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  • The Rathaus- Town Hall
    The Rathaus- Town Hall
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  • Koblenz
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  • Meeting of the rivers
    Meeting of the rivers
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Koblenz Highlights

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     Beautiful German Town, where you can sight the two major river of Germany called the 'Rhine' and the 'Mosel.' 

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     They sell pics of Neuschwanstein castle to tourists here! 

  • In a nutshell
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     The hub of the Rhine 

Koblenz Things to Do

  • Beautiful Old Town

    This "Coin Square" is where the mint used to be, back in the days when they were allowed to mint their own coins for this region. This statue is of a jolly market woman talking to a jolly police constable in some jolly earlier century of Koblenz's history. On the statue there is a plaque with a jolly verse in the local dialect, saying that the...

  • Where Rhein and Mosel meet

    The point of land where the Rhine and Moselle flow together got its historical name "Deutsches Eck" (German Corner), in 1216. The German Corner has flags flying of the German states, as well as the European flag and the flag of the United States of America, which is dedicated to the victims of the 11th September 2001. This is where you will...

  • Fort Ehrenbreitstein

    After viewing the Flower show, then it was time to see 'Ehrenbreitstein” Fortress, Europe’s second largest preserved fortress, built between 1817 and 1828 in its present-day design. Recent archaeological findings prove an ancient settlement in this area from pre-Christian times. The Conradiner Ehrenbert, had the Castle built around 1000 AD, and...


Koblenz Hotels

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Koblenz Restaurants

  • around Goerres Platz

    Coffeeshop, bar, restaurant. Excellent outdoor sitting. Just relax and watch the people. Reasonable prices, not expensive! Einstein is new in Koblenz. It opened im April/Mai 2001. Try the coffee specials like Vanilla Cappucino.

  • several cafes

    The Pegelhaus is situated in the old house, where the water levels of the Rhine are marked over years. These days there is a lovely cafe inside. It´s a lovely place, especially upstairs. My friend and I tried the homemade fresh waffels, with cherries, yummy but not very cheap....They also serve other dishes, it´s not only a cafe I think!

  • Cafe Lorentz

    Cafe Lorentz is a beautiful cafe located on Jesuitenplatz. The square is especially beautiful at night, and the cafe has a really great atmosphere. It is a quiet cafe...not one with loud music or banging drums...it is a nice place to go and have a light meal in a really nice place. Jesuitenplatz (Jesuit Square) is located right in the heart of the...


Koblenz Nightlife

  • Blaue Biwel and Cafe Hahn

    Blaue Biwel:Comedy Club with all the comedy stars. This club is closed now. You will find all the comedy in Cafe Hahn. Cafe Hahn: concerts, pub, restaurant More infos on http://www.blauebiwel.de/ No dress code.

  • Irish Pub

    This is a lovely Irish Pub pretty much in the centre of Koblenz, close to the main station. The place is affectionately decorated, has got a very relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. They play mainly Irish folk stuff and classic Rock like, for example, Genesis, Rolling Stones or U2. The music is not too loud and you can still talk to each other...

  • Cocktails Galore

    This pub is pretty much „off the beaten path“. It’s small and located at a side road and that’s why it easily escapes people’s notice. The pub’s name derives from the famous „Große Freiheit“ (=“Great Freedom”; a cross street on the North side to Hamburg's Reeperbahn road in the St. Pauli quarter). But it’s worth searching for this quiet tip as...


Koblenz Transportation

  • Getting There...

    We arrived by boat from Rudesheim which was a fantastic experience. On the boat we had commentary about all the castle's and little villages on the banks of the river Rhine and cost us 13 euro each to get to Koblenz. We boarded at 09h05 and arrived in Koblenz at 13h00

  • Riding the Trains

    There is an InterCity train once an hour from Mainz to Koblenz. Half of these are direct trains from Frankfurt am Main. These trains take the scenic route through the Rhine Valley, passing by such places as the Loreley, where the legendary Rhine maidens used their lovely singing to lure love-stricken barge captains to their doom, much as the...

