Land Rheinland-Pfalz Local Customs

  • Local Customs
    by Kathrin_E
  • Local Customs
    by Kathrin_E
  • Local Customs
    by Kathrin_E

Land Rheinland-Pfalz Local Customs

  • Rhein Valley Vineyards

    Koblenz Local Customs

    On our Rhein cruise we passed mile after mile of row upon row of the most perfectly kept vineyards I have ever seen (well... it is Germany... and I haven't actually seen a vineyard before but they looked perfect to me!) I am no wine connoisseur but I have always known that German wine is my favourite, and to see where it is grown was a real buzz....

  • cultural diversity

    Mainz Local Customs

    Mainz - like most of western Germany - offers a bewildering array of cultural options. Yes, the Germans do like the exotic and the erotic - their attitude toward matters sexual could be called open and inquisitive, or it could be called prurient and nosy, but it's certainly different from the American perspective! But at the same time the Germans...

  • carnival

    Mainz Local Customs

    Don't miss to visit Mainz at carnival! There are lots of parades, the biggest one on Rosenmontag - the canival's monday! On Schillerplatz you find the carnival's fountain - in the form of a fool's tower!

  • The wonderful Palatinate dialect :-)

    Palatinate language is a dialect, which is being spoken in Palatinate region and in the so-called Kurpfalz, the region between Landau, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Speyer, Bruchsal and up to Worms. Wikipedia defines it as a western Franconian dialect. It is widely spoken in the region and it is very straightforward, plain and simple in a way. When High...

  • What's that rose in the vineyards?

    Originally I had planned to write a different story about the roses than I do now. It was one of these typical moments of learning by asking. In a book I have read about the roses which are said to be planted by the vintners at the beginning of each vine row to have an early indication of the dangerous mildew. Roses are said to get infested with...

  • Local wine glasses - Römer :-)

    It is often fascinating how childhood memories can stick in your brain almost forever. From the many trips my parents took me along Rhein River valley region I remember these glasses very well. They were very popular when I grew up and my parents still have several of these at home, bought at the towns we visited. When I was little I loved the ones...

  • Pink sandstone – the local building...

    I grew up in Palatinate so pink sandstone houses were a common sight for me. In local history lessons at school I also learned why: half of the Palatinate is forest which sits on top of pink sandstone cliffs and rock formations. Only when I moved away at the age of 13 I realised that not all houses in Germany were built using this building material...

  • Dubbeglas – Palatinate’s special scale...

    Wherever you go wine tasting on the planet, you will get glasses with a capacity of 0,1 or 0,2 litres. But - not so in Palatinate! Like for many other things in life, Palatinates have their own way, their own definitions and of course, their own scale unit. If you order wine, you will almost only get a Schoppe. Schoppe is the Palatinate word for a...

  • Woi, Weck un’ Worscht :-)

    Some might already have wondered what the former subtitle of my Rheinland-Palatinate page means: Woi, Weck un’ Worscht. This is another local term which is so very Palatinate. It stands for wine (Woi in local dialect), bread roll (Weck in local dialect) and sausage (Worscht in local dialect) and is considered to be the only food, Palatinaters...

  • Wine Festivals

    During the fall, there are many wine fests all around Rheinland-Pfalz. Just about every village has its own fest and it is quite an adventure to go there:There are regular restaurants, but also "Strausswirtschaften" (temporary pubs), where you can sit on benches and drink local wine and try local food! Oftentimes with nice music and always lots of...

  • Christmas Market

    Almost every town and city in Germany offers a Christmas market, where besides Glühwein and other traditional beverages and meals, stalls offer art, candles, cards and almost everything that has got to do with Christmas. The markets are well visited and concerts ensure that people are entertained. Have a look in the local press to see when and...

  • Glühwein

    Okay I am honest since I am writing this tip with a massive hangover... Gluehwein is hot red wine cooked with a special mixture. It does not taste like witches brew but it has the same effect. Offered during Christmas season almost all over Germany. Three cups knock you out of your feet. You can also try it with a "Schwung" a little kick as an...

  • Keschde

    Stop, you will not find that word in a dictionary. People in the country usually speak a dialect. Keschde means chestnuts, which can be eaten. In fall people in the Pfalz like to eat chestnusts, which they find in the forest when hiking there. Lots of restaurants offer chestnuts as local specialities.

  • Neuer Wein and Zwiebelkuchen

    In the german wine regions like the Pfalz, you get in autumn Neuer wine and Zwiebelkuchen in the restaurant. Neuer Wein can be taste like a juice of grapes, it can taste like wine. Sometimes it is called Bizzler, Federweisser, Roter Rauscher (when it is red). Zwiebelkuchen is a tarte with onions and ham. It tastes fantastic with "Neuer Wein". But...

  • Erdbeeren mit Schlage

    Equally available in the Months of Mai and June, besides spargel, are erdbeeren mit schlage (strawberries with whipped cream). Of course you can stop for these fresh delicacies without eating a meal. There will usually be an outside sign indicating they are being served. We tried these from the Supermarket too. Instead of pressure-can whipped cream...

  • Spargelcarte

    The months of May and June produce a state of ecstasy because it is time for spargel (the extremely large white stalked kind especially). They are available at every vegetable market and on special menus in better restaurants. They are accompanied by Hollandaise sauce and boiled potatoes, but can be supplemented with a meat side dish like wurst,...

  • Honor the wine

    Your glass in Rhine region will be not filled with a little quencher like in most other restaurants. It will be filled on top. That is normal. And someone who does not like wine is strange, or an ignorant tourist (last is a joke, but maybe?)So taste it, and do not wonder why winegrowing is a science and the most important thing in world. ;)) You...

