Land Rheinland-Pfalz Off The Beaten Path

  • Yes, Guenderodehaus is the house of
    Yes, Guenderodehaus is the house of...
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  • Off The Beaten Path
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  • Off The Beaten Path
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Land Rheinland-Pfalz Off The Beaten Path

  • Excavation Sites

    Mainz Off The Beaten Path

    As you can see, the excavation site begins right next to the platform of track 4, where an InterCity Express is going through (without stopping, of course). There is only a wire fence separating the platform from the excavation site. The site isn't exactly open to the public, but that's no problem since you can see into it through the fence from...

  • Bingen

    Mainz Off The Beaten Path

    Bingen is about 1 hr by train from Mainz. Easily accessible from Bahnhof . Recommended to visit the town as the best way to understand the lower rhine culture is to visit the towns outside of the cities. Nice friendly people there. Great view of the Rhine and some ruins including the castle in the middle of the town.

  • Citadel

    Mainz Off The Beaten Path

    On the Jakobsberg, a hill just behind the south station and the Theatrum Mogontiacensium, there is a large baroque citadel from the year 1660. Inside the citadel there are several buildings which now house city offices. The outer walls are quite overgrown with trees and bushes in places, but you can still walk around on them. In May 2004 a...

  • Wiesbaden

    Mainz Off The Beaten Path

    when you're in Mainz, don't forget to visit Wiesbaden, the capital of the state of Hessen, as well which lies just on the other side of the Rhine. In my opinion Wiesbaden is even much nicer than Mainz. What you can see in the picture is the so-called: 'Staatstheater'

  • Why not visit one of the border castles

    Near Wissembourg, along the French-German (Alsace-Palatinate) border are countless little castles and fortresses to visit. Lemberg website lists 21 castles on their homepage, which are all in this loverly part of Europe, on both sides of the border.One of them, Chateau Fleckenstein was once an important fortress during the wars between the...

  • Wissembourg, Alsace village & excellent...

    While visiting southern Rheinland-Pfalz, I can highly recommend to travel across the border into French Alsace. This French state shares the same “fate” as Rheinland-Pfalz, because it was owned by France then by Germany, France again, Germany again and is now French. The people have developed habits to ignore who is their current “owner” and have...

  • Eberbach Monastery- contemplation and...

    Eberbach Monastery is quite known by the Germans living close by, but as it is nor UNESCO heritage site, it does not always get attention like Cologne and Berlin by (non-German) travellers.Well, why should you visit this gem ? First of all, it is one of the first abbeys of Cistercian Order, which have been founded in the Germany of 12th century. It...

  • Lorsch and the King’s Hall (UNESCO...

    Lorsch is a tiny town in southern (state of) Hesse and most probably overlooked by many German and foreign tourists. At least I didn’t see much when I am here from time to time. But it is definitely worth a little detour, as it is home to one of the oldest remains of an abbey of early Medieval “Germany” (well, where todays’ Germany was part...

  • Mannheim: parks, museums and a castle

    Sadly even amongst many Germans Mannheim is considered as an ugly industrial city, but this is definitely a perception which does not at all do justice to this beautiful city. Mannheim not “that” old in German terms, it only recently celebrated 400 years township, but it has a very magnificent castle, which was built by the electors Carl Philip and...

  • Schwetzingen, only briefly across the...

    You thought, only France has Versailles ? No, Schwetzingen also has a beautiful residential castle, which – due to its building history – has elements of Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Classicism. It was summer residence of Prince Electors Karl Philipp and Karl Theodor (17-18th century), and has recently been renovated to give access to all its...

  • Cute little tower with a moving legend

    Near the trulli (see to-do section) in Rheinhessen I found another little sight inmidst the vineyards and found out later that there is a lovely and moving legend connected to it. The tower is called Ajax Turm and the legend is that a vintner was in love with the daughter of the local mill owner and always met her here, together with his trustful...

