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  • Spangdahlem - Looking to the North
    Spangdahlem - Looking to the North
    by JAFA-Rease
  • Mosul River Cruise
    Mosul River Cruise
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Spangdahlem Things to Do

  • Mosel River cruise

    Through any travel office you can sign up for a wine cruise along the Mosul river. They start and end at many different towns. In the fall, be sure to take the "Rhien in Flames" tour. Its a wine cruise down the Rhine river while all the towns you pass are lighting off fireworks!

  • The US Air Force base

    If you're lucky to have "JAFA-Rease" or "rmbtac" on your friends' list then you have a pretty good chance to get into the base itself. Personally, I enjoyed going there for shopping. There are so many little things I got addicted to while living in the US and unfortunately I can't get them in the Netherlands or any other European country. (I will...

  • Spangdahlem Hotels

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Spangdahlem Restaurants

  • Best food in Germany

    This very small but clean and romantic restaurant has delicious food. While some of it is on a German theme, I would describe it as Nouveau cuisine, delicious and beautifully prepared and a bargain to boot. Dinner with an appetizer, salad, entree, starch, and dessert was 19.5 euros. It is served with homemade breads and "butters" that are...

  • Best lunch deal on Spangdahlem Air Base

    The German "Kanteen" is a very simple, down to earth restaurant. The help is friendly and the atmosphere is casual. This is not a fancy restaurant! They offer 3-4 course meals for $3 - $5. Their menu changes daily, and is written in German only. However, if you need a translation just ask someone around you. The food isn't the highest quality, but...

  • Excellent German Cuisine

    The Torschanke is my favorite restaurant in the Eifel Area. They are extremely courteous, and the menu changes frequently. They specialize in the rarer German dishes.The restaurant itself is part of one of the old city gates of Dudeldorf (about 5 kilometers from Spangdahlem).The Torschanke is open everyday except Thursdays and Holidays. I recommend...


Spangdahlem Nightlife

  • Hard Rock

    Lucky Luke's located just west of Treir was udoubtly onbe of the hottest spot that I have seen so far. The live bands were all very respectable and uniqe in their own stlye. Thre was a varity of drinks to chose from and all were reasonably priced. The locals that go there often were slighty different than "normal" people because they wore all black...

  • Gone out of Business!

    The Irish Pub went out of business on 24 April 04!The Rasher Reid's is a nice little local watering hole in Spangdahlem. The owner is Irish, there's a fireplace in the back and it has a friendly atmosphere.The owner does not tolerate anyone who is loud or obstinate. He'll kick them out without skipping a beat. All of the help speak both German and...

  • Why Not?

    The Why Not is a small bar in Spangdahlem that has an adjoining Turkish fast food place during the day.The owner is Turkish and friendly. I've only been there a few times since it was renamed from "Schatzees". It seems that lately more folks are coming here than to the Irish Pub. The drinks are very reasonably priced as well.Open every day from...


Spangdahlem Transportation

  • JAFA-Rease's Profile Photo

    Get a rental car

    by JAFA-Rease Written Jan 12, 2004

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you plan on doing a lot of travelling in this area and can afford a rental car, get one. While Germany has a good train system, the cheap tickets will get you the slow train. Germany also has a great bus system for heavily populated areas. Spangdahlem is not a heavily populated area though. Taxi fares in Germany are very expensive. A 20 minute taxi ride will cost you the same as an all weekend train ticket.

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Spangdahlem Local Customs

  • Store / Bar / Restaurant Hours

    As a general rule all stores in the Eifel region close by 5pm - 6pm on weekdays. On Saturdays stores are generally open until 1pm or 3pm. On Sundays everthing except bars and restaurants are closed. 99% of all restaurants in this area are closed on Mondays.You particularly want to keep the store hours in mind. In this area there is no 24 x 7...

  • Uh, that isn't HochDeutsch...

    If you learned any German in school, it won't be what you'll hear in this part of Germany. The local dialect is called "Blatt". Primarily you'll notice a major difference in pronunciation of words with "ich". Instead of Ich, mich and dich you'll hear Ish, mish and dish.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Spangdahlem Warnings and Dangers

  • Mushy, you don't want to say that! Oh...

    Avoid using the word "Mushy". I can't even write what it means in German (I'd probably get kicked off of the site).If you're from Britain and refer to mushy peas you'll get an even stranger reaction ; )

  • Eifel "Chickens", Tractors and Barnyard...

    There really isn't much crime in the Eifel region. Your largest danger is driving on the roads. The roads here are steep and curvy. As you're cruising the backroads you're likely to (very suddenly) encounter:1. Very large crows/buzzards, which us GI's refer to as "Eifel Chickens".2. Some guy on a tractor the won't go over 20Kph on a 100Kph road....

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Spangdahlem What to Pack

  • JAFA-Rease's Profile Photo

    Don't forget your cover!

    by JAFA-Rease Written Feb 5, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Germany has as much, if not more, rain than the Pacific Northwest. The only difference is that here it is very unpredictable. We joke about the changes "if you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes". I've literally seen the sunny and warm/rain storm/lightning storm/hail storm/snow on the same day here.

    The morale to the story. Always keep a jacket and an umbrella handy!

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Spangdahlem Off The Beaten Path

  • Take in a local Rugby Game

    Rugby is such a fun sport to watch, but I wouldn't want to play it! I prefer my bones un-broken, thanks!Rugby players are very crazy but very nice!

  • Rappunzele's Castle

    In a small town outside of Spangdahlem, a local told me that this was the basis for the story "Rappunzele". True or not, I don't know...but still really neat.

  • So, you wanna talk smack and...

    I couldn't actually build this tip on a "tip" page, so I built a travelogue to reference... this link doesn't work for some reason, go to my Spangdahlem page travelogue entitled " You might be a computer geek if..."


Spangdahlem Favorites

  • JAFA-Rease's Profile Photo

    Get a giggle out of the locals...

    by JAFA-Rease Updated Apr 3, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: If you meet a German who you know is fluent in English there are a few German-English (Genglish) phrases you can use. Sometimes the results can be very entertaining:

    - Instead of "Morgan" (good morning in German) say "Morgan y'all".

    - Instead of "Dankeschoen" (Thank You) say "Donkey Shorts".

    - Instead of "Bitteschoen" (please, thank you, you're welcome) say "Bitter ***".

    - Instead of "Auf wiedersehen" (formal for goodbye) say "Auf wieder bye bye".

    I'm sure there are others that I just don't remember at the moment, but I'll be back for updates later ; )

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