  • Pure romance at Rhine

    Why is it so beautiful at Rhine....? Okay, I wrote it in general tip. The spirit is unimpossible to reflect with photos, must experience itself. But don´t forget to take along enough film material or some chips for camera. There exist so many motives for recording and shooting pictures. And take all possibilities to visit Straussenwirtschaften or a...

  • Beer

    With that bread with handkees, you share a "Stein" with your friends. A Stein is a liter of local beer! And it is rather cheap - only 4 Euro! This year (2006), sun was shining, but it was rather cold. So I had to drink a lot of beer to feel warm, hahahahaha

  • Handkeesfeschd

    Well, you have to understand the locals to understand that word. Sorry, I can't tranlsate it into english. Just have a look on the pic.Each village and the club's of the village celebrate lots of festivals. One of these local festivals, where you meet nearly no tourists from abroad, is the handkeesfeschd in Lustadt. One of my friends was born there...

  • Rhein in Flammen - a great ship-parade

    Rhein in Flammen is an annual event that you may find at many places along the river Rhine. It is mainly a parade of various ships, daycruisers, hotelships and also some private ships. All of the villages will be lighted, Big bonfires will be burning at most of the castles along the river and fireworks will make the parade a special event,...

  • Wilhelmsbau - a great museum in Speyer

    Wilhelmsbau is a seperate museum, built next to the technical museum in Speyer. In Wilhelmsbau you may see several different collections like the one of mechanical musical instruments and clocks with musical mechanism.Most of these exhibits date back o the 17th and 18th century. There are as well collections of old fashion-costumes, signposts,...

  • Weinfest & Fleamarket in Remagen

    In Remagen there is a traditional 4-days-Weinfest held always at the 3rd weekend in september, so in 2005 it will be september 16-19th.The Winefest will start on friday evening 06.00p.m. and will end on monday evening. On sunday there will be also a Antik- & Trödelmarkt (fleamarket) - maybe a good place and opportunity to find a nice souvenir from...

  • Veterans meet at the bridge of Remagen

    At the bridge at Remagen Several Veterans-meetings are held each year - you may check for more details on my link below !May 8th, 2005 - Veterans from America, Germany and Belgium will meet at the bridge and also at the Rhine-hall in Remagen.June 18th, 2005 - Veterans of the prisoner-camps meet at the Rhinehall and the peace-chapel.It might be the...

  • Rudolf Caracciola was born in Remagen

    Rudolf Caracciola (30.1.1901 - 28.9.1959 ) was one of the most succesful racing drivers of his time mostly driving the famous Silberpfeils of Mercedes and only for a few races he drove an Alfa P3 for the Scuderia Ferrari.He held several world-records for racing and won also the 1st race at the Nurburgring in 1927. In the time before M.Schuhmacher...

  • The famous "Rheingold" Pullmann in...

    This very special Pullmann-train was constructed for Hitler's Foreign Minister Joachim von Rippentrop, who wanted to have a really comfortable carriage, when travelling through Germany. This Pullmann costed 390.000 Reichsmark, (at a time, when a small house and garden was just 20.000 RM). The Rheingold-carriage had bullet-proof windows, several...

  • The Domnapf in Speyer

    There is a big fountain in front of the cathedral of Speyer and it is a symbol of the borderline between the cathedral and the rest of town.This fountain is called Domnapf and was filled with wine, when-ever a new bishop was elected for the cathedral of Speyer. The capacity of the Domnapf is 1560 litres, and all of the people in Speyer and its...

  • Stolzenfels - A great place to have your...

    The castle Kapellen-Stolzenberg may be rented for private festivities like Marriages etc. They have a nice chapel - you may see it on my picture on the right side of the castle, facing the river Rhine. Afterwards you may have champagne in the great reception-hall of the castle. For such occasions I am sure, you and your guests will be allowed to...

  • two of them

    the photo is taken from across the River Rhine....Engers near Neuwied, which is on the right site of the Rhein. and we had always some teasing going when one of them came to the left side.....the better one of course ^..^in fact, the Romans never invadet the right site of the River, just build a wall...the Limes and that was that, left the...

  • Fachwerk Haus

    Tudor Houses. old but renovated to a high Standart, I lived in one, when they where regarded as old House's, today they are like hot cakes, going, going..gone

  • Wine Festival

    are all over the wine growing regions....Rhine, Mosel, Ahr, Nahe, Saar, Rheinhessen and Pfalz have there own Wine Festival after the last crob of grapes has been brought in...don't miss the September each year and take your it is the Ahrweiler Wine Fest....a very special Redwine Region in Germany

  • Sunday fleamarkets

    Whereas in Baden-Württemberg it is forbidden to hold fleamarkets on sundays, in Rheinland-Pfalz it is allowed! Under one condition: it must start after church services are over!Which is very nice, since you don't have to get up in the middle of the night to find a good bargain - sleep in, have some breakfast and then start your fleamarket tour.

  • Saeubrennerkirmes Wittlich

    The local festival of Wittlich is called "Saeubrennerkirmes". It takes place the 3rd weekend in august. If you're interested in more informations, have a look at my Wittlich page please!

  • Wine, wine, wine.........

    Wine, that's what Rheinland-Pfalz is all about. Do enjoy the vinyards, wine trails with loads of information and all those little museums and exhibitions, that introduce some of the history of Palatia.

  • Duerkheimer Wurstmarkt

    the Sausage Market, biggest Wine Festival in Germany....Duerkheim in Paladine-Pfalz, and the greatest Local Speciality: Saumagen...the german equivalent to the scottish: Haggis

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Land Rheinland-Pfalz Local Customs

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