semi Final 1st leg, BVB...




Dortmund Favorites

  • Black walls

    The strongest impression caught in my first visit to Dortmund was the black colour of many buildings. I know that coal was dominant in the old times, butt for someone used to the white dominance in our Mediterranean houses, it was almost a shock.Interesting the contrast with the "always" white curtains in all windows.

  • Love parade

    In 2008 the Love parade was celebrated in Dortmund. Originally the love parade is known from Berlin where it first drew hundreds of thousands techno music freaks. These days the love parade takes place in the Ruhrgebiet, each year in a different city.There is a rhino left over from this event. You will find it when you come out of the main...

  • Soccer World Championship rhinos

    These cute rhinos of the countries that played in the soccer world championship in Dortmund can be found near the Friedensplatz and the Adlerturm. Of course, I was very pleased to see the Swiss rhino there too.


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