Land Nordrhein-Westfalen Local Customs

  • I I I I   - that will be my fourth then!
    I I I I - that will be my fourth then!
    by Paisleypaul
  • Altbier - in botles, this one at Libanon Exklusiv
    Altbier - in botles, this one at Libanon...
    by Paisleypaul
  • Local Customs
    by croisbeauty

Land Nordrhein-Westfalen Local Customs

  • Food and Drink

    Düsseldorf Local Customs

    Altbier is the local brew of the Lower Rhine and Dueselldorf in particular It has a dark, coppery hue and is brewed using a top-fermenting yeast. It is almost sweet (amlmost) to my taste and I am informed more like lager than most top-fermented beers - although I don't know enough of the brewing process to comment ! By the way - in the bars you...

  • Traditions

    Düsseldorf Local Customs

    This is actually a local custom for Hannover but since I’ve never been there and was introduced to it by Hanover transplant Sabsi who now resides in Düsseldorf I’ll put it here. She thoughtfully gave me a special little glass set for my birthday and we got down to business on her balcony. It seems she did not trust her guest to not spill something...

  • Karneval

    Düsseldorf Local Customs

    In carnival (which is BIG in this part of Germany!!) people in Düsseldorf don't shout 'Alaaf' (that's in Cologne!) but 'Helau' ... Be prepared to get drunk and dirty when going into Düsseldorf's old town on carnival days. There is thousands of people there, all drunk, many dressed up. There will be music you don't hear every day and the whole town...

  • Japanese Düsseldorf

    Düsseldorf Local Customs

    Düsseldorf often is called „Klein-Tokyo am Rhein" which means Little-Tokyo at the Rhine. The first Japanese in Düsseldorf was registered in 1905. Today Düsseldorf is home and place of employment for the largest Japanese community in Germany. Around the Immermannstraße you find many Japanese shops, hotels and (very good)restaurants. The Japanese...

  • Useful Information

    Düsseldorf Local Customs

    The big tower is telling the time. I must admit I didn't quite get the explanation about how the time should be read, but the main guidelines are: the first vertical row of lights (starting from the top to the bottom) tells the hour, the second row of lights tells the minutes, while the third row tells the seconds. Good luck! I hope you manage to...

  • Things to do

    Düsseldorf Local Customs

    One of the things I like the most here is just to hang around the old city, there are plenty coffee houses and bars where you can take a moment to relax with a drink. On good weather days places usually are very full, but no need to worry, it is common just to stand in the middle of the street and the waiter will bring you the beer.

  • Traffic

    Düsseldorf Local Customs

    Düsseldorf is the only German city I know where traffic lights not just have green and red lights but also an orange light. And that makes the crossing quiete interesting - for German circumstances :-) So you still can cross the street if you see the orange light but hurry up from the second on you see the red one, because then the cars get green...

  • Eating? Drinking?

    Well, traditionally in Germany there are local customs for states, counties and cities. I am no expert on those but to name few I am aware of are the habits of drinking altbier in Dusseldorf, kolsch beer in Koln eating currywurst in Essen and I will try to add more when they come to my memory.

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Land Nordrhein-Westfalen Local Customs

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