Land Rheinland-Pfalz Restaurants

  • Garlic Gyudon
    Garlic Gyudon
    by HanDam
  • Garlic Gyudon mixed
    Garlic Gyudon mixed
    by HanDam
  • Strawberry Ricecake
    Strawberry Ricecake
    by HanDam

Land Rheinland-Pfalz Restaurants

  • around Goerres Platz

    Koblenz Restaurants

    Coffeeshop, bar, restaurant. Excellent outdoor sitting. Just relax and watch the people. Reasonable prices, not expensive! Einstein is new in Koblenz. It opened im April/Mai 2001. Try the coffee specials like Vanilla Cappucino.

  • Eisgrub

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Mainz Restaurants

    Eisgrub Brau is one of two breweries located in Mainz (the other one is Brauhaus Castel located in Mainz-Kastel) that caters to foreigners. While Brauhaus Castel seems to being be an American hangout, Eisgrub Brau welcomes all nationalities and you never know what language you will hear when you visit. All the servers (at least all the ones I’ve...

  • several cafes

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Koblenz Restaurants

    The Pegelhaus is situated in the old house, where the water levels of the Rhine are marked over years. These days there is a lovely cafe inside. It´s a lovely place, especially upstairs. My friend and I tried the homemade fresh waffels, with cherries, yummy but not very cheap....They also serve other dishes, it´s not only a cafe I think!

  • Augustinerkerller

    5 out of 5 stars

    Mainz Restaurants

    Augustinerkeller is a local restaurant. You get there all the specialties like Hankaes, Spundenkaes, ... As far as I know, it is one of the traditional puns in the carnival time. I liked a lot the interior, which is very old.

  • Havanna

    Koblenz Restaurants

    Cuban restaurant and bar, cocktails. The food is not real Cuban, it is a mixture between Mexican, good pizzas and wonderful big salads. Also the interieur is a Cuban/Mexican mix. I love it! Wonderful cocktails, salad and meals. I like it. You can see the menue in the internet on

  • Cafe Lorentz

    Koblenz Restaurants

    Cafe Lorentz is a beautiful cafe located on Jesuitenplatz. The square is especially beautiful at night, and the cafe has a really great atmosphere. It is a quiet cafe...not one with loud music or banging is a nice place to go and have a light meal in a really nice place. Jesuitenplatz (Jesuit Square) is located right in the heart of the...

  • Ultimate culinary Palatinate delights...

    In the hotel section I have already described our delightful stay at Waldhaus Wilhelm and how much I liked the restaurant. It is time now to describe our culinary experience, which definitely exceeded all my expectations and which will bring me back to this hotel many times in the future.On our first evening we arrived rather late and decided to...

  • Excellent wine bar, Bingen Rhein...

    This wine bar was an excellent recent find in Bingen when I accompanied friends from Australia through Rhein valley. After our boat tour we came back to Bingen where our car was parked and they were hungry. I passed by this wine bar quite often before because this is the only toilet option when you wait to get on the KD boat. But I always had this...

  • Speyer, heavenly "Slow Food" dining

    This restaurant is the proof that the best isn’t simply at the main streets :-). I am grateful to Ian and his partner Rosemarie (Iandsmith) who were staying in the Engel Hotel when they were visiting Speyer early 2008. And when I came down to Speyer to spend some days with them, we wanted to have something to eat close by but their restaurant...

  • Other typical Palatinate dishes

    I thought that it might be helpful to describe other typical dishes, although I don’t have photos at the moment (and some dishes I might not get photos, as I don’t like their taste). Versoffene Schwestern (translation would be “drunken sisters”) is a very lovely dish but only for the ones who don’t drive or stay somewhere near for the night. It is...

  • Worschtsalat and Lewwerknepp, delicious!

    These are two additional dishes very much typical for Palatinate (and also made their way throughout the neighbouring states).Worschtsalat (German = Wurstsalat, sausage salad, photos 1 and 2) is a cold dish of Fleischwurst/Lyoner, a kind of mortadella sausage without lard, cut in thin slices and served with raw onions, cucumbers, sometimes cheese...

