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  • Marksburg Castle Braubach by aussirose
    Marksburg Castle Braubach by aussirose
    by aussirose
  • Shed Accommodation in Braubach by aussirose
    Shed Accommodation in Braubach by...
    by aussirose
  • Landgasthof Zum Weissen Schwanen Braubach
    Landgasthof Zum Weissen Schwanen...
    by aussirose

Braubach Things to Do

  • Marksburg Castle Braubach

    Did you know that Marksburg Castle is the only Castle on the Rhine that has never been destroyed? And no wonder!.....sitting majestically on top of the hill you could see the enemy for miles!Sadly we didn't have time to visit the castle - to be honest, I was looking forward to going up in the little green tram ;o) Anyway, check out Globetrott's...

  • Iron armours & more at Marksburg

    You will also see a fine collection of medieval iron armours in the Marksburg. You will realize that the average people had been smaller in medieval times than today and I really wonder, how it was possible to walk or move at all inside such an armour.In my 4th photograph you will see a weaving loom and some spinning wheels and the last photo shows...

  • the old forge / smithy of Marksburg

    In order to be able to survive a long time in such a castle in medieval times it was absolutely necessary to have the most important craftsmen inside the castle as well, and a smithy was certainly one of the most important professions of that times. You will see it at the beginning of the guided tour through Marksburg, and the smithy is fully...

  • the living quarters of Marksburg

    It was interesting to see the living quarters of Marksburg: in a certain way they are less "romantic" than you might see them in modern movies about that time, but in general this kind of furiture was certainly a great achievment in medieval times and a lot more comfortable way of living than the ordinary people had at that time.

  • Fischertor in Braubach

    Fischertor is one of the few watchtowers dating back to the medieval times and it was part of the town-fortification, directely at the river Rhine.On my last 2 photographs you will see 2 other towers of the townwall, they became part of the modern city and the one on my last photo is Obertor, the one that you will have to pass by, when driving to...

  • lovely halftimbered houses in Braubach

    The village of Braubach is full of lovely halftimbered houses, all of them are in perfectly restored condition and they are used for everyday living since hundreds of years. In the facades of these houses you will mostly find the year, when it was built or restored and there you will see that many of them are dating back to the beginning of the...

  • Take the guided tour through the castle

    Take the guided tour through the Marksburg castle because you will hardly see such an authentic interior with medieval weapons and furniture like in the Marksburg, that was never defeated or destroyed and it also was never modernized within the last 700 years. A guided tour is your only way to see this castle and the cannons that you will see in...

  • the centre of Braubach

    This is the old town-centre,maybe 100 meters away from the river Rhine and next to the old tower that you will see in my last photograph ! These lovely half-timbered houses are dating back to 1610 and they are in perfect condition and used for everyday-living. The building in my main photo is Hotel and restaurant Schwanen, dating back to 1693 -read...

  • Marksburg from outside

    Once that you arrived at Marksburg you will stand in front of its entrance and wont see a lot of it, except some closed gates and high walls. The only way to see more of it is to take one of the guided tours that will start on a regular basis, every 15 or 20 minutes. Photography is no problem at all during the guided tour !Guided tours in the...

  • Marksburg

    Marksburg is the best sight of Braubach : Marksburg is the only medieval castle in the area of the Middle-Rhine, that was almost not changed or adapted in later centuries and it was also never destoyed.Marksburg is the seat of the so-called "Deutsche Burgenvereinigung" (German castle assosiation) and it holds a big library with a total of 12.000...

  • Castles on and above the Rhine

    Castle spotting along the Rhine can come up with some interesting observations. I knew the name of the first Castle in the pictures and subsequently found some interesting facts. The Castle is named Pfalzgrafenstien but it was not always a castle. Built as a toll in 1326 as a response to Pope John XXXll dispute with the King of Bavaria, King...

  • Marksburg Castle

    Marksburg Castle dates back to around 1117 it changed its name some time in history from Burg Brubach and was built high up on a cone shaped hill. Overlooking the Rhine and the tiny town of Braubach its purpose was solely defence. Marksburg is the only medievil castle in these parts to escape ruin or romantic renovation despite some additions in...


Braubach Hotels

  • Rheinhotel Bellavista

    Untere Gartenstrasse 3, 56338 Braubach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

Braubach Transportation

  • Drive up to the castle in your car

    Driving up to the Marksburg is no problem in your private car, there is an ordinary road through the village and the woods, BUT you should considder that you will have to pay some moderate parking-fee there for the whole day : There is some parking-attendant during the high season,the rest of time parking seems to be free of charge !From the...

  • Marksburgbahn - a street-train to the...

    Marksburgbahn is that small street-train that will take you from the trainstation of Braubach through the village and finally to Marksburg. Walking there might be time-consuming and exhausting, so this "train" is certainly a good solution for tourists. For handicapped people it will be the only way to get closer to the castle, BUT the castle itself...

  • From Koblenz to Braubach

    I arrived at Braubach Train Station on Bus 570 from Koblenz Train/Bus Station. Costs around 1,80 euro and takes about 30mins. There are also trains, but I had just missed one and would have had to wait another hour. Check out for timetables (bus and trains).


