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Munster Things to Do

  • What to see in Münster -...

    The Überwasserkirche. This church was named the Überwasserkirche because it is located across the river Aa that separates this part of town from the town centre. The church was said to be across the water, or "über das Wasser".

  • Kiepenkerl

    The Kiepenkerl statue. The Kiepenkerl was a typical character of the Münsterland, a travelling salesman with his 'trusted old wooden stick and wearing a red scarf', according to the descriptions.

  • What to see in Münster - Town...

    Town hall or "Rathaus" with Friedenssaal, commemoration of the Treaty of Münster that put an end to the war between the Netherlands and Spain (1568-1648). Historical ground for us, Dutch, as this meant that the Netherlands became an independent nation.

  • So much to do

    This is our Sister City. We live in Fresno, California. Our visit to this wonderful city was great. There is so much to see. The city itself is beautiful and it is a wonder that it has been completely restored after being slmost destroyed in World War II. The St. Paulis Dome is beautiful, the tallest structure were the churches steeples, which were...

  • Walking around the Lac Aasee

    The lac Aasee is very quiet place. Good place for losing your stress ans walking!In summer, youngs go there having drink!On morning lot of people go for running.I just like this place.

  • Beautiful Old Town

    Munster has a very beautiful old town. There's one street (Prinzipalmarkt) that features some 30 or 40 houses with beautiful facades - unfortunately, I'm not too much of an art historian, so I don't know the style they are built in. My travel guide says it's Gothic and Renassance. Anyway, it's a nice sight.

  • A church with a strange name

    One of Munster's churches is called Überwasserkirche - in English Church over Water. Whether there is something like a church under water, I don't know. But the one over water is quite beautiful, located in the middle of a small square near the old town.

  • Cathedral

    You should visit the cathedral to see the astronomical clock - unfortunately I can't tell you more about it, other than its name is Lambertikirche (thanks dgeorge10!). There are so many attractive churches in Munster, that it is quite disorientating - I never knew where I was at any time, partly because I didn't have a map, and partly because I was...

  • Clock

    A beautifull clock in the dom from Munster. is great to see this..There was not info we made have this clock..

  • The Zoo

    The zoo in Münster is huge, for sunny and rainy days (that's why it's called Allwetterzoo), the cages are big so you don't get the impression that animals are imprisoned. Highlights are the dolfins' and sea lions' show, feeding the elephants, the running snails, the dinosaurs, the penguins and giraffs. There also is a Horse Museum which is...

  • The Aasee

    Take a pedalo out on the Aasee. You can hire them at the 'Yacht Club' (probably not Yacht Club at all, but I don't understand any German), prices depending on how many persons you are. They only allow six people on any pedalo, although, once out of sight of the boat house, we hit the bank and three Yemenis 'accidentally fell' onto the pedalo,...

  • The Rathaus

    The Rathaus (I am assured this means Town Hall, not a holiday camp for rodents) stands out among the buildings of the old town. Apparently, there is an exhibition inside with photos of Munster during the war, but as neither I nor my guides understood German, I was quickly whisked off somewhere else on my whistle-stop tramp around the Altstadt.Don't...


Munster Hotels

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  • Hotel Krautkraemer

    Zum Hildtruper See 173, Muenster, North Rhine-Westphalia, 48165, Germany

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Windsor

    Warendorfer Strasse 177, Muenster, North Rhine-Westphalia, 48145, Germany

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Moevenpick Hotel Munster

    Kardinal-von-Galen-Ring 65, Muenster, North Rhine-Westphalia, 48149, Germany

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4.5 out of 5 stars

Munster Restaurants


    I love German food and German motorway [autobahn] services are some of the best places for German food.Goulash soup in Germany is delicious. I have had it in Hungary and it is tastier in Germany.They also serve francfurters, weiner schnitzel, hamburgers and of course the famous Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte [black forest gateau].German services are...

  • Rasthouses along the highway

    Most restaurants along the highway are rather expensive as was this one in the Münsterland. Food is basic, nothing fancy and often enough it are local dishes.But since I was very hungry, I couldn t care less.Oh, and the coffee was weak...brrrr. I had the "dicke bohnen mit speck", nourishing but plain.