  • Autumn delights: Federweißer &...

    Well, I should clarify my former tip a bit. Zwiwwelkuche or Zwiebelkuchen (onion cake) can mean two different dishes, but they are easy to differenciate, as one of them is a pure seasonal dish. The above mentioned Flammkuchen is offered all year round and mostly called Flammkuchen.Zwiebelkuche, the real Zwiwwelkuche, is only served in autumn and...

  • Flammkuchen - adopted from France's...

    If I would have space for a subtitle, it would go: and “Neue Wein” (new wine). Flammkuchen (the thin crispy pizza-like Tarte Flambée) is sometimes being modified in Palatinate as Zwiwwelkuche. Ha, another typical local name you might come across in this region – it stands for Zwiebelkuchen or onion cake. As you can see on the photos, taken at...

  • Saumagen – most favourite Palatinate...

    Nothing, definitely nothing can get more Palatinate than the one and only famous Saumagen. Who understands a bit of German might be horrified from the word. I was as well, until I only recently tasted it and … was thrilled ! The name means sow’s stomach, but don’t worry, you won’t need to eat the stomach, it is only used as a kind of bag, which is...

  • Straußwirtschaft – seasonal wine pubs

    This is something very much local to the Palatinate, and I can highly recommend to look for these in summer. There is no real translation for the word Straußwirtschaft, and even Strauß has nothing to do with ostrich (in case one looks up the word parts). It means something like bunch of flowers, and a bunch of flowers was hung out at Palatinate...

  • Meals on board

    When we booked this cruise with a French company, Croisi Europe, we were told that the catering on board was one of their strengths, and so it proved to be. Rubbish for dieters though! Every day brought a generous buffet breakfast, a four course lunch and a three course dinner, and the food was almost all excellent. Breakfast consisted of fruit...

  • Another memorable Palatinate meal.

    This restaurant is attached to a lovely little hotel in Bad Muenster Am Stein. It has a very relaxed ambience and we sat in a verandah type area which was most pleasant and comfortable. The waitress was extremely efficient and spoke exceptionally good English even though, in this instance I had Ingrid to translate from German to English if it had...

  • Super Strudel

    Zur Weiherschleife, the cafe, is attached to the historic gemstone mill on the Tiefensteiner Strasse on the way to Idar-Oberstein. The setting is idyllic, lush and green and very peaceful. I could have sat there for hours had it been possible. We couldn't resist a kaffe and kuchen before going to view the gemstone mill. There was a blackboard menu...

  • Excellent food and service

    This restaurant is part of a pretty little hotel just outside of Maikhamer. There is an excellent choice of different dishes on the menu. The room itself is beautifully presented with crisp tablecloths and very nice plates, cutlery and other tableware.My most vivid memory of the hotel was the stunning St Bernard dog who greeted us in the reception...

  • Bread & Wine

    We stopped at the Vinters Association to purchase a few bottles of wine, a selection of Riesling, Rose & pinot noir. To accompany our wine Win produced some yummy french loafs. What a great experience breaking bread, tasting wine alongside the gorgeus riverbank.The wines ranged from about Euro 6 - Euro 15 depending on vintage etc.

  • huts in the forest

    There are lots of huts in the forest, where hikers can get simple meals. Usually there is self service. The people leading the huts are usually no commercials. Usually you can sit inside or outside, just depending on the season. Specialties are soups (pea soup, potato soup), Sauerkraut and Bratwurst or Leberknoedel (dumpling made of liver - yes,...

  • Dining with a view at the Mosel in...

    Baerchen Bistro in Bernkastel-Kues is my favorite restaurant , because it has such a great terrace facing the Mosel river and it also offers great meals and a great choice of local wines at reasonable prices. "Baerchen" is the expression for a small bear in German and of course this Bistro belongs to my favorite Hotel in Bernkastel: Hotel Bären....

  • A great place to taste "Bernkasteler...

