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    Vaults of the basilica
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Kevelaer Things to Do

  • Gnadenkapelle – Chapel of Grace

    In 1654 the Chapel of Grace was built over the shrine to protect the sacred image and give it a worthy home. The small but richly decorated hexagonal building was designed after the model of the pilgrimage chapel in Scherpenheuvel in Belgium. The altar inside was consecrated in 1663. The chapel is a little gem of Dutch renaissance. The image...

  • Shopping for Holy Souvenirs

    The centre of the town is full of shops selling devotional articles and souvenirs for all wishes and needs, all budgets and all kinds of taste, in some cases lack thereof. Enjoy the shop windows even if you don’t want to buy anything.

  • Parish Church of St Antonius

    St Antonius has been the parish church of the town since the 15th century. It is dedicated to Saint Antonius the Abbot whose statue is standing in front of the church. Due to misfortune the church burnt down to the foundations in 1982. Afterwards it was rebuilt after new plans which adopt the general shape and elements of the old church but give it...

  • Sakramentskapelle – Chapel of the...

    The holiest, the consecrated Eucharistic host, is displayed for adoration in the chapel by the entrance to the fountain courtyard. Please keep quiet.

  • Brunnenhof – Fountain Courtyard

    The courtyard is surrounded by Basilica, Sacrament Chapel and Confession Chapel. The fountain in the middle with its four water flows is a symbol of God’s ever flowing mercy, just like the four streams of paradise that forever make Earth fertile.

  • Chapel of Baptism and Confession

    Tauf- und Beichtkapelle – The chapel in Fountain Courtyard served for the sacraments of baptism and confession. Many of the personal miracles of Kevealer happen here, where people are relieved of their burdens after confession their guilt and being granted absolution. Compared to the other churches this one is rather plain, on purpose. This is a...

  • The Pope’s Visit in 1987 – the Pope Door

    In 1987 Pope John Paul II visited Kevelaer to participate in a church congress and to pray at the pilgrimage sites. An ancient liturgy requires him to knock at the door of the church with a hammer to be let in. The bronze side door of the basilica shows this scene.A special stamp with the image of the Madonna and the buildings of Kevelaer has been...

  • Basilica

    The two small chapels soon were too small for the numbers of pilgrims that visited Kevelaer. In the mid-19th century the construction of a much larger new church was planned. Vincenz Statz, cathedral architect in Cologne, designed the big church and the complex of small chapels around the fountain courtyard. The foundation stone was laid in 1858....

  • Priesterhaus

    To take care of the pilgrims, the Bishop of Roermont sent Oratorian Patres from Scherpenheuvel to Kevelaer in 1646. A year later a monastery and parsonage was built for them next to the shrine, now called Priesterhaus. The Priests’ House in Chapel Square is the pilgrimage centre, accommodation for groups and information office.

  • Kerzenkapelle – Chapel of the Candles

    Pilgrimages to the shrine with the little image of the Madonna set in immediately in 1642. Eight healings were reported already in the first year. In 1643 the construction of the first pilgrimage church the Chapel of the Candles, was begun and completed within two years. In this church the pilgrims celebrate mass and offer big candles. Most...

  • Niederrheinisches Museum

    Last october they had a special exhibition of Playmobil! A whole collection of normal playmobil through the years, so you were able to see the developement in this beautiful quality toy. Drawings of the products. Special advertising items etc. A children's playarea. Playmobil was only a temporary exhibition, but the rest of the museum is also worth...

  • Walking around Kapellenplatz!

    A nice thing to do is walking around Kapellenplatz where all pelgrims walk from chapel to chapel lighting candles!I allways wonder: What are people expecting from these pelgrimages? For themselves? For the world?Will you become a better person of it?I must honoustly say I don't know I only visited because of the playmobil exhibition in the local...

  • Sakramentskapelle

    The Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament is located to the left side of the entrance to the Fountain Courtyard. These chapels are all at Kapellenplatz and can't be missed!