Braubach Shopping

  • take the Marksburg home

    How about taking home some souvenirs of Marksburg for your children ? My favorite souvenir was this small-scale-model of the castle, made of paper and it comes as a light and small package that will find some space even in a small bag. 14,90 € was the price, that is also not so bad. At home you will need some hours to set it togeather, but that...

  • Boppard Decorations for your Tree

    This shop is just crammed with lovely items, everywhere you look the shelves and central displays vie for your attention, this can make choosing rather difficult. The first thing I did on entering was try to take a picture, I soon found out this was not allowed when I was told off quite sharply. Ah well maybe the owner thought I was just a tourist...


    I love coke, and this place was selling 1L for 1,80E. I'm sure this is standard prices, but the best I could find at other small towns along the Rhine was 400ml for 1,50 (from a vending machine). One place charged me 2,50 for 400ml!! So if you like your coke, visit this cafe. COKE! 1,80 euros for 1L!


Braubach Local Customs

  • Mausetrum und Binger Loch

    Hatto ll was the Archbishop of Mainz and consequently Lord of Bingen. He was very rich and owned huge grain stores, one harvest time the Rhine was flooded and the harvest was lost, the people implored him to give them grain to feed their starving families. Being a mean greedy man he refused, when asked again in desperation, he tricked them and led...

  • The Siren and her luring song

    A large slate rock lumes up near to the narrowest and deepest part of the River Rhine. Legend tells of a siren named Lorelei who sat near by bewitching the hearts of sailors while she sang from on high combing her golden hair. The sailors were so transfixed by her beauty and her song they were no longer cautious of the treacherous stretch of water...

  • Braubach Hotels

    1 Hotels in Braubach

Braubach Warnings and Dangers

  • floods might come over night

    Floods are a permanent problem in the Rhine-valley and they mostly dont only depend on local rainfall, but also of heavy rainfalls in Switzerland, France and even Austria.While working as 2.purser on a Rhine-cruiseship for half a year I remember that we had severe floods 3 times and I saw a lot of damage along the river : Camper-wagons and...

  • rocky paths, steep stairs etc.

    The old knights of Braubach did not really care a lot for modern security guidelines and so you will still have to walk over the pure rocks at some places and you will have to climb steep steps during the guided tours through Marksburg. All of that is normally no big problem, but it might be a good idea to leave your high heels in the car or at...

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Braubach Tourist Traps

  • Wasn't that impressed with Marksburg...

    "Marksburg Castle is the only hill castle on the Rhine that has never been destroyed. It has been lived in for over 700 years and thus represents an ever-changing and developing building complex that has been growing into its present shape over the centuries."I found the castle/tour pretty boring. It's relatively small and so, i guess, in my...

  • Learn German before...

    We wanted to visit the castle and bought the tickets. Nobody told us it was mandatory to join a group until we got into the castle and someone shouted in German... You can't visit the building on your own but you must follow a group. The only problem was that the guided tour we had to follow was in German... Can you imagine listening for more than...

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Braubach What to Pack

  • scottishvisitor's Profile Photo

    by scottishvisitor Updated Feb 14, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: Travelling along the scenic Rhine region you won't find many shops. Take what you need for a day trip in a small rucksack, I always have some nibbles with me in case I get the munchies

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Visiting old castles can be hard on your feet - stairs are hewn out of solid rock and are rough as well as steep. Watch your footing and wear solid comfortable shoes.

    Photo Equipment: Again because of the rural region take plenty of film or camera chip and some spare batteries just in case

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Braubach Off The Beaten Path

  • scottishvisitor's Profile Photo

    by scottishvisitor Updated Feb 14, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I mentioned to our travel companion about my two Son's seperate school trips to Boppard many years ago. With some time to spare, Ingrid suggested we have a quick look. We weren't there long but spent an enjoyable time at one of the many pavement cafes beside the lovely Market Square. We had seen a group of Welsh school children at Marksburg earlier and met up with them again - so Boppard looks like it is still a popular place with school and youth parties.

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Braubach Sports & Outdoors

  • globetrott's Profile Photo

    by globetrott Updated Oct 3, 2008

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Rheinsteig is the name of a hiking-path that will take you high above the Rhine-valley from one castle to the other and Marksburg and the closeby castles of Sterrenberg and Liebenstein in Kamp-Bornhofen are just some of the places you will get to at this side of the river Rhine.
    320 km is the total distance of Rheinsteig between Bonn in the north and Wiesbaden in the south.
    Here are some useful links :
    Campingsites along the Rheinsteig
    Youth-Hostels along the Rheinsteig
    Hotels along the Rheinsteig

    Equipment: Hiking the Rheinsteig is possible all year long and the local people say, that there isnt any bad weather at all, just the equipment might be bad.
    In any case it makes sense to check the weatherforcast for this area first !

    view from Hotel Burg Liebenstein Sterrenberg & Liebenstein in Kamp-Bornhofem Sterrenberg castle in Kamp-Bornhofen the view from Liebenberg castle
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