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  • Things to Do
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Maria Laach Things to Do

  • Maria Laach Abbey - Jewel of the Ahr...

    Situated in the Vulkaneifel, we visited the beautiful Benedictine Abbey, Maria Laach. This Romanesque abbey was founded in 1093 on the banks of the Laacher lake (the crater of an extinct volcano) and is still home to 60 Benedictine monks today. Their Gregorian chanting can be heard several times a day. Check the website for more details of its long...

  • the Walls

    of the inner court and the Lions fountain building up to the underground crypt, also known as Paradise, which has similarity to Granada.when you have the chance for a visit, do it in warmer season, the Basilika is freezing cold in the wintertime.although I have very fond memories over the Christmas period and the choirs performances

  • Maria Laach Benedictine Abbey

    Kloster Maria Laach is a Benedictine Abbey that is set alongside the Laacher See in the Eifel region. It is about 80 km’s south of the city of Cologne or 25 km's north of Koblenz. This beautiful ancient Abbey is dominated by the two tall towers of the Klosterkirche and is reputed to be one of the most beautiful Romanesque buildings in Germany.Maria...

  • The Crypt of the Church

    The crypt is a large chamber, supported by many heavy columns, below the eastern part of the church. It is of the 12C. The columns have plain block capitals. The columns are of limestone and the capitals of tuff. There is a well tended altar and prayer books behind the seats, so it undoubtedly used for devotions.

  • Visit the Lake

    There is a path along the lake for walking (and maybe for biking). We chose to use our car along L113 North for about 2 km where we found a parking area across the road from the lake. Walking past a miniture golf course we came to a put-in and docks where there was a great deal of small sailboating activity and of course views of the lake

  • Many Church Adornments (mostly ancient)

    The church has been decorated with many old and recent things. Some of the Brothers appear to be quite talented. Among the ancient monuments are a Merovingian tombstone (?) and an ancient font near the entrance door(3). In the West transept on a pier is a mural of St. Benedict (about 1500)(4). By far the most interesting is the tomb of the...

  • The Church Interior

    The church follows a basilican plan with 2 apses and transepts. There is a tall nave with an aisle at each side and vaulting(2). There are clerestory window above the nave arcades. The supports are heavy piers with applied columns and pilasters with ornamented capitals(3). The east end altar conch has a 20 C mosaic patterned after the Romanesque...

  • The Church Portico (The Paradise)

    In 1220, after the church was completed, it was decided to make it fancier. A portico was added called the Paradise. It must have served as a cloister because its 3 sides look like one.It is in complete harmony with the exterior. At this same period the nave and aisles were vaulted. Porticos of this sort and vaulting were being added to a few other...

  • The Church: Study the Exterior

    The shaping of the grounds makes it hard to examine the church from all angles and so the symmetry and gracefulness are not easy to appreciate.There are two taller towers at the East transept and two rounded towers at the West. (Two transept churches were not unusual in the Romanesque period). Between the East towers is a square based octagonal...

  • Maria Laach – Laacher Lake

    The lake adjacent to the monastery which is today filled after a crater opened. Today many hiking trails surround the trail and one has the possibilities to rent boats to row across the lake.

  • Maria Laach – Nursery

    The nursery which is administered by the monks of the monastery offers a great selection of local and regional plants as well as herbs.

  • Maria Laach – Library

    The library close to the monastery has its main focus on religious and historical books, and also sells jewellery and other items related to the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Maria Laach – The Monastery

    Though some of the substructures of the Abbey buildings adjoining the church go back to the time of the foundation, very little of their original character has been preserved. The buildings were modified from the early 20th century.

  • Maria Laach – The Portico

    Arcades on the three sides provide delightful glimpse both of the inner courtyard with the Lion Fountain. The origin of the Portico is mainly to countries South of the Alps so this is a unique addition to the monastery

  • Maria Laach – The Pietà

    Towards the right just after the entrance is this beautiful 15th century Pietà where worshippers can light candles and pray.

  • Maria Laach – Tomb of the founder

    Count Palatine’s monument is a freestanding tomb of the late 13th century. It is a stone sarcophagus with a carved wooden lid, the Count Palatine an idealized youth full figure clad in princely robes and seemingly still alive as he rests on the cover. The tomb contains the founder’s remains.