    Another one of my favorite places in Bernkastel-Kues is Cafe Hansen on main square, close to the old town-hall. This was mostly the place, where I went for coffee and a cake, while our KD-cruise-ship docked for a few hours. Cafe Hansen is the oldest cafe in Bernkastel and in family-posession since 1911.Tuesday-Saturday : 09:00a.m. - 06.30...

  • Palatinate Specialities

    Each region has its own specialities: the Rhineland has a typical soup made with wine, whereas the Palatinate is famous for its hearty dish called the Pfälzer Saumagen (stuffed pig's stomach from the Palatinate). But there is also "Fläschknepp" (meatballs in horseradish sauce) and many other delicious dishes...And don't forget the superb wines...

  • Gala dinner

    The final evening of the cruise was a special gala evening. It started with champagne served in the bar before we all moved into the restaurant for an excellent four course dinner. The meal started with melt-in-the-mouth foie gras, served with caramel, pine nuts and brioche – delicious! This was followed by Beef Wellington, then goats cheese and...

  • Alsace lunch

    All the meals on board were excellent and the waiting staff friendly and attentive, but they made a special effort for the Sunday lunch when they served us a traditional Alsace meal of choucroute garni. This consists of sauerkraut (coucroute in French) with a variety of different meats. We had two sorts of sausage (one spicy, the other similar to a...

  • Wine tasting

    you can have a glas of wine anywhere and anytime...when you buy yourself a bottle of wine in the supermarket and enjoy with food in the park or wherever you find a lovely spot...nobody will look at you in vein. not like in other countries, the US and also New Zealand, you can have a drink in you know, wine and cheese and a french baquett...

  • Straußwirtschaft

    If you see along the street a sign with Strausswirtschaft, go there! A Strausswirtschaft is a kind of local restaurant. It is not open all the year, only at some seasons. You get there home made dishes, cakes, drinks.This Straußwirtschaft is in my eyes not an authentic one. It's too commercial. Usually you see a broom with some flowers indicating...

  • Sad, because very bad

    Sad because it is at nice place, directly across from Cathedral in Mainz, and you has a nice view to Cathedral place. But really bad meals, no nice service and unclean.So I give that warning.

  • Gourmet - one of the greatest cuisine

    You should take all: diner, local, wine bar and wine tasting. In Rheinhessen (Rhine Hesse), but nothing to do with country Hesse, it is always Rhine-Palatinate, you must drive to the village Schwabenheim. In the middle of the village there is a gourmet restaurant with best cuisine, a winery with famous wine and so also a great vaulted cellar,...

  • Romantic restaurant/ Mainz-Finthen

    The whole restaurant makes it special :)), the surrounding and service, the good meals and wine. Coffee, beer garden (better to say wine garden ;) ), bar and dinners, also with special meals and events.A wonderful view from tower and some places of the garden to the river, Rheingau, Taunus.We sat outside under nice and high trees. The tower beside...

  • but don't drink&drive

    also called Tablewater, Selzer.........the way to go when driving. a tasty refreshment and quite a local custom actually. on most german tables at favorite has always been Gerolsteiner from the Eifel Region.have a look at their webpage

  • don't worry

    if you are absolutly allergic of wine, there is no need to be thirsty, Pubs in Germany know to pour a good beer as well.and here in Rheinland-Pfalz there is no better one then:KOENIGSBACHER have a look at the variety's they offer....sure there is something for every Bier loverFeierabend ......Alt, Pils, Export...and the list goes...

  • dining where the mintmasters used to...

    The Restaurant "Alte Münze" in Bacharach was built into the building, where between 1356 und 1508 gold-coins were produced, according to a priviledge by emperor Karl IV in 1356.Nowadays the building is a great restaurant and cafe with a nice restaurant-garden and cosy rooms inside - see my pics ! Also the building itself looks really great with the...

  • Enjoy your lunch directely at the river...

