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  • Off The Beaten Path
    by globetrott
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by globetrott
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by globetrott

Oberwesel Things to Do

  • Hiking from the Castle

    There is a scenic, steep trail into town from the castle. Great way to burn off all of that delicious German Cuisine. It takes about 15 minutes to go up at a fairly brisk pace.

  • Medieval sacristan's house

    At Oberwesel there are many beautiful, ancient buildings. And one of the most amazing can be found next to St. Martin’s church. This lovely half-timbered house looks like it belongs right into one of the fairy-tales of the brothers Grimm. The house was built in 1625 and in 1650 the sacristan of St. Martin’s church was granted this little building...

  • Schönburg Castle

    Schönburg castle is perched on a narrow rocky ridge with a truly massive shield wall, one of the most impressive of its kind. From the castle hill you’ll have fabulous views of the Rhine valley and nearby castles (such as Castle Gutenfels at the opposite riverbank).It is documented that the massive complex of Schönburg Castle was owned by Hermann...

  • Holy Nepomuk & Nikolaus

    This is an interesting remain of the old townwall and at each side there is another sculpture of a holy saint:Holy Nikolaus is facing the river Rhine, he is the patron for rafters, sailors and fishermen.Holy Nepomuk is facing the village,he is considdered the patron for all bridges.b.t.w. Nikolaus is also the first name of Nikki Lauda - (3 times...

  • lots of old towers

    Just some more of the old towers that you will find, when walking through Oberwesel. All of them have names like Ochsenturm (oxtower) , Katzenturm (cattower) etc. and in some of them people have built their home or at least a place to spend their free time. To own such a tower had always been in my dreams since my childhood.

  • Roter Turm / Haagsturm

    Roter Turm (red tower) is also called Haagsturm because the painter Carl Haag had bought it and had rebuilt that medieval tower in neo-gothic style between 1864 and 1866. This tower still has many paintings of Carl Haag inside, but it is privately owned now and cannot be visited by tourists.

  • lots of halftimbered houses

    Take a walk through the village of Oberwesel and you will see a lot of lovely halftimbered houses all over the town. You will also pass by the hotel "Zum goldenen Zapfenzieher" (the golden corkscrew), where in 1843 Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben sang for the first time the so-called "Deutschlandlied" - a part of that text is still the german...

  • Schoenburg castle

    Schoenburg castle is not only a luxury hotel but also an interesting castle, where you can take a walk through some remaining innercourts and see some great buidings of the castle dating back to the 11th century.There is also a Kolpingheim, a cheap hotel, that is not open for tourists and the Luxury-hotel Schoenburg - read more about it in my...

  • 16 medieval towers dating back to 1220AD

    In Oberwesel you will still see almost the complete medieval townwalls, dating back to the year 1220 and there is a total of 16 of the formerly 21 towers, that are still there to be seen , some of them are privately owned nowadays, but on most of them you may even step up and enjoy the perfect panorama-view of the Rhine-valley. You may still also...

  • The great interior of Liebfrauenkirche

    Dont miss to get inside of Liebfrauenkirche, because that interior is really full of great and interesting details in architecture. You will find a great mixture of gothic, baroque and neo-gothic ornaments, paintings and sculptures there.My favorite was the main altar, made of beautiful woodcarvings, covered with gold.This church will be open for...

  • the medieval townwall of Oberwesel

    The remains of the medieval townwall of Oberwesel are still standing at many places of the village, including a total of 16 wall-towers and at some places you can even step up and take a walk on top of the walls.At the riverside the townwall is still part of the town's protection against the regular floods of the river Rhine.

  • The "Salvadore Dali - house"

    In case that you like the paintings of Salvadore Dali this house in Oberwesel will be interesting for you. I found it accidentally, when walking the main road through the village. Obviously an excellent painter made these wonderful reproductions of works by Salvadore Dali in order to decorate an ordinary house.

  • Liebfrauenkirche

    Liebfrauenkirche is the name of this church that looks a bit oversized for a small town like Oberwesel. The church dates back to the year 1308 and it is considdered to be one of the most beautiful gothic churches along the river Rhine.From outside it does not really look very special, but the interior is really worth seeing !

  • Medieval Town Walls

    One of the main attractions of Oberwesel are the many towers of the town walls, the best preserved at the Middle Rhine. There originally used to be 21 towers and today 16 of them can still be seen, some of them can even be climbed. You will have a very nice view of the town, the river and the vineyards from these towers, but it's only recommendable...

  • St. Martin's Church

    The 1st church built at this spot was an 8th century royal chapel. The church as it appears today was built in the early 14th century. The most exceptional part of the building is the massive bell tower which is a very impressive example of sacral defensive constructions. The belfry does appear as if it was part of a castle, not of a church. And,...

  • A mighty fortress

    This imposing looking medieval fortress is actually the very thick walled bell tower of adjoining St. Martin's Church. This powerful structure was originally built about 750 years ago as the main defense tower of the fortified village, and was flanked by the defense ramparts. It was built on a steep hillside on the side of the city farthest from...

  • Village square of Oberwesel.

    As is the case with most of the riverfront wine villages in Rheinland Pfalz, the ancient buildings are maintained in excellent condition and are still in use as houses, apartment buildings, and places of business. Photo #1 was taken less than 100 meters inside the medieval city gate adjacent to the town square. The very large building on the right...

