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    Castle Hotel Burg Gutenfels
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Kaub Things to Do

  • Medieval fortress tower on the Rhine...

    The castle tower shown in the photo was one of many fortresses guarding passage on the Rhine River during medieval times and throughout the long and fierce Palitinate War. When it was determined that there was no longer a need for a defense fortress at this location, the immense church shown on the right was built adjacent to the tower. The tower...

  • The outside patio

    Many hours were spent atop the patio. The owner/manager served us liquids of the hills, and cheeses with Swiss and German decent.(which "dissent" do I use hear, help me I'm confused) Through out these trip tips I have praised the wines so I am going to switch the subject. Instead lets talk about my cheese habits. As a child i would salivate over...

  • The Morning Sun

    Waking in a castle was a perfect head to a trip into Bavaria. Set the mood in the right direction. The window remained ajar throughout the night and allowed for an alarm clock of bird songs. Today we will eat breakfast, pack it up and head for Wurzburg to start our trek down the Romantique Strasse. I'm so ready, please sun, come with us.

  • Other tower

    Beneath these towers the hillside was striated with vineyards, dropping down to Kaub. The situation of the two towers formed a courtyard which was off limits, but had animal cages which I came to wonder what beasts they housed. They were lifeless now.

  • View of Castle

    Expansive property with many nooks and crannies defined the castles quarters. Gardens and viewing points abound helped move this hotel into the number one spot for places I have stayed. The quiet breezes swishing through these walls is unforgettable, along with hand-held rambles with Yuki to a gazeebo to just sit and stare at waters moving by at...

  • Rhine River

    They have a serious set up here, look at that view. This is taken from the tower of the Burg. The Rhine is a perfect example of a common German scene. Outlining the river, burgs and castles crest every other hilltop adding grays and reds of stone to a overwhelming green and blue pallette. This is wine country, so get your drink on with a Riesling...


Kaub Restaurants


    The plates, they had style. The food, all good, and the coffee you get the same comment. I especially like that there was an egg, cradled by the egg holder. Tap, tap and the shell would shatter to expose the tasty embryo. Orange juice, not from a container of mass production but rather a fresh squeezing from the gargantuant hands of the...

  • The Kings Dining Hall

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner were enjoyed here. For an additional 30 dollars a person we were treated, and I say treated, to an extravagent dinner. Feeling to be that of a king we took up post in one of the three window stallls, where we were served, first Oxtail soup, cold-cuts a plenty arranged with many cheeses and than an onslaught of German...

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  • More help to Cross My eyes

    Being that we were sitting atop a winery in a structure of such grandeur, wines were not hard to come by, so we laid it on thick. Filling the stomach with alcohol ridden liquids got easier and easier until maximum capacity started to take hold.

  • Wining with crossed-eyes

    Yukijohn had an idea to drink till the eyes wavered into a crossed state, than walk downhill to the town of Kaub and further our state into complete misunderstanding. We sat outside on the patio, surrounded once again by the beautitious valley, indulging on the fruits of the hills. Wine and cheese paired well together both in front of me and inside...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Kaub Favorites

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  • Gates

    More details, yes, but look at this, there's some craftsmanship here. In America there is a search to Walmart-ize everything. Dumb it down of all detail, care of design has gotten the ax due to cost effectiveness. Products in America is all about being as big as possible and made as cheap as possible and never preserving the old. Its a sad cycle...

  • Colors

    Yuki wore this bright yellow dress, c0 m10 y100 k0. It contained a hint of magenta to have an over-all presentation of a slight orange. This contrasted well to the backgrounds which were either c100 m0 y0 k0, or c100 m0 y50 k0 making a perfect green. The dress even paired well with the castle walls that definately had a desaturation filter added to...

  • Foliage in abundance

    As winter bears its ugly head, I tend to harvest my hairpiece. As length and girth keep adding to my heads mass, I get weary of the fact, "Am I a long hair dude, or a short hair dude?" I sheer away from the barber shop and grow a topping for warming. All bodily hair peaks for the cold to extole comfort and warmth through to spring. As the first...


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