  • Gnadenkapelle

    In Kevelaer, the faithful of all ages, both men and women, those seeking enlightenment and those in desperation, those acting out of belief and out of trust, all come to her. Shepherds and their flocks gather around her image, which is unusually close to them all, virtually close enough to touch. This chapel is very small, but still you can make a...

  • Kerzenkapelle

    The Candle Chapel is the oldest pilgrimage church in Kevelaer - therefore most processions still continue to make a stop here.

  • Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament

    The Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament is located on the western side of the Fountain Courtyard.The Chapel was built in 1860 as a confessional chapel for the Dutch pilgrims and its three-transom Paradise portico was added in the early 1880s.

  • "Beichtkapelle" - The Confessional...

    The entrance to the Confessional Chapel can be found in the Fountain Courtyard, on the sacristy side of the Basilica. The Confessional Chapel, built in 1857, houses now the cloister with the penitential cells.

  • St. Mary's Basilica - stained glass...

    The impressive colourful stained glass windows of the Basilica passed through different restructuring works, all aimed to match the original conception.


Kevelaer Hotels

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  • Hotel zur Bruecke

    Bahnstr. 44, Kevelaer, North Rhine-Westphalia, 47623, Germany

    Good for: Couples

  • Gelder Dyck

    Hotel is to be recommended very much a tasty one clarifies room favourably have breakfast and only...

  • Seminar und Sporthotel Schravelsche...

    Grotendonker Strasse 54-58, Kevelaer, North Rhine-Westphalia, 47626, Germany

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

Kevelaer Restaurants

  • The marvellous eat

    Comfortably, very nice service, romps küche, refines ware, tastes very much very much very tasty Teller are arranged very tasty and one has joke in it them to consider

  • Ice cream in Kevelaer

    We spend only an afternoon in Kevelaer but we really enjoyed an ice cream while walking around the Basilica and on the town?s narrow streets.The coffee shop is called Europa Eis Cafe.

  • Kevelaer Hotels

    8 Hotels in Kevelaer

Kevelaer Shopping

  • Diana75's Profile Photo

    Souvenirs shops around the Basilica

    by Diana75 Written Nov 23, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    All around the Basilica there are a lot of shops selling small souvenirs, from rosaries to statues, icons or pictures with John Paul II or Benedict IX.
    The prices tend to be higher than in other places, but a gift from Kevelaer will always be appreciated.

    Souvenirs shop in Kevelaer Souvenirs shop in Kevelaer
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Kevelaer Local Customs

  • ettenaj's Profile Photo


    by ettenaj Updated Sep 15, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    With not being able to speak any German we could not understand the srvices held nearly every day in the town square. for one reason or another, then on Sunday the whole town came out to church, lots of processions and singing and candle lighting, we felt a little out of it as we did not understand what was actually happening. Great to watch though. With many of the men wearing colourful outfits with large hats covered with feathers!!

    outdoor service

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Kevelaer What to Pack

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    Travellers language kit

    by ettenaj Written Sep 19, 2004

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    Miscellaneous: A great find, a little book called Point It. The idea for the book is as simple as it is brilliant. Besides toothbrush, passport and creditcard POINT IT should belong to the standard equipment of every traveller.
    Picture dictionary
    Dictionnaire illustre
    Diccionario de imagenes
    Dizionario illustrato

    Dont go without it

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Kevelaer Off The Beaten Path

Kevelaer Favorites

  • Weeze Airport

    Weeze airport is just one village and a few kilometres away from Kevelaer. In case you need a place to stay near the airport, there is more or less nothing in Weeze itself but next-door Kevelaer has much more to offer, both in terms of things to see and also accommodation and restaurants – a place that receives hundred thousands of visitors per...

  • Pronunciation of the name

    “Keh-ve-lahr” is the correct pronunciation. In this case the “ae” does not mark an Umlaut, as it usually does in German, but the extra e serves to prolong the “a” sound – a particularity of the dialects on the lower Rhine and in Westphalia which are closely related to the Dutch language. (Most Germans from other regions are confused by this, too.)

  • Information for Pilgrims

    If you plan to do a pilgrimage to Kevelaer, with a group or on your own, check out the official website of the pilgrimage centre:


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