  • Lebanese snacks

    For cheap Lebanese snacks, go to 'Aladdin' which is next to the main station. Staying with Muslims, of course the meat has to be halal...and German restaurants tend to have a lot of pork on their menus, which was unsuitable...that is why the only restaurant we went to was this Lebanese snack bar. Hummus, Shish Tawuk, Shawarma....all the standard...


Munster Nightlife

  • Mexico!

    Something I forgot to mention: one thing students in Münster know is when to go where for cocktail happy hour :-)One of the great places is Enchilada im Lortzingsaal. Wonderful high ceilings, nice beer hmm cocktail garden, packed with people and music and smoke and fantastic cocktails!They also serve Mexican food but you need to reserve a table for...

  • Enchilada

    cocktails (quite pricely outside happy hour...), texmex-food, loads of students (upperclass ;)highly recommendable in summer, sipping Caiphirinhas on the terrace is a nice way to spend a night: wednesday none, most of the guests are more upperclass, but no-one really cares.

  • A yemeni night out!

    For me, Munster's nightlife consisted of eating Yemeni food with Yemenis and talking until the small hours with Yemenis and the odd Moroccan. I would imagine you won't experience this on your visit to Munster!


Munster Transportation

  • there's no other way than...

    there's no other way than going by bike! only this will give you the genuine Münster-feeling! right outside the trainstation you will find the 'radstation' (big triangle-glass-thing...)a place to hire bikes for fair prices.

  • Arriving by train

    I arrived by train from Cologne...2 hours direct, and there were plenty trains each day. My ticket cost 70DM - it was called a Twenticket and is available to anyone in their twenties.Nearly everyone cycles, and there are literally thousands of bikes everywhere. The buses aren't bad for getting around, although it would have been impossible for me...

  • By train, obviously.Use the...

    By train, obviously.Use the perfect service by to check departures and arrivals of trains even at the smallest stations (even for all over Europe..)Walk, or even better: a bike. Topography is nearly absent, so this is the most convenient way to go around! Just as so many students do!


Munster Warnings and Dangers

  • It is generally pretty safe,...

    It is generally pretty safe, but there are a few loiterers around at parts of Munster, dont approach them for any help and dont make it obvious that you are a tourist, thay try to fool you and pickpocket, so watch it.

  • watch out for mental bikers!!!...

    watch out for mental bikers!!! They are everywhere! (the red bits of the pavement are cycling-area, so don't you dare to walk there!!!!;)in case you're cycling yourself: watch out for mental taxi-/busdrivers!

  • Munster Hotels

    15 Hotels in Munster

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Munster Off The Beaten Path


    BURG HÜLSHOFF NEAR HAVIKSBECK AND MUNSTER.Annette von Droste-Hulshoff have lived here!!Burg HülshoffSchonebeck 648329 Havixbeck

  • Cycling tip - Havixbeck

    Haus Havixbeck. This castle cannot be visited - but I guess they don't mind that this picture ends up in our scrapbook. To be found on the western edge of the village of Havixbeck (west of Münster)

  • Cycling tip - Stevern

    Very romantic spot - possibly an old water mill with water running into a small pond. Worth a visit. Go west from Münster-Roxel in the direction of Tilbeck (L 843) and Schapdetten. After Schapdetten turn right (north) to Stevern. Or consult map Freizeitkarte NRW #4 (Münster, Tecklenburger Land).


Munster Favorites

  • Munster is just as, if not...

    Munster is just as, if not more charming of a town at evening as it is at daytime, its brightly lit, and is a great township, i liked it alot.

  • Walking around Munster is a...

    Walking around Munster is a definant must, scattered around is some of the finest architecture in Germany.Theyre so old looking,i love this kind of town. Beautiful homes,palaces and greenery.

  • An explanation of this page...

    For a tourist, there is probably quite a lot to see in Munster. For a start, there is the Schloss ( part of the university) the cathedral and other churches in the old town, Prinzipalmarkt, and the Aasee (a huge recreational lake close to the centre of town.I don't think I could have been labelled a tourist, though, because a tourist has...


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