  • Maria Laach – Altar Window

    This is one of the beautiful windows to the left of the altar. Here with the Mary and Jesus as well as the Twelve Apostles to their feet giving absolution to their sins

  • Maria Laach – Left Altar Mosaic

    A beautiful Mosaic is right above the left altar, a throne of mercy is portrayed: a representation of the Trinity, Jesus is enthroned and the Holy Spirit hovering over the life size crucifix which Jesus is holding by its arms.

  • Maria Laach – Left Altar

    The left altar is also the Lady Chapel where the choir organ stands. Above are beautiful stained-glass windows that represent scenes from the life of Mary.

  • Maria Laach – Crypt Grave of Gilbert

    Gilbert the first Abbot of the monastery is buried in the middle of the crypt under a simple mosaic slab, a copy of the original is now in the Landesmuseum in Bonn.

  • Maria Laach – Crypt

    A dark stair leads from the Lady Chapel down to the crypt, the oldest part of the basilica. It was begun and partly finished under Count Palatine Henry. The high bases of the limestone columns under their clear block capitals recall the crypt of the Speyer cathedral.


Maria Laach Hotels

Maria Laach Restaurants

  • The place to eat

    This is the only sit-down restaurant on the premises (not counting the hotel which looks likw a place for guests and not tourists). It was clean, of good size (although there were many potential customers it was not overcrowded)with a moderate nimber of selections. Actually it should be called a cafeteria with many hot selections (American...

  • right in the Forest

    amazingly quiet, wonderful atmosphere..the Name says it all.......Forest Peace the local food is good, all the meateaters and seafoodlovers alike. german deserts are not the worst in the world and a german coffee is strong and you can have it as sweet as you like

  • Maria Laach Hotels

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Maria Laach Transportation

  • Park as soon as you can

    The only parking at Maria Laach is a set of pay lots to the right of L113 as you arrive from A61, exit 34. Do not look for another place and do not try to use the Hotel area to the left. Save time and park here.The church is on the left higher up. After you park, you head uphill to your right , through a tunnel under the road, and on to the church....

  • Road to Maria Laach

    To reach Maria Laach one would travel along the highway A 61 between Bonn and Koblenz. The exit Maria Laach is signposted right to the doorstep of the monastery.

  • Car/Motorhome

    would be a good Idea, biking would do no harm to see the beautiful countryside left of the River Rhine. when in Koblenz, take the route to Andernach, ca 18km, from there 12km to Maria Laach, good Public Bus Transport from right at the Railwaystation in Andernach ...passing through my place of birth...Nickenich, have a look around, a coffee and take...


Maria Laach Warnings and Dangers

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    Game Warning

    by MikeAtSea Written Feb 6, 2005

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    The Eifel Region consists of plenty forested landscapes that are home to deer and wild boar as well as other game. Driving during the night may end suddenly when game jumps out into the road and every year hundreds of accidents, sometimes even fatal occur here. Hence take the foot of the gas and drive carefully – once you have hit a full grown deer your journey may have come to an end!

    Deer Warning!!
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Maria Laach Sports & Outdoors

  • the Lake

    the Lake offers all activities you can imagine when it comes to watersport. sailing, boating, kanoeing and of course just simple is quite save when you follow common sense. the Lake is a Volcano Crater, deepest point 53mthe pic shows the more wild site of the lake you can encounter when walking around, still good places to have a...

  • overall view

    just an overall view over the whole Lake, as described in the tip before, the crater lake offers quite some fine recreational value.enjoy tranquillity, a daughter of mother nature empty your mind, take a deep breath and start walking

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Maria Laach Favorites

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    harmonious whole

    by pepples46 Updated Jun 27, 2004

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    Favorite thing: the gardens and walkways around the Abbey, serenety, peace and quiet.
    although the Monks work hart on the fields and the gardens, gardencenter and an artshop contribute to the self-evicency and independens of the Abbey from the outside world.the Monks also have the fishing rights of the Lake and cows in the lush paddocks.
    sitting at the nearby Seehotel, indulging in Coffee and Cake, looking over the Lake, this place rubbs off on you, hart to explain but sure one of the few places left in this world to feel that way

    Fondest memory: gegorian chants by the monks, you can even take home on CD
    but I do have a story to tell, which actually makes me still giggle when thinking of it.
    my first job as young interio decorater was the Monastery in Laach, my Boss pulled the job of, but did not tell the Monks he had a woman in the team
    so of we went from Andernach, beautiful drive through the forest, to arrive in the Monastery. getting the gear of the Van into the blessed rooms of the Monks, where no woman should ever set her foot,... well too late I was in.......and out. my male colleges had to start and finish the job

    behind the gardens of the monestery
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