  • Ibersheimer Dukatenscheißer (lol)

    It cannot get more off path than this, but if you have time and are near Worms, you should go and see this most cutest tiny house yourself ! Ibersheim, a “suburb” of Worms (not actually suburb, but incorporated into Worms greater town), is only 12 km to the north at the banks of river Rhein. Just go to Rheindürkheim and then turn right, direction...

  • great municipal swimming pool in...

    Saarburg has a fantastic swimming pool. Indoor there is a corner for under fives with waterfall, brooke, pump, toys, water depth ranging from 0 to 40 cm. A pool for kids with water up to 1m, with climbing ropes to get to the slide, a rope bridge, water features. A pool for swimming laps. A cave, a spa etcetera. Outdoors there are great slides,...

  • Heidelberg Castle

    The other excursion we took from the ship was to Heidelberg. Like Eberbach, it wasn’t the easiest of places to visit with a wheelchair (so many cobbles!) but was well worth the effort.Our first stop was at the castle. The tour arranged for us was in French, as most of the passengers were French, but we were provided with English audio guides as an...

  • Kloster Eberbach

    There were several option excursions offered during the cruise. The first of the two which we chose to take was to Kloster Eberbach. I had read about this monastery here on VT, on the Kiedrich page written by Ingrid aka Trekki. It sounded such a lovely place, so we asked the excursion organiser if this would be possible for my mother-in-law and her...

  • Mayen

    the wee Town in the Eifel, not many might have heart of, but it is definitly worth a visit. an old Town with a Castle...the Genoveva Burg. friendly people. Mario Adorf, the german actor was born in Mayen.he often played the bad guy, but actually is very nice!! and on the way to the Racecourse ..Nuerburgring, for all Car racers out there....have a...

  • Ice Wine

    This region is home to one of the more unusual wines of the world - Ice Wine! Eiswein - ice wines of Beerenauslese intensity, made from grapes harvested and pressed while frozen to concentrate sugar, acidity and extract. Truly unique wines with a remarkable concentration of fruity acidity and sweetness. Early in the morning - when it is still dark...

  • Oberwesel

    Compared to other places along the Rhine valley, Oberwesel is not so much crowded, there are less people and it is, in my opinion, a bit more authentic. What is unique about this place is the city wall, on which you can walk. From there, you have a great view on the Rhine and the village as well.

  • Gequellte und Hering

    Funny fontaines because of the name. Fontaines showing a fish on a ball. The citizens of Mainz say to that "Gequellte mit Hering" (means like herring with potatoes), a local meal.It is on the way from Cathedral to Rhine waterside.

  • Grosskarlbach

    We heard something about a biking and hiking path along a small small river and along some mills. It is called Muehlenwanderweg. The smal river is the Eckbach. So we went there and came to Grosskarlbach, a beautiful village near Gruenstadt, on the way from Mannheim to Kaiserslautern. There are beautiful houses, lots of half timbered houses, nice...

  • Ruedesheim am Rhein - das...

    Niederwalddenkmal is a monument that was built high above the town of Ruedesheim in order to commemorate the end of the war of 1870/71 between France and Germany. The architects Johannes Schilling and Karl Weisbach needed 6 years for the construction of the giant monument, and even Kaiser Wilhelm I. came for the inauguration . The basement of the...

  • Assmannshausen - north of Ruedesheim

    The small village of Assmannshausen is well worth a visit, as it shows lots of great half-timbered houses .The streets are rather narrow, and parking inside the village is almost impossible, but you may park at the river and walk a few hundred meters to see these great buildings.From Assmannshausen you may also drive up the hill in order to get to...

  • Ediger-Eller in the Mosel-valley

    Ediger-Eller is another lovely village in the Mosel-valley, situated about 25km upstream from Cochem. You will drive through Ediger-Eller on your way to Bernkastel-Kues and I think it is well worth a short stop-over. Already from the street you pass through you will see several beautiful halftimbered houses and plenty of places, where you may sit...