  • Frankfurt-Hahn to Koblenz

    Despite the fact that there is a perfectly good airport located between Koblenz and Cologne, which has a direct rail link to the city most visitors will come to Koblenz via the airport at Frankfurt Hahn. There is a simple reasons for this : it is bloody cheap. Transport to and from the airport across perfect tank-driving country is provided by an...


Koblenz Shopping

  • Everything in minature

    I was dragged by a little hand into this model shop by my two-year old, who was attracted to the display of model trains.I have to admit (no crashingly obvious cultural sterotype here, obviously) that it is only the Germans who could possibly put so much detail and thought into model making. Sure, we have plenty of anally-retentive wierdos who will...

  • Shopping district

    Our shopping area is Löhrstraße to Plan (pedestrian precinct), Altlöhrtor, Zentralplatz and Pfuhlgasse and very lovely: Entenpfuhl and Firmungsstraße. This is the main shopping district in Koblenz.Here you will find all kinds of things and it is nice to stroll aroun.You can not miss it.

  • Koblenz Hotels

    47 Hotels in Koblenz

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Koblenz Local Customs

  • Rhein Valley Vineyards

    On our Rhein cruise we passed mile after mile of row upon row of the most perfectly kept vineyards I have ever seen (well... it is Germany... and I haven't actually seen a vineyard before but they looked perfect to me!) I am no wine connoisseur but I have always known that German wine is my favourite, and to see where it is grown was a real buzz....

  • Rhein Valley Vineyards

    On our Rhein cruise we passed mile after mile of row upon row of the most perfectly kept vineyards I have ever seen (well... it is Germany... and I haven't actually seen a vineyard before but they looked perfect to me!)I am no wine connoisseur but I have always known that German wine is my favourite, and to see where it is grown was a real buzz. I...

  • Whine drinking

    Whine tasting is something we saw in a few places in Koblenz. You go in a particular wine bar and then you can taste the local Rhein valley wines. Most of them were closed during our stay in January.. but I think you should try it.


Koblenz Warnings and Dangers

  • High Water

    Every couple of years the rivers Rhine and/ or Moselle burst their banks and towns and villages of this area are occasionally swamped. People who live close to these rivers have, however, accustomed to this event. Everyday life will hardly be affected by smaller floods. But when strolling the Rhine promenade at Koblenz you will find badges on...

  • the schaengel

    beware of this statue of a evil little boy. fortunately for me i knew of it's evil intent but a friend of mine was not aware of it. my friend was staring at this statue of a some what grotesque little boy. he commented about rust around it's mouth. then the statue SPIT on him !!! i almost fell to the ground laughing !

  • The Flooding Rhein - Warming Warnings?

    When we crossed the Rhein on the little ferry to Ehrenbreitstein I noticed this little bridge where the rising water levels had been engraved into the stones since the 1800s. It's difficult to imagine the level of this seemingly calm and peaceful river ever reaching such heights!The smaller plaques are from the more recent floods - 1980s and 90s....


Koblenz Tourist Traps

  • Language tricks

    My idea was to travel from Koblenz to Bingen (with the car in the boat) and proceed from there to Strasbourg. I asked (in English) at the ticket booth a ticket for "a car with two adults and two children". The lady gave me the tickets and I paid them.Moving to the boat, I discovered that there was no car access, and went back to the lady asking her...

  • Scenic Viewpoint (My Ar$e)

    Passing back along the Autobahn near Koblenz it crosses the river Mosel on a pretty impressive bridge. And just by the bridge are signs for the "scenic viewpoint".Well, we couldn't resist - this was a VT outing, and pictures had to be taken! So off we went to the viewpoint... We parked, and we walked and we looked... and this was it :-SReally, it...

  • Postcards

    I was shocked when I saw the postcard selection at a postcard stand close to the "Deutsches Eck". They sold postcards showing Neuschwanstein Castle - which is in Bavaria hundreds of miles away from Koblenz. I wonder do tourists really buy these postcards here???? Well ... if you dont want to send a postcard of Koblenz buy a postcard showing the...


