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  • Zülpich
    by ettiewyn
  • The Roman Bath
    The Roman Bath
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  • Zülpich Town Walls
    Zülpich Town Walls
    by ettiewyn

Zülpich Things to Do

  • Roman aqueduct

    Close to the town walls on the southern side, you can see a big piece of a Roman canal (aqueduct), used to transport water from town to town. That is - usually you can see it, but when we visited, it was totally wrapped up in plastic wrap, which was quite sad for us. I have so often seen it from the bus in all its glory, and when I go to take a...

  • Castle of Zülpich

    I was surprised to hear that Zülpich has a castle, as I had never heard about it. And I must admit that on our first visit, we did not even see it - it is hidden behind St Peter's Church, and does not come into view until you walk right around the church and look for it.So on our second visit, we finally saw the castle. In style, it looks quite...

  • Papermaker Memorial

    On the market square, there is also an interesting memorial, the papermaker memorial. Paper making has a long tradition in Zülpich, and the memorial shows two men making paper in 1789. Today, there is still a big paper making factory located in the town.I liked this memorial a lot because I think it is quite unusual. During our second visit, the...

  • Zülpich's town centre

    Zülpich's town centre is quite pleasant and has a nice feel, although unfortunately it does not look historical at all. This is because it was heavily bombed in World War Two, and like other places in this area, the town was rebuilt not in the style it had before, but according to the tastes of the contemporary time, so there are a lot of cuboid,...

  • St. Peterskirche (St Peter's Church)

    St. Peterskirche was one of our must dos in Zülpich, and so we were a little disappointed when it was closed during our first visit to the city. We hoped that it would be open when we visited again two months later, but again, it was closed due to renovation. In the tourist office we were told that it would indeed reopen in the end of 2013 - so it...

  • Tourist Information Centre

    Entering the castle's courtyard and walking to the left, you get to Zülpich's small tourist information. We were greeted by a very friendly woman who gave us a map of Zülpich and several flyers providing information. There are several shelves full of books and brochures about Zülpich and the Eifel region, and some of them looked very interesting....

  • Roman Baths & Museum of Bathing

    The Roman Baths are Zülpich's main attraction. Compared to bigger Roman baths in other cities (for example in Xanten) they might not be as spectacular, but they are still interesting and worth a visit!The baths were built in the 2nd century A.D., and they are very well preserved. The area is not big, but you can see many detailed features, which...

  • The town walls

    The nice thing about Zülpich is that its town walls are almost completely preserved. It certainly creates a historical and charming atmosphere, although you cannot walk upon the walls. But you can walk around the town and there are some very nice walkways where green areas were created along the walls, although in other parts, houses clutter the...

  • Münstertor

    Münstertor is the oldest of the four town gates of Zülpich, built in 1357. It has nothing to do with the city of Münster in Westfalen, but with the nearby town of Bad Münstereifel, as it guarded the road to that town. This gate was heavily destroyed during World War Two, and the restoration was only completed in 1976. It is a very pretty gate, but...


Zülpich Restaurants

  • A pretty café in the centre

    During our second visit to Zülpich, it rained very strongly and so we were soon looking for a place to sit inside and get warm again. Mary's Café was very convenient as it is located very close to Münstertor.The interior is separated into a smoker's room and a non-smoker's room, and both rooms are decorated very pretty in a comfortable style. Staff...

  • Lovely fair-trade café and shop

    While walking around the town centre of Zülpich, we suddenly saw this interesting-looking café and I persuaded my dad to go in! The interior is absolutely lovely, very bright and pretty. It was designed by a local artist and the tables are former windows which were converted to tables!There are many different kinds of coffees and teas on offer, as...

  • Zülpich Hotels

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Zülpich Local Customs

  • ettiewyn's Profile Photo

    by ettiewyn Written Dec 22, 2012

    Our second visit to Zülpich took place just a few days before christmas, and so the town was decorated in a festive manner. I must say that I have seen more beautiful decorations, but it was still quite nice. I especially liked that some shops had decorated their windows, too, as for example a bakery displaying the small houses and Santas in picture 3.
    Picture 4 and 5 show the big christmas tree installed on the market square right in the town centre.
    I think it all might look a bit prettier if it is not raining, but rather sunny or even snowing :-)

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Zülpich Off The Beaten Path

  • A "Roman" roundabout

    When we drove into Zülpich for our second visit, we suddenly saw some stones in the middle of a roundabout that looked quite Roman, and so we parked our car close to the spot, crossed the road and had a closer look. My dad was convinced that at least the bigger stone on the top of the area must be an original Roman one, but I was not so sure... and...

  • Marienborn Monastery

    Marienborn Monastery is a nice monastery with an interesting church, and it is also important to my family history... but more of that later!The monastery was founded in 1188 by Cistercian nuns, and it became prosperous very quickly, although this later changed due to wars in the 15th and 16th century. During the Thirty Years War, it was almost...

  • Marienkirche

    The Marienkirche (Church of Mary) is adjacent to the monastery building, although in earlier times it did not belong to it, but was Zülpich's parish church. It was incorporated into the monastery in 1525, and thus the monastery became a lot wealthier. Once, there was also a prominent man buried in the grounds of this church, the saint Hermann...


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