  • Rhein River cruise

    More later but here are some Rhein Cruise website: http://www.loreley-linie.loreleyvalley.com/rhine/cruises/index.htmlhttp://www.rhinecastles.com/http://www.hotel-schoenburg.com/castle-vacation-packages/index.html http://www.rhine.vacation-package.net/star-rate.html

  • View of Oberwesel

    If you go up to the castle/hotel you can look off the railing and see down on the Rhine and see Oberwesel. This is the opposite shot of the previous tip.

  • Castle Schonburg

    OK, this is a restored castle turned into hotel and it's very nice. I've never seen anything like it. My parents stayed here once and absolutely loved it.

  • Church of St. Martin

    The Church of St. Martin has a tower that is incredibly fortified. The tower is crowned by battlements, and was formerly part of the city defensive wall. The church looks very much like a fortress in a way, and was built in the 14th century. Despite the exterior being so "bold", the interior is filled with beautiful and precious works of art.


Oberwesel Hotels

Oberwesel Transportation

  • Oberwesel by train

    Oberwesel can easily be reached by train. There are direct trains from Koblenz (via Boppard) and also from Mainz (via Bingen). The regional trains to Oberwesel leave both Koblenz and Mainz at hourly intervals. The ride takes around 35 minutes from Koblenz and 1 hour from Mainz. For detailed...

  • cruises from Oberwesel

    There are various cruises that you can start in Oberwesel. KD / Koeln-Duesseldorfer Rheinschiffahrt has a regular schedule for day-cruises to the nearby Loreley and to Koblenz or Ruedesheim throughout the summer-season .Bingen-Ruedesheimeris another shipping-company

  • driving to Oberwesel

    Driving to Oberwesel is easy : you simply take the main road along the left bank of the river Rhine and you will find lots of parking-spaces along the river. You will be able to park there for free for 2 hours (Kurzparkzone), in case that you have a motorhome you pay 6 euros for 24 hours, BUT this will be next to the trainline and sleeping in your...


Oberwesel Local Customs

  • Rheinland-Pfalz & SaarlandCard

    Rheinland-Pfalz & SaarlandCard is a good way to save some money : between April 1st and November 1st you simply buy that ticket and dont have to pay the entrancefee to 144 attractions of the area, including castles, cruises, museums etc.When you buy a 3- or 6-day-ticket you also get a free Marco-Polo-booklet „Rheinland-Pfalz & Saarland“, the...

  • Rhein in Flammen - an annual festivity

    Rhein in Flammen is a special event during the summerseason with ships-parades, fireworks, wine-fests and other celebrations at many villages along the river Rhine. All of the villages will be lighted, Big bonfires will be burning at most of the castles and mountaintops along the river and fireworks will make the parade a special event, attracting...

  • Oberwesel Hotels

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Oberwesel Warnings and Dangers

  • globetrott's Profile Photo

    choose your hotel carefully !!

    by globetrott Updated Jun 23, 2008

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It is one of the biggest problems, when you choose a hotel along the Rhine-valley, that the trains run at both sides of the river, through the centre of town and villages and only a few places have tunnels and you may rest peacefully all night.
    Do NOT expect these trains not to run at night, they will come again and again every 20 or 30 minutes, in some places, also in Oberwesel it will be a horror in some hotels while in others it is no problem at all.
    So that is another reason to choose one of my castle-hotels closeby or the one on top of Loreley-rock.
    Take a look at my pictures, the valley in Oberwesel is not very wide and the train-track does not have a tunnel there !

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Oberwesel Off The Beaten Path

  • Romantischer Weinlehrpfad

    Romantischer Weinlehrpfad in Oberwesel is a path, that you can walk through the village and step by step you will find exhibits and explanations about wine-growing and how to press and store the wine etc.It might be a good idea to walk there, when you have enough time. this path will take you to one of the towers of the medieval townwall and...

  • Pfalz - the most spectacular castle in...

    This spectacular castle is in fact IN the Rhine, on a small island and it is just 3 km upstream from Oberwesel. Pfalzgrafenstein castle is also called Kaub or Pfalz. It was built on a small island in the river Rhine, at a narrow place where toll could easyly be taken from ships passing by. That way the owners of this castle got rich and wealthy.In...

  • St.-Martins-Kirche

    St.-Martins-Kirche is a bit outside of the town-centre and it dates back to the year 1350. This church was never really finished because of lack of money and its churchtower was also a part of the medieval townwall. There are some interesting frescos dating back to the 15th and 16th century in that church, but unfortunately this church was under...


Oberwesel Favorites

  • wadekorzan's Profile Photo

    Oberwesel--so many towers!

    by wadekorzan Written Nov 21, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Oberwesel was once a so-called "free imperial city". This meant that they were allowed to mint their own currency, and the town became very very wealthy. For this reason it had to be very well fortified. They did this by building a city wall encircling the city, complete with a great number of watchtowers. This town became the best fortified city in the Middle Rhine area, and today it has the most complete city wall of any village in the Rhineland. It also has more remaining watchtowers than any other village--16 in total. The most famous watchtower is called the "Ox Tower". it is the tallest of the 16, and is now used a light beacon for river traffic.


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