  • Castle Sternberg / Sterrenberg in...

    From castle Liebenstein - high above Kamp-Bornhofen in the Rhine-valley - you may walk within only 15-20 minutes to castle Sternberg ( also sometimes called castle Sterrenberg).My picture shows the quite unique innercourt of the castle, that is privately owned, but open to the public.I was there early in the morning, 2 hours before the restaurant...

  • Siegfried's Mechanisches Musikkabinett

    Siegfried's Mechanisches Musikkabinett in Ruedesheim is one of the biggest collections of automatic music-instruments and musicboxes in europe. Go inside, even when you will have not enough time to see the museum, the exhibits shown on my page are shown in the entrance hall, BEFORE you get to the cashier.Siegfried's Mechanisches Musikkabinett...

  • Burg Lahneck

    Burg Lahneck is a really interesting castle, built high above the place, where the river LAHN flows into the Rhine.The castle dates back to 1245 and you may visit it with a guided tour only. Tours are daily 10.00a.m. - 05.00 p.m. between easter and end of October.Unfortunately I did not go inside, as for the next tour I would have to have waited...

  • Ehrenfels castle

    The ruins of Ehrenfels castle are about 80 meters above the Rhine, not far from Ruedesheim and the Maeuseturm. The castle was first mentioned in a document in 1573 , but it is certainly much older than that. The river Rhine was a perfect place to build a castle and live on the toll, the merchants had to pay, when sailing on the Rhine.This castle...

  • The Roman museum in Remagen

    Already the old Romans setteled along the river Rhine and built their fortifications there, and that way the former Roman castello Ricomagus became the town of Remagen, as we know it today. Parts of the medieval townwalls are still to be seen at some places in Remagen, mainly in Milchgasse and most of them remained almost unchanged, as they became...

  • The Krypta of the cathedral in Speyer

    The Krypta is certainly one of the highlights, when visiting the cathedral of Speyer.Plenty of bishops, kings and noblemen are buried there. In one of the side-niches you will also find the tomb of Edith Stein ( 1891 - 1942 )she was born jewish and converted to christianity and became a Carmelite nun. She was sent to the KZ and was finally killed...

  • Speyer - Historisches Museum der Pfalz

    Just about 200 meters from the lerge cathedral in Speyer you will see this interesting regional museum, the building looks great already from outside.While I was in Speyer, there was a special exhibition "100 years Playmobil" - but besides such special exhibitions the museum shows also the precious treasuries of the cathedral, a wine-museum and a...

  • The old abbey of Beilstein

    There is a quite impressive abbey in Beilstein, on the right of my picture.My picture was taken from the castle-tower and might help you to decide for yourself, whether it is worth for you to climb up all these many partly worn-out steps or not. The main picture was taken in April 2004, so the mountains still look a bit gray. The best time to...

  • Muenster-Maifeld

    Muenster-Maifeld is a lovely little town of maybe 8000 inhabitants that has a lot of interesting half-timbered houses and a church that looks a bit strange and very un-usual, also inside. The church-tower looks more like a fortified castle-tower and the church has many great details inside as well. You may enter the church freely and without...

  • a pilgrim on the way to Santiago de...

    Speyer was at all times an important place to visit for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela in Portugal. Such Jakobs-Pilgrimage became quite popular again recently and many people still walk the traditional Jakob's roads through Europe, passing by the most important catholic churches. Mostly these places also offer some really cheap...

  • Kaiserbrunnen - a great fountain in...

    Just opposite of the Kreisstaendehaus you may see this lovely fountain showing the story of the ill prince, who came back into life after drinking from the famous "Doctor-wine".Have a look for the scenes on my pictures: on one of them the prince is still looking a bit sceptical & on the other one he obviously is feeling better already, maybe even a...

