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Rheinbach Things to Do

  • Catholic Church Of St Martin

    The catholic parish church in the centre of Rheinbach dates back to the 14th century. The old church, however, was destroyed by an air raid in March 1945, only the steeple remained intact. In 1948 the building of a new church began, which was completed in 1950. Further changes took place in 1993.

  • Medieval Fortification: Along The Former...

    The line of the former town wall is clearly visible on the Southern side of the old town, along Prümer Wall and Himmeroder Wall. The German street name "Wall" indicates the former ramparts. A much lower new wall has been built along here in recent years to give an idea of the historical situation, which is long lost. Most of this work has been done...

  • Himmeroder Hof

    Himmeroder Hof is a complex of old buildings that once belonged to the Cistercian monastery of Himmerod in the Eifel. The stone and half-timbered houses have been restored with care, a modern part has been added which now contains the glass museum. Concerts and little theater events take place in the courtyard. Regional artists show their works in...

  • Freizeitpark - Leisure And Sports Park

    On the Southwestern edge of the town a large area has been turned into the Freizeitpark (leisure park). Big and small will find a lot to do here. The park is much more than the usual lawns, trees, ponds and flower beds. It includes a lot of sports facilities, all of which can be used for free (except the pool and the minigolf), a Kneipp basin, an...

  • Glasmuseum - Museum of Glass Art

    Rheinbach has long been a centre of glass making and glass art and even hosts a special glassmakers' school. The museum in Himmeroder Hof shows artistic glassware from near and far, from ancient to modern. Opening hours:Tues to Fri 10.00-12.00 and 14.00-17.00Sat and Sun 11.00-17.00

  • Bachstraße and Blindgasse

    Bachstraße leads from the town's catholic parish church in Hauptstraße up to Himmeroder Wall and Hexenturm. Several half-timbered houses along Bachstraße have been carefully restored and offer a pretty street view.Blindgasse ("Blind Lane") is a short dead-end lane off Bachstraße. Note the fancy yellow sculpture at the corner of the little jewellery...

  • Weiherstraße

    Weiherstraße is a pedestrians-only side street of Hauptstraße with a number of little shops and pretty old houses - to me, the cutest street in town.

  • Hauptstraße: The Main Shopping Street

    Hauptstraße ("Main Street") is really the main street of the town where most shops are situated and city life (read: small town life) takes place. It has been turned into a one-way street in order to have less traffic and more space for pedestrians, vehicles traveling in the opposite direction have to take a detour. Some half-timbered houses have...

  • Windmühlenturm: Tower Stump With WC

    The tower in the middle of the Southern town wall has only partly been rebuilt. The stump is very useful in case of emergencies, though - it contains a public toilet (which is not spotless clean but free!).

  • Medieval Fortification: Remnants Of The...

    In the late 12th century Rheinbach was owned by a noble family, the Knights of Rheinbach, who erected a castle at the Southeastern corner of the settlement. A century later the village became a town. The knights sold their property to the Archbishop of Cologne in 1342/43.The so-called Hexenturm is in fact the keep of the castle. Otherwise not...

  • Medieval Fortification: Hexenturm

    The Hexenturm ("Witches' Tower") was erected in the late 12th century on the Southeastern corner of the town in the grounds of the castle. The tower served as prison during the 30 years war. Between 1631 and 1636 more than 130 people were condemned as witches or wizards in Rheinbach. Many of these were imprisoned here, thus the tower became known...

  • Roman Aqueduct

    Remnants of an ancient Roman aqueduct have been excavated in the boundaries of Rheinbach. This subterranean aqueduct was built in the 2nd century A.D. to transport water from the Eifel hills to the city of Cologne. In the middle ages material from the aqueduct was used to build the towers and the town wall; pieces are still visible at the Wasemer...


Rheinbach Hotels

  • Hotel Mitte "Alte Susswarenfabrik"

    Koblenzerstr. 20, Rheinbach, North Rhine-Westphalia, 53359, Germany

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Hotel Nord

    Boschstrasse 6, Rheinbach, North Rhine-Westphalia, 53359, Germany

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Gastehaus Drov

    Vor dem Voigtstor 1, Rheinbach, North Rhine-Westphalia, 53359, Germany

Rheinbach Restaurants

  • Wholemeal, Organic Bakery And Cafe

    Lubig is a regional bakery chain with its seat in Bonn. The old baker Lubig was one of the pioneers who started selling health food using wholemeal and wheat sprouts already in the 1920s, in connection with an early health food movement (Reformkost) .The bakery sells wholemeal, organic bread, cakes, rolls and some specialties worth trying. For...