    In Remagen at the boulevard along the river Rhine you may find quite a lot of restaurants and cafes with a garden-restaurant, but most of them have their garden across the wide road, in a distance of 15 meters to the river-banks.Ristorante da Franco is an exception to that rule, and they have a garden on both sides of the street.A place like that,...

  • right under the old towngate in Speyer

    "Altpörtel" is the name of the old towngate in Speyer and there you may sit outside in the garden-cafe of Cafe Altpörtel.It is not only the great cakes but also the nearby tower and other interesting buildings, that make a cup of coffee and a Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte an event, you will for sure not forget easily.... Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte - it...

  • See the doctor in Bernkastel !

    This is a place of local history, where an almost dead prince came into life again, after he was drinking the famous "Doctor-wine" and it is a great restaurant and hotel today. On a side-entrance of the house you may read the whole story of the prince and his healing and you may right away try the wine yourself and find out, whether this special...

  • Dining in the old townhall of Bernkastel

    RATSKELLER - this is a name for a restaurant that you will find in many towns all over Germany and mostly it is a really great place to eat and to "breath great architecture" in the cellar and vaults below the townhall.Most of these places used the vaults of the townhall-cellars for a restaurant, where the councillors of the city could go (unseen...

  • a restaurant in castle Landshut /...

    The restaurant and cafe inside the castle Landhut, high above Bernkastel-Kues is a great place to have lunch on a big terrace overlooking the Mosel-valley.The restaurant is open daily except on Tuesday and the kitchen is open all day. And as you may see on my picture , you will be sitting between the old walls and ruins and some of the tables are...

  • Dining in a castle in Kobern-Gondorf

    Restaurant Marais in Schloss Liebig is a great restaurant in a distance of about 10km from Koblenz on the left bank of the river Mosel.Schloß Liebig is a castle dating back to the year 1158 and it was in private posession untill 1972. Then it was unused for some years, before it was transfered into a great speciality-restaurant. This is one of the...

  • What a great place for a restaurant

    Traben-Trarbach is a small town with an interesting architecture, about 45km upstream from Cochem and it has one of the most important bridges over the river Mosel. There is an old tower on the bridge and it has a nice restaurant on its 1st floor (USA:2nd floor)This restaurant is open daily from 11.00a.m. I had a coffee and a nice cake there and...

  • My favorite restaurant in Cochem

    Restaurant zum Onkel Willi is in the back of Cochem, just opposite of the ground-station of the chair-lift up to Spinnerkreuz.I had an excellent lunch there with great food and perfect service, although the restaurant was quite full. They also have a restaurant-terrace, facing the street and the cable-car. I had breast of turkey with mushrooms,...

  • The best view AT the castle of Cochem

    This great Cafe in Cochem is a bit "off the beaten path", because you have to climb up the hill or take the chair-lift in order to get to the cafe am Pinnerkreuz. That cafe is the very best place to have coffee and a cake and enjoy the perfect panorama-view of the Mosel - valley including the castles of Cochem and the ruins of Winneburg castle, in...

  • Dining in the castle of Cochem

    Burgschenke is the name of the great restaurant & terrace inside the Reichsburg of Cochem. You will have a perfect view there on the valley of the Mosel / Moselle. Enter through the same door as to the ticket-box."Burgschenke" is the traditional, medieval name, although it should rather be spelled "BurgschÄnke" today.This restaurant is open daily...

  • For the best view in Beilstein / (Mosel...

    Restaurant Ruine Metternich is a nice restaurant inside the castle ruins and they even have a few tables directely at the wall, offering an excellent view over the valley of the river Mosel / Moselle, where you may see plenty of ships passing by, while having luch or dinner. The restaurant is ment mainly for hikers and offers a good, but rather...


Land Rheinland-Pfalz Hotels

  • Villa Hugel

    This is a small well kept four star establishment a short walk from the centre. It's half way up the...

  • Hotel Am Wartturm

    Owners: Christiana & Günter HECK They have single, double and triple rooms. Special offers for the...

  • Hotel Jan Van Werth

    All the service was nice and friendly. The room was very comfy and sunny. We had tv and shower in...


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