  • Burg Bischofstein in the Mosel-valley

    Burg Bischofstein is an interesting castle high above the left bank of the river Mosel / Moselle,in a distance of about 25km downstream to Cochem.Bischofstein castle dates back to the 13th century and it was rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century by a rich banker from Darmstadt. Today it is in private posession and may not be visited by the...

  • Kobern-Gondorf

    Kobern-Gondorf is a small village that you will pass by , when you drive from Koblenz to Cochem along the Mosel-valley.You will drive through this interesting building on my picture: It is the " Schloss von der Leyen " , an old castle, and there was no other way to build a road, than to lead it through the innercourt of the old castle.You may get...

  • Karden-Treis > 25km downstream from...

    Karden-Treis is a small village along the river Mosel, about 25km downstream from Cochem. My favorite building in Karden-Treis is this old building that dates back to the year 1562. At that time it was the seat of the "Schultheis of Kurtrier" Schultheis was an expression for a judge and "Kurtrier" was the old province belonging to the city of...

  • Kroev - home of the famous N@ckt@rsch

    Kröv is a small village with great half-timbered houses at the left bank of the river Mosel and it is mainly well known for a funny name for one of its great wines : Kröver N@ckt@rsch There is a little story, explained on the bottle :Once upon a time the children of the village went down into the cellar in order to drink some wine !They were...

  • Beilstein - museum of coffee-mills

    In Beilstein you may see an interesting "Museum of Coffee-mills" inside a cafe with the funny name "Cafe Klapperburg". They show 366 different coffee-mills made of wood, iron and brass.The collection even includes a tiny mill made for a doll's-houses. The museum is inside the cafe and you may enjoy also some cake and a coffee there.The museum and...

  • Straußenwirtschaft and Wine Tasting

    My special tip: visit so-called Straußenwirtschaften. You find that "lttle inns" mostly outdoor, sometimes inside a homeof vineyards. The real "Straussenwirtschaft" is a bar with maximum 40 seats which is attached to a agriculture company, with own wine and only serves simply prepared food from own production. Nevertheless, just in this restriction...

  • Trier - Mariensäule and vineyards

    On the left side of Mosel river, a column, dedicated to Our Lady (Mariensäule), stands 300 meters high up on the hills across the Moselle, opposite St. Irminen. The Mariensäule is 40 meters high and made of sand. The foundation and the base are supposed to be made out of remains of the roman city wall. From there you have an impressive view over...

  • Jewish cemetery

    The Palatinate has a big Jewish past. Here one still finds many very old Jewish cemeteries. On the photo a very well-preserved one, constructed 1824-1833, equally beside the street nearby village Busenberg (to/from Bad Bergzabern). In the backround you see an the picture the ruin of Castle Drachenfels.Jewish cemetery that is a " House of Eternity...

  • Baumwipfelpfad

    In the biosphere house, you can watch the exhibitions . And then, don't miss the baumwipfelpfad. It's a path under the tree top, about 250 m long. And at the end, a big slide to come to earth again! :-)

  • Herxheim

    Herxheim is the place, where I spent the first five years of my life. I still do have some very vague memories: the little shop across the street, the HUGE main street (that turned out to be a rather small one, once your legs grow longer....), climbing across fences and all those little piggies at the local farmer's stables....It is a rather small...

  • Burg Eltz

    According to the guide book, this castle is over 1,000 years old, and has not been attacked or distroyed during that time. However, I suspect this is because no one found it, at least if our experience was anything to go on ( and we were looking for it!) It was worth finding though, a truely fairytale castle, perhaps the one in which Sleeping...


Land Rheinland-Pfalz Hotels

  • Villa Hugel

    This is a small well kept four star establishment a short walk from the centre. It's half way up the...

  • Hotel Am Wartturm

    Owners: Christiana & Günter HECK They have single, double and triple rooms. Special offers for the...

  • Hotel Jan Van Werth

    All the service was nice and friendly. The room was very comfy and sunny. We had tv and shower in...


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