  • Excellent Traditional German Cafe

    Café Löhrer is a traditional German Konditorei, a coffeehouse that offers those huge tarts and cakes Germany is famous for. Besides, they make their own pralines and chocolate. The products of the chocolate manufacture can also be ordered online via their website. Have a hot chocolate or one of their coffee specialities and a piece of cake...

  • Gourmet Restaurant With Lunchtime...

    Rheinbach's most upscale restaurant is situated in a beautiful half-timbered house. The chef, Bernd Raths, has international experience and used to work at the guest house of the Federal Government before he opened his own gourmet restaurant in Rheinbach recently. Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12.00 - 22.00 Further offers: cooking classes,...


Rheinbach Transportation

  • Parking

    Free parking in the old town is hard to find. If you don't mind walking a bit you may be lucky in the streets further out. If you want to leave your car in a spot close to the centre, though, there are two options (both with meters): 1. the garage underneath Deinzer Platz (off Grabenstraße)2. open-air parking in Prümer Wall and Himmeroder Wall.

  • Buses

    Buses connect Rheinbach's train station with the surrounding villages. Unfortunately the bus connections are not too great and mainly directed to schoolkids and commuters. Outside their rush hours getting around can be time-consuming. There is also a bus line to Bonn which takes much longer than the trains but runs at hours when the train doesn't....

  • Voreifelbahn: Local Train Bonn -...

    The Voreifelbahn connects Rheinbach with Bonn, where you have connections to the long-distance trains along the Rhine valley, and Euskirchen. The local trains to Bonn run every 30 minutes during the day, even every 15 minutes during rush hour, and hourly in the evening.


Rheinbach Off The Beaten Path

  • Tomburg Castle Ruin

    The ruin of Tomburg castle is situated on a 316 m high hill above the village of Wormersdorf Southeast of Rheinbach. Only the ruin of the keep is still there. The hill had already served for military purposes in celtic times. The Romans and later the Carolingians placed sentinels up here to protect the important road from Aachen to the Middle and...

  • Art Nouveau House

    This colourful example of Jugendstil / Art Nouveau architecture is to be found in Bahnhofstraße. An incription above the door indicates that it was built in 1905.

  • Fountain In Lindenplatz: Frog, Goose And...

    Another cute fountain has been put up in Lindenplatz off Hauptstraße. A frog, a girl holding a goose and a boy assemble round the water basin. I haven't yet discovered the background story, it might be a reference to some Brothers Grimm fairy tales.


Rheinbach Sports & Outdoors

  • BALL GAMES: Freizeitpark

    Fancy playing soccer, volleyball, basketball, beach volleyball... with your mates? The Freizeitpark (leisure park) has sports fields, which can be used for free. Bring a ball and some people to play with.

  • HIKING, WALKING, JOGGING etc.: Stadtwald

    The Stadtwald , the forest on the hillside above Rheinbach, contains a network of paths and trails for jogging, walking, biking and short hikes and also some separate horse-riding trails. The forest is Rheinbach's green backyard and can be reached on foot from about every part of the town.The path along the edge of the forest offers a nice view of...

  • SCUBA DIVING: Monte Mare Indoor Diving...

    The Monte Mare swimming pool contains an indoor diving centre, a deep basin with an underwater landscape. Artificial rocks, caves, tunnels, and underwater volcanoes invite everyone from beginners to professionals (so they say on their website). Diving lessons for all levels are offered.Passers-by can watch the divers from outside through two round...


Rheinbach Favorites

  • Half-Timbered Houses In The Old Town

    Many half-timbered houses in the old town have been restored. The plaster was removed from the facades so that the timber structure shows. The largest and prettiest of these houses can be found in Hauptstraße, Bachstraße, and Weiherstraße.Keep your eyes open, though, in the side streets. You'll discover tiny cute houses everywhere...

  • Map Of The Town

    This information board with a map of the town is put up next to the bus stop and parking lot in Himmeroder Wall. I hope publishing a photo of an item ón display in a public street won't be considered as causing copyright problems.

  • Rheinbach Hotels

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