Koblenz What to Pack

  • Climate in Koblenz

    There is no special rainy seasonAvg. Temp. in Spring: max.: 10 – 19°C ( 50 - 66°F ); min: 2 - 9°C ( 36 - 49°F )Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 20 – 24°C ( 68 - 74°F ); min: 11 - 14°C ( 51 - 57°F )Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: 8 – 20°C ( 47 - 68°F); min: 2 - 11°C ( 36 – 51°F )Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: 4 – 5°C ( 39 - 41°F); min: -1 - 1°C ( 30 - 34°F )

  • Packing...

    A comfortable backpack is useful...especially if you have to do a lot of walking with it... A daypack would be a good idea for your day trips from your base... Take some warm clothes if you go in the autumn...it gets cold and a rain jacket would also come in handy...

  • Packing List

    Weather in Germany can be from cold to sunny or rainy. You never know. We have a lot of rain. So do not forget your pullover and raincoat. Koblenz has a nice weather, the Rhinevalley often is a bit warmer than the mountains around. You can get anything in Koblenz. There is a camping side in Koblenz.


Koblenz Off The Beaten Path


    As we continued on way to Cochem, we saw a cruise Boat stopped in the River, then we saw the River Lock, so we decided to stop and have a look.The Mosel has been made navigable for large cargo ships up to 110 m in length, to travel from the Rhine in Koblenz along the Mosel. Boat's have to pass through 10 lock's in order to reach Trier from Koblenz....


    The Town of Winningen, and what I like is seeing the name of the Town written in bold White writing along the waterfront wall, that is a big help to me remembering where I took the photo!Boat cruise's operate from Winningen along the Mosel and then along the River Rhine.It looked to be quite an interesting Town, surrounded by lot's of vineyard's.Of...


    Also located in Gondorf is Schloss von der Leyen, the only water Castle on the Mosel. It was first mentioned in 1272.The water tower was once the family seat of the Lords von der Leyen, who in the 18th Century were given the title of prince. From this generation emerged several archbishops of Trier and Mainz. It has been added to, and today it is...


Koblenz Sports & Outdoors

  • Bowling Alley Bar

    by Mariajoy Updated Jan 6, 2006

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After a hot and humid day we had the stormiest of nights and we chose this night to venture out to the Rheinwied Bowling-Center in Koblenz. (Thankfully I had been fore-warned about the arrival of the storm by a local weather-watching VTer!)

    Once inside the bowling alley, the crack of the ball on skittles quickly drowned out the Donner und Blitzen raging outside!

    This is a very nice bowling alley (although my experience of these places is limited!) The staff are helpful and friendly, and organisers of large groups get their first drink free! Vielen Dank! ( but after the first one expect to pay 2.5 Euro for a coke!! )

    When we were there, local bowling teams were also playing. It's interesting to watch the professionals! How DO they manage to get a strike every time???

    They are open Mon-Fri 15.00-01am
    Saturdays 14.00-03am
    Sundays 12pm-midnight.

    Billiards and darts are also available here.

    Equipment: Nothing - just learn your European shoe size so you can hire them there.

    Just to help you..... here's a link to a shoe-size conversion table website!

    Shoe size conversion table

    Was this review helpful?


Koblenz Favorites

  • Rhine Cruise

    Background While spending a few days in Cologne, we decided to take a cruise down the Rhine River. Having read many tour books, not having yet been a member of VT, we decided to depart from Cologne via train. We took the train to Koblenz. What a blast! We were on the train with a large group of fans of the Fortuna Dusseldorf soccer team that...

  • Wine and Vinyards

    Koblenz is located in Germany's winegrowing region. South of Koblenz is the so-called Rheingau region. The drive thorugh the vineyard is a great experience. In this hilly region almost all hills is covered with vines. Every now and then you can stop in a village and have a glass of local wine in a tavern. Better to travel by bike because you...

  • Make sure you see the Fortress...

    Make sure you see the Fortress Ehrenbreitstein, and Duetsches Eck. My best memory of Koblenz was trying to find a way into Fortress Ehrenbreitstein. We drove like an 1.5 hours to see this castle and it was closed. So instead of give up in defeat, we took a risk and tried to get in anyways. We ended up being on the wrong